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Global Sirens Singing Deadly Song

Homer’s protagonist in The Odyssey and the adventures through which the unknown author moved him are brought to mind with the many voices from the diplomatic world singing the same refrain without ceasing–even though egregiously out of tune. These days, I am reminded of how deadly such allurement can be.

Odysseus, the wandering Greek hero, is given instructions for how to safely negotiate his return home. One of the chief obstacles he is told that he will face on his voyage is that of passing by the island of lovely Sirens, the half-human, half-bird female creatures that lure mariners to their death on the island’s rocky shoals with their irresistible song-call, promising to reveal the future.

Odysseus follows his instructions and has his crew aboard the ship plug their ears with bee’s wax. He tells them to tie him to the ship’s mast and instructs them not to loosen the restraints, no matter what.

Odysseus is the only one who can hear the Sirens’ song, and he is driven mad with desire to be set free to go to them. But, his faithful crew just ties him all the more securely to the mast, and they move safely past the island to face the obstacles of the rest of their journey.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on a voyage perhaps not as Homeric, but certainly one through which he must negotiate his way with extreme care, if he is not to run the Jewish ship of state aground on some very deadly shoals. He is hearing the not-so-lovely “Sirens” from many directions calling for his government to give into international pressure–thus to assure a future of peace for all concerned. So far, he has remained securely lashed to the mast, and his government has kept the bee’s wax in their discerning ears of better sensibility.

The lyrics of the song the geopolitical Sirens sing are confusing, to apply the most generous description of their attempts at allurement. But the fact that the chorus spews insanity in their efforts to seduce Netanyahu to throw caution to the wind is the most realistic assessment of their attempt at seduction. The latest of the alluring words, it is hard to have to say, has seemingly induced the Israeli prime minister to change His own tune for the moment. One has to wonder what to make of this particular alteration in the siren call to Benjamin Netanyahu and his response, while he and his crew while they try to negotiate some of the most treacherous Mideast waters in history.

The Siren call further confuses. The globalist sirens are once again, and with greater volume and intensity, singing a familiar, deadly refrain in a not-so-veiled threat to the Netanyahu government.

The international community diplomats, as has been their tendency over recent decades, warn that if the Israeli government fails to present a new peace plan soon that is acceptable, they will consider officially endorsing instituting a Palestinian state within 1967 borders, with east Jerusalem as its capital. It is within this framework that Netanyahu is pressured to withdraw from the West Bank.

Perhaps it is just because Benjamin Netanyahu has learned to play the diplomatic games of his enemies’ methodology of delay and obfuscation, but the prime minister is indicating he might be hearing the siren call.

Responding to questions at the Center for American Progress think tank in Washington, Netanyahu said a negotiated peace deal would be better than unilateral steps by Israel to impose a solution to the conflict. But he indicated a unilateral approach might be possible under the right conditions.

“Unilateralism … I suppose that’s possible, too, but it would have to meet Israeli security criteria and that would also require, I think, a broader international understanding than exists now,” he said.

However, the prime minister stressed, even if Israel does pull out of the West Bank – whether as a result of an agreement or in a unilateral move – it will have to keep its security presence in the territories. (Netanyahu doesn’t rule out unilateral pullout from West Bank, Yael Friedson, Roi Yanovsky, Reuters and the Associated Press contributed to this report, Nov 11, 2015).

It should be considered truly a miracle of biblical proportion if our Odysseus–Mr. Netanyahu, strapped to that mast while the Israeli ship of state plows through the turbulence–doesn’t go stark-raving mad while listening to the cacophony coming from the beckoning Sirens who want to usurp what little land Israel possesses.

It seems to me that the wild-eyed beckoning by supposedly the brightest planet earth has to offer–the diplomatic elite—makes the case that they, themselves, suffer from madness of the sort that drove the mariners of Homer’s tales onto the rocks of destruction. Their wailing is enough to drive anyone crazy.

These are hearing the seductive words of the one being who, since iniquity was found in him, has wanted to usurp anything that belongs to the God of heaven. It is a deadly song they are listening to. It is a deadly song they are singing to God’s chosen people. It is a Siren call that will bring all nations of earth to Armageddon.


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