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TRAJECTORY | Guests: Terry James & David Reagan

THE FINAL REMNANT – By Terry James and Heather Renae


Fully realizing that most Rapture Ready family folks don’t generally prefer fiction, I nonetheless implore you to embrace this novel. I’m particularly doing so because of my concern for the young adults who have been largely ensnared by this perverse culture that Satan and his minions have managed to inflict and afflict.

This is the first book in a series Heather Renae—an excellent novelist—and I believe the Lord has given us to present. I believe this story and the ensuing series will pull the young adult reader into His Holy Spirit’s orbit. Thus, many will—we pray—begin to understand the serious nature of where all anti-God deception is leading.

Please, get this book for your children and grandchildren. Encourage them to read the story. I believe many will become intensely interested in considering putting Christ at the center of their lives while the world around them gets more and more out of control.

God is still in complete control, and the young adults you love need never suffer the fate those in this story experience. Heather has created a tremendous storyline about these most crucial matters of eternal destiny. My part has been to help guide in Bible prophecy truth—all under the Holy Spirit’s direction.

Any moment now, believers in Jesus Christ might hear His shout, “Come up here!” While you pray for them and try to reach them with the truth, please, get share with them this.

Another very important note! Heather is on TikTok making educational, Revelation videos. For grandparents in particular –if you want your grandkids to learn about Revelation in a fun, in-depth way, you will want to follow Heather on TikTok. The link is below. So far, she has 80 thousand followers! This means this offering for the kids is very well received. Please avail yourselves of checking this out for the children in your life. –Terry James


By Terry James and Heather Renae

A story that will become reality at any moment

Life was hard before the Day of Vanishing. Some call it the Rapture. If it really was the Rapture, it proves Caden’s theory that God is totally bogus…or worse. Whatever. Now, life’s unbearable. After all the good people disappeared into thin air, the world fell apart. Unmanned planes fell from the sky, empty, moving cars crashed, and disaster struck. The bodies piled up. Those who were left banned together in little, ragtag gangs, fighting over scraps. And what was God doing through it all? Watching it burn.

Have you ever wondered what the first moments after the Rapture will be like for those instantaneously finding themselves in the worse time of human history? It is the vilest—we can be sure—because God, Himself, has foretold it so.

Jesus said of time following the disappearance of millions, “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. (Matthew 24: 21)

Caden is only armed with a baseball bat as he fights to keep his younger brother and himself alive. They join a gang, scavenge ghost towns, and avoid new predators who stalk in the shadows. Mankind is no longer the apex predator.

Giants roam the lands. Though many believe them to be heroes, Caden knows better. Heroes don’t eat people. Animals also mutated oddly, gaining extra tails and new set of fangs. No one knows why they mutated, but the freaks of nature should best be avoided. Unfortunately, that’s not the worst of it.

There are the haunts or demons—or whatever you want to call them. These monsters enjoy human with a side of fries. They’re invisible to everyone, except Caden. Lucky him. He doesn’t know why he’s the exception…and he hates it. It’s probably God up to His tricks again. Now and then—without warning and at the worst times—the haunts show themselves. They’re always grinning from around the corner or stalking from hidden places, and Caden doesn’t understand why they haven’t eaten him yet.

Sometimes, his ‘gift’ can be handy—letting him scavenge where haunts have scared others away. It’s a useful ability, yet it can lead to far greater troubles. Caden learns way too late that it’s dangerous to speak of his gift. Most people treat him like a weirdo, but few want to make him they’re employee—one who never clocks out and is fine with not getting paid. A slave.

When Caden realizes his baseball bat is little help against guns and larger, meaner gangs, he and his brother decide they’re unable to make it on their own. They need help—someone bigger and stronger on their side. Someone like God if He were to ever come through… But Caden is running out of options. And compared to his desperation, his hatred of God is getting smaller by the day. Maybe all that God and faith stuff isn’t too bad. Forced to decide what he wants more—to keep his brother and himself alive or keep hating God—Caden comes to terms with the fact that any day could be their last.

The Final Remnant is a novel. A work of fiction. Its story goes deeply into the time of which Jesus forewarned. The horrors of that tribulation, thankfully, are not yet reality. The taking from planet Earth of believers in Jesus Christ—His Church—is yet future on God’s Prophetic Timeline.

However, the reality of that twinkling moment is on the cusp of shocking the world. Signs are everywhere that Christ’s call to the Church will happen at any second. Issues and events in the hourly news make certain Jesus’ words of great promise to believers is perhaps only a heartbeat away.

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21: 28)  

The Final Remnant

By Terry James and Heather Renae

Publisher: CKN Christian Publishing

eBook ISBN: 978-1-63977-110-3

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63977-696-2

Purchase your copy on AMAZON

Author’s note about MESSIAH: The Prince That Shall Come

41KpGtWtTWLWe face today, as anyone aware of things going on in our nation and the world knows, a future that would be bleak indeed if not for the promises of Bible prophecy. But our God does not want us to be ignorant of the future—not a future of gloom and doom, but of wonder and brilliance only He can assure.

It is with this magnificent future in mind that I choose to present what is coming at this judgment-bound planet through what I believe to be Holy Spirit-influenced storytelling.

My third in the REVELATIONS series, MESSIAH: The Prince That Shall Come, is a novel I envision will bring to the reader understanding that the world today faces not fiction, but truth imparted by the source from whom truth comes. The story told within its pages is fiction only in that details of what is coming upon planet earth are formed around Bible prophecy that hasn’t yet unfolded, but is, in reality, on the brink of coming to pass.

The first novel of the series is REVELATIONS.

The second novel is MICHAEL: Last-Days Lightning.

The third novel—being released this week—is MESSIAH: The Prince That Shall Come.

A brief overview of the series

The story begins when Tyce Greyson, a journalist, encounters the supernatural realm after he receives a snake bite while in a cave on the Aegean island of Patmos. He experiences visions that grow increasingly revelatory, leading him into dimensions inhabited by enraged demonic entities and powerful, heavenly beings. His mind-boggling, although uninvited, adventures/exploits thrust him into prophetic times of great peril and magnificent promise.

Greyson moves through one inexplicable intrigue after another throughout the three novels, accompanied at various times by love interests who seem destined to help him fulfill Heaven’s chosen destiny.

Israel is at the center of powerful providential dynamics affecting Greyson’s life while history’s most despotic tyrant rises to global dominance.

I hope you will be entertained by viewing things to come through my fictional scope, the storytelling overlaid with the prism of Bible prophecy truth. And it is especially my wish that you receive enlightenment concerning prophetic fulfillment while you read this continuing saga.

The times and events fictionally portrayed are prophetic, thus are real, and are beginning to storm upon this generation at a roaring pace.

MESSIAH: The Prince That Shall Come dramatically projects the approaching evil one whose foreshadow casts across the world a time of wickedness that Jesus Himself forewarned will be the worst of all human history. I sincerely and prayerfully hope the telling of its coming in fictional form through the three novels of the series will awaken those who read them to spiritually prepare to seek God’s shelter from the approaching prophetic, end-times storm.

That shelter is available to all who will enter into its protective embrace. This place of Invincible safety is Jesus Christ—the True Messiah.

So, at the end of this saga we are all living through at this moment is a breakthrough into the most glorious eternal existence imaginable. The storyline, I hope, portrays in courage-stimulating fashion the struggle we face against the wicked “powers and principalities” of Ephesians 6:12. The reader will, I prayerfully hope, see Heaven’s assignment for each believer as a directive for our trust in and obedience to Christ, who will stand on that day of Rapture to reward the overcomers whom the Holy Spirit indwells.

I truly believe the three books will serve as worthy gifts for those you wish to introduce to things to come from a Bible-prophecy perspective. My hope also is that these stories will induce young people, particularly young adults, to explore insights on why things are shaping up in our culture as they are at this sometimes-troubling moment.

To preorder the newest novel MESSIAH: The Prince That Shall Come, visit this link:


Terry James on The Schilling Show Unleashed: The Approaching Tribulation Storm

Terry James, Bible prophecy watcher and author, is general editor of the new book, Trajectory: Tracking the Approaching Tribulation Storm.

In this exclusive Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast interview, James discusses how COVID-19, technology, racial anarchy, and trans-humanism play into end-times prophecy.

Terry James’ New Book!


TRAJECTORY_3D_smThe religious leaders of Jesus’ days on earth were unable to see the powerful clouds of destiny surrounding them. The Lord called them “hypocrites” because they could discern the physical weather, but not the spiritual storm about to break. They claimed to have a direct connection with God, yet failed to see Israel’s promised Messiah standing among them at that very moment. Therefore, through their willful rejection, they couldn’t warn the people of the tumultuous time ahead if repentance and reconciliation, thus redemption, were not forthcoming.

Today’s society and culture are increasingly saturated with evil, Genesis 6-level activity. Delusion and deception (deceivers and demonic influences) assault this generation through reprobate thinking. Yet most religious leaders within Christendom, like the religionists of Jesus’ time, can’t—or won’t—recognize and warn about the spiritual storm that is stirring up the winds of the coming Tribulation.

We only have to consider how this so-called woke insanity with its cancel culture is affecting people who have been inculcated with anti-God, anti-America-as-founded education—how social, mainstream news and entertainment media and even the commercial industry and US military suffer from the upside-down thinking flowing from humanity turning its back on God.

TRAJECTORY: Tracking the Approaching Tribulation Storm projects—through seventeen Bible prophecy experts—a vivid, in-depth picture of what is happening. Each contributor, with superlative analysis of the issues and events of this end-of-the-age turbulence, lights up in radar scope-like magnification the boiling, end-times clouds and lightning of wickedness approaching from across the prophetic horizon.

Chapters within the pages of TRAJECTORY bring to the front and center of last-days dynamics the terrible times just ahead for all who rebel against the God of Heaven.

Prophecy experts such as Dr. David Reagan, Tim Moore, Nathan Jones, Dr. Tom Hughes, Todd Strandberg, Dr. Tom Horn, Jeff Kinley, Daymond Duck, Bill Salus, Mike Gendron, Jim Fletcher, Wilfred Hahn, and others give siren-like warnings of how near this generation is to the full-blown storm scheduled to make landfall on earth during Daniel’s seventieth week.

Yet beyond the gloom is the magnificent, golden sunrise with the Risen Son of God getting ready to call all into His eternal shelter. The Rapture and Heaven are, perhaps, as near as the next tick of the clock.

You will want to tune in to this coverage of the prophetic weather channel—God’s prophetic Word overlaid upon the strange issues and events of today.

TRAJECTORY: Tracking the Approaching Tribulation Storm

General Editor: Terry James

Publisher: Defender Publishing

ISBN: 13:978-1948014588

To order: AMAZON


Book review by Terry James

By happenstance (is there any such word in God’s vocabulary?), I was sipping my coffee at a very early hour recently when my good friend Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s voice caught my ear. (I’m blind, as many know, so I get my TV through the ear gate rather than the eye gate these days.)

Jonathan was talking to the program’s host about his newest book, THE RETURN OF THE GODS. He was saying something to the effect: “I was absolutely blown away…”

Jonathan is, I believe, often given special insight by the Holy Spirit. Not that he is given new revelation in the sense of that given to prophets in the Old and New Testaments, but like insights given believers who are spiritually attuned in a special way.

So when I heard him say that he was “blown away” by something in the book being discussed, my own spiritual senses became fully engaged. I have kept up with my friend’s many efforts to bring God’s truth to this generation during these times so near Christ’s return. Everything he has written since THE HARBINGER has, I believe, been something especially commissioned by the Lord for these times.

His book, THE RETURN OF THE GODS, is no exception. As a matter of fact, after listening to that program and hearing Jonathan’s dissection of what is going on, it validated in my spirit what I sensed I was given to write a few days earlier. The article I wrote for my personal blog, Terryjamesprophecyline.com, is “The Second Greatest Prophetic Signal”.

Here is what I wrote, in part, for that article posted August 15, 2022.

“Most every Bible prophecy student is fairly certain that the number-one signal of where this generation stands on God’s prophetic timeline is centered within the modern nation of Israel. There can be no ending to this great, eternal drama if God’s chosen nation isn’t a major actor within the scenes to unfold as the play reaches its climax…

“So, to the true prophecy student, there is no doubt. Israel is the number-one signal of where things stand when the Tribulation closes in and the triumphant return of Jesus Christ nears…

“As history will attest, most every civilization that has been on earth has perpetrated the worse kind of perverseness and wickedness against children in its final throes of its existence. Even in the case of Israel, we know they made their little ones to pass through the white-hot hands of the idol Moloch. The Greek and Roman Empires each had the grossest forms of pedophilia, even within the top levels of government, in days leading up to their demise.

“Today, the murder of millions of babies in their mothers’ wombs makes our time like those days when the idol-god Moloch was used to burn children alive.

“All of the other things mentioned above–the signals we have discussed in this forum over the years—now seem to have at this advanced date of the age coalesced. The luciferically-spawned wickedness has brought the world to the point of totally depraved activity against children…

“Like in the days of Noah, the minds of men are almost always on evil continually. There seems nothing left to be done by Heaven’s governance than to institute God’s judgment and wrath.

“So I believe a case can be made that this worldwide movement to inflict Satan’s murderous intentions upon the most helpless among humankind–the children—constitutes the second greatest signal of how near is the Tribulation and God’s wrath.

THE RETURN OF THE GODS by Jonathan Cahn is a stunning, spiritual eye-opener to be sure! The author, through research for which he has a special gift, leads the reader in a breakdown expose’ of the insane evil we have been enduring lately. He informs in stark terms how the demonic wickedness of antiquity is as relevant, as contemporary, as our hourly news cycles.”

Here are some of Jonathan Cahn’s thoughts as he contemplated the release of his thought-provoking book.

“What I am about to release will be the most explosive book I have ever written—it is called The Return of the Gods. It is so explosive that I have no idea what will happen when it goes forth.  But we must speak the truth regardless–and let the chips fall where they fall.

The Mystery 

  • The mystery that The Return of the Gods will open will be of an entirely other dimension, one in which lies virtually everything now taking place in our culture. 
  • Is it possible that behind what is happening to America and the world lies a mystery hidden in inscriptions of ancient Mesopotamia?
  • Could the ancient entities known to the nations as the “gods” be more than just fiction and myth – but actually possess an independent reality?
  • Is it possible that they have returned to our world?  Could these entities lie behind what we see on our television screens and computer monitors, what our children are being taught in their classrooms, current events, news, and the movements of our times—behind what is even now influencing our lives without our realizing it?   Could this mystery be the explanation behind all the strange transformations happening to our culture in our own day?
  • Is it possible that one of these ancient entities actually entered the streets of New York City and started a cultural revolution that is still transforming our world?
  • Could there be a mystery that lies behind the sign of the rainbow and why it is now saturating our culture—a mystery that goes back to the tablets of ancient Sumer? 
  • Could the mystery of the gods actually have determined the outcome and timing of Supreme Court rulings down to their exact days?
  • Is it possible that the dynamics of ancient mythology have played out in our public squares in city streets in real time?
  • What is it all leading to? And what do we need to know in dealing with them – and in view of the future.  This is the mystery The Return of the Gods will reveal…

To this reviewer, this new book truly explains the extremely troubling, blasphemous machinations being carried on in cultures and societies at this late moment in human history. Don’t miss this one!


Author: Jonathan Cahn

Publisher: Charisma Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-63641-142-2

To Order: http://www.booksbyjonathancahn.com/ 


Posted by  Apr 14, 2022 

The DISAPPEARING: Future Events That Will Rock the World

DISAPPEARING_3DStage-setting for the Tribulation and for the triumphant return of Jesus Christ is in every direction we look on the end-times horizon. Jesus promised:

And when you see all these things begin to come to pass, then look up and lift up your head, for your redemption draws near.

The DISAPPEARING: Future Events That Will Rock the World by Terry James and Pete Garcia presents, with detailed dissection, these otherwise inexplicable times that are the very end of the Church Age (Age of Grace). The authors analyze these end-of-days issues and events from the true Bible prophecy perspective. They have done so in Holy Spirit-impressed ways that make clear precisely where mankind stands at this moment on God’s prophetic timeline.

Additionally, James and Garcia present within this nonfiction work a most intriguing fictional slant involving two young women who are close friends. They experience both the horrors and the exultation of prophetic fulfillment–fulfillment that is in reality just ahead for the people of this fallen planet.

The DISAPPEARING: Future Events That Will Rock the World will take the reader from the present to that magnificent promise the Lord made when He sat atop the Mount of Olives with His immediate disciples.

Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. In my father’s house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you and if I go to prepare a place for you I will come again, and receive you to myself that where I am there you may be also. (John 14:1-3)

The Lord Jesus was making that promise not only to those who sat around listening to Him that day; He was also speaking to each believer down through the ages. The Rapture is the great event that will fulfill His promise.

Paul the apostle later would reveal the exact meaning of Jesus’ words. He unveiled the mystery the disciples didn’t understand at the time:

Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. (1 Corinthians 15:51-52)

Paul further revealed that mystery through Inspiration of the Holy Spirit:

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18)

When the Rapture happens, millions will disappear in an atomos of time–in the twinkling of an eye. Then the Hell-spawned covenant of false peace will be signed and God’s wrath and judgment will be unleashed on a world of anti-God rebels.

Antichrist will make his appearance when the Holy Spirit as Restrainer removes from that office. When the Church (all believers) go to be with Jesus Christ when He calls, the twenty-one judgments of the seven scrolls, seven trumpets, and seven bowls will fall.

The DISAPPEARING deals with fascinating topics, including:

  • Do children go in the Rapture?
  • What things within societies and cultures will change drastically how people will live–and die?
  • How will true climate change take place, and how will it affect the earth?
  • What are the details of the Revelation judgments, and how will they likely manifest?
  • How will America fare immediately following the Rapture?
  • What prime signs and signals show that this generation is at the very end of the end of the age?

Our foreword is written by our great friend Jan Markell, the nationally renowned radio host and president of Olive Tree Ministries. She writes in part:

All I know for sure is that believers must have hope, and with the world crumbling all around us, we are left with only the predicted “blessed hope.” This world has nothing to offer the Bible-believing Christian. Our focus must be eternity, and that is likely soon for many reading this book—not because readers will face an untimely demise, but rather because Christ’s return is at the door.

The book is ready for purchase. Please see the links below.

The DISAPPEARING: Future Events That Will Rock the World

Authors: Terry James and Pete Garcia

ISBN: 9781948014571

To order you can email the following addresses and make your order or go to the Amazon link at the bottom.

Sky Watch TV



Don’t miss this book by Pete Garcia!

This story by my friend  Pete Garcia is one that brings together in novel form much of the developments taking place in these end times. Those who have read Pete’s amazing articles over the years know the level of Bible prophecy discernment with which God has Blessed his writing. This is a story that I believe presents Holy Spirit enlightenment, and will provide much needed understanding of these troubled times.

Major Tristan Zavota, a 46 yr. old US Army officer on the verge of retirement is now on his fourth deployment to Afghanistan to assist in the draw down of US forces there. In Europe, an ambitious decision to launch a new digital currency triggers a series of calamitous events which not only collapse the global economy and force a new world order to emerge, but leaves Tristan hopelessly stranded in hostile territory with no chance to escape. But God…

HOBO is a story of a man, who in the process of losing everything, finds God, redemption, and purpose in a world in free fall in the last days.

Pete Garcia is a seasoned writer, speaker, and teacher of Bible Prophecy and apologetics. He is a twenty-two Army veteran, with numerous deployments to the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, with a focus on Russian and Military History. Pete is also a ten-year veteran writer with Jack Kinsella’s Omega Letter, and now, his own site Rev310.net. Pete has contributed to three of Terry James’ books, Discerners, Lawless, and Trajectory.

You don’t want to miss this astonishing story by the author  who has an insiders understanding of and perspective on what’s going on in this troubled world. –And what is on the verge of happening next!

To order HOBO: Volume I go to the following. HOBO VOLUME ONE


A Special Thank You for Supporting our Mission in Pakistan

Thank you for your generosity!

Thanks to each of you in our Rapture Ready family for your wonderful generosity in making it possible to publish the Prophecy Power book in Pakistan’s Urdu language!

The funds have been sent to begin the publication of that Bible prophecy study book, and we will keep you apprised of how its sales and distribution are going. While books will be given to pastors and others at no cost so they might promote the book in their areas of influence, we hope that the sale at a modest price will help make future publication of the book self-sustaining.

The Pakistani ministry receives 100% of sales of the book.

May the Lord bless each of you who made this work on Heaven’s behalf possible.

Pastor Anil Jasper and his wife, Jamila, will be sending along their own thanks shortly.

In Christ Jesus,


***Thanks from Pakistan***

I am presenting Urdu translation work of the book “Prophecy Power” before Throne Room of our our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in humility. It is a unique and precious gift which is revealing God’s wonderful and glorious plan for His Church. His return will be imminent. We believe that at the end of Church Age Jesus will intervene in the affairs of mankind to collect all believers from this planet earth.

I am also greatly indebted of Lord’s faithful servant Terry James who has given us permission to translate and publish this book.

During our prophetic ministry, Lord Jesus opened Heavenly Doors so I and Jamila can share His Prophetic Truths with uncountable souls. We are thankful of Terry and Rapture Ready family’s unforgettable support to accomplish what was ordained by God.

The book’s translation was started somewhere in 2004 and completed in 2005. We have been keeping this manuscript safe in our computer’s hard disk for the last 17 years.

I strongly believe that this book will be great source of encouragement for all those committed Christians and Servants of Jesus Christ who are awaiting for His soon return.

May Lord bless every reader and prepare them for the Heavenly Kingdom!

Rev. Anil Jasper

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