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 Forewarning to Our New President

A Fox News person–can’t remember who–reported that Paul Anka, writer of the song “My Way” had withdrawn from performing at one or another of the events scheduled during the inaugural festivities.

Anka reportedly said the inauguration gig conflicted with his schedule. He thus joined a long list of celebrities and performers who said they would not be a part of the Trump victory celebration.

CNN, it was reported, gave a news flash that Nancy Sinatra, daughter of the late crooner Frank Sinatra, was furious that Mr. Trump would use the song “My Way” in the presidential celebration. She was, it was reported, incensed because it was the song her father made famous by recording it.

Ms. Sinatra, however, it became clear, was incensed not at Mr. Trump, but at CNN for what has become known as a fake news story. She reportedly was angry because the story was not true and she was said to have responded, “It’s not true. Why should I care? Why would they (CNN) lie about this?”

That’s a question many voters asked themselves before the vote by the electorate was cast in this presidential election. The diatribes by mainstream news hounds, favoring one candidate over the other, included lying the likes of which has rarely if ever reached the level it did in this election cycle.

The song “My Way” and the lies surrounding it serve to open the way for me to issue this warning to our new president, as suggested by the commentary’s title. 

I’ll say this at the outset. I can’t help but like the song. I’ve always–Lord, help me–liked it, particularly the way ol’ Elvis sang it.However, it is one of the most anti-God songs ever created. It is straight from the mind of the old serpent himself, I have no doubt. That’s why it is so appealing to the human mind and why even believers such as myself–weak in many ways because of the fallen nature of man–can’t help but like the song.

“My Way” tells the story of how the person singing it lived totally on his or her own terms. These didn’t listen to or bow the knee to anyone. They did it all–their way.

It’s not just a matter that the song is one of boasting about how great one is; it is a repudiation of God Himself. That might not have been Mr. Anka’s thought in writing it, but if you study the words, it is hubris that reflects Lucifer’s own words in Isaiah 14:14.

Getting back to our new president and his choosing the song for inclusion in his celebratory festivities, such hubris is likely, one hopes, not Mr. Trump’s own attitude. We should prayerfully hope–and believe–that he doesn’t–by making this song a part of his celebration–harbor the thought that he is now president only because of his own greatness and ability.

We have heard him state his thanks to so many–to the whole national voting public that cast their votes for him, in fact. I have heard him say that God is the one who made America “great” in the first place, and will do so again.

Still, I’m concerned when I know he–like myself–can’t help but like this song. It appeals to the pride that can so easily swell within each human being.

The Lord tells us in His Word that he hates “a proud look” (Proverbs 6: 17). He further says “he that hath a high look and a proud heart will I not suffer” (Psalm 101:5). And, again, “An high look and a proud heart…is sin” (Proverbs 21:4).

God tells the end of all such pride in one’s self ability. “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18).

Being blind, I, of course, couldn’t see any of the presidential ball festivities. I did hear them, and the song “My Way” seemed to be the central theme song at each of the three.

Again, I couldn’t see it, but was told that at one point the new president, while dancing with the new first lady, looked into a nearby camera and mouthed the words, ”I did it my way.”

So, it is hearsay, not a firsthand account. Perhaps some of the readers of this commentary witnessed this silent comment by the president.

I was a supporter of Donald Trump and continue to be so as he promises to move America forward and lead us out of the slide into the abyss into which we are headed. Mr. Trump is often audacious and outspoken, and to be frank, it is one of the traits that endeared him to many–myself included–that is, to the extent that I like his pushing back against the pay-no-attention-to-the-American-people arrogance of Washington D.C. insiders and mainstream media types.

That said, I must issue this warning, Mr. President. You, I, and America must do it  “God’s way,” not “My way,” as Mr. Anka, Mr. Sinatra, or even ol’ Elvis would have it. Our very national existence depends upon this truth.


  1. Denise Styka says:

    Hi Terry, First and foremost I want to say that I very much enjoy your commentaries (as I have mentioned in my emails to you in the past). You are most certainly blessed of our Lord and through this Ministry our Lord has given you, we are blessed of our Lord as well.

    In line with you comments in this, yes I too have been tied up in Sinatra’s version of My Way (it was such a favorite of my Dad’s), I did see the “first dance” with the new First Lady, but I do not remember the part of “I did it My Way”, but that would not surprise me as there is pretty nothing to indicate that our new president is a born again believer in Jesus Christ.

    That said, I saw an article on the Monday following, talking of a declaration that Mr Trump signed on the afternoon of the 20th that would likely set the tone for the next 4 years. The article by a liberal press reporter, compared Mr. Trump’s declaration to similar ones that were penned by Obama at the beginning of his first and second terms, Bush at the beginning of his first and second terms and Clinton at the beginning of his first and second terms. The reporter commented that all the previous presidents I mentioned, all realizing the enormous undertaking that they were about to commence, asked in one way or another of the guidance of God. However this reporter, suggested that this was problematic at the least because Mr. Trump seems to be relying on himself for this tremendous undertaking rather than God in an apparent disregard for God,

    It was further supposedly magnified in the sense that, in this declaration Mr Trump called for a national holiday on January 20th, 2017 as the “National Day of Patriotic Devotion”

    For the sake of space, you can find the official declaration, at the Office of the Federal Register, at the following web address …


    Let me know if you need me to post it, or if you cannot access the URL with your Jaws program.

    Sincerely in Christ Jesus, Denise Styka

  2. Terry, he was singing the song not making a comment. Saw it.

  3. Is not …..doing it God’s way, praying for our President? We should focus on our christian duty and not on Trump’s shortcomings.

    • Denise M S says:

      I totally agree with praying for our President, I voted for Donald Trump, not because of his morality, but because he is the man that is determined to stand beside Israel, and to give opportunity for the Gospel to be spread in connection with the intentions of our founding fathers, to protect our Constitution, to protect those who seek to be a witness for Jesus Christ by moving against Isis, by securing our borders, to move against sodomy and abortion, and move away from Obama’s socialism and overall policies of globalization. This is God’s answer to His peoples 2 Chronicles 7:14 prayers and now it is time for us to get to work. Yes we need to pray four President. Yes, Mr. Trump does need to realize and trust alone in God’s way. The liberal media will always spin things according to their intent, which is obviously pro world and the antithesis of God’s intent. This election proved that the media is NO match for God, just as David declared before his fellow chosen people of God, and the Philistine giant Goliath, ” … is there not a cause … “. God chose Mr. Trump to lead our Country for the next four years. God likewise choose the men before him as well (i.e. was Saul – being the king God gave to Israel when they wanted any ‘ol king; and then David, the king God choose who believed and trusted in Him and was a man after God’s own heart. The overall point I was trying to convey, albeit not clearly enough, was that, the previous president put an intent out there asking for God’s help and yet it looked like they ever acted in such a way that they listened to whatever God would have said. At least Mr. Trump has not pretended by asking for help from Someone he probably wouldn’t even consider as his advisor; but at the least Mike Pence’s voice and his relationship with Christ has the opportunity to be a voice for the Lord, if Mr. Pence is obedient to the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

  4. SRB says:

    Terry, Hi! I’m currently reading your book, Rapture Ready or Not…sooo good!
    As for Trump….he has a big personality and great sense of humor…I think he was just having fun. I think God has really been working in his life as he went through the horrendous campaign and his first week as President. He has changed a lot since 1 1/2 years ago. I also believe he IS a Christian…not perfect (who is?) and a very young one…but never the less. Look at his actions everyone! He has done a simply astounding job for only one week in office! We have never seen any President perform like this incredible man. He has said he has had to rely on God everyday to be able to do this enormous job. And I believe him. We do need to pray for him daily, that’s for sure.

    And thank you for all YOU do!
    God Bless

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