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Buildup to Sudden Destruction

Rumors of war in the Middle East continue and grow by the day. We have heard of such Armageddon-like conflict that is coming for most of a decade. It’s almost like the little boy who cried “wolf,” but not quite.

Anyone with any sense of the potential for conflagration in that volatile region that could bring worldwide war knows that the breaking point has now about been reached. Iran’s nuclear weapon development project–or the fear that their nuclear program is for developing weapons of mass destruction—is, of course, the primary reason for the tensions involved.

Three observable factors are on the stepped-up agenda of potential war consideration: 1) Israel is in a top-alert configuration, talking more or less openly about its most advanced defensive capabilities; 2) Iran is expressing fear of imminent attack from Israel, and is hustling to protect its nuclear program; 3) The Israeli prime minister and his military have a strong sense that they must depend only on their own resolve, not that of their one-time staunch, superpower ally to defend the Jewish state.

Regarding point 1, Israel’s concern for its threatened citizenry is warranted.

For some years now Israeli intelligence has observed Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon progressing far beyond the scope reported by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Tehran has successfully developed a nuclear warhead for a Shahab-3 missile, which has a range of nearly 1,000 miles, putting the whole of Israel within the Islamic republic’s range.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, has long declared to the world Israel’s determination regarding Iran’s developing such capability.

“Every threat against the home front is dwarfed by one threat. Iran cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.”

To punctuate the urgency, Israel’s home front command, in test runs of alerting the populace, issues thousands of text messages to alert people when rockets are launched on specific areas of the country. the text messages are given in Hebrew, Arabic, English, and Russian. The Israeli government also has made clear their preparation for attacks in reporting Israel’s increased national defense preparations in announcing deployment of advanced technologies such as Iron Dome and Arrow 2.

On point 2, reports grow about Iran’s fears of attack by Israel, thus convincing them to deeply shelter its nuclear program at a quickening pace.

Regarding point 3, Israel’s distrust for the American presidential administration’s support is understandable and that government these days makes little effort to hide the fact. While Israel’s government and military has presented evidence time after time that its most threatening enemy, Iran, is driving for a nuclear bomb, the U.S. intelligence services, obviously controlled by the Obama administration, say only that they suspect that the Iranian regime–although that regime has declared that it is committed to removing Israel from the earth–is seeking a weapons capability but that no decision has been taken on actually making one.

Such naiveté at best and willful disregard for the facts at worst is itself heightening the danger of all-out war in the Middle East, in my opinion. The buildup to such conflict continues apace–and increases by the hour. It is obvious–to this observer, at least—that only the staying hand of God is holding back the inevitable. I am convinced that when the inevitable comes–the massive devastation that will involve the whole world—it will be the sudden destruction that will follow immediately the Rapture of the Church, as indicated by Jesus’ own Words: “But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed” (Luke 17:29-30).




  1. Marcia says:

    I read everything you write and am always looking for your next update. Thank you very much for your work. My mother told me when I was 12or 13 years old that I could live to see the time of the rapture . I have been watching most of my life now. It amazes me so many people don’t see what is happening. I have few family and very few friends that I can talk to. My immediate family and I have understood and are always talking about how fast things are happening. Thank God for my mother teaching me and my brothers to watch. Thank God for you. I am always trying to encourage others to open their eyes. Read the Scriptures and pray . at best I drop seeds. Maybe the holy spirit will use them.
    Thank you and may God bless you and keep you and your work safe until that day.
    With Christian love,

    • Terry James says:

      You are so sweet Marcia. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. The Holy Spirit will always use the seeds you drop, rest assured. May God bless you too! And, I have no doubt He will!

  2. T says:

    Does it matter anymore what happens? If we all get vaporized, we get vaporized. Your article isn’t going to change anything. We all know it, but we also know you can’t stop it. Rapure or not, we’re out of here….

  3. Douglas Brown says:

    I have a good friend who is a retired IDF pilot, he and I discuss world news daily. He is a non-Christian, 100% Israeli and Jewish. I am a Christian, live in Oregon. The writer of this article seems to suffer the same form of miasma my friend does, in that everything is his world is Israel-centric. If ISIS fights people who are fighting Israeli’s enemies, then ISIS is an acceptable component. I’ve told him and I’ll tell you, this is unacceptable. America is fully supportive of ISIS and it’s debauchery. Apparently so is Israel, insofar as it furthers it’s ends. Israel does not need making common cause with evil. It didn’t work throughout Israel’s history, it won’t now.

  4. Greg Duke says:

    Thank you Terry !! Repeat of what Marcia wrote.
    See you at the Marriage Supper !!

  5. Bibleguy317 says:

    Great article God Bless see in the air when the Rapture takes place.

  6. […] Source: Buildup to Sudden Destruction […]

  7. J Eidem says:

    I love all of your articles. They are so encouraging and you are an excellent writer. Thank you so much for all that you do. And don’t listen to the negative people that respond to your articles because I think and I’m not alone that they are great.

  8. Margaret says:

    I agree with J Eidem. What people don’t realize is that Israel is the center of Prophecy in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and if we want to know where we are on the end times timeline, just keep on eye on Israel and what is happening there currently. The 70th week is rapidly approaching. I look forward to all your spiritually insightful articles articles especially at a time where good Prophecy teachers are minimal. Thank you Terry for your encouragement and keeping us informed. God Bless you and your Ministry. .

  9. Sean Osborne says:

    Spot-on analysis by Terry James is to be found in this article. His opinion mirrors my own when it comes to the “staying hand of God” holding back the inevitable; and his citation of Luke 17:29-30 was without question guided by the Holy Spirit’s leading.

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