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Rapture Resistance Ramping Up

The past number of weeks has brought a ramping up of vitriol against the doctrine of the pre-Trib Rapture to my inbox. The assault seems spearheaded by one blog thrust in particular. I receive as many as three long diatribes from this source in a single day. The accusation is that those who believe in the pre-Trib Rapture are part of what this blog entity calls the Rapture Cult.

A number of emails pour in from various individuals who, close examination uncovers, are likely in cahoots with the blog-entity initiating this latest strategy against pre-Trib Rapture teaching. These emails, without exception, use the “Margaret McDonald” accusatory proclamation. They claim that we who believe the Bible presents a pre-Trib Rapture have been taken in by the hellish vision of the nineteenth century false prophetess who is said to have also caused John Darby to fall for the lie of a pre-Trib Rapture. C. I. Scofield, the DeHaans, and the rest of us have joined and perpetuated this ” Rapture cult.”

The anti-pre-Trib blog writer points an anger-tinged condemnation of the ancient writings such as that of one called Pseudo-Ephraem. This writer from antiquity has been studied by prophecy scholars such as Grant Jeffrey and others in order to find extra-biblical validation that the pre-Trib view of Rapture was held by the early church fathers and by the early church in general.

The blogger insinuates that the very use of the title “pseudo” indicates this is a false teacher. The “genuine” Ephraem, he writes, apparently lived in the fourth century, while the “pseudo” lived in as late as the seventh. Yet he confuses his attempt to make his case by using both Ephraems to claim that they both, in the final analysis, write a firm denial of the pre-Trib Rapture.

The blogger writes of both Ephraems: “Both said the only thing ‘remaining’ is the arrival of Antichrist”–i.e., they both believed, according to him, that the Antichrist coming to power is the next prophetic event to take place. No Rapture is in view.

Grant Jeffrey plainly refutes that claim through his research. Jeffrey wrote the following in a chapter for one of my books:

  1. Ephraem’s manuscript lays out the events of the last days in chronological sequence. Significantly, he began with the Rapture, using the word “imminent,” then he described the Great Tribulation of three and a half years duration under the Antichrist’s tyranny, followed by the second coming of Christ to earth with His saints to defeat the Antichrist.
  2. Significantly, at the beginning of his treatise in section 2, Ephraem used the word “imminent” to describe the Rapture occurring before the Tribulation and the coming of the Antichrist. “We ought to understand thoroughly therefore, my brothers which is imminent or overhanging.”
  3. He clearly described the pre-Tribulation Rapture: “Because all saints and the Elect of the Lord are gathered together before the tribulation which is about to come and are taken to the Lord, in order that they may not see at any time the confusion which overwhelms the world because of our sins.”–Grant Jeffrey, “Rapture, Three Fascinating Discoveries”

The writers of those earlier times used the term “pseudo” as merely a literary device in order to not have their names made public for one reason or the other. The same devices are used today in modern literature, of course. And, there are other factors involved in why such pseudonym devices were employed, but that’s not relevant here.

The point is that very meticulous scholarship examining the writers of that ancient period has proven beyond doubt–to me and many others who study Bible prophecy–that there were many students of God’s Word amongst the early believers who held to a pre-Tribulation Rapture of the church.

Yet the blogger calls the writings by Ephraem the Syrian (A.D. 306 to 373) “false witness” and refers to the writer as a “forger.” This he does without actual proof of his charge, but with high-sounding, pseudo-scholarly phraseology, in my opinion.

The danger in all this is that these assaults on the Rapture deflect the study of many of the true children of God who have a desire to look into Bible prophecy these days. Believe me, these seem to constitute a group that is diminishing in number.

The bloggers that are virulently against the truth about the pre-Trib Rapture brought to us by Paul the apostle in his letters to the Thessalonians and the Corinthians, and indeed by Jesus Himself as given in John 14:1-3, send their seemingly well-studied dogma in mass mailings on an ever-increasing basis. People are all too quick to take the sophistry thus delivered, usually unsolicited, as factual. Like those who get their news from cyberspace venues who twist truth that is not news at all, but fable, those marginally interested in Bible prophecy often take the lazy way and choose the blog presentations from the purveyors of anti-pre-Trib Rapture propaganda.

This is a primary reason I wrote my book, Rapture Ready…Or Not: 15 Reasons This Is the Generation That will Be Left Behind. My prayerful desire was and continues to be to get the book into the hands of as many as possible in order to counter such satanically spawned attacks. My special prayer is that we get the book to as many pastors and teachers within churches that are still of the Philadelphian rather than of the Laodicean sort.

My thanks to all who have seen to it that your pastors and teachers now have this book in their possession. For those who haven’t yet seen to it that these ministers of your acquaintance have copies, I ask that you consider providing each a copy.

Time looks to be running out in this Age of Grace. Pray, if you will, that these will begin using their pulpits and teaching opportunities to deliver truth about Christ’s imminent coming for all believers. As chapter 1 of Rapture Ready…Or Not puts it: “The end isn’t near, it’s here.”


  1. Kent Bickford says:

    Sounds like the blogger was getting his/her talking points right from Rick Wiles of trunews.

    • Stan Bagg says:

      Keen observation, Kent. I tend to agree.
      Trunews has unfortunately also fallen into a very strong anti-Semitism bias, to the point they are now making bold unsubstantiated negative statements against Israel. It’s a shame because they no longer report truth, instead they provide ‘opinion’ as a poor substitute.

  2. Bill Billings says:

    Terry: Why do so many prophecy teachers refer to John 14:1-3 as rapture verses? The rapture was part of the “mystery” revealed to Paul by Jesus years later. The Jews were looking for an earthly kingdom and a king to lead it. Jesus will give them their earthly kingdom for a 1000 years when he returns at his second coming. That is what John 14:1-3 is referring to?

    • Terry James says:

      A very good question.

      I know Les Feldick’s opinion of this passage –and those of seminaries—that this passage refers to time before Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. Therefore, they believe, Jesus could not have been referring to the rapture, but simply His return for them at their deaths or in other ways.

      I think Les is one of the great teachers and respect some colleagues who believe this, but I disagree very much.

      Jesus was here referring to the rapture, not to simply coming for Christians or believers at death.

      This foretelling Jesus gave is the “mystery” which the Apostle Paul later revealed in his 2 Corinthians chapter 15 and 1 Thessalonians chapter 4 prophecies –the “twinkling of an eye” moment yet future when Christ calls the Church to Himself (Rev 4: 1).

      Note that the scripture goes on to describe the fact that the disciples hadn’t a clue of what was entailed in Jesus’ words. They began asking what does He mean that He will go away? It was a mystery to them. But Paul clarifies when he says “Behold I show you a mystery…”

    • Rapture verses revelation 12:5, John 14;1-10, 1 Thessalonians 4, 1 Corinthians 15. The pretrib verse is revelation 3;10 Jesus said ( I’ll keep you from the hour of temptation or trial or testing in different versions that shall come upon the whole world to try then that dwell on the earth.
      The word( from )in that sentence JESUS ( yeshua) spoke is ( ek) in Greek translation. Ek means ( out of or from) many Christian’s don’t look at the actual Greek translation where our Bibles are from and Hebrew. Though they need to as jack van impe best proohesy teacher alive has shown that many times. Jesus said I’ll keep you ( out of, from/ek) the hour of temptation ( judgement/tribulation of 7 years) that shall come upon the whole world to try them ( them- unbelievers) that dwell on the earth.

  3. Ann Gooch says:

    Last year the pastor of the church I am a member of since 1979 stated that he had come to believe that the church would not be raptured until just prior to the wrath of God being poured out, which would not occur until somewhere near the middle of the tribulation. I was shocked but God was not. He immediately comforted me with His Word: “That good thing that has been committed to you, keep by the Holy Ghost who dwells in you.” The years of past study and comfort of the Holy Spirit gave me a foundation. If there is anything that I am seeing today — it is the vitriolic attack against this blessed hope given to those who are willing to be simple as a little child …. for indeed, our redemption draws night and I personally believe Jesus is standing at the door, about to open heaven to receive us as He comes to fulfill His covenant to us in John 14. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. We so want to go home.

  4. Charles Ford says:

    There is a great correlation between people that are following the real Jesus and have entered the kingdom of God and those who have not. One of the manifestations of this division is how they look upon God’s word. The people who are attacking the pre-trib view of God’s word are basically trying to take God’s word and subordinate it. People who do that are going to be left after the Rapture.

    • terrihoop says:

      I agree with you. Seems so obvious to me BUT the enemy is ramping up his endgame since he knows his freedom is coming to a close.

  5. hawk2017 says:


    • Christy Benoist says:

      Dearest of brothers in Jesus..Terry, As usual I so appreciate this article. I just want to inject my take..that although it is not a salvation issue..ie the pretrib (correct) 😉 view, it IS a VERY comforting & highly motivating view. So as I see it, those who are so obsessed with obsessively attacking believers over it may very well not be true Spirit filled believers in our Blessed Saviour. Why do I think this may be the case? Well I remember an awesome Pastor once taught that you can tell a sheep from a wolf in sheep’s clothing by what they eat…sheep don’t eat other sheep. May the Dear Lord Jesus RICHLY bless you. In Jesus, Christy..Maranatha

  6. Lambert Dolphin says:

    Jesus will Return on His own schedule whether anyone likes it or not! We are house guests in His universe. The Owner will be evicting the evildoers who refuse to acknowledge who Jesus is. Meantime we can be the prospective bride of Christ cleaning up our act and getting ready for the marriage feast!
    Hang in there fellow pilgrim.

  7. C. E. \CURLY\ BREHM says:



  8. Emily Larson says:

    Why do you believe in pretrib, I agree but a friend thinks midtrib

  9. Stanley Mathai says:

    Thanks Sir “TY”
    Thanks To The Late Grant Jeffrey

    Question Sir,
    Can the diminishing number of believers in the pre-tribulation rapture be considered as the falling away from the faith ?

    • Terry James says:

      The “diminishing number of believers” you mention is a questionable supposition because we must ask “diminishing in relationship to what other number?” I.e., there greatly increasing populations today over a decade ago, for example. Do you mean to suggest that there are fewer believers percentage wise now as compared to then?

      But, that really is a side issue, I think, to what you are asking.

      The “believer” is one who has accepted God’s Grace offer of Redemption through the shed blood of Christ in His Sacrifice through His death, burial and Resurrection (Romans 10: 9-10). The “apostasy” or “falling away” of 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 is a matter of having claimed faith in God’s Redemptive Plan, but then departed or defected from that belief system.

      Non-acceptance of the PreTrib Rapture isn’t necessarily a denial of personal belief in God’s Redemption Plan for the individual’s Salvation. This is simply an erroneous view of eschatology (end things,) in my view. Therefore, the refusal to accept the PreTrib Rapture view is not part of the apostasy (falling away) prophesied by Paul.

      However, there is obviously a lessening of adherence to Truth found in God’s Word. This is an indicator that the departure from the faith is well underway in general.

      • Stanley Mathai says:

        Thanks Sir,
        I asked because i have seen videos who calls the pre-trib believers as “cult”, “fearful”, “not prepared to face the tribulation” etc..
        From India

  10. michaelwilson777 says:

    The post trib delusionals never cease with the
    attacks on the scriptural truths of the pre trib
    rapture. How can the church be kept from the
    hour of temptation that shall come upon the
    whole world, the tribulation, yet go through it?
    Rev 3:10. How can the church not be appointed
    to wrath, the tribulation, and yet go through it?
    1Thess 5:9-10. The church can not, because
    plainly stated in 1 Thess 4:15-17 the Lord shall
    descend from heaven with a shout, the trumpet
    of God. The dead in Christ shall rise first, then
    those who are alive to meet Jesus in the air, and
    so shall ever be with the Lord. This event, is the
    pre trib rapture of the church that removes the
    church from the earth, prior to the tribulation,
    just like Jesus promised.
    Titus 2:13 (KJV)
    13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious
    appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus

  11. Stanley Mathai says:

    Thanks Sir,
    I asked because i have seen videos who calls the pre-trib believers as “cult”, “fearful”, “not prepared to face the tribulation” etc..
    From India

  12. Ed Wood says:

    I’ve said it before but I think it bears repeating. I truly believe the reason the reason that the Rapture Doctrine is getting heat – and you personally, Terry for being one of its most articulate advocates, is that Satan will do whatever he can to stop someone who is preaching the truth. Seems to me that the more WRONG someone is, the louder they proclaim their error!! But, loud doesn’t make them right – just loud!

    Now it’s pretty clear that lies get a lot more traction down here on Planet Earth than the truth and as the days pass it will increasingly be the case. In fact, post Rapture, the deception will become so intense that most of the populace left behind will welcome the “man of sin” with open arms. What we are seeing right now is merely a foretaste of what is to come.

    Speaking of deception, it was disheartening to personally watch the “doctrines of devils” get a foothold and, with surprising rapidity, consume the Episcopal Church.

    I saw two basic reasons for this:

    1) Scriptural Illiteracy.

    2) Lukewarm parishioners who knew what was being preached was wrong but lacked the backbone to oppose it.

    I’m pretty sure this has been the case in a lot of the Protestant denominations and, in my view, they have become a modern-day Laodicean church – just as described would be the case in in Revelation 3.

    So, I know you’ll carry on, Terry, presenting the truth, despite the naysayers.
    What I’d like you to remember is that you are NOT alone because there are a great multitude of us out here supporting you.

    God bless!

  13. mary hernandez says:

    I know I pray for all of them all the time Pastor, for more to preach the good news and leaving this crazy world behind. As for me I’m looking up waiting for the drawing near of my redemption!! Hallelujah!!!!

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