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Tribulation Talk

When we move from mainstream news and the almost-constant focus on COVID and its variants, we can’t go far into the blogosphere before we get equally mired in the same subject. But the talk of COVID and the variants in most of the blogs that address the so-called pandemic come from the opposite view presented by mainstream venues.

The contrarian blogs present that the pandemic is, by design of the globalists, bringing about the destruction of America. It is designed as well to reduce the population of the earth.

There await the anti-vaxxers COVID camps—replace nomenclature for the FEMA camps—but in actuality, they are one and the same.

These will fill up with those who refuse to accept the various vaccines. The camps will, like the death camps of the Nazis, be used in killing the resisters by the thousands—and, eventually, by the millions.

According to these opposition blogs, those who accept the vaccines are being injected already with “spike proteins” and other deadly agents, all designed to bring the world’s population down to a sustainable level.

The Georgia Guidestones, placed there by the globalists elite, it is said, reads that desired sustainable number is around 500 million. According to this and the many blogs that are in opposition to mainstream media, the globalist cabal and the Biden administration hold that, based upon current world population, more than 7 billion people will be offed the planet through their genocidal treachery in preparation for the planned globalist utopia.

The blogs that put forth that the evil within the vaccines are “kill shots” are equally adamant about prepping. These almost always have online stores where their visitors can buy foods necessary to survive the neo-holocaust that certainly is on the way. Their business model is based upon this inevitable collapse of the United States economy and of the world’s economic structure in general.

Some who broadcast daily to their blog audiences bring Bible prophecy into their warnings of impending collapse and all it will almost certainly entail.

Food supplies will dwindle into nonexistence. The electric grid will fail across the nation and world. Water supplies will stop flowing. Even the Chinese and Russian militaries, which are now posed to do so on the northern and southern borders of the country, will invade at just the right time. Blue-helmeted UN troops will be sent door-to-door to take away resisters to the coming New World Order tyrants’ internment camps.

This is what the Bible says will happen, these blogcasters claim. Now is the time of Revelation and all the judgments written therein, they declare.

One I listened to the other day—a fellow with a biblical prophet’s name, as a matter of fact—said that there is “a group” out here that believes they will escape this coming time of Revelation-like horror. He spoke as if he was incredulous that such a belief system could exist.

He indicated, at least by tone, that this is a very small gathering, whose belief system simply, somehow, blinds them to what is going on all around them. They will be the most anguished of all when the collapse comes and Satan’s human minion’s assault and take them to the COVID camps and worse.

The blogcaster never mentioned the word “Rapture.” He did have a tinge of pity in his voice that indicated he felt badly that anyone who sees the things going on could be so deluded.

He then said he was not an authority on Bible prophecy, but that several people he knows and trusts tell him that we are all but within the Tribulation at this point. He gave the names of a couple of these prophecy teachers/writers/broadcasters. I won’t mention them, because I don’t wish or intend to get in debate with a theological miscarriage of Bible truth when it comes to things to come according to God’s Word. But they are names that you will hear time and time again if you follow the blogs I’m writing about.

Those who believe there will be a great escape from end-times trouble, the blogger said, are destined to be swept up in the genocide and starvation because they aren’t sufficiently prepped for what is to come.

I’ve tried twice to “reach out” to one of these bloggers. My purpose was to give him concise reasons the world isn’t yet in the TribulationI offered him a book or two giving what the Bible really has to say about that most horrific future time.

I never heard back. It is understandable, because this particular fellow has years invested in following the teachings of “no Rapture.” Well, that, plus the Rapture doesn’t fit his business model.

This isn’t meant to say that I think he doesn’t really believe what he preaches. He’s very intelligent. He is just, at best, a very immature believer. And I do believe, based upon what I hear, a believer in Jesus Christ. He, too, if belonging to our Savior, will be instantaneously snatched into the clouds when Jesus calls.

The strongest point of that assurance is that nowhere in the prophetic Word of God are we who live in the Church Age (Age of Grace) told to prepare for Antichrist.

That prince that shall come/man of sin/ son of perdition/beast is profiled in the prophetic passages, forewarned to appear during Daniel’s seventieth week, but not to the people who are believers during this present age. We who are Christians–believers during this Church Age—are not told to prepare to survive the Tribulation. We’re told to look for the Real Christ, not the phony. We are to look for Jesus Christ, not Antichrist.

Paul gave these instructions to all who believe according to Romans 10: 9–10:

Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ; Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. (Titus 2:13–14)

The Antichrist won’t be revealed until the apostasia—the falling away or departure:

For that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition. (2 Thessalonians 2:3).

Although Bible students and seminary scholars have often defined this apostasia or falling away as a spiritual departure, in-depth studies in more recent times have defined this Greek noun as a spatial departure—a removal in space and time as opposed to a departure from spiritual truth.

I believe it likely falls under both definitions.

Perhaps the top scholar on the Rapture today is Dr. Thomas Ice. Here’s what he wrote for our book, The Departure.

I believe there is a strong possibility that 2 Thessalonians 2:3 is speaking of the Rapture. What do I mean? Some pretribulationists, like myself, think that the Greek noun apostasia, usually translated “apostasy,” is a reference to the Rapture and should be translated “departure.” Thus, this passage would be saying that the Day of the Lord will not come until the Rapture comes before it. If apostasia is a reference to a physical departure, then 2 Thessalonians 2:3 is strong evidence for pretribulationism. (The Departure, conclusion, Defender Publishing, 2010)

The Church is still here. We haven’t yet been translated into immortality in the Rapture. God is still, through the Holy Spirit’s indwelling each of us, using believers to restrain the evil that is trying to burst forth and bring in Antichrist’s regime of horror.

The blogs might well be on point in observing the globalists’ and leftists’ evil intentions in regard to danger to our liberty. However, all the Tribulation talk of the bloggers is erroneous at best and egregiously false teaching at worst in the claims of evil achieving Satan’s absolute control, with no Rapture in their apocalyptic scenarios. The beast’s reign can’t begin until we are gone. So have no fear that we, as believers, are about to enter that time of Daniel’s seventieth week.

Let us use that energy many have spent worrying about being tortured, hunted, and hated during that unprecedented time of trouble to instead carry out the Great Commission right now, during this Age of Grace—to tell of the only escape from that coming time –the Lord Jesus Christ and His being the only Way to God the Father and Heaven for eternity.

Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. (Revelation 3:10)


  1. Harvey Rosieur says:

    These are days of doom and gloom.Without the’ blessed hope’ there is certainly good cause to be worried and good cause to be suspicious.Unfortunately there is reason for pessimism for those who are without hope and in that state of mind many are not ready to listen.A mature believer cannot help but to share his hope with others. Of course,Jesus tells us to and that should be sufficient for us.
    The above article seems to deliberately set the stage for confusion. I certainly was confused by it after several readings. It is a good lesson not to be side- tracked

  2. Dawn says:

    I have struggled with all that is happening. I am a believer in the Rapture and have watched and waited for it all my life. The possibility of vaccine mandates after reading about the nanobites, I see Christians rushing desperately to take the jab. My husband and I choose to trust in God to protect us from the viruses, the evil we see in our world.

    I pray daily over the sins of our nation and of the world, confessing them to God and asking for His forgiveness. I am reminded that God said that for 10 righteous men He would spare Sodom… surely there are righteous men in our nation and in the world. I have known God all of my life as my Abba, My Father.

    If I am struggling with all of this after more than 70 years of walking and talking with Him then how much more difficult is all of this for someone who does know our Heavenly Father at all.

  3. Harvey Rosieur says:

    I agree particularly with your concluding statement, Dawn. It was many years before I first learned to ‘hear’ the voice of God. Since then, my understanding has grown and my faith with it. He has taught me much but I still hunger for more.When things get tough I have to remind myself what I know – that He is real and I did not imagine my experiences. I often re-count the blessings and am amazed to realise what He has done. I therefore would be without excuse if I were to fall away. It would be utter self-deception. How many christians know the reality of God, I wonder , and dont simply rely on the word of others. How many taste and see for themselves.( I do not boast . I am thankful.)
    I recall once when I had been constantly asking to hear Him speak to me in words of plain speech , rather than in dreams, visions and ways relying on my interpretation. Suddenly one morning He was with me, and He said ” I can speak to you in plain words , as I am doing now. The reason I do not normally is for the sake of your humility.” I did not take that as a rebuke -it did not sound like one , just fact. I realised that if we are to grow amd mature we must work at it read His word and believe it -even though it was written a long time ago. He never changes. He said aother things but I forgot quickly what He said. I remember the visions though. How well He knows us. Incidently , for those like me who want to know the ‘nuts and bolts’ he did not speak audibly on that occasion but in my mind but clearly as a voice other that my own thoughts.( l still beg Him for words of plain speach, but short enough for me to write down before I forget.) I still have to rely on His written word and try to trust Him for daily events.

    • Ed Wood says:

      A very interesting account! I appreciate your sharing of it.

      I do not recall ever getting a direct verbal message, such as you described, but I have, over the course of many decades, experienced them mostly in the kind of, shall we say, peripheral, for lack of a better term, events in which I was just at the right place at the right time.

      It may have been something happening or meeting someone which answered a question that I had as exactly the right moment. It could also have been something appearing in nature – a gorgeous rainbow in a time of uncertainly, or seeing a brilliant, dawn sky. I’ve even had the experience of normally wild birds on several rare occasions hanging around in a way that was totally uncharacteristic.

      More than once, I have narrowly missed something that could have been seriously damaging.

      These varied occasions are accompanied by an accompanying certainty that God was directing the action. Very often, there will be some manner of confirmation, following the Bible’s standard of having some kind of multiple witness.

      Though I am certainly not a prophet, he Bible says that God does nothing without letting them know about it ahead of time (Amos 3:7) and maybe these experiences show that even we “regular folks” can get specifically directed message as well. The thing is, we have to willing to be open-minded enough to receive them and discerning enough to make sure they really are from God. That can be tricky sometimes, but my own litmus test is: Does this message agree with what the Bible teaches or not? If it doesn’t, then it is NOT from God!

      I believe that as we near the time of the Rapture, all of us believers may very well be given a “Heads-up,” either directly or by the word of someone who has.

      So, let’s keep on listening and watching!

  4. Ed Wood says:

    I think you are 100% correct, Terry.

    The “apostasia,” or departure, from Scripture by organized religion is already here and growing, soon be followed by the “departure” of believers as Jesus returns to gather them up to join him in the air, in my opinion.

    With this in mind, I’m not spending a lot of time and effort stocking up to ride out the dark days ahead. I think the time left to us is better spent stocking up on the Bible’s wisdom and getting out the Word to others as the opportunities arise, and resisting the evil that is growing daily around us.

    After all, Jesus himself said it is better to deal with today than tomorrow (Matthew 6:34).

    • Harvey Rosieur says:

      I love to share my experience.My motivation comes from God Himself who first said to me , in the words of a song “Freely,freely you have received . Freely freely give. Go in My name and because y ou believe , others will know that I live.” I was on my own when I heard the song . It was a special moment , standing alone on our back lawn admiring creation.I laughed at myself thinking “It is such a special moment. You’re feeling all spiritual. Is that the best song you can think of?” But then I thought “No. I did not think of it. It was just there” . I shook my self and went inside , but I kept wondering…The story is too long to repeat in full here , but it was several months later when I was out in the front garden pulling out weeds.”Freely , freely …” came the song again . The’ penney dropped’. Its you Lord! I recalled the previous occasion. I felt like a young Samuel.” Speak to me, please Lord . I am listening now” There was so much more , but that was how I first learnt to hear the ‘voice’ of God.
      Of course , he can ‘speak’ in many ways, even as we can ourselves, without using words . We must have faith to believe it is God and yes,
      most importantly , we must test everything!. I have heard an audible voice which was not God!
      Good to talk to you my brother.Keep it up.

      • Ed Wood says:

        Thanks for your comment here, Harvey.

        Such experiences really give us solid evidence that even though our civilization and our world is disintegrating on a daily basis, God will not forget those who trust in him – and we are assured that the best really is yet to come!

      • Harvey Rosieur says:

        I am a watchman. I used wonder what I was supposed to watch and if I saw something, what was I supposed to do about it? I have no platform. I have no position of recognition which would cause people to listen to what I say. I talk to friends or anyone who seems interested. The other day I felt a slight urge to write down something which I could leave in a prominent place so that after the Rapture, someone (like unsaved members of my family- god forbid that there should be any)would know the truth and be strengthened not to take the mark.Then it suddenly dawned on me -I am a watchman. They warn before the event, so I prefaced the article with a letter to family who needed to hear and make a deliberate choice and emailed it to each of them. I dont know what the reaction will be, but better they should choose knowingly now. It is not on my head. I sense that there is more to come . No-one need /would make a wrong choice if they really understood what is in store during the Tribulation and afterwards.We dont need a title -we just need to care for others more than our reputation. There will be opportunities if we are bold, or caring enough, to take them.

      • Ed Wood says:

        Jesus himself never forced people to believe. He just provided the information and evidence to support it, and then left it up to them.

        You did exactly the same thing here and, as such, were being a faithful watchman. Now the responsibility lies with what the people you’ve alerted do with it.

        You know, you may meet up with people in heaven that wouldn’t otherwise be there if you hadn’t done that!

    • Harvey Rosieur says:

      I have re-read Terry’s article. Sorry Terry I was a little careless in my reading of the article and took one bit out of context. Of course Satan has done his best to confuse and deny the doctrine of the rapture. And doctrine it surely is although many churches have attempted to deny it . The trouble is, it is supernatural and takes a bit of getting used to for those who dont really believe , pastors included . It takes faith .

  5. I personally believe that until the events actually occur, it will be hard to know which camp was “right”. I used to believe in the rapture before the tribulation, until I had a series of dreams over the past year in which I saw an incredible revival and millions coming to the Lord – and the Lord telling me to stop “waiting for the rapture” and start witnessing and helping to bring in revival. As a result, I believe that a great revival is coming, that the church will have some amazing breakthroughs, and that God will be victorious and COVID and other forces will not be able to stop it. With that said, I have also had dreams of a coming civil war and persecution of Christians as well that will follow at some time after this. So, there will be a strengthened, victorious church, but also persecution. The interesting part is that even during the persecution, in my dreams, the church was strong, and reaching out to non-believers; there was none of the “fear mentality” I have seen in some movies made about end times.

  6. Harvey Rosieur says:

    The Lord has shown me much about the coming world revival.He has assured me that I will experience it.(I have just related in detail a night of visions, the likes of which I have never experienced before, showing me how this revival would occur in many lands.Unfortunately (perhaps due to my computer illiteracy) I have just ‘ lost i’t and am not inclined to repeat it.Sufficeth to say, the Lord has said it . I believe it. (This is despite a camp of teachers which Jan Markel presented recently , who insist that nothing can happen before the rapture. One even insisted that we were trying to ‘hold up the rapture’ by our belief. As if!
    I want the rapture as much as anyone , but I want to see many others saved first. How can any real Christian not desire this? I am resolved to trust the Lord, who is not willing that any should perish, although I know that many will. Recently I was moved to write an article entitled Left Behind describing the present days and what lies ahead in the Tribulation Period , the coming mark and beyond. I was going to simply leave it with my bible on the dining room table where I do most of my Bible reading and spend time in prayer. The article began by saying that by the time it is read we will have disappeared and explains that we are well and alive – we have not been abducted by aliens or befallen anything harmful, but have been taken in the Rapture. Unfortunately, sadly, the reader has been left behind. At this point I was stopped . I am a watchman. A watchman warns before the event , not after it! So I prefaced the article with a message to all my unsaved, as yet, family and emailed it to them. I believe there will be further opportunity later to pursue this line. I would urge all your readers to do likewise . How can they not? Put aside your discomfort. Never mind what might be said. This is what we are suppopsed to do. The revival will provide much more opportunity and evidence to many hardened unbelievers .

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