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Golden Cup or Cankering Cesspool?

Disturbing statistics about the nation I love bring again to mind the question: Why is America not mentioned in Bible prophecy?

It is the apex nation of history so far as concerns achieving material wealth and moving forward technology that defines the term “modernity.” America has been, as we’ve noticed on many occasions, among history’s most spiritually blessed and God-centered nation-states. Of course, we’re quick to recognize and state the obvious. That seems now a thing—for recent generations, at least—of the distant past.

Every day and in most every way it can be said that the US as currently constituted has turned our back on God and most things of the Heaven-directed sort. We watch on an hourly news-cycle basis while the political power wielders who committed electoral larceny work incessantly at trying to take apart this nation one constitutional safeguard after another. And they do so without seemingly significant push-back from all but a very few.

Sadly, it appears that a majority of we the people, rather than oppose things going on to destroy this once-great republic, just fall in line like proverbial lemmings. Evidence of this acquiescence is the very large number of people who accept an almost totally unproven and non-FDA approved vaccine. With government-engineered, fear-engendered COVID-19 at the center of the coercion, they are willing to give in to government directives to comply, if they want to be able to be American citizens in the same sense as before the so-called pandemic. Only, there is little chance of that ever being allowed to happen. Implied in this government demand that all be vaccinated with an unproven injection is that a vaccine passport is forthcoming. All will have to have it—or else stay sequestered within the confines of one’s home, I presume.

I don’t intend by this rant to advise in any way that one should or should not take the vaccine. That is a personal decision (at this point at least.) I’m more than implying, however, that I object strenuously to government, by proxy, forcing us to be jabbed, as it is termed by some.

I say “by proxy” because the politicians, very wise in their end-times deceit and treachery, are in league with big-business interests. They will, no doubt, let the business entities take the blame for requiring the vaccine passports that are undoubtedly on the way.

This is to say that in the near future you might not be allowed to go to Walmart or any other place to shop, or ride in public conveyance without your papers—yes, much like Nazi Germany began the Reign of Terror during der Führer’s rise to dictatorship.

The papers of vaccination are the new normal the powers that be want us to accept. And this while Dr. Anthony Fauci says we need to keep the masks on in public and avoid gathering.

All this, in my view of Bible prophecy, demonstrates the terrible effects of turning one’s back on God, which we mentioned at the beginning.

Is America the Babylon of Revelation 18? This is a query we’ve been over many times here, and others have explored on many occasions in Bible prophecy studies. I’ve indicated that I believe there are parallels that are hard to dismiss between that doomed, future city-state that will be destroyed in one hour and our beloved America. Time factors show, in my view, that it would be hard for another all-dominating empire-type state such as America has been to develop in the area of ancient Babylon—if Christ’s return is close.

I don’t hold that America and the prophesied Babylon are one and the same. I simply weasel out by saying it looks to me like there is a possibility that they are.

And when I see the description in Revelation chapter 18—“has been a golden cup in God’s hand”—I think of this Heaven-blessed nation.

As stated many times, we have spread the Gospel—carried out the Great Commission—as no other nation to ever exist. We have been blessed with the technology and travel capability to do so.

America has blessed God’s chosen nation Israel as no other nation has blessed that people. The US was instrumental in bringing about Israel’s rebirth in 1948 and has stood as a sort of big brother to protect the Jewish state since.

This blessing of Israel, too, is now on the dangerous side of down-trending with the Biden administration and a seeming increasing hostility toward Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jewish state.

The “golden cup” nation called America, it seems, is now cankering—rusting and deteriorating by the day. As a matter of fact, it has become rather a cesspool of Sodom-like activity in a significant way.

The following somewhat frames this truth.

There are a lot of things that we want America to be great at, but spreading sexually-transmitted diseases is not one of them.

And the numbers tell us that cases have been rising at a particularly frightening pace since 2015…

For 2019, health departments across the U.S. reported 1.8 million cases of Chlamydia, an almost 20% increase since 2015; 616,392 cases of gonorrhea, more than 50% higher than 2015, and 129,813 cases of all stages of syphilis, a whopping 70% increase, the CDC said.

So why is this happening?

Well, an NPR article on this subject is pointing out that dating apps have made finding casual sex easier than ordering a pizza…

There are many factors that contribute to the rise of STDs, and syphilis in particular.

In the gay community in San Francisco, for example, the rise of mobile dating apps like Grindr and Tinder made finding a date “faster than getting pizza delivered to your home,” says Dan Wohlfeiler, an STD prevention specialist and co-founder of Building Healthy Online Communities, which uses these apps to improve gay men’s health.

These dating apps are particularly popular among young people and in the gay community, and this is clearly showing up in the case numbers…

Additionally, gay and bisexual men and younger people also faced an increased burden. According to the report, gay and bisexual men made up nearly half of all 2019 primary and secondary syphilis cases and had gonorrhea rates that were 42 times higher than heterosexual men in some areas, whereas people aged 15 to 24 years accounted for 61% of chlamydia cases and 42% of gonorrhea cases.

It is important to keep in mind that chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are just three pieces of a much larger puzzle.

According to the CDC, there are dozens of STDs currently spreading in the United States.  Approximately 20 million new STD infections occur in the U.S. every single year, and at any moment in time approximately 110 million Americans are dealing with a sexually-transmitted disease. (“We’re #1”: Yet Another Ignominious All-Time Record High Is Established In The Late, Great United States,” by Tyler Durden (article by Michael Snyder), ZeroHedge, April 15, 2021)

America, in significant, wicked ways, has now become like the sexually debauched days of Sodom of Lot’s day. There seems no turning back, although we should pray and work toward that changed trajectory.

This all means that Jesus, and His time for stepping out on the clouds of Glory to call His Church to be with Him, might be even at the door of Heaven. We who are called by His Holy Name can take comfort from His own Words. We can take comfort because all we are seeing might mean that things are now like they were in Lot’s day when God intervened. The next Intervention, I believe Jesus is saying, will be the Rapture!

Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed. (Luke 17:28–29)


  1. Ed Wood says:

    A black hole in space has something called an event horizon surrounding it. It is the point where the escape velocity equals the speed of light. Beneath that point, nothing can escape because nothing can exceed light velocity.

    Based on the daily news, America and many other nations have now crossed the “Event horizon of Evil” from which there is no escape.

    Believers, however, certainly do have an escape and the probability is that it will be very soon.

    Keep looking up!

    • jpscanga says:

      I think you may be right, Ed – good analogy.
      I pray for revival, but I confess that I only pray half-heartedly knowing that apostasy is much more likely and was rapidly accelerated by this exaggerated Covid-19 pandemic.

      I can only wonder how long we have left. I am thinking I should start leaving messages behind, or tracts, on how to be saved, how to repent and become right with God. Those left behind are in for a worse time than anyone who has since lived. Even those who perished in the great flood had it better.

    • Ed Wood says:

      Thanks, J.P.

      You know, as far as leaving messages behind, by our witness right here on Terry’s site, I think we are reaching a wide audience right now. At the Rapture Ready site that Terry runs with Todd Strandberg, I believe they have seen to it as much as possible that it will still exist post-Rapture. I believe that Terry would also see to it that this site also would survive as a resource to those who are left behind and looking for answers.

      We can also take comfort in that the truth will be proclaimed by the Two Witnesses (Rev. 11:3-5) and an angel (Rev. 14:6-7). Even in those awful times, God will still give people a chance to change their minds and be saved.

      Like you, I don’t think there’s a lot of time left, based on the acceleration of the world’s descent into darkness and also on what Jesus said about the Tribulation:

      Matthew {24:21} For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. {24:22} And
      except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

      Though these times are in no way as bad as what will come then, I think the same principle applies. I believe that once the last person on Earth in this pre-Trib age comes to believe, there will be no further reason for us to be around as witnesses to the Word and the Rapture will take place at that point.

      I also agree with your take on those lost in the Flood – for them there was no seven-year Tribulation period. But, then again, look where their souls were headed and where their final destination will be after the White Throne judgment!

      • Collins says:

        The last person you mentioned above coming to believe and then Christ comes. I think the last person referred too is actually the Noah of this time and the lot of this time. He’s the same person referred too in Isaiah that I will call my servant from the end of the world in a dry land. He will be given a new name and will be made precious than fine gold. (When Christ arrives) he’s going through hard times at the moment just like revelation describe with birth pangs and as soon as the child is delivered, he was caught up to be with the lord. The child is a representation of the church and the bride. As soon as this child is refined like gold through pains and as soon as he turns 40 years old, the time will come. Christ is coming to save him and then take the church with him. This is a mystery of God. Anyone that believe in Christ should therefore get hold of their faith become the time of the Gentiles fulfilled(end time for devil)

        God bless

      • Ed Wood says:

        Very interesting observations, Collins. What you suggest could very well be. That person would be the last true church member to join up.

        Who knows, perhaps that modern-day equivalent of Lot and Noah is already 39 years, 11 months, and 30 days old.

  2. Collins says:

    At the time of rapture, the power of heaven shall be shaken and everything on earth shall be moved due to a crash that will bring about total darkness to everything on earth including electricity and all power grid. Only source of light will be the glory of God, Christ and holy Angels. Whatever materials left for sinners will be sourced out and destroyed because the devil is coming with vengeance and anger knowing his time is short and also, God at this point want the world to suffer. Remember all evil and good proceed from God and mysterious things belong to God. Just to add to your post about black hole Ed wood. The whole reason the world government are worried just as Jesus mentioned that fear will overcome the mind of the rulers of this world when he’s on the way is because their mind is perplexed with fear with what is going on in heaven above us. The science world is scared. Has any of you wonder how many of previous NASA member are dying? Including famous people? Jesus said the stars will be falling! Don’t we call this famous people stars? When they die, we say falling stars. The time is short. If you call on the name of God, now is the time to ask for God to give you the grace to be able to stand before him.

    God bless.

    • Ed Wood says:

      Hi Collins.

      I know a lot of the old Apollo people are gone now due to their advanced ages.

      Here is a thought that occurred to me about 10 years ago regarding our space program. Back in the late 1950’s spurred to action by the launch of the Russian Sputnik, our space efforts grew by leaps and bounds. In less than ten years, we advanced from Alan Shepard’s 15 minute suborbital flight to circumnavigating and then landing on the moon. Had that momentum been maintained, I have no doubt we would have had self-sufficient outpost on the moon at least by now. Maybe even on Mars.

      What happened instead is that America’s manned space program was allow to languish and low Earth orbit is the best any nation can do now – and the U.S. has only recently sent up astronauts from its own soil in Elon Musk’s space vehicles. Our only space outpost, the ISS, is totally dependent on Earth support.

      It occurs to me that the Bible not only doesn’t mention humans being established off-world, but certainly implies that they won’t be when the Last Days play out down here. I expect that as the situation deteriorates, not even the space station program will be able to continue. In other words, no one who is left behind after the Rapture will be able to escape the Tribulation by seeking a safe harbor in space to ride things out.

      Since there are now efforts to rekindle human deep space missions, I believe the Rapture and Tribulation must come before we do get such a capability and that suggests these events must come sooner rather than later.

      Science is only a useful tool but not the answer to the human race’s many problems.

      Only Jesus is.

      • jpscanga says:

        That brings up another thought I had, Ed. I wonder what a Space Program will look like under the Millennial reign of Christ. One would think that such a program, unfettered by wars, disease, poverty, and short lifespans, would flourish to the extent that in 1000 years it is conceivable that we might even explore the nearest Star System, Proxima Centauri. Then again – life during the millennium might just be so wonderful that no one will have the desire to cram themselves into a tin can for months in space, LOL!

      • Ed Wood says:

        You know what, JP? I’ve thought about that myself. If Earth is the only place in the universe where sentient life appeared, and, so far, that’s how it looks, then what is the purpose of the other billions and billions of stars contained in the billions of galaxies that exist. I mean, all you needed was one star and one planet at the right distance from it with enough mass to hold an atmosphere of enough density and the correct composition for humans to live on.

        I like science, but I also realize that its limits. It can tell you how a lot of the physical laws work but not why they are the way that they are. It can take us back to milliseconds before the Big Bang (yes, I’m an “old universe” guy), but not to anytime before that. It can’t answer the question of what is the purpose of anything. This is where the Bible comes in because it shows that the universe had a designer and builder (interesting how Jesus was a carpenter, isn’t it?), and that there was also an origin and ultimate purpose and direction for humans as individuals and as a species – and for the universe itself.

        I think that during the Millennium, both immortals and mortals might explore far beyond Earth using methods that we only see in science fiction today. We have a clue regarding instantaneous transport in Jesus’ appearances post-Resurrection. Paul tells us that in our glorified bodies, we will be like him and we may share this ability. We might even be able to take along the mortals who will enter the Millennium and their offspring – with proper life-support, of course. Maybe we’ll have to use star ships for that purpose which can pass the universe’s current light speed limit.

        In the Eternal Age which will follow, I don’t even think we can imagine just how magnificent it will be. The new Earth will have to be much different to accommodate the 1500 mile cube of New Jerusalem and that whole new universe will have completely different laws of physics than this one. nothing will age, nothing will wear out, nothing will die.

        The best part of all is that all of us who believe will get to see it for ourselves – forever. We don’t deserve it, but Jesus made it possible for us to get there anyway.

        Remarkable – and that’s a major understatement!

      • jpscanga says:

        Glad to know someone else thinks about this stuff besides me!
        The millennium will be amazing, but as amazing and awesome as it is – and even with the possibility of space travel – the problem of sin will still be there. And the 1000 years will illustrate once and for all why the sin problem must be dealt with and why not even a quark or a muon of sin can be allowed to exist in the heavenly kingdom. Ed – would be very glad to chat more on this and eschatology. Look me up on MeWe if you are on there. I deleted facebook and Twitter permanently back in January. My name there is Jeff Scanga and so far, my last name is rare enough to be unique on MeWe.

      • Ed Wood says:

        Hi Jeff.

        Eschatology, cosmology, all these things are really fascinating. By the way, I made an error in my last post. We can tell what happened a few milliseconds AFTER the Big Bang, not BEFORE, as I misstated. I am a terrible typist and even worse at proofreading. Not so hot with a lot of the web stuff, either, having come from the time when vacuum tubes were just being replaced by transistors in consumer products. I have scrupulously avoided Twitter, Facebook, etc. due to a colossal lack of web savvy and the inherent paranoia in my personality. Of course, the way things are today, paranoia ain’t such a bad thing – because THEY (the left-wingers, the anti-God crew, Big Brother, etc.) really ARE after us now!

        I’ll see if I can get anywhere with this MeWe thing, but if not, I expect we’ll certainly be in contact again here, anyhow. I’m actually proud of myself for managing to figure out how to access this “Comment” section and, I must confess, that took me awhile.

        Takes time for this old dog to learn new tricks – if I can learn them at all!

  3. Collins says:

    The number 40 is symbolic and it has a part to play before the millennium and rapture. Mystery of God. Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days, the flood of Noah’s time was 40 days plus it began to rain on his birthday, Goliath tormented the Israelite for 40 days, Moses was with God on mount Sinai for for days, Israelite was in the wilderness for 40 years and Ezekiel was asked by God to lie down on one side for 40 days and each days represented a year. This are just few references. The time is short and your guess is very interesting.

    • jpscanga says:

      I remember back in College thinking that perhaps the year 1988 would be the year of the Rapture because it was 40 years since the re-birth of Israel. I didn’t have much else to support that, it was just a pondering on my part. But here we are nearly 80 years since 1948! (73 to be precise) Back in 1988 if you told me the Rapture wouldn’t happen until 2021 or beyond I’d have said “How can the wickedness we observe in the world right now go on for another 33 years?!” Well it has and here we are and it’s far worse than 1988 and accelerating in its “worseness”.

      • Colllins says:

        @jpscanga, keep the faith my brother. The generation that witness the re-birth of Israel shall not pass till all this be fulfilled. God does nothing without revealing it to his servants. The time is short. Like I mentioned above, this child which is like the Noah’s time, was born in the 80’s as you mentioned. This same child was referred too in revelation. Devil would do all such to attempt to destroy Gods plan hence why Hollywood is such an evil way to corrupt children mind (Nephilim) most of them are now dying. Try search and see how many Hollywood legends have died between 2020/2021. I’m not saying all are Nephilims. Judgement is around the corner. Be ready.

  4. AT says:

    Brothers and sisters I too eagerly await the shout, the trumpet sound, the call to our new home. I think about it every day. I feel it in the air, something is about to give and that something will be the rapture. All the signs are flashing red telling us tribulation is coming up ahead. How much longer? I don’t know but I don’t think it will be very long. I hope it’s not too long anyway as I have small children and this world is waxing crazier and crazier by the day.
    I’ve also recently had the urge to write letters and leave notes behind for those who will be looking for us when we are caught up. I pray everyone in my family goes but if they don’t, I want them to know where we are and what happened to us. Anyone else feeling the same way?

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