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Terry’s Interview with Pastor Happy Caldwell – Victory Television Network

The following link will take you to Terry’s interviews at VTN (Victory Television Network) with Arkansas Alive program host Pastor Happy Caldwell.

They discuss Terry’s latest books and talk in-depth about issues and events of these prophetic times.


Part I:

Part II:


  1. Ginger Schmid Rodgers says:

    Great interview Mr. James! I didn’t know it, but you & I are practically neighbors! I’m from Hope, Ark!

  2. Hope says:

    Thanks, Terry. What a treat!

  3. Sue Dubert says:

    Thank you!

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Ed Wood says:

    This may be a a little off-topic, but then again, maybe not. Ever notice how many liberal politicians who are always screaming about “separation of church and state” don’t seem to mind showing up on churches on Sundays to solicit votes? And, probably even worse, these churches let them do it! The hypocrisy on both sides is mind-numbing!

    I suppose this is another symptom of the reprobate mind disease that is growing over the populace.

    Here’s another example:

    Our country is being invaded by people who have no respect for our laws and are aided and abetted by a Congress which should be outraged at seeing its legislative role usurped by the illegal immigrants and their supporters. Even worse is that much of the churches go along with that, too, even though Paul made it clear that we should obey the civil authorities provided they don’t require from their citizens those things which rightly belong only to God- Romans 13:1-7. (In other words, I do not believe that a person is morally required to submit to an atheistic society which has made itself “god,” or one that calls for ethnic cleansing, or one that violates the moral precepts of the Ten Commandments.)

    Like Terry,. I do believe God has given this country a temporary breather – but it is only temporary. It might very well end in 2020.

    Let’s make the best use of this time while we can.

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