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Tribulation Technologies Tightening

Things are progressing so quickly in the area of people-control technologies that I must admit I simply can’t keep up. A book by Tom Horn and Terry Cook called Beast Tech is among the most recent information encompassing that technology from the perspective of Bible prophecy. But, even their excellent research and presentation can’t keep up, and the authors would be the first to admit it, I’m sure.

This is because 1) the technologies themselves are achieving breakthroughs almost hourly, and 2) the Internet is such an instantaneous medium that the slower-moving book industry lags behind to some extent. Being a writer of books, though, I will defend our own medium by saying that the research is usually more reliable and comprehensive than the “Wild West” the many ungoverned verbal gun-slingers have made cyberspace.

When researching and writing on anything taken off the Net, one must proceed with caution. Many, even within the professional ranks of the world’s top journalists, are occasionally fooled by the imaginations of these cyberspace outlaws who deliberately send out false information or ill-intended directives. This is particularly true of those operating within some of the diabolist nations of the world like Iran, Russia, China, and most of the nations in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, for the past number of years, the United States has fallen under that term of “nefarious news making” in the eyes of many who believe they have seen movement away from truth toward a Joseph Goebbels-type propagandist dissemination of information. This is particularly true with what has been going on regarding all of the NSA, the IRS, and other agencies’ misdirection, and outright lies fed the American public. All the while, those organizations, along with the most previous presidential administration, assured that action was being taken to stop the unconstitutional activities. Yet we learn almost daily that these anti-constitutionalist actions were being ratcheted up for purposes that can only be described as political.

It appears that this was joined wholeheartedly by mainstream media and leftist pajama-bloggers for purposes of covering the former president’s lack of forthrightness, and for paving the way for one particular future presidential candidate as the 2016 election drew nearer. It seems that one gigantic election campaign was underway very early–even before the mid-terms of 2014 had taken place.

And, make no mistake: I’m not so naïve as to lay all of the destructiveness to American liberty at the feet of any one political party. This is a devilish system put together with the acquiescence–even with the eager cooperation—of those central planners, regardless of political affiliation, who make their careers and retirement fortunes within the DC Beltway. –The so-called deep state.

Government’s growing determination to lie to the U.S. populace, aided and abetted by the sycophantic press, makes the developing super-snooping, controlling technologies all the more virulent in the liberty-suppressing efforts to hornswoggle we the people. The dangers are already past the forewarning stage.

Supercomputer capacities for gathering every minute detail of our lives from birth to death now exist. The all-knowing information storage and policing implementation control center is a done deal.

Known as the Utah Data Center, the facility located near Bluffdale, Utah, recently completed, it is supposed, is the brain of America’s most secretive, clandestine service, the National Security Agency (NSA).

The NSA has become the biggest, most covert, and, I would conjecture, most intrusive intelligence agency in U.S. history. It intercepts, deciphers, analyzes, and stores tremendous amounts of the world’s communications as they transmit from satellites and flash through international, foreign, and domestic network cables that are underground and undersea.

According to experts who have studied about the facility, when its final phase is completed, it will be five times larger than the U.S. Capitol building. It has code-breaking capabilities that represent breakthroughs that are astonishing, and that are astonishingly invasive of the American way of life. The potential for unconstitutional intrusion was so great that initiatives known as the Total Awareness Program, meant to use these very technologies introduced by the George W. Bush administration, was voted down by Congress in 2003.

That vote, apparently, has been circumvented. The center will, through the stunning technologies developed, handle financial information, stock transactions, business deals, foreign military and diplomatic secrets, legal documents, and confidential personal communications. All will be heavily encrypted.

Again, I am, admittedly, very comprehension-challenged as to just what all is wrapped within this complex. I do know, however, based upon the very Word of God, that just such a system is on its way for the consummation of the age. It is clearly outlined in Revelation 13:16-18. Tribulation technology is tightening the noose around the measured amount of human freedom that is left in this decaying world. Jesus’ return to planet earth is the only hope for what seems to be liberty’s last gleaming.



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