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Spiritual Warfare in the Last Days – Interview with Phillip Goodman and Terry James – Part Three

Certainly, we are now in an intense time of SPIRITUAL WARFARE, not only in America, but worldwide. God has not left us empty handed. This YOU-TUBE series not only describes what Spiritual Warfare is all about, but will show the Biblical Armor God has provided for us to fight this wicked war.

These programs were made at an earlier time, so some references and interviews are “dated.” But the substance of these programs is so laser-focused on the Bible, that the messages themselves are never “dated”. Why? Because the Bible is never “dated.”

Actually, these programs are more “updated” than they were at the time they were made. Again, why? Because these Bible-prophecy messages are closer to the time of their fulfillment than they were when they were made.

So please keep that in mind and enjoy the blessing of God’s Word, “for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.” (Romans 13:11)

Spiritual Warfare in the Last Day – part 3


  1. Fascinating! It reveals to me that there is so much more that I need to learn and discern! God bless you Terry! Come, Lord Jesus, come!

  2. Ed Wood says:

    Very interesting interview. The UFO connection to the return of the Jews to Israel, nuclear tests was something I never considered before. It makes me wonder if the days immediately before the Flood experienced exactly the same thing. These “bene elohim” may have crossed over into our reality by such means. It would explain how their DNA could physically contaminate human DNA, which I don’t think a purely spiritual possession could do.

    There certainly is plenty to think about here. thanks for posting this, Terry.

  3. Thank you. God’s Word never changes.

  4. Lisa K says:

    Thank you for sharing this message Terry. I have been listening to another pastor talk on sons of God and here are his feelings starting at the 11:30 mark of his message. I would be interested in your comments.


    • Terry James says:

      Dr. McGee is one of my favorite teachers. but in the matter of the “sons of God” in Genesis, here, I disagree totally with him. In my view there can be almost no doubt whatsoever that these are fallen angels.

      • Lisa K says:

        Today I listened to a message on Gen 6:1-3 from Andy Woods. He went into greater detail on his belief on sons of God being fallen angels. His message was very good.

  5. I agree with Lisa K, Andy Woods message was spot-on. He is a very deep and intense expositor. I love to listen and learn at his ministry. I also love to learn from Terry, the guests from Jan Markell, Christ In Prophecy, and Oh, so many others! The true teachings of the bible CAN be found, the Holy Spirit directs us and gives us wisdom. Thanks for all you do Terry, you are a tremendous blessing to the remnant believers. God bless you.

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