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Sounding of Sirens

When that funny, irritating noise coming from your TV set goes off, what is your reaction? I’m talking about that grating   OINK!…OINK!…OINK! sound that disrupts whatever program you are watching or happen to have the television on while you do other things.

The noise is followed by an announcement: This is a test. This is only a test. If this had been an actual emergency… Well, you know what I’m talking about.

When that goes off, what is your reaction? I must admit that my first, instantaneous, thought is still: Could it be a nuclear attack?

This automatic reaction comes, I have little doubt, from the time of “duck and cover!”–the warning/instruction that dominated my days as a kid. We were told to get under our desks if at school, should the sirens sound announcing nuclear attack. We were told to jump off our bikes and try to get under something, get flat into a ditch, or  hide behind anything available if we were out and about.

I’ve mentioned before in this column that when I was a sophomore in high school, the rumor had it that atomic war with the Soviets would happen on a certain Friday. It was cause of angst for some, but not all paid any attention to the rumor–or to the warnings to “duck and cover,” for that matter. I guess I’ve always been a bit geopolitically sensitive…

So it was that I tried to imagine what the people of Hawaii must have experienced when their devices and televisions announced there were incoming nuclear missiles. The announcement said this wasn’t a test–everyone should seek immediate shelter.

There was crying and gnashing of teeth, if I might use biblical language. People got under mattresses with their families or boarded themselves in garages. One grandfather herded his grandchildren into a sewer manhole. It was a time of anxiety far beyond anything I experienced as a child or have experienced since.

We think of how, if it had been an actual nuke headed to the beautiful islands of Hawaii, there would be no beauty remaining following the impact. It is almost unimaginable as to what that part of the islands would have looked like. But, it isn’t beyond our imaginations, because we have the films of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs to graphically remind us of the results of such weaponry. We have the films of the Bikini tests in the 1950s that demonstrated the horrific destructiveness of nuclear devices far more powerful than the bombs used on Japan to end the war.

Thankfully, the feared attack on Hawaii was a false alarm. The  people between the mattresses, in their garages, and in the manholes could emerge to consider how things could have ended so differently. We can hope that the accidental siren alert will serve as a wake-up call to everyone of just how short a time (less than twelve minutes from time of the alert) such devastation can come upon us.

There is devastation coming that has a much, much shorter time of arrival than 10-12 minutes upon a totally unsuspecting people. There will be no alert to forewarn those under this incoming destruction. That is, no OINK!…OINK!…OINK! will disrupt TV programs or announce on various devices what is about to occur.

However, the siren is blaring, warning that the catastrophic impact is about to take place. The siren has been sounding for some time. As a matter of fact, this column and a number of others have been sounding the siren alarm.

The devastation will far surpass what that nuclear-tipped missile would have caused, had it been an actual attack. The sirens of Bible prophecy have been sounding–especially in these end of days the secularists call the end times. The devastation, following this imminent, catastrophic event, will result in as much as three-fourths of people on earth perishing over a period of seven years.

Those upon whom this calamity is about to fall are oblivious to the sirens of warning. It’s sad to say that many who should know about the coming time of destruction and should be issuing the warning refuse to do so. Not only that, they refuse to believe the impending disaster is a prophetic fact. They even make fun of the notion.

I’m referring, of course, to the preachers who claim to name the name of Jesus Christ, but who don’t believe He is returning in a catastrophic way to planet earth.

These, if they have any opinion or care one way or the other, believe Christ will return and take over from the Church. The Church, they believe, will have made worthy His Kingdom, over which He will then reign.

Only, that’s not what the Bible says. That Revelation 19:11 return is to a war-torn planet where most of its inhabitants have died in the violence and wrath of seven years of Tribulation.   

Many of these type theologians will tell you they don’t believe the book of Revelation even belongs in the canon of Scripture. There is, they will say, no Rapture–no time of great trouble ruled over by somebody known as Antichrist. That stuff is all to somehow be taken in a spiritual way, not literally.

Jesus will indeed come back to rule and reign over a planet that is much like it was in the time of Eden before the fall of man. But, He–not the theologians who think they will prepare the way for Heaven on earth–will do the restoration. When Christ calls all believers to Himself at the Rapture, that very moment devastation will begin to fall. It will be just like in the time of Lot, when he was removed from Sodom. (Read Jesus’ words in Luke 17:26-30).

So, the siren of Bible prophecy goes unsounded, unheard by the vast majority of humanity. But, that siren is sounding more loudly every day in the Christ-sensitive ears of those spiritually attuned. That’s why we present these commentaries. We want to sound the siren a devastating time is coming–and it could come at any moment.

One siren-signal is most prominent. Israel is being forced by Satan’s globalist minions to give in to demands to divide God’s land further. The Lord is on the cusp of taking the Church Home with Him. He will then again begin dealing with His beloved Israel. It will be a time of His wrath, while He purges those who are rebellious earth-dwellers and rescues for Himself a people to populate the millennial earth.

The sirens are sounding!

Triad Foretelling Tribulation

Jesus’ prophecy, given upon the Mount of Olives just before His crucifixion, is that which presents things to come with the most profound gravitas, to use a word once bandied about in the American political melee of some years ago. Certainly, the direct foretelling by the Creator of all things must command attention of those of us who have believed in Him for our souls’ salvation. There can be no greater security and comfort than that found in God, Himself, telling us the end from the beginning, as He has done in His love letter to mankind, the Holy Bible.

The bottom line, of course, is that regardless of all we might see happening around us–this planet seeming to be coming apart at the seams—God is victorious. We who belong to Him, through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, are victors! To put it on a more personal level, some who read this might remember that I experienced clinical death in 2011–on Good Friday, of all days—and was instantaneously in the presence of a jubilant throng of cheering, young people.

They bid me to come to them. Each of the first two times in their presence, my heart having stopped each time, I started to join them, totally fixated (and joyfully so) on their bright, broadly smiling faces. Each time, though, I returned to the cath lab, where the members of the cardiologist team were working on me.

The third time I went to that realm, I did join them and we were running, as if in a victory lap. They were thrusting their hands in the air, and they were looking at me as I ran with them. We were celebrating a victory of monumental importance. Then the procedure was successful, and I was back again on the cath-lab table. (Incidentally, I haven’t had one moment’s indication of heart trouble of any sort since that day the “widow-maker” struck. Thanks be to our Lord!)

So, we who know Christ for salvation are victors, ultimately. That is one message I’m convinced I was given in that experience. Jesus, in His Olivet Discourse, told of some pretty frightening things to come. I believe we are witnessing these things as never before running concurrently at the very moment of your reading this essay. Thus, the title of this article. I primarily want to deal, as indicated, with three things Jesus said we should look for during the season when His return to planet earth at Armageddon nears.

The following quite familiar prophecy is what I want to look at for a bit:

For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. (Matthew 24:5-8)

The “triad”–as I put it–that foretells Tribulation (the last seven years of human history leading up to Christ’s return) is wrapped in this prophecy. This issued from the very mouth of God. Therefore, if the end of this Earth Age is near, we should see evidence of what He predicted in things taking place all around us.

The first matter of the three is the prophecy that deception will mark the era of His soon return. Jesus prophesied that many would come in His name. These deceivers would claim that they were Christ themselves, in some cases. I believe that even more profoundly to consider is the thought that many would come claiming to know Him as their Lord, and would even preach and teach under his banner, but would be liars of first order.

At this moment, we don’t have to look at just the growing cults around us to discern the deception involved in ministries and religions claiming that He is Christ, but denying the power of His lordship–even of His deity. And, the “deception” goes much deeper than that of how Christ is viewed and His message extolled. Deception will, I believe Jesus was saying, be the rule rather than the exception of days leading up to His coming to put an end to the devilish deportment of mankind.

One example, in my view, is the “transparency” promised by Barak Obama during the presidential campaign leading to his first election. We were to experience the most “transparent” administration in history. Yet he bypassed the Constitution in a lawless way at every opportunity–and, in secret, used that infamous pen to institute executive orders to fundamentally change America into something other than what the Founding Fathers intended.

The only “transparency” shown was when he spoke publicly, as do his secretaries of state, and telegraphed every military move that were to be made against the likes of ISIS (ISIL, as he would have it for whatsoever secretive reason). He then announces proudly what he has done to the world–to be “transparent,” I suppose.

Deception of every sort is everywhere we look today.

The second of the “triad foretelling Tribulation” I would like to consider is really a spin-off of the first. “Wars and rumors of war” come upon mankind from the deception surrounding the Holy name of Jesus and the truth of His deity–that He is the only Way to God the Father and eternity in Heaven.

Being called “intolerant” and hate-filled rhetoric and/or bigotry open societies and cultures to demonic invasion. Keeping people from coming to Christ, through deception or anything other brings satanic incitement and murderous intent to the human heart. Wars and rumors of war are the results–the harvest of millions dead in war across the world.

We are witnessing these exact fruits of rejecting Christ at this very moment. The monsters of ISIS reportedly beheaded children and infants as the beastly horde rampaged –for the fun of it, and to terrify those in their path into bending to their demands that their victims agree with their satanic view of religion. This degree of atrocity continues in many parts of the world at the time of this writing.

The third of the “triad” is the growing threat of pestilence–one of the signals Jesus said would point to His coming again being very near. The black death (Buebonic Plague) is a horrific disease reportedly again on the scene. That disease has those who study  pandemic outbreaks worried that it could do what it did to medieval Europe and beyond. Pestilence might not yet be at the level of forewarning the end of the age as are the first two indicators, but many reports come to my attention, and, I’m sure, to yours that tell of any number of budding pestilences. The opening of American borders to practically uninhibited entrance to illegal peoples whom no one knows about, as far as their state of health, makes Jesus’ words in this prophecy particularly relevant, in my thinking.

How long might it be before we experience, literally, an explosion of such viral and bacterial detonations in the U.S. and across the world?

We can take comfort. These are, Jesus assured, “the beginning of sorrows,” the time just before He returns to put an end to the madness. Again, the love and comfort are there in the Savior’s words: “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28).

We who know Christ are already victorious through our Lord!


Last-Days Sorceries

It’s almost like watching a war in much the same way people used to observe Civil War battles. The towns people would, in some cases–particularly early in the conflict–get their picnic goods together and sit in what they thought to be secure positions with their families to watch the blue and gray combatants go at it.

I feel sort of like that at the moment.

There is an end-times war going on–building toward Armageddon–and the individual battles are fascinating.

I’ve noted with amusement and a degree of schadenfreude the leftist, Hollywood types have their accusations against Donald Trump bounce off his administration and stick on them. The sexual harassment charges have made manifest their hypocrisy.

Satan has appeared to have been losing the battle as of late on several fronts. Of course, we know that neither he nor his minions, whether demonic or human, will ever give up their assaults until the war is over. They will seem to win many battles right up until the gathering at Armageddon.

Evidence of the battles Lucifer and his legions will continue to fight is observable in the conflict Attorney General Jeff Sessions has initiated regarding marijuana sales. It is a civil war in its own right.

The old devil never ceases to amaze in his ability to deceive and cajole. He not only has a majority of people clamoring to make “Mary Jane” accessible on a national scale, thus eventually making the nation unable to think clearly, he finessed the controversy into a political poison dart aimed at the president he is desperate to see removed from the reigns of power. The following hate-Trump news outlet piece illustrates my point, I hope. 

As of late Friday, POLITICO Magazine could not find a single member of Congress who had issued a statement in support of Sessions’ actions. In the end, this is a self-inflicted pot crisis that could prove to be a critical test of Trump’s ability to maintain his base.

“There’s a lot of old white men who are marijuana users, and the marijuana is keeping them alive,” Segerblom said from his cell phone while driving around Las Vegas. “Trump is going to have fewer to vote for him if he doesn’t keep marijuana legal.”

Sessions’ antipathy for a drug that has lost much of its stigma among a wide cross section of Americans has only galvanized disparate factions in Congress to protect an industry that is expected to generate $2.3 billion in state tax revenue by 2020. (https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/01/06/jeff-sessions-marijuana-legalization-congress-216251)

I’m sure that among that 70 percent of Americans who are said to support legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes are many who regularly read this column. There are those within my own family who think it is something that should be allowed without resistance.

I don’t.

It is the so-called recreational usage that is embedded within the satanic ploy that makes the battle plan an end-times issue in my view. It is the proverbial slippery slope to open more and more avenues to national inability to think rationally.

America already is plagued with that malady to an unacceptable degree. A glaring example is that at least half of the nation has been deluded into believing that supporting the murder of babies in their mothers’ womb and same gender partners engaging in sexual relations is natural and not abnormal.

The prophetic Word of God has things to say about this drug-induced delusion at the time of Christ’s Second Advent approaches.

John wrote about those rebellious earth dwellers who would populate the planet at the very end, as Armageddon nears:

“Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts” (Revelation 9:21).

Again, John, with dictation from Jesus Christ, writes the following: “And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived” (Revelation 18:23).

The word “sorceries” here is from the Greek pharmakeia (#5331 in Strong’s). There is some connection here to the word “pharmacy.”

The following is informative about the use of the Greek term chosen for use.

Okay. Now lets ensure that we correctly understand this:

The root meaning of this group of Greek words [magos, mageia, pharmakeia, pharmakeus]  is “druggist,” “poisoner,” or, “giver of potions.” These particular “sorcerers” were persons able to prepare and dispense potions. But why did they dispense these potions? Was it in order to give relief from illness?

Absolutely not! It was in order to stimulate hallucinations or visions! We must understand that it was long part of pagan religious practice to administer potions, or drugs, which would encourage hallucinations! There is, of course, a direct parallel here to modern illicit drug taking. But these original “pharmacists” were involved in the black arts and in demonology; the basic idea was that taking certain potions could bring one into contact with the spirit world, and that this was to be desired. But the fact that the modern English word “pharmacy” happens to be derived from pharmakeia frankly proves absolutely nothing! Do people visit doctors in order to be given drugs which will bring them into contact with the spirit world? Of course not!! People visit medical practitioners in order to have an illness diagnosed, to be treated for sickness, or to gain relief from illness! Yet there are some extremist charismatic ministries around today which teach that we sin when we visit a doctor just because the word “pharmacy” happens to be related to these Greek words!

We must understand that on several occasions the Bible backs up the principle that sick people should look around for remedies for their sickness. This is a very clear biblical principle!…

While the English word “pharmacy” is indeed derived from a group of Greek words used to describe those pagans who used potions to encourage hallucinations in those who wanted to contact the spirit world, to suggest that modern medical pharmacists are in any way associated with the “black arts” is as ludicrous as to suggest that when my friend took penicillin for a very serious infection, he was really more interested in contacting spirits!!! (By the way, my friend was healed and gave the full glory to God who alone is our healer). (Robin A. Brace-2005, Sorcery in the Bible, Pharmakeia and Modern Medicine www.ukapologetics.net/pharmakeia.html)

The battle waged by Satanic forces to bring in last-days sorceries, according to Bible prophecy, will be a victory in their column. We are, in my opinion, witnessing the beginning of their winning that battle in our beloved nation. But, one battle won’t win this war. We have God’s Word on that truth!

Antichrist’s Incubator

Mulling over the astonishing end-times stage-setting we are witnessing for the coming Tribulation, I came to a realization that one of the most prominent signals given in Bible prophecy is strangely on the periphery at the moment. Every other signal God’s Word gives for the end of the dispensation of grace and the beginning of Daniel’s seventieth week (the Tribulation era) is front and center. But, the prophecy about the entity I call for purposes of this essay “Antichrist’s Incubator” is almost so low profile at present as to be virtually invisible.

I’m referring to the entity we have long considered the reviving Roman Empire.

The European Union (EU) is at present not much written about as being the matrix out of which will come planet earth’s final diabolical dictator. However, the subject has previously long been at the heart of eschatological profferings. Dr. Dave Breese, for example, did a great deal of study, writing,and speaking on the subject of Antichrist and his origins as coming from the area that is now known as the EU.

About the only mention of that area of the world of consequence during these days of Mideast turmoil, Russia-Trump collusion fake news, and the North Korean nuclear threat is that More than 6,000 people joined members of the British parliament in demanding that American evangelist Franklin Graham be banned from the U.K.  This demand is made over his views on homosexuality and Islam. And, of course, Britain is supposedly withdrawing from the EU, so even that news isn’t about the EU.

Back-burner status of the EU has opened up the study of things to come in a way I would have thought not possible just several years ago. Middle East machinations have simply overwhelmed the headlines, causing many prophecy observers to push all else from the headlines so far as consideration of traditional eschatological viewpoint about the first beast of Revelation is concerned. Antichrist’s point of origin has changed in the minds of these observers–at least in the viewpoints of a considerable number of those who didn’t have an alternative view all along.

To clarify, there are those who have believed all along that Antichrist will come from the Middle East–will be a Muslim. Others held to the view that Daniel 9:26-27 indicates that Antichrist will be a European–out of the revived Roman Empire— but now believe the son of perdition will be an Islamist. This change in viewpoint for these came because of the stunning movement of ISIS that, of course, has now been rolled back.

I have a degree of  due respect for these alternate views to the traditional premillennial, pretrib model. Certainly, there is a strong case that Antichrist will spring from Middle Eastern roots. My close friend, Phillip Goodman, of Bible Prophecy as Written, for example, has a superb work on the subject –The Assyrian Connection (1993). He is one of the most excellent scholars of Bible prophecy on the scene today, and I heartily suggest you get the book and read it.

My own view continues to be that the first beast of Revelation 13 will emerge from the area surrounding Rome–from the European Union. I do believe he will be of Middle Eastern genetic extraction, however. Bible prophecy plainly teaches he will be “the Assyrian.”

However, I am equally convinced that this most horrific tyrant of human history will be born and raised in the area of Rome. There is no doubt in my mind that Bible prophecy also plainly teaches this regarding this man of sin. Further, the title of my essay, ” Incubator,” carries with it, in my prayerfully considered thinking, a more sinister possibility than his merely being born somewhere in the heart of Europe. It carries also the conjecture–and I’m about to get into trouble with some here—that his genetics will also include that which isn’t human at all.

Jesus said things will again be like they were in the days of Noah when he next catastrophically breaks into the affairs of fallen mankind (Matthew 24 and Luke 17). He spoke of the judgment of that time upon a world filled with iniquity when people were carrying on with business as usual despite the wickedness of the time.

The most pronounced wickedness, I believe, was that mentioned in Genesis 6 about the fact that the genetics of man were contaminated by fallen angels, who “married” human women. The results of this union were the Nephilim offspring, part human and part supernatural (demonic).

Jesus, remember, said things will again be like in those days. He was talking about at the time of Rapture, I’m convinced. Here’s the application I wish to make to my title: “Antichrist’s Incubator.”

The son of perdition–Antichrist—will, I’m contemplating, possibly be a Nephilim, a part-human, part-demonic entity. This won’t necessarily be by a “Rosemary’s Baby” sort of sexual union, but, perhaps, the result of genetic manipulations in man’s laboratory settings, under demonic “inspiration.”

Antichrist’s Incubator, in this sense, might well be considered in this, admittedly, strange manner.

I bring this conjecture forward because God’s character and justice demand that He allow every human being ever born to have his or her trial for their comportment in life conducted before His throne. The trial will either be a time of distribution of rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ (Bema) or for eternal punishment and separation from God at the Great White Throne judgment.

However, the angels who rebelled are allowed no such trial, just as they have no chance for redemption. Thus, the “corrupted flesh”–the Nephilim offspring of fallen angels—had no chance for redemption, but was doomed without remedy in the Flood of Noah’s day.

The first and second beasts of Revelation 13 also have no trial. Antichrist and the false prophet are the first to be cast into the Lake of Fire. They do not stand before Christ at the Bema or before God at the Great White Throne. Their fate is sealed before these judgments.

It is theologically reasonable, therefore, to believe that these two individuals are not fully human, rather likely are Nephilim–the result of a union between the seed of mankind and the seed of the fallen ones, the angels who rebelled, just as happened in the days of Noah.

Today we are witnessing the incubation of Antichrist and his future partner in crime in the sense of the world being prepared for their appearance upon the world stage.

All of this said, take heart. If you know Christ for salvation, you won’t be here to see them emerge from their incubation chamber –where ever they are spawned. Christ is about to say, “Come up hither!” (Revelation 4:1). Even so, come Lord Jesus.


Prophetic Rumblings 2018

The Devil at 4 O’Clock is a 1961 movie starring Frank Sinatra and Spencer Tracy. It involves three prisoners who are brought to an island in the South Pacific. The prisoners are to help evacuate a colony of children with leprosy from the island, which is on the verge of exploding because it is one enormous volcano.

The ground quakes constantly. Ominous rumbling in the background makes clear the urgency to evacuate. All on the island are doomed who are not removed in time.

This is one of my favorite movies. I have thought about it over the years, have even included it in writing these commentaries and in books. The analogy can’t be missed. Planet earth is a volcanic island in the vast sea of the cosmos. Rumblings that are increasing and the quaking that is being felt makes the diligent student of Bible prophecy from the Pre-Trib perspective know that things are winding up for human history’s final cataclysm.

While we enter the year 2018, prophetic rumblings are consistent. The ground, symbolically speaking, is quaking. Despite the time when all seems calm and the rumblings seem to have subsided, a true, eschatological seismologist knows what is happening.

The biblically prophetic sensors cannot lie. The planet is doomed. There is  need of an evacuation plan. There is one available, and we will look at that momentarily.

Getting back to the Pre-Trib prophetic sensors the student of eschatology possesses–the spiritual seismometer–I will look with you at three indicators I think it is good to watch as 2018 counts down.

First: Israel will come under greatly increased hatred. 

Second: The threat of war will ratchet up dramatically.

Third: National and Western world economies will appear to be booming.

There are, of course, many more foreshocks to be examined, but these are the ones I think are most obviously in view. Like in The Devil at 4 O’Clock, this is an island in the sea of the cosmos that is about to be devastated. We must help as many to evacuate as possible before history’s most horrific time of cataclysm erupts.

1) Israel will come under greatly increased hatred.

Jesus, in the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21, tells His disciples to expect greatly increased hatred while the time of His Second Advent nears. He indicates in these prophetic words that He, Jesus, is the reason they will be hated.

This has certainly been the case in modern history. The Nazis, for example, stirred hatred for the Jews by claiming them to be “Christ killers.” Jews in many parts of the world are still accused in this way.

Mostly, though, they are hated because they are accused of being “occupiers” of land that doesn’t belong to them. They are considered intruders in the land that belongs to the so-called Palestinians.

Anti-Semitism, of course, is Satan’s tool to bring the entire world’s ire against the nation that is God’s chosen people. The devil is more than just a word used in the title of the movie I mention. He, Lucifer, now Satan, is working diligently to bring about the destruction of the Jewish people–the nation Israel. And, it is the “Jewish problem,” as Adolf Hitler and his beastly cohorts put it, that must be dealt with in the eyes of much of the diplomatic world today.

We saw this as the year 2017 came to a close. The matter of the U.S. president calling for the move of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem brought squeals of outrage. These squeals came not only from the Arab Islamists, but from some of our supposed closest allies.

Although some nations now seem to be trying to climb back on the Trump bandwagon of support for Israel, the vast majority still is screaming hate-filled protests against the Jewish state and all it represents.

I believe this president has been brought forth at this point in history for the specific purpose of supplying American support to God’s chosen people. Far from this being a measure intended to bring peace, however, I think it is becoming obvious that the Lord is using American support to further enrage Israel’s blood-vowed enemies. Additionally, it is making manifest the anti-God, Antichrist global cabal that wants no deity to rule over them (Psalm 2).

The Lord of Heaven might just be stirring the end-times volcano, bringing it to an explosive head. All this might accomplish not only bringing into focus the Zechariah 12:1-3 prophecy, but the prophetic matter I wish to address next.

2) The threat of war will ratchet up dramatically.

We are, I believe, on the precipice of entering the time of the “cry for peace and safety” as given in the prophecy of Paul the apostle: For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape” (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

This forewarning was issued for those indicated by the pronoun “they.” Paul was speaking of those who are not under the salvation protection of Heaven.

Paul says right after the “peace and safety” foretelling: “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.” (1 Thes 5: 4-5)

The people of earth–particularly the diplomatic world–will be crying “peace and safety.” But, those who are in God’s family—the “we” Paul mentions, indicating the pronoun for believers, should know the cry for peace and safety doesn’t apply to them.

The believer in Jesus Christ for salvation is under God’s protection. The rebellious earth and all of its dangers are not for them.

As stated above, I believe we are on the precipice of great, collective fear of war–nuclear conflict–exploding across the globe. This comes partly from the North Korean threat, with it becoming more apparent that China is backing North Korea, rather than trying to damper the North Korean dictator’s reckless behavior.

The sense of looming world war could also come from threats from a growingly hostile and Israel-hating Iran. That whole cauldron of boiling rage might be about to overflow.

Again, this president might be a catalyst to galvanize the developing situations. He is not one to take the path of least resistance as has been the tact of his most recent predecessors.

And, yet again, it is this president who is at the center of the last thing I will mention as possibly bringing the year 2018 to a prophetic tipping point.

3) National and Western world economies will appear to be booming.

I wrote last week, and a number of times before in this column, that I’m convinced Christ’s “days of Noah, days of Lot” prophecy is the most relevant for our time. I believe we are entering the time Jesus spoke of as I pointed out last week. That prophecy is found in the Matthew 24:36-42 and Luke 17:26-30 accounts of the Olivet Discourse. (At least many, including myself, believe the Luke portion was issued during the Olivet Discourse.)

Jesus said business will be going along at a brisk pace when He is next “revealed”–when He next catastrophically intervenes into the corrupt, wicked affairs of mankind.

I believe we have about reached that point.

The economy is, I’m convinced, about to take off in a big way. Like him or not, this president–as mentioned in points 1 and 2 above–is at the heart of that economic boom I believe is coming. I more and more suspect the coming boom Jesus indicated would be in progress when He next intervenes catastrophically might be the one we see developing at this time.

The “boom,” as I’ve written previously, will be, in many ways, based upon smoke and mirrors because of computer manipulations. However, it is manifesting as a genuine uptick for America and much of the world. This is because of the world’s nations being intricately linked to the U.S. economic engine.

How does this all come together into prophetic synchronization? My own thought is that Israel must again become the focus of God’s course of prophetic fulfillment. He will again begin dealing with His chosen people and nation. To me, it is observably manifest that He is beginning to more directly influence matters in that regard.

Secondly, the “cry for peace and safety” is beginning in earnest. The U.N. and the Western diplomatic world in particular are calling for a damping-down of the possibility of nuclear conflict.

Israel, of course, is seen by these as the reason that such conflict might begin in the Middle East. Israel must give in to its enemies so peace can prevail. (And this is what will cause the Lord to bring all anti-God perpetrators to Armageddon–Joel 3:2.)

Again, Donald J. Trump doesn’t see things that way. He is fouling globalist plans to bring in the new world order they seek to construct.

Third, Jesus said it would be at “a time ye think not” when He next makes His presence known to the world. This is not the time of the Second Advent (Revelation 19:11), but the time when everything, economically speaking, seems to be humming along nicely.

We are hearing that hum even now as 2018 gets underway!

It is at such a time of business as usual–or even better than usual–when He will call those of us who Paul said are not “children of the night, but of the day” to be with Him in the clouds of glory. Let us work to see that as many as possible are evacuated from this satanically volcanic planet when the Rapture occur

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