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U.S.A. – God’s Parenthetic Nation

My take on the possibility of God’s sending geophysical judgment-like warnings of correction to America (or any people, for that matter) has been called, in no uncertain terms, “crap theology” –if you will pardon my repeating the condemnation jabbed at yours truly by someone not long ago. So, this commentary will doubtless not be well received by those who see only coincidence in relationship between the horrendous fires breaking out in California and other places where drought is becoming an ever more serious factor in this nation, and the insane movement of government edict that is forcing all of us into Sodom-like societal and cultural environment. –Edicts that put forward reprobate propositions such as boys and girls must be allowed to choose which of the gender-marked restrooms they wish to utilize, based upon their perception of their own gender identity.

Sorry, my dear friends of the contrary mindset in this matter, but I see a dramatic instance of God’s mighty finger of His displeasure pointing through the headlines we watch, read, and hear almost hourly these days. I believe with all that is within my spirit that God is pointing in growing anger to the fact that America is continuing to slap him in His face with down-spiraling disobedience to His holy ways of righteousness. It is in this context that I’ve titled this commentary: “U.S.A. – God’s Parenthetic Nation.”

God works in strange but wonderful ways with parentheses. For example, there is a monumental parenthesis in God’s dealing with mankind between weeks 69 and 70 of Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy. I won’t go into detail here for sake of brevity. But, to learn all about the prophet Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy, look up the many articles written by Dr. Thomas Ice by that title on www.raptureready.com.

God’s Word skips right across time–to this point almost 2,000 years from the time of Jesus’ crucifixion until some point in the future when that same crucified and resurrected Jesus will shout: “Come up here!” The intervening period of years is that parenthesis of which I write. We call it the Church Age, or the Age of Grace. When the Church goes to be with Christ as outlined in 1 Corinthians 15:51-55 and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, the parenthesis of the Age of Grace will be closed. Daniel’s 70th week will begin, then, when Antichrist signs a peace contract between Israel and her enemies.

By analogy, America, in my view, is a parenthesis in God’s dealing with mankind. God has seen fit to not mention this, inarguably the greatest nation to ever exist, so far as technological development and wealth is concerned. The United States is a mystery of sorts. It is mentioned nowhere in the Bible by name–nor even by inference, in my thinking.

I know that many see America in Isaiah, Jeremiah, and other books of prophecy. I see America in type in those books, but I don’t see the prophets actually and specifically pointing to this nation. Yet God has so obviously chosen America for spectacular feats. Again, for brevity, I mention the most spectacular–acting as midwife for the birth of modern Israel, and as her protector, in human terms, to this point in history. Also, this nation has disseminated the Gospel message throughout the world –a thing no other nation has done.

A prudent question to ask is: Since God has so obviously chosen the U.S.A. to do such an important job, would He not then bless it? Also, would He not hold it to an extremely high standard, in keeping with His unchanging edict: “…For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required…” (Luke 12:48b)?

Now, here is where I get in trouble with the “crap theology” flame throwers who see the events of headlines as coincidence.

I believe God has put this nation in parentheses of a different sort in recent times, and continues to do so. On the left coast have been  the fires of perhaps unprecedented scope –certainly unprecedented in modern times. On the right coast has been some weather related problems of unusual circumstance, for example the strange storm –Sandy—the storm convergence the most optimistic meteorologists are calling an event of the 100-year sort.

As if underlined by God’s finger of corrective warning, we don’t have to go back too far to remember Katrina, from which much of that region hasn’t fully recovered. (That hurricane and subsequent flood coming while the pro-homosexual horde planned a massive parade/rally in New Orleans.)

Is it mere coincidence that God’s most profound judgments have been, and will be, with water and fire? The antediluvian flood of Noah’s day. The fire of Lot’s day. The fires that will burn much of Planet Earth’s greenery during the tribulation. Fire that will remake the heavens and the earth.

Am I intimating that the fires in California and elsewhere, the strange storms along the easternmost borders, or the horrific storm that was Katrina are God’s wrath upon America? No. His wrath –His judgment–is reserved, is building, for that time of tribulation (Revelation chapters 4-18). But, the Lord of creation is, I’m convinced with great conviction, putting his finger of corrective warning upon this nation, the nation to which all others look with envy and aspiration to attain like standard of life.

America has been markedly in societal/cultural decline over the last 100 years or so. The year 1963 and our leaders’ choosing to kick God out of public schools, followed 10 years later by the decision to make legal murdering babies in their mothers’ wombs, began a veritable free-fall into our present state of debauched, debased affairs. Homosexuality is “normed” in our most populous state; the American government becomes the enemy of God by turning from protecting Israel to pressuring Israel’s leaders to give its land –even to the dividing of Jerusalem, the one place on earth the Lord calls the apple of His eye.

And, now the nation is framed in corrective parenthesis by the God who has used this country as a golden cup full of His blessings for the spreading of the Gospel through the communications technologies U.S. genius has produced. The parenthesis will, perhaps, soon dissipate, and things will again seem “as usual.” But, listen, Christians. Listen to the whisper in the ears of your spirit. Hear our Lord speak the words meant not only for His chosen nation Israel those millennia ago, but also for a special nation chosen by Him for these closing days of the age.

Judgment begins in the house of the Lord, the Scripture warns. Turn from the feel-good, do-good self-immersion, inward-turning false doctrine/theology that tickles your itching, egocentric ears.

Our Lord is talking to Christians in America perhaps more than to any other people who have walked the planet’s surface. It is a Scripture we always hear in times of crisis. I really believe that we had indeed better heed it this time. It was issued not just for His people, Israel, but for His people, which include you and me: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (2 Chron. 7:14).


  1. Julie Liles says:

    So many Americans are oblivious to the warnings happening everyday. Unfortunately that includes christians. GOD is not part of our everyday life and we are reaping what we sow. May God have mercy on us all.Come Lord Jesus.

  2. Lyndon Weggery says:

    Dear Terry,
    Your thoughts are not crook theology because I do believe notwithstanding the Age of Grace God can take his protective hedge away from a nation if it rebels too far. You may be aware of Johnathan Cahn who has published the Harbinger and the 7 year cycle of judgement culminating in September 2015 with a possible new crash of Wall St. We’ll see. Certainly for a nation that was founded on Christian principles it is sad to see the loss of faith and spiritual direction.But I guess sadly New Zealand is no better.

  3. Deborah says:

    Dear Terry,

    I am an American and weep for my country. She has fallen so far from her foundation. This view of America is exactly what I’ve held for years–mainly since the 90’s. In 1999 when America led the way to bomb and destroy Yugoslavia in favor of the Muslims, I was convinced it was only a matter of time that God would begin His judgment on us. Sure enough, He did just that and we all know what happened a couple of years later and has been ongoing in addition to the many natural disasters hitting America. May God bless you!

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