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Electing God’s Way

We, as the American people, stand upon the precipice of a great chasm. The chasm is a dark abyss into which every major empire has leaped. The fallen nature of man since Eden’s catastrophe has reacted to the abyss like shards of scrap iron to a powerful magnet’s tug. The immense gravity created by societal and cultural corruption has been irresistible to avoid.

America’s collective fallen nature has become profoundly manifest since just before the 2016 presidential election. So profound, in fact, that observers of prophetic stage-setting for the final throes of cultural and societal decay wonder in amazement. How does the United States–certainly no longer “united”–manage to avoid falling off that precipice upon which we as a  societal order perch, apparently contemplating collective self-destruction?

The chasm, gateway to the abyss that pulls at our nation with greater strength each day, separates “we the people” from the other side, where is found God’s divine protection and peace. That great divide, the creation of our own sinfulness and made infinitely destructive by the prince of this world system, consists of political forces admittedly intent on changing America into an entity totally unlike that envisioned by the founding fathers–men who relied to a great extent on the God of Heaven for direction in the nation being brought to birth.

The Lord of Heaven directly intervened again in 2016. It was so obvious that the truly spiritually attuned member of God’s family couldn’t miss it. Others could only wonder in awe at what had happened–a total political neophyte descending, literally, a high-rise escalator to announce his intention to run. That candidate, now as president, continues to baffle the elite, political class with his achievements and accomplishments in America’s behalf. And, most of that cabal hate everything about him–and they demonstrate each and every day that they hate us who support him, by the way.

America is–it is apparent to me, at least–being held back from tumbling into that abyss where every major civilization has fallen. But, most who sense as I do that this is the case believe it to be only a temporary reprieve from falling victim to the beckoning leap into national destruction.

A quick scan of the American political landscape demonstrates, for those with spiritual senses activated, things shaping yet again that will require Heaven’s intervention–if we are to remain on the cusp of destruction rather than tumbling to our demise as a culture and society.

The lies against Judge Kavanaugh, in my opinion, blatantly shine prophetic light on Paul’s “perilous-times” indicator for the end of the age. Evil men and seducers have indeed grown and are growing worse and worse. The “perilous times” signal Paul calls “false accusers” is right in our faces–again, in my opinion.

The murder of babies in their mother’s wombs, even the leftist TV pundits admit, is at the heart of hatred for Judge Kavanaugh. They resist with such insane ravings and lies because they fear that Roe v Wade will be overturned. Thus will end their right to use abortion as the remedy for the unwanted consequences of  their unbridled lust for pleasure.

My prayer is that every Christian–and all others who read this commentary–will recognize the critical nature of the midterm election this November. It is absolutely essential that we as believers again go to the Lord as we did before the 2016 presidential election. We need to follow God’s prescription for invoking his intervention. That prescription, of course, in 2 Chronicles 7: 14.

I am persuaded beyond any doubt that Christians across America followed that Rx preceding the election of Donald J. Trump. The election was a miracle to us who asked that God provide that miracle. To those who went insane following that election, it was a tragedy of tragedies. Their losing candidate, if victorious, would surely have continued leading America into that abyss upon whose ledge we remain poised.

Instead of making the U.S. the socialist Utopia the Alinsky ideologist envisioned, their globalist blueprint and construction were put on hold.

Please know this. The midterm elections will require another miracle. We must–MUST–again invoke the Lord’s help. The abyss awaits and Satan and his minions–both demonic and human–stand ready, if they regain the controls necessary, to push the nation into that evil, destructive black hole from which there is no escape.

We are facing one of the most important elections in the history of our nation. The leftist forces, party-wise and media-wise, are insanely fixated upon grabbing power at any cost. There is now no tactic that is too egregious.

In one case with which you are by now familiar, the siblings of Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona’s 4th Congressional District were recruited into making an attack ad against their own brother. Satan and his minions have the entire nation suffering with ideological infection that is steeped in evil spirituality that is now emerging to the surface as it has  seldom done before.

If the Democrats win the House or Senate, they will bring the federal government to a standstill. There will be one impeachment hearing after another. With congressional committees under the control of the Democrat party, every one of Trump’s cabinet members could expect to be dragged before numerous witch-hunt hearings.

Political chaos in Washington, if the election was to go the way mentioned above, will likely lead to financial chaos on Wall Street.

As example: The 1973 Arab oil embargo only caused the Dow Jones to decline by 16 percent. The 1974 Watergate scandal, on the other hand, caused the Dow Jones to plunge by 26 percent. Fomenting chaos at the highest level of the U.S. government–the presidency–is obviously the proven strategy the devil and his minions intend to use as long as they are not in total control.

Absent God’s staying hand, in such a case as the change-America-at-any-cost  powers getting full control of the reins of government, the nation would almost certainly tumble into the abyss reserved for those who have turned their backs on Him.

It is our prayerful hope that God may intervene with yet another miracle in the November 6 election. Each of us who names the Name of Jesus Christ can do three things in this election process:

1) Pray for God’s intervention in the election in accordance with 2 Chronicles 7: 14.

2) Vote God’s way when you go into the booth (as the Holy Spirit Leads).

3) Urge others to be sure to vote and to vote for candidates who hold to godly and constitutional principles.

You and I as members of God’s family stand at a crucial juncture in American–and human–history. How we conduct our lives at this time is absolutely critical to carrying out God’s message to those who face certain, unbelievably horrendous futures if they aren’t forewarned.

Ezekiel the prophet tells under divine inspiration that the blood of people who don’t know  of God’s salvation will be upon the heads of believers (prophets) who know about things to come but fail to inform those who are lost.

We at Rapture Ready are determined to stand as watchmen on the wall in these times so near to Christ’s calling His Church to be with Him. We want to hear our Lord say, “Well done, good, faithful servant.”


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  2. hawk2017 says:

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  3. Dawn Street says:

    I have wept bitter tears over our nation. Donald Trump’s election was an answer to prayers and I continue to pray for him and for Mike Pence daily. I have been praying for Judge Kavanaugh and his family as well. I pray for the protection of these three men and for the strength, courage and persistence to perform the will of God. I pray they will be able to complete the purposes of God for their lives. I pray for protection for their families as well. I pray for the turning of hearts back to God, for conviction of sin and repentance for the liberal progressives/DemonRats who threaten our nation. And I pray for God to bless America again.

  4. Annie says:

    I would like to leave two additional comments — I believe a blogpost by a 19-year old plant in the house of God, one who is “fully grown up in his youth” is worthy of our consideration so that our prayers will not be hindered. For our adversary is quite aware that only a sanctified believer will be able to have God speak to him/her just WHAT to ask, and wil then be able to ask and receive the will of God in each and every situation. I personally am convinced that it is the prayers of the Holy Spirit that are what brings about the will of God in the earth. It is not our joining hand in hand with sinners to promote or provoke our own opinions, our own judgments. In order for all the will of God to come to pass as the Scriptures reveal to those who have an ear to hear and a heart to understand — this nation has eventually has to be brought down out of the power and influence that she has been so graced, so mercifully graced to have in God’s His-Story. We must now, like never before, acknowledge God in ALL our ways, and be sure that our ways are indeed His.

    There are two scriptures that clearly exhort God’s people to be of the heart and lifestlyle that He can bless, that He can then call us into His throneroom and reveal His plans to us, so that we are not overtaken with fear or taken by any surprise. For surely, He has said that we are not to be ignorant of the enemy’s devices and we are not to be a fearful people who have been chosen to live in such a time as this. Before we were ever born, God chose each of us IN CHRIST before the foundations of the word. We each died to our old man/woman IN CHRIST upon the cross. We died to sin THEN. We were raised in Christ when God raised Him from the dead, and we are NOW SEATED WITH HIM, In Christ Jesus, at the right hand of God. Where HE and WE are to everlive to make intercession, to pray in His Spirit for ALL the saints.

    We are on a precipice of falling into a grievous snare that will hinder us from the full blessing and protection of our Heavenly Father. We MUST be guarded over our spirits so that we do not think anything ABOUT anything of our own selves. So that we do not speak a word about ANYTHING that God does not give us either commandment or permission to speak. We must acknowledge Him in ALL OUR WAYS in order to have Him direct our paths. We MUST become slow to speak, slow to wrath and swift to hear. We must separate ourselves from every brother or sister who professes to know Him but whose works deny Him. We must be willing to reconcile with all with whom we know we are at odds with, pursuing peace, even if we are rejected in our every attempt. We cannot make someone else forgive us from their own hearts, but if we know our brother or sister, our husband or wife, our son or daughter, our pastor or congregation member has ought against US — it is time to run to the throne, get the grace to do what God requires of us and BE RECONCILED to God and to one another.

    It is time to live close to the Lord, closer than we have EVER been willing to draw….it is time to be sure we meet these two passages’ wisdom daily:

    Ps. 24:3-6
    Ps. 15:1-5

    And it is most imperative of us that we be instant to pray, instant to confess our faults one to another and PRAY one for another, and instant to put our hands over our mouths rather than vent anger, or what some of us may perceive as righteous indignation. Remember that ANGER is one step away from DANGER. Moses lost entering into the land promised to him, the land he had labored to bring all those Israelites through the waters, through the deserts, an 11 day journey that took 40 years — and then, only TWO — Caleb and Joshua — were of a totally different spirit and were deemed worthy to enter the Land.

    Brethren, we are at this same place in our wanderings, in our journeys. We must not become provoked with one another, we must be long-spirited, speaking the truth in love, confessing our faults, going alongside a brother or sister who is overtaken in a fault — WE MUST grow up so that we are ready to GO UP!

    Here below is an timely word shared by a close friend’s 19-year old son on his blog last week: https://nathanielhendry.weebly.com/blog/category/power-of-words

    And here is something that is quite alarming and should SOUND THE ALARM to us to get us prepared for the days ahead so that we will not be overtaken with sudden fear, and so that we are wise and serpents and meek as doves, not being swallowed up by the devourer who has set himself upon provokings God’s people to sin with our spirits and our tongues, and be unable to have the Spirit of God pray the WILL of GOD through us. It is time to be on guard on every side, but filled with singing and rejoicing as we are the temples of the Holy Spirit and He inhabits the PRAISES, not the murmurs and complaints, of His people.


    Terry, should you decide to publish all of this, I am simply committing it to you to judge as God tries your heart, and give you license and liberty to do with these words whatever God may give you to publish. I love you in the Lord and so appreciate that we yet have time to speak the truth, to publish the truth through such a means as this….and Father God — may GREAT indeed be the company that publishes it! In Jesus’ Name

  5. Ed Wood says:

    That America (or what is left of it after the Rapture) and the rest of the planet will one day fall under the demonic government of the Antichrist is, I believe, inevitable, according to the Bible. That being said, I absolutely agree with Terry, that what we have had since the election of Donald Trump is a temporary “hold” on what must ultimately occur.

    I believe that the results of the upcoming election will tell us whether this holding pattern gets an extension – if the Republicans maintain their control of both houses of Congress – or that it is over, if they do not. Factor into the mix is whether Trump’s enemies manage to force him out of office before his term is out. If they do, I think this also would mark the end to the reprieve we are now experiencing.

    This scenario becomes virtually certain if the Democrats do come back to power. Don’t be surprised to see impeachment proceedings initiated along with a return to their liberal policies that have already done so much to turn America toward more and more immorality and division.

    If this does happen, I believe that it will be a big sign that our redemption is very, very near.

  6. mary says:

    I am with you all the way brother, I have told many people after the election of President Trump, Our Father in heaven has given us reprieve, if it were not for that man, we would have been plunged into a hell we could not recover from. Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ, I tell you brother, I was worried, I have been praying for many here in the US! I pray our Lord opens the eyes of the blind. There are many now turning to see what’s really going on, Amen! I pray the Republicans remain in control of the house, it is a disgrace what has happened to Brett Kavanaugh, I’m so saddened for his wife and kids, they have been dragged through the mud.
    I pray for him and his family!
    What is truly sad to me, is how all these people are lying, thinking there will be no repercussion for those slanderous words. I pray for them as well, that they turn from satan, he so has them fooled.
    I pray for our country that the Lord open the eyes of the blind so they may see our beautiful Lord and Father in Heaven! We must keep praying for all these people, and especially for those of the Faith in Christ!
    Amen brothers and sisters!

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