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Suddenly – In the Twinkling of An Eye! By Jan Markell

“For you yourselves know that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. While they are saying, ‘Peace and safety!’, then sudden destruction will come upon them like labor pains upon a women with child, and they will not escape.” I Thessalonians 5:2-3


Last days’ events happen quickly. Even suddenly. The word “quickly” (Greek word: tachos) is used eight times in Revelation. Think of an automobile tachometer which measures the working speed of an engine typically in revolutions per minute. And it revs up.

We often see sudden destruction falling upon the wicked in the Bible. The unrepentant living during Noah’s time, experienced a sudden and catastrophic flood (Gen. 6-9). They had 120 years to repent as Noah preached to them, but they chose to ignore him and judgment suddenly fell (Gen. 6:3-7).

Have you noticed that in 2020, everything has happened suddenly?

  • Our fairly ordinary world suddenly vanished.
  • Stores sold out
  • Fear gripped America—and the world—suddenly
  • People were ordered tosuddenly totally change their lifestyles.
  • People lost businesses of a lifetime
  • A U.S. President went from popular to “the cause of it all”
  • Reality became surreal suddenly.
  • Cities turned into ghost towns
  • Mankind became lovers of self, treacherous, and without self-control
  • Cries for global government transpired suddenly,as only a one-world system could slow down the wreckage.
  • Virtual became the new way of doing all things
  • The U.S. economy went from best ever to horrible suddenly.
  • Church went from essential to irrelevant in the eyes of the world
  • Hollywood suddenlystopped making sick movies as theaters suddenly
  • Order turned to chaos suddenlywith racial tension.
  • That tension suddenly turnedto lawlessness.
  • Lawlessness turned to anarchy
  • The cry for police protection suddenly turnedto “abolish the police.”
  • Common sense simply turned suddenly to strong delusion.

Is there a message in all of this? Something else will happen suddenly—the Rapture of the Church. It will take place in the twinkling of an eye . That is so fast it can hardly even be measured.

When God begins to move, He doesn’t waste a moment. But He does take time to warn before He judges. And He seems to be telling us that things are going to change for Eternity suddenly via the Rapture of the Church.


  1. Praise our God in Glory.

  2. Pamela Elliott says:

    THANK YOU JESUS🙏🏻 I am waiting for that “Suddenly” to happen very soon. We will be changed in a “twinkling” of an eye and we will be pain free, no more sadness, no more tears. Soaring upward to be with King Jesus and live with Him forever. What A Day That Will Be When My Jesus I Shall See!!! I honestly feel we are sooo close to being Raptured. COME LORD JESUS COME🙏🏻

  3. Ed Wood says:

    Wonderful observation, wonderful article!

    I’m old enough to remember the assassination of JFK, and, of course, 9-11. These were two dramatic instances which changed not only the United State, but the world as well.

    At first, both took on a surreal nature, a complete sense of unreality. Only in the days that followed did those awful things really sink in. All the things you mentioned above, Jan, have an identical nature.

    My mind is still trying to process it all, not only the enormity of the vents of 2020 but the the incredible speed at which the are occurring.

    I wonder if Noah and his family really could grasp in those first days as the waters rose and lifted the Ark off the earth’s surface that their entire world, bad as it was, was just . . . gone!

    Pretty soon, that’s just what we’ll be – gone. I wonder if at first we’ll have trouble believing that we are really in God’s Presence at last in a magnificent place which human language could never fully describe and that we’re finally . . . HOME!

  4. Chris says:

    Ed, a far greater man passed away the day JFK died…C.S. Lewis.

    • Ed Wood says:

      Very good point, Chris. I was unaware of that.

      However, as we have seen, the world was certainly more affected by the former. Matter of fact, I don’t believe America really ever recovered from it.

      By the way, earlier in that same year, the Supreme Court tossed God out of our schools. I do not think it is a far reach to consider that when that happened, God’s protective hand began to retreat, opening the door to the assassination of our president, the turbulence of the 60’s, and finally the kind of America – and world – we now have.

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