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dad 031Leading biblical prophecy expert Terry James is an author, general editor, and co-author of numerous books on Bible prophecy—hundreds of thousands of which have been sold worldwide. His latest release is Rapture Ready…Or Not? 15 Reasons This Is the Generation That Will Be Left Behind, is for this generation of readers who are confused and look upon a world that seems to have destroyed opportunity for a bright, abundant future. The Rapture is about to catastrophically strike an unsuspecting world of both unbelievers and believers. Jesus Christ is the shelter from the coming Tribulation storm of God’s wrath and judgment.

Other recent titles James has released include Cauldron: Supernatural Implications of the current Middle East, a look through a Biblical lens at the prophetic hour for providing understanding of where the Mid-East region and world stands as the catalyst for producing Armageddon.  The nonfiction, HeavenVision: Glimpses into Glory, is a look at what the Bible says about Heaven through the lens of James’ recent near-death experience when his heart stopped beating three times on Good Friday of 2011 (Icon, 2013). Departure: God’s Next Catastrophic Intervention into Earth’s History (Defender, 2010), an exciting collaboration with  leading prophecy experts and Bible scholars who join James in sharing their insight and analysis of biblical prophecy as it aligns with world events leading up to the Rapture of the church. In addition, he has written The American Apocalypse: Is the United States in Bible Prophecy? and Are You Rapture Ready? (foreword by Tim LaHaye), as well as the novels The Nephilim Imperatives: Dark Sentences and The Rapture Dialogues: Dark Dimension (foreword by Tim LaHaye)–among many others.

A frequent lecturer on the study of end-time phenomena, James is interviewed often by national and international media on world issues and events as they relate to Bible prophecy. He has appeared in major documentaries and media forums in all media formats in America, Europe, and Asia. He has appeared as an expert source in a History Channel series entitled “The Nostradamus Effect.”

An active member of the Pre-Trib Research Center Study Group, James is also partner and general editor in http://www.raptureready.com, which is the attraction of national and international media and was recently rated as the number-one Bible prophecy site on the Internet.

James, who has been blind much of his adult life due to a degenerative retinal disease, works from his home in Benton, Arkansas. He and his wife, Margaret, have two grown sons, Terry, Jr., and Nathan—and too many cats to count.


  1. Jean Hynes says:

    Terry: Looking forward to reading your comments and other information on the end times. You have always answered my questions and e-mails and I appreciate your input.

    Anyone who loves cats is my kind of friend!

  2. Camilla Smith says:

    Excellent news for us Bible prophecy nuts. Thrilled to have an outlet for our thoughts and opinions and who better to lead us than Terry? As this age comes to a close, it is a blessing for believers to share their stories and experiences. Look forward to some thought-provoking comments!


  3. Jackie Beasley says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you………. For all you do!!! I’ve been a RR follower for years, looking forward to this addition!

  4. Ed Wood says:

    Hi Terry!

    Congratulations on the start of your new blog! I’ve been looking forward to it and it certainly is well-timed as we see Bible prophecy unfolding before our very eyes. There is a real need to get the word out since the secular world and, paradoxically, even organized religion for the most part can’t seem to see or understand the signs of these times. Jesus once said as much to the religious authorities of his age and isn’t it sad to see how very little we’ve changed in 2000 years?

    God bless you on this new enterprise!

    Ed Wood

  5. Ann Smith says:

    I look forward to your blog. We all need comfort and encouragement in these times and the provision of updates and insightful information relating to the end times is most welcome. May the Lord bless you in your endeavour to update the faithful!

  6. steve nolin says:

    thanks terry, always great reading your side of the story, full of insights and wisdom,…thanks to the point man who has come thru the fire w/flying colors

  7. kathy says:

    Surprised to find this on raptureready daily news rather than a weekly commentary from you (which I eagerly look forward to every Monday morning.
    This really did explain why I heard our Church Pastor teach/preach as he did yesterday, touching on the subject of abortion, same-sex marriage. I must admit, I sometimes find myself struggling not to become confused these days on the pre-tribulation rapture position which I have strongly held to and believed ever since my conversion and salvation in Jesus. It was alarming when I found myself confronted with the truth that the Pastor of the Church we were members of presented his view of the Rapture, and criticized Dr. David Jeremiah, along with the Scofield Bible. We did change our Church membership, and are now in a solid Church with a Pastor who stands strong on teaching/preaching from the Scriptures.
    Thank you for your Ministry and work, and for being so kind to answer my questions and point me to important links to find more information. I have marked your new web site as a ‘favorite’!

  8. Jim Terry says:

    Hello Terry! My name is James Terry! I have seen you speak on Lamb & Lion Ministries and other shows. Thank you for your teaching.

  9. leisel says:

    Dear Terry – Your article on Storm Shelters (4/16) is very good with exception to this: you wrote, “Many new believers who were left behind when the Rapture happened —-” I totally disagree with. NO believers will be left behind when the Rapture happens. ALL believers at the time of Rapture will be raptured.

    • Terry James says:

      I agree that ALL believers at the time of the Rapture will be raptured. The “new believers” I am discussing are those who come to believe AFTER the rapture of the church and during the tribulation. They were not believers at the time of the Rapture so were left behind.

      • Jim says:

        Let’s clarify. Those that heard and rejected the gospel before the Rapture have no second chance. It’s too late. There are sent a strong delusion and believe a lie. Only those who have not heard the gospel will be saved after the Rapture.

      • James Yarnall says:

        To Terry James, a suggestion. For the title of your planned book, have you considered adding the word “AND” — to indicate the distinction between Jesus — and his opponent. The result might then be something like “messiah AND the prince to come”….

  10. Todd Church says:

    Hi Terry: I’ve greatly enjoyed reading your blog and you and I share something very important in common. I would like to email you about it; could you please send me your email address? Thanks and God BLess; keep up the good work for the Lord!

  11. Rod Chaffey says:

    Hi Terry, I couldn’t find anywhere else to your most recent article in the Rapture Ready website so I hope you’ll forgive me if I use this path.

    The whole Brexit thing left me wondering a little bit as well, mainly in relation to what bearing this might have on the prophetic time line.

    I felt in my heart that this was somehow portentous, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I remembered somewhere in the bible (I thought it might have been in the Book of Revelation) reading about “3 nations being overcome”.

    It turned out to be in the book of Daniel, chapter 7, where Daniel is describing 4 beasts, representing 4 world empires. When the last beast is described, we’re told it has 10 horns (10 nations) and a little final horn coming up “in their midst”, thought by good biblical scholars to be the anti-Christ. Verse 8 then goes on to say that 3 of the ten horns were “uprooted”, perhaps indicating that anti-Christ was not involved in their removal, after which things happen big-time. Whether this has already occurred at sometime past in the current church age is not certain, but I’m sure this very recent event is very important.

    OK, those of us who keep a prophetic eye on events realize that there are 10 founding member nations of the EU, with a further 18 others who are not the original signatories, so maybe we should ignore those for our purposes and just concentrate on the 10.

    GB voted out and I understand that other nations are now seriously considering an EU exit. If just 2 of the founding others finally decide to leave, making 3 all told, then what we have witnessed last weekend may have been hugely prophetically important. Imagine the future reverberations in not just Europe, but around the world when and if 2 other nations (horns) leave the Union. Even the GB exit had a huge worldwide destabilisation on international stock markets. It would be the sort of chaotic situation world wide that would make it just the time for the appearance on the world scene for a “saviour”, albeit a false one. Do you have any thoughts about this.

    Look up brother. Our redemption draws near.

    Rod Chaffey

  12. Rod Chaffey says:

    Thanks again and I really agree with you that what has just occurred in the EU is definitely not a “setback”. All that’s missing is a “leader of fierce countenance speaking great blasphemies”.

  13. And one wonders if Walid Shoebat may not have some things worthy of considering, regarding the recent events in Turkey.


    We don’t look FOR the Antichrist, but we are to watch and pray that we may be accounted worthy to escape ALL that is so soon coming upon the earth. This past Sunday a.m., before reading what all has been taking place in Turkey, I had the third “rapture ready” first-morning-wakening thoughts. I had a sense the “third” was significant. The thought I awoke with was that Jesus was going to shout something as He broke through the heavens to catch us up. And my being able to hear that voice of command to “Come up HITHER,” and respond in faith that is like the ray of sun flashing upon the iris of an eye was conditional to my responding to all that I was “hearing” now. I am to be sensitive to the least sin. I am to be immediate to ask for as much grace as was given me IN CHRIST JESUS before the world began, to keep my robes ready. Ready in way of confession, works meet for repentance, and witnessing, sharing the blessed hope given to me TO SHARE. I knew that for certain, he or she that has an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church is now being awakened to REPENT — FOR THE KING IS COMING — the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND! I knew that there was yet time for me to get the things I needed to do DONE. But I could no longer procrastinate and I absolutely HAD to trust God’s Spirit to catch every thought of temptation to murmur or complain against doing His will. For if I KNEW to do His will, yet I murmured against it, I would not be accounted worthy to escape. This is not WORKS salvation — this is what it is — being accounted worthy to be among the FEW who are chosen because they’ve been awakened, have their lamps burning brightly and are making themselves ready for their Lord. Not every one who names the name of Christ, who says they are a Christian, will be taken up to meet the Lord in the air. Only those who are departing from all lawlessness, all iniquity, all that the Spirit sheds light upon us individually — these are preparing themselves and shall be ready.

    God, give each of us grace to be among that small number, to be numbered among the few who are being taught to number their days and apply their hearts towards wisdom. Two acrostic words have been much voice here in Virginia lately: DATWCOM and RITLAAA! Do All Things Without Complaining Or Murmuring — Rejoice In The Lord Always and Again!

  14. Philip McLain says:

    Hi Terry. I am new to your website. I have been reading your book: Rapture Ready…..Or Not with great interest. I believe that what you have written is accurate. My father, a missionary to Brazil from the 1930’s to the 1960’s, taught the same things you write about to the Brazilians he pastored. I grew up with a great love for Bible prophecy because of his faithfulness. In fact, he was asked to return to Brazil after he retired to hold conferences on Bible prophecy for several weeks before he went Home to be with the Lord. I have purchased your book for others in my church to read, and recommend it every chance I get. (That is no exaggeration)

    I just purchased your book on pets going to Heaven and am looking forward to reading it because several days ago I was thinking about something along the same lines. Not specifically about pets, but animals in the Garden of Eden before the fall and in the New Earth and New Heavens. I would like your take on the following. It struck me while rereading Genesis that Eve was not shocked to have a serpent talk to her. Could it be the before the Fall, Adam and Eve were able to understand and talk to the animals that lived in the Garden? If so, it would seem logical to me that we will be able to do the same when we get to Heaven. I look forward to your input.


  15. New Fictional Prophecy Book
    I have just written a fictional novel on the end times: “Perilous Times Shall Come.” Would you possibly have any time to read my book if I attached a copy of it in a PDF file? It is 212 pages. I believe the UFO phenomenon may be Satan’s greatest deception, and I attempt to show how this fits in with Bible prophecy. It is partly as seen through the eyes of someone that gets saved after the Rapture and goes through the Tribulation Period. I’m trying to find some people to critique this and give me some feedback.

    WestBow Publishing, a division of Zondervan and Thomas Nelson has been talking with me about them publishing it, and also Xulon Press, plus a couple others. I am a Creation Evangelist and in the last 19 years I have given over 450 seminars in 27 different states. I have also given about a dozen 5-Session Prophecy Conferences. I have been studying prophecy for over 40 years. I am kind of excited about the book. I have three other books published: a Commentary on Genesis Chapter One, a book on the Calvinism-Arminianism issue (Tiptoe Through the T-U-L-I-Ps, but try to keep your balance), and also: Refuting Evolution Made Easy. I would be honored if you would consider reading it and giving me some feedback, and a possible endorsement. Thank you.
    In His Service,
    Dr. Arv Edgeworth
    Psalm 146:5-6

  16. Lorna McLaughlin says:

    I was thinking about prophesy and the current situation and in particular 1 Thess 5:2-3 for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. 3While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

    it occurred to me this could very well be the worldwide response to having the world be rid of the Christians after the rapture…
    I know it’s all speculation, but do you have any thoughts on this?


    • Terry James says:

      Jesus, Himself, said that the time will be like it was in the time of Lot in Sodom when He next catastrophically intervenes into the affairs of mankind. He said that the very day Lot went out of Sodom Judgment fell. So, the Rapture will definitely be followed by God’s Judgment.

      There are two basic schools of thought on the question what is meant by the cry “peace and safety.”
      1) It means people will be fearful and wanting peace and safety to quell their fears.
      2) People will be saying that they now have peace and safety.

      My own thought it is likely the first of these –thus we see the constant call for peace in the Middle East.

  17. Lorna McLaughlin says:

    I think you are probably right…since the destruction is described as being like labor pains…you certainly know when you can expect them to probably come and you know you are pregnant…no surprise…in that context they are expecting destruction and asking for peace and safety…


  18. Patricia A. Nyswonger says:

    Would love this on an audio version. Any available?

  19. LOUIE BAILEY says:

    Is there a way to contribute to your ministry?

  20. Johnny Ash says:

    Terry, what does the 14 signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars in June of 2017 refer to? Since you are into prophecy and convergence is the Number one sign, so what does the 14 Signs in the Sun, Moon , and Stars in June refer to especially the 4 over Pentecost week? Did you know Terry that there are over 40 signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars in the year 5777/5778 which began January 1. It is very interesting that the biblical Pentecost is on a Friday/Saturday and refers to the Man of God/Son of Man themes in the Bible> I find that really interesting.

  21. Keep up the good work Terry. God will surely reward you for your faithful services. God bless.

  22. Mark says:

    “RAPTURE READY OR NOT. I just wanted to thank you for the cover of this book! I’m an artist and understand how important image is and what it conveys. The cover off this book is approachable and not fear based or sensationalised. The text is approachable as well. I read prophecy books, and the authors talk about wanting to get the word out about the rapture to people who are illiterate on this topic. But then the authors agree to put an alien or huge explosion on the cover! How is that helpfull! How is that supposed to attract people who are unread on this subject?! A cover like that makes us look like a bunch of kooks and the subject seem crazy! How am I supposed to get my pastor to take me serously when I hand him a book with a cover like that! “Hey pastor, here is a book I would like you to read and possibly teach on”! No one in their right mind would take that serously! I get that it grabs people’s attention, but serously! Anyway thank you so much for the cover off this book. I hope that it will be a turning point in how these looks are marketed. I believe you will reach a much larger group of people who NEED to here this message!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  23. Julia Pomeroy says:

    Please note that on the map which appears in Dr Gary Frazier’s article in Deceivers which you have edited, there is an island very close to the coasts of modern-day Turkey and Syria. That island is NOT called Cypress, a cypress is a tree, I should know I live here and it is called Cyprus! Ooops! Otherwise I am thoroughly enjoying the book and Jan Markell’s article has helped me so much. I used to be in tears begging God to show me where I was going wrong as yet another church leadership sought to freeze me and my husband out. But reading her article I realise we are square pegs who do not fit into the round pegs of church holes, our DNA is just not the same!

  24. Julia Pomeroy says:

    As a PS I see somebody says you love cats, you are definitely up there with the greats because of that!

  25. Carl Jurenka says:

    Terry, have you done a article on the sinner’s prayer? Our Pastor is wonderful with his sermons, but does not close out by asking if anyone would like to accept Christ. Thank you. PS I too have RP.

  26. Ron Toney says:

    Terry, did you graduate from Benton HS around 1960? If so, I remember you and always thought you would be successful in life. I enjoy reading your prophecy articles. Keep spreading the message inspired from God.

  27. Alan Cogliano says:

    Good Morning Terry,
    I thank Jesus that we have people such as yourself that are spreading the gospel each day and for the resources you provide. I read your writings or listen to you on Rapture Ready, Jan Markell’s Olivetreeviews.org and Christ in Prophecy.org. I have a question though, and although not a new topic but trying to find a solid church is becoming a chore. There is a church I could attend but their belief is that a Christian can loose their salvation, or once saved not always saved. I do not believe this is what the Bible teaches but like the church. So my question is would it be wise to sit under this pastor’s teaching? Thank you in advance

    • Terry James says:

      Yours is a dilemma to be sure. I first suggest that you pray about it for guidance.

      I will say that, personally, I couldn’t comfortably sit under preaching that is, I believe, that far off base, Scripturally speaking. The Eternal Security matter is at the very heart of God’s character, and to vary from that truth is, in my estimation, akin to false teaching.

  28. Steeny Lou says:

    Aha! I just found this “about” information and now I see why I thought your writing was so professional. I’ve heard of Rapture Ready and have often read articles from the website. You and I might be acquainted with some of the same folks. In the end, we will surely be, as all who love the Lord Jesus get free from these fleshly tents and on to our eternal Home with Him.

  29. Veronica Wylie says:

    Thank you Terry for your awesome work in Biblical research and informing the church, as well as warning the world of, the times we live in. Listening to your spot with Jan Markell just now. Very exciting as you say, to be watching the days unfold; what a wonder to see His hand in every event that takes place! God bless you as you serve Him. Looking forward to reading “Deceivers”

    Veronica Wylie

  30. Nina says:

    Can you please put me on your mailing list? Thank you.
    I have just ordered 3 copies of your latest book on Jan Markell’s website.
    I heard the interview with Jan, and am so excited. Thank you Terry for all you do as a watchman.
    Nina campbell

    • Terry James says:

      Hi Nina. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. We are not able to add you to the list. You will have to do that on your end by clicking on the “follow” button, then entering in your email address. Once that’s done, I believe you receive an email, verifying that you wish to follow Terry’s blog. Let me know if I can assist you further. Take care, Dana (Terry’s daughter)

  31. I am reading Deceivers right now. It is a great book and I want desperately to share directly from it. I would like permission to quote directly from it through my social media, such as on Facebook on my own page as well as in the prophesy groups that I frequently discuss topics in.
    Thank you for bringing this book together. It has been an amazing resource for me.

  32. Marlyss haganey says:

    terry, do you ever worry about your animals being left here after the rapture? I do.

  33. TJBailey says:

    Hello Mr. James,
    Thank you for your site, and spreading the gospel.
    Here is a thought for you during these interesting times:
    There is a Menards – home repair store – close to us, and they have stated we can not purchase product unless we are wearing our masks.
    I believe all businesses around us require their employees to ware masks.
    Now businesses are requiring customers to wear masks.
    I love God’s Word and how perfect It is; SO, we can not buy or sell unless we are marked with a mask – what great practice.
    I would love to hear your thoughts on the mask/mark idea.
    Thank you again for serving the Lord and all you do to get the Word out.
    Terry Bailey

    • Terry James says:

      Thank you for your kind remarks.

      While I don’t see the COVID-19 as having to do with Tribulation matters, it does become easier to understand how easily people can be deluded into conforming to governmental directives. Fear is a powerful motivator and there will indeed be fearful things taking place following the Rapture.

      Fear will be the main element that brings Antichrist to power, I have no doubt. He will have the answers to the fearful things people are facing. They will easily accept his marks and numbering system in order to buy and sell, etc.

  34. Anne says:

    Dear Terry James, Saw you on a show with Tom Horn and heard your testimony on your heart and the miracle that God gave you. I had MVP and chords that were torn it’s a courageous experience anyone who has heart ❤️ problems so glad you are here on earth writing and investing in our lives. Thank you. Wanted to share some info that was sent to me yesterday it came out by a lady name Maria Zack/ Acwt Interview 1.6.21 Maria is founder of Nations in Action.org. She interviewed w/a Debbie Georgatos a tv show in Washington DC called Americanwetalk.org on 1.6.21. Maria Zack has in her possession an affidavit from a software developer who works for Leonardo software in the Vatican in Italy he was told to flip votes thru his internet from Trump to Biden. He was told by a higher up to follow certain instructions. This is the hand attached to the gun that’s smoking says Maria Zack. She flew back with Affidavit and presented it to President Trump Christmas Eve. She said this is the best Christmas present you have ever gotten. There is so much more to this story many more shoes to drop she said. We will be in shock when we hear who these people are. CIA people involved Mi6 were involved. Suddenly people were getting arrested in Italy and the Italians asking why are we getting involved in Americans elections? We helped them in World War 2. There is a pic of Affidavit on Americanwetalk.org go to Homepage & hit H and you can click on it. This show will be giving more info as the time goes quickly. On YouTube. God Loves you 😇 Sincerely Anne The Italians did it.

    • Terry James says:

      Thank you for your kind words. The Lord is Loving beyond our ability to express.

      Thanks, too, for the information. I sense we haven’t heard the last concerning the evil perpetrated in this election. Trust in the Lord is always the Prescription for moving through this corrupted world.
      Proverbs 3: 5-6

  35. Harry Laine says:

    There’s more to this conspiracy theory than meets the eye. The big boys have a plan–a 500 year plan:1776+500=2276CE. This the ‘end of the age’- the year of the inauguration of their New Order of the World. And the midpoint is just 5 years away in 2026, the year the USA celebrates 250 years of sovereignty. (Will they reach their goals?). The online book 2276CE: The Future is Calling (2020) outlines The Plan. That is, The Plan will abrogate the future of the whole world! We are simply living in the midst of its unfolding.

  36. Nancy Allen says:

    Hi Terry! I always look forward to your emails. They are always informative and a good reminder that the Rapture is close. I’m wondering how far into “when these things begin to happen” to we need to get? Unless the Lord slows things down, it appears we are on the cusp of the Tribulation itself!!
    Thanks for your faithfulness.

  37. Valleri J Roberts says:

    How do I subscribe?

    • Terry James says:

      Hi Valleri. Just click on the ‘follow’ button and enter your email address. Then check your email for a verification. Sometimes the verification ends up in the SPAM folder so check there if you don’t see it soon. Take care, Dana

  38. Cherished says:

    Thank you for this ministry Terry. I am amazed at the number of pastors who seem to be completely blinded today, including mine. I continue in prayer that God might open his eyes.

  39. Christian Chamberland says:

    Dear Terry,
    I am a cat lover and thank God for them. They are among the best therapists. If there are no cats and dogs in Heaven, it ain’t Heaven.

    I am looking forward to your prophecy updates and I pagemarked your website on my phone.
    God bless

  40. […] GUEST is Terry James , author, general editor, prophecy expert, and co-author of numerous books and articles. James is a […]

  41. Patty Ward says:

    Hi Terry,
    I just discovered your website this week. Prior, I always looked forward to your articles in Nearing Midnight. Your articles are always an encouragement to me especially in the times we are living in now. So now I see that you have many books published that I can read. Presently, I am reading Michael. Keep up the good work, Terry. When we are in heaven, I plan to meet you and thank you for all that you do to encourage the body of Christ with “truth”.

  42. […] GUEST is Terry James, author, general editor, prophecy expert, and co-author of numerous books and articles. James is a […]

  43. trisha noren says:

    Hello Terry!!!
    TKU for all your wonderful teachings!!!
    Would you please do another teaching on
    who are Rapture/Heavenbound!!! If I hear one more teaching saying ALL Christians will go in the Rapture, I’m gonna scream… in JOY of course!!! That is just NOT true… only born again/John 3:3 followers are Rapture/
    HeavenBound!!! You agree right?!!! Not just professing BUT possessing the Kingdom is the key when REborn from Above!!!!!!!
    TKU Terry and look forward to meeting you in Glory!!!
    His First Love follower,⚓️

  44. […] “Gates of Hell Prophecy” by Terry James posted by 11/21. Terry’s theme is there is a Gates of Hell that all Believers in Christ will […]

  45. Gilbert Graham says:

    You made reference to the rapture as the thief in the night. If this is true, then you equate the rapture with the day of the Lord, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat … (2 Peter 3:10). And Paul wrote that we are not in darkness, that that day should overtake us as a thief. (1 Thess. 5:4). The rapture is that blessed hope that we are looking for, not the day of the Lord! The day of the Lord is darkness, and not light. (Amos 5:18). We are the children of light, and children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of the darkness. (1 Thess. 5:5).

    • Terry James says:

      Although I’m not certain of what you are asking in your question/comment, I’ll just say that the 2 Peter 3: 10 account takes in the entire wrap-up of God’s eternal plan.

      The thief in the night reference is where it begins –the rapture. Then the prophecy covers the whole period of time from the institution of the Day of the Lord through the remaking of the heavens and earth.

      This is the big prophetic picture that encompasses from rapture through God’s remaking His created order.

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