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Sure End-of-the-Age Indicator

It is my usual procedure to not respond to the virulent email I get almost daily from those who don’t believe in the pre-trib view of the Rapture. These days the hate email is coming from those who sometimes even write that they hope we who do believe that God’s Word teaches this doctrine be sent to Hell–the same place where they scream we are leading people with our “false teaching.”

There are a number of these anti-Rapture flame-throwers who send out their rants on a regular basis. They have extremely limited audiences, and they are no doubt hoping beyond hope that their angry protestations will somehow make it in front of the massive audiences such as that with which Todd Strandberg and my website ministry raptureready.com has been blessed.

Perhaps I am granting their wish by writing on the matter. However, the anger has reached such a fevered pitch that I sense it should be addressed. The rage is, I’m convinced, a sure signal that we are indeed at the very end of the age.

In fairness, there are those who have scriptural arguments for another view of the Rapture, or for the position that there will be no Rapture. These are, most generally, gentle and rational in presenting their cases. Those who present their cases in those instances are not of the group that I’m attempting to address in this column.

I will present here the full text of one email I have received. It is actually one of the milder of the sort of which I’m addressing. I prefer to not give those more radical than this one any space in this forum.

I’ve watched this particular blogger change from one who in earlier times seemed to at least present a scriptural case worthy of consideration to a person of scathing rants full of irrationality and outrageous invective. Again, he is one of the milder Rapture-position detractors I find in my inbox almost daily.

Here is his most recent commentary.


This Scripture is describing a RELIGIOUS DECEPTION of a CROWNED rider on the deceptively WHITE horse having a BOW, which is a WEAPON OF WAR without arrows to kill the body, but rather to kill the mind with anti-Christian deception . He is CONQUERING MINDS with anti-Christian false doctrine. He is waging war, in the later years, against the doctrine of Jesus Christ as it is recorded in the Holy Scriptures.

The CROWNED RIDER’S name is C. I. Scofield. His BOW, without arrows, is the Scofield Bible. He has been CONQUERING the minds of ignorant Christians who are being deceived into believing the anti-Christian FALSE DOCTRINE OF THE PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE.

Jesus explicitly states, in His Olivet Discourse, that the rapture will occur as recorded in Matthew 24:31 “AFTER THE TRIBULATION” which He states will occur before the rapture as recorded in Matthew 24:29, If your mind has been “conquered” by the rider on the white horse into believing the anti-Christian false doctrine of a pre-tribulation rapture you had better wake up and repent because “Many are called, but FEW ARE CHOSEN.”

2 John 1:9

“Whoever transgresses and does not abide IN THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST does not have God. He who abides IN THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST has both the Father and the Son.”

Well, maybe this writer is not so “mild” as I thought on a second reading. Seems we who believe in the pre-trib Rapture are, according to his thinking, headed… well, not headed to heaven.

C. I. Scofield–the Antichrist, huh? Perhaps Billy Graham, another teacher of the Rapture, is the False Prophet–you think?

Again, I feel that I should apologize for giving such unscriptural nonsense so much space before such a wide audience. But, there is a point in doing so. I believe this gravitation toward–a free fall, really—into hatred for the pre-trib Rapture position shows just where this generation stands on God’s prophetic timeline. We are, I believe, in a prophesied period of false teachers and false accusers among the flock.

The apostle Paul foretold that the last days would produce perilous times that would bring false accusers (2 Timothy 3: 3). The apostle Peter said there would come scoffers mocking Christ’s coming again (2 Peter 3: 3-4).

God’s Word forewarns those who make falsehoods their message: “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

The Scripture says further in defense of those–like C.I. Scofield–who proclaim the prophetic Word in truth: “Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm” (1 Chronicles 16:22 and Psalms 105:5).

Jude, through inspiration of the Holy Spirit, has ominous words for those who make it their priority to wreak destruction within the body of Christ. His words are given as what to watch for at the very end of the age, when Christ’s return nears:

“These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots; Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.” (Jude 1:12-13).

“But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit.” (Jude 1: 17-19)

I prayerfully urge the angry, anti-Rapture detesters to reconsider their ungoverned use of rhetoric against a most important Promise made by the Lord Jesus.

“Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also” (John 14:1-3).



  1. Terri Horn says:

    I agree But not surprised it was a post tribber. The ones I have corresponded with are some of the most hateful people I have ever talked to. One person told me I am going to hell because I believe in the pretrib. It makes more sense, and I believe the Bible talks about it, as well as 1st century Christians. But, to say another Christian is going to hell because they disagree with you, or could be because they go to Church? Apparently going to church means you are in league with Satan

  2. Tom says:

    Why does this topic make so many people angry? Is it the fear that we might be right? Or is it the necessity for one to prove they’re right? Whatever the case, it’s pitiful.

  3. GW says:

    Jeepers, that WAS a “mild” letter. I have been attacked way worse on Youtube. Mr. James those folk need to be reminded of one thing. GOD DOES NOT CHANGE. Did God hand Noah and Co. a life ring and say “now, if you can hang on then I will come and save you AFTER the flood” …. Did God hand Lot a water hose and say “now, if you can stay doused and not burn up then I will come and save you after I get done destroying everyone and everything”. Uh, no……God always provides a way for his people to be safe and this time will be no different and yes, we DO have our blessed hope coming soon. I think if someone thinks they need to be left behind to suffer for Christ then go for it as for me? I have no desire to even be here as I type this comment. Telling someone they are “going to hell” is a very dangerous thing to do and we are to love one another and edify the body and lift one another up right? I pray for folk like that and wish them nothing but luck…..really. God bless you Mr. James and I enjoy reading your work for God’s kingdom. MARANATHA

  4. Lenora Strickland says:

    I was born again in 1973 when I read the Gospel presented in the Late Great Planet Earth. Satan hates the Blessed Hope. He hates believers. He hates the Scofield Bible. He hates Dispensational teaching. And he most awfully hates the Pre-trib Rapture. I have listened to these poor lost souls rant for more than 40 years. It is just Satan’s anger/frustration revealed. The Rapture is imminent and I am ready to go. The louder they rant, the greater my faith grows. Praise God!

    • alain humbert says:

      I was made aware of The Rapture by Mr. Lindsey’s 1970 book too, but three years later in 1976, when my ideological world collapsed under circumstances I would rather not talk about.

      Since then, in the unfavorable atmosphere for faith of my environment,
      GOD NEVER CEASED TO MIRACULOUSLY PROVIDE me With Books For The Sustaining of my faith.
      Among them Pastor Dwight Pentecost’s scholarly 1958 ”Things To Come”, snatched away along with some others, when it was about to
      be ”paperpulped”.

      The hatred in some of today’s evangelical churches for Biblical Eschatology is rationally uncomprehensible.

      I was drawn to many Christian sites at first, but soon was perplexed
      sorely by the venom some of them spit against The Reference Schofield Bible.
      They never missed an occasion to hurl invectives in every article of theirs.
      For a time I thought they were right and that Rev. Schofield had fooled us all along.
      But then, I realized that their virulence is uncalled for, even if they are in the right. So I got away from them.
      Beloved Pastor Vance Havner wrote in his 1953 “Repent Or Else”
      about The Church at Ephesus, Rebuked BY our LORD for Her
      hardness of heart, that
      ” One can be theologically as straight as the barrel of a gun,
      ” and
      ” spiritually as empty as the barrel of a gun ! ”

      If we ask some of Its opponents why they think so, the answer
      more often than not is a burst of theological machinegun, spraying liberally the Doctrine and those who believe in it with Bible verses
      flying as so many angry redhot tracers.
      Our dissenting brethren (they still believe In JESUS AS their SAVIOUR)
      are not aware that the devil can make them quote Holy Scriptures for his own purpose.
      Whenever I had such an encounter, I content myself with telling them
      to be prepared For A Pleasant Surprise. But more often than not too,
      that failed to calm them.
      Anyway, we must remember that the Subject Is Not SALVATION-Related, and keep on praying for our brethren to have their eyes opened.

  5. I believe those who are “flame-throwing anti-Pre-Tribbers” are being deceived and used by the Enemy ( who knows that his time is short.) Thomas Ice and others have proven that around the time of the death of Augustine the established church edited and deleted the Early Church Father’s belief and teachings on a Pre-Trib Rapture. The anti-P-T’s may talk about discussion on the issue, but why should we discuss an issue that was settled in the first few centuries of the Church?
    Those of us who believe/teach/preach a Pre-Trib Rapture are simply giving Jacob (Prasch and others) a time of trouble.

  6. Jeanne says:

    I have zero plans on being here for the tribulation. However, if these people need to act like martyrs and glorify themselves in such an apostate way…..then ill pray for you…

    • Terri Horn says:

      I have heard some say pre-tribbers just want to get OUT of the TRIBULATION!!! UH NO!. If that was the will of God I would NOT try to misinterpret the Bible plus if you are going to Heaven when you die you trust in God. I believe the Bible and the preTrib rapture BUT not so I will not have to suffer BUT so I can see my Lord and Savior. Makes one wonder why post-tribbers are NOT excited about meeting our Lord and Savior. BUT that is a ridiculous argument about wanting to avoid the Tribulation. God has his plans and NO matter how we want to believe in say another version of rapture or none at all God is and will always be in control. Yes, I am excited the Bible teaches the pretrib cause IWE are close to being called home BUT again if God’s wish we NOT be raptured or raptured after the tribulation I would go along with my Lord BUT that is not taught in the Bible. Studied prophecy since 1976 when we saw movie :The Thief in the Night ‘ Believing in the pretrib are those who realize our time is short and DO EVERYTHING to save others while others who believe different can wait to lead others to Christ. NO HURRY!! they think. You know the post tribbers no rapture do not seem to WANT to lead others to Christ as they seem to spend ALL their time arguing this INSTEAD of leading others to Christ when if they think of it leading others to Christ is what we are to do and if a person believes in the post trib, no trib whatever rapture theory if they have ACCEPTED CHRIST we are ALL going to heaven so disagree on the trib theory BUT we should AKLL make our focus be the saving of non believers. This does seem to be caused by Satan how many will go to hell cause one believed in a different theory and by time realized pretrib was true it will be too late CAUSE true born again Christians are saved no matter what rapture or no rapture theory they believe. I can imagine now Satan gleefully rubbing his hands cause Christians are viciously (Posy Trib mainly) and violently (disagreeing) to other Christians. Those looking for God on these websites ALL the time and how much do non believers reject Christ cause of Christians appearing to be willing to kill someone or send them to Hell for their differing aspects on the Bible. Yes I have seen this sad to say I sometimes would UNTIL I ran across a non believer who pretty much wanted NOTHING to do with a Christian after hearing post trib and pretrib arguing so now I try to place that in front of my mind so I am NOT a Christian that causes non believers to reject Christ. This arguing is just letting Satan rub his hands in glee as some Christians cause non believers to reject Christ based on the UGLY words we use. THE END Sorry I wrote another book BUT I am so UPSET when I hear others say a person is going to Hell just cause they do not agree with your stance on the Bible and I have run across many that scream I am going to Hell for believing the pretrib. Excuse me when did Christ abdicate and let them say what is right or wrong.their are MANY out there

  7. Christy Benoist says:

    Dearest Terry, WOW. These people are HATEFUL & vicious aren’t they? You know, Rick Wiles of Trunews just did an anti-Scofield & anti-Pre-trib rant much like the one you posted here…hmmm. Well they ACT as though they’re so concerned about the souls of those we are “leading astray”. Ummm HOW, I ask could a pre-trib view send one to Hell??? To me it makes us “watch & pray” & witness more diligently as well as be more ready by being kinder & more loving etc. I just don’t get it. What do they do with “meet the Lord in the AIR” and when & where is “their” wedding …since we rule & reign ON EARTH??? I really could go on but you know what I’m saying.
    They will know we are Christians by our love. May the Dear Lord Jesus bless you and protect you brother. Thank you for all you do. In Jesus, Christy

  8. lori connot says:

    Really? True Christian People will not just throw that out there,they would search their heart, study, and pray to the Lord God about It. What is really going on here? Someone upset over being wrong? We all better search our Hearts about this Terry. Seems to me people have been having disputes over pre trib to post trib for years and never have resolved anything. I am moving forward with the Lord Jesus regardless and I believe The True remnant of God will. We all better evaluate and prepare, for scripture tells us what to expect. But are prophetic leaders in the fight more than they realize? If so they better decide what is true or do they even know?


  9. S. Yoder says:

    My comment is centered on what to look for when the pretrib rapture occurs. I believe it is very close as well. I think it will occur when the next economic bubble bursts. It will affect the entire world. Also, around this time, the Psalm 83 war is going to take place. This will be what some bible prophecy watchers call the perfect storm to reset the economic system of a world government eventually headed by the antichrist and the United Nations.

  10. John Clark says:

    Whatever position a person holds to, it is going to get downright ugly and difficult on planet earth, especially for Christians. The churches, pastors, and Christian talk shows need to prepare people for what is to come. The average Christian has no idea what is really going on in the world and how it is all prophecy unfolding before our very eyes. We must be well-informed and alert to what is happening.

  11. Jeanne says:

    The Lord is love, mercy, and light, so how then does that reconcile with wrath? Why send the son? Was the crucifixion just a lie and Jesus was not enough to bear every single sin? Either he paid our sin debt or he didn’t therefore, not a God of truth. The bible says he is the way, the truth, and THE LIFE. How can one go to the flock, or even moreso, to the lost with a message of contradiction…..and coming wrath?? Where is the hope of salvation in that?? It seems to me if a person has a personal relationship with the Savior, even without supporting prophetic scripture, it would be impossible to not have a merciful pretribulation view on this…. based on the saving grace of our lord. I would also wonder about descernment, because the Holy Spirit gives us this. Noah is an old trestament foreshadowing of what is to come. That is a perfect representation of the father….a father is a protector. We are no longer appointed to wrath, Jesus took it ALL. Noah was not a perfect man….but he belonged to God and was given mercy, not because he deserved it or was sinless, but because our God is boundless in his love. That love brought forth a plan to save mankind, in the Son. To deny the pretrib rapture, is to not give Jesus his due glory and place it on man who must martyr himself..punish himself in order to recieve grace….in the tribulation. This discounts those who have already died in Christ and gone to heaven. This also discounts faith in Christ, doubting what he did on the cross in my view.

  12. Jeanne says:

    Also, we need to remember…persecution by man is not the same as Gods judgement on mankind. God never said we would not face persecution, but he did say we are not appointed to Wrath.

  13. Nora says:

    I witnessed rabid hate directed at brethren by fellow Christians on several online forums. I’ve been taken aback by the level of hatred more than once. At such times, verses like 1 John 4:20 comes to mind, “If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?”

    They are condemning others to hell by those people’s views on the rapture, calling them false teachers, etc., yet never seem to wonder or being concerned about the state of their own hearts! What is the first and most important commandment -by the Lord Jesus’ own description- that He gave us? Which fulfills the entire law of God and all the prophets… It is to love the Lord our God and to love each other!

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