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Restrainer as Covert Operative?

Seeing all the wickedness proliferating exponentially and knowing the subterranean evil that is unseen, we might throw up our collective hands. “What hope is there?” might be a seemingly legitimate question. It looks forever more like Satan has already reached his goals of turning everything upside down, of thwarting all efforts to stand in his wicked, lawless way.

We’ve gone over all of the cultural and societal rot—all the perversion that has seemingly permeated every aspect of life. Even children—little children—are now, for example, targets of the devilish minions, both human and supernatural, that have public school officials and many courts agreeing that parents can’t intervene with their very young kids being inculcated, or even transgendered. This seems to be perhaps the last or most satanically insane accomplishment that is taking place as this generation approaches the Tribulation era.

Yet there is doubtless much more to come, and there seems no opposition to what we fear will eventuate. And the avalanche of absolute evil, it appears, will arrive sooner rather than later.

Like in recent commentaries, we point again to the world building toward war—war that, it is almost certain, if it comes to full fruition, will result in nuclear annihilation for most, if not all of the planet’s population.

Thanks be to the Creator of all that is—to the very Word of God, we, as believers in Jesus Christ for salvation can be assured. This world is on a controlled demolition schedule—like one of those huge, ancient hotels that must be brought down so something new and beautiful can be constructed in its place. This is exactly what is happening, in prophetic terms.

The world and all we see happening of a deleterious nature, as my friend Jan Markell has stated, isn’t the world falling apart. It is all falling into place.

Perhaps that was a paraphrase of Jan’s comment, but you get the gist. The Lord is in charge of this demolition—or at least he is in complete control of how He long ago foretold how things would fall into place so a new, beautiful, Heaven-directed earth construction can take place.

Our commentary’s title is “Restrainer as Covert Operative?” By this, I ask if God the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Godhead (Trinity), is acting as an unseen agent in keeping this satanically driven demolition of the world’s infrastructures a controlled such action. Is He keeping it from crumbling to complete rubble through His supernatural engineering? That is, is God still acting as restrainer, as promised?

For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he [the Restrainer or Holy Spirit] who now letteth [Restrains evil] will let [Restrain evil], until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming. (2 Thessalonians 2:7–8)  

We who understand Bible prophecy through the prism of the pre-Tribulation view believe this means that the Holy Spirit will hold back, or “restrain” evil until He withdraws in that restraining of evil office. This will happen when the Rapture occurs. At that electrifying, “twinkling-of-an-eye” moment, those whom He indwells, believers of the Church Age (Age of Grace), will be called by Christ into Heaven. It is then that the demolition of the earth and its evil, humanistic, systems will crash totally to rubble. God’s wrath and judgment will fall like it did on Sodom and Gomorrah in Lot’s day.

So fear not, believers. God is in full control of the demolition you and I are witnessing. He is indeed acting as a covert (undercover) operative in all of this cesspool of evil that the globalists elite—the minions (powers and principalities) of Ephesians 6:12—are perpetrating. How can we be sure? By understanding that the Lord neither slumbers nor sleeps. This is observable by examining how He has kept the matter of the Iranian nuclear weapons development under complete control.

We’ve explored several times how Bible prophecy predicts that the mountainous area currently being used to work on Iran’s nuclear designs will be destroyed. In the Elam prophecy, it is foretold that it will become uninhabitable. This, to me at least, portends a nuclear strike, or nuclear radiation escaping as a result of an attack.

This hasn’t happened despite great tensions we’ve all seen in the news. President Trump put in place many options to hold back Iran’s deadly intentions to produce weapons that would eliminate the hated Jewish state. President Biden has, tacitly, given the Ayatollahs permission to resume their development—which they say are for peaceful use only. This is an attempted deception that even Mr. Biden’s administration State Department people certainly know is a lie.

This, of course, is to the great consternation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his IDF generals. The following news excerpt frames this angst.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed that Israel will never allow Iran to develop “nuclear capability to carry out its genocidal goal of eliminating Israel” during a joint press conference with visiting U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in Jerusalem on Monday.

“My policy as prime minister of Israel is clear. I will never allow Iran the nuclear capability to carry out its genocidal goal of eliminating Israel. And Israel will continue to defend itself against Iran’s aggression and terrorism,” said Netanyahu. (“Netanyahu to Austin: Israel Will Not Allow Iran to Carry Out Goal of Nuclear Genocide,” The Jewish Press—JewishPress.com,  JNS News Service, April 12, 2021)

The prime minister has stated on many occasions that the IDF will use all means necessary to keep Iran from having a nuclear weapon. Nuclear action would seem necessary, if the laboratories within the Bushehr Mountains are to be destroyed. But, I believe that God the Holy Spirit, as a covert operative, has given Israel the means to at least delay the more devastating and possibly prophesied nuclear strike option. The Restrainer is at work!

Iranian media reported an electrical problem at the Natanz, the country’s main uranium enrichment facility.

Natanz: new centrifuges in contravention of deal

“The incident caused no casualties or contamination,” Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said, adding that “electricity was affected at the Natanz facility.”

The incident comes one day after President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated a chain of 164 advanced 164 IR-6 uranium enrichment centrifuges at the site in a televised event commemorating Iran’s National Day of Nuclear Technology. (“Iran’s main nuclear site mysteriously suffers power outage right after advanced centrifuges go online,” by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Israel News Mid East,  April 11,2021)

It has been determined by the experts in such things that it was without doubt a cyber attack by Israeli covert forces. So Iran’s design on eliminating Israel is again thwarted—at least delayed. It is God’s staying hand at work!

Believers, be assured. God remains busy behind the scenes. Despite election cheating and all the other evil that looks to be winning in Satan’s end-times quest, the Restrainer will continue to restrain until Christ calls His own to be with Him.

Israel’s Angel Standing By

Evil being perpetrated today by the satanic minions, both demonic and human, is made manifest for all to see. At the same time, the dynamics behind what we can easily discern tell us that powerful forces rage in prophetic stage-setting while the final battle between good and evil continues to take shape. The scope displaying this wickedness, however, allows us to only peer through that “looking glass darkly,” as the KJV puts it (1 Corinthians 13:12).

These factors were among my motivation for writing the story I believe I was given the impression to present in fictional form. While I realize many–actually most—among our Rapture Ready and Terryjamesprophecyline.com blog family rarely care to delve into fiction, I’m hoping those of you who fit in those categories will make exception in this case.

Like in using this commentary space to offer my and Gary Ritter’s The Minion Protocols a few weeks ago, this article, too, is admittedly, to some extent, a promotion for my new novel.

By way of perhaps trying to somewhat buffer the appearance of crass commercialism, I offer this explanation. I present my novel with the strong sense that much of what is happening in the world today—in the unseen, spiritual realm—can be revealed to a considerable degree through fiction.

And the interaction in that dimension must be absolutely stupefying. Maybe that’s why the Lord has us looking through that glass darkly, concerning the cataclysmic clashing going on, from which we are protected by Heaven’s power. I believe that a fictional rendering is what is now called for as a buffering, although revealing, depiction to help us see where things stand from the supernatural perspective. I hope at the same time it will entertain, which fiction, in part, should do in every case.

MICHAEL is the novel’s title. Last-Days Lightning is the subtitle. As we have gone over a number of times in these commentaries, Israel is the primary signal of where this generation stands upon God’s prophetic timeline. That supernatural nation is at the very center of the prodigious battle that will bring the epic conflict of all ages to a conclusion. It is the horrendous warfare the great Apostle Paul wrote about as recorded now in Ephesians 6:12. All who name the Name of Christ are engaged in this battle whether we realize it or can’t spiritually perceive what’s going on all around us.

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6: 11–12)  

That hell-spawned warfare will carry on through the campaign of Armageddon, and even arise again for a brief moment at the end of the millennial reign of Christ. Israel is the primary target the devil and his forces have in their crosshairs in their rage to destroy the house of Israel, thus to make God a liar. God has said that Israel will be a nation forever, and will be the head of all nations in the Millennium. The Jews have been the target of the evil forces of this fallen world down through the centuries–thus because it is that people through whom the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world was born.

The hatred is again building at a rapid rate. Globalism, anti-God, one-world-order ideology, is the chief stronghold of the powers and principalities in the high places of wickedness. The present American president and his administration have done and are doing all within their power to reverse any and all advantageous things the previous administration did for the Jewish state. Israel’s enemies, such as Iran, sense a renewed opportunity to destroy the nation by developing their nuclear weapons programs.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is among the top military entities on the planet. They have the capability, both in battle ready forces and in covert operations, which have made the nation to this point seemingly undefeatable.

From relatively current history, we know about the major wars in which Israel was attacked, their enemies completely routed, despite the Israeli military facing overwhelming odds in every case. But was it their military that assured those victories? Many experts in warfare still scratch their heads, and many have to admit that those victories must have had elements of supernaturalism involved, so overwhelmingly strange and complete were the victories.

This is where I believe Daniel’s prophecies for these very days in which we find ourselves come into view—not that I mean the great prophet’s prophecies have totally unfolded. But, from things we have seen in Israel’s modern history and all the geopolitical gyrations involving the Jewish state continually taking place, to me it is clear that Daniel’s prophecies for the time near Christ’s return at Armageddon are beginning to manifest, and have been for some time.

Daniel’s foretelling, given him through his spectacular encounters with a heavenly messenger, are worthy of examination.

First, the prophet was given the following directly from the throne of God. I’m convinced the time referred to is the time we have entered, probably when Israel was reestablished as a nation on May 14, 1948. The Tribulation era—the time of trouble the angel mentions—isn’t yet upon us, but things have been set in motion that will rapidly lead to that horrendous time.

And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. (Daniel 12: 1)

The angel then gave the prophet the following to write:

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. (Daniel 12:4)

Based upon the electrifying unfolding of issues and events involving prophetic portent at this time, we must conclude that the book likely has been opened.

MICHAEL: Last Days Lightning will be available this Wednesday, April 14. Please look for the promotion on that day to get links to the book.

Again, I believe the story gives an entertaining but discerning look behind the evil going on in recent times. And I prayerfully hope it will, even though presented fictionally, give encouragement and comfort that there is nothing to worry about—the Lord has everything fully under control within His mighty hand.

A Most Intriguing Pair…

In observing all the many indicators that the Tribulation (Daniel’s seventieth week) might be about to begin, we can, with reasonable certainty, speculate that the evil dictator of that prophesied era might be almost in view. “Is the Antichrist alive today?” is the question that is asked, right up there with, “Is America in Bible prophecy?”

The question about who this terrible tyrant will be has preoccupied many students of Bible prophecy for centuries. But it is the past few decades, with the movement into ever-increasing rebelliousness against the God of Heaven, that have been an incubator for giving the question immediately crucial importance. That is, everything is now almost in place for birthing that Beast system of control upon planet earth.

For example, society and culture have become so debased as to demand that earth’s inhabitants believe and accept that God’s way for humanity is wrong and man’s own way is how things should be. We’ve looked at this many times. Men can be in sexual relationships with other men and women with other women and we must accept it as legal, moral, and normal in every way. Marriage can be between men and men and women and women, not only relationships exclusively involving one man and one woman in the marital union for life.

A person can be the gender they want to be, not what their birth certificates indicate they are biologically. God is wrong and man is right. It is what God’s Word says is mankind “doing what is right in their own eyes.”

Antichrist’s regime of terror can be seen developing in the area of economics. Fiscal equilibrium is so out of balance nationally and worldwide as to require, as it is called, a “reset.”

This includes the globalists elite manipulating sovereign nations into a one world order of economy. It’s all moving toward the prophesied Antichrist numbers-and-mark system of Revelation 13:16–18. This is largely what the entire period of hatred for Donald J. Trump has been about. America’s dollar, thus it’s hegemony over other economies of the world, must be destroyed and US assets brought under the auspices of a central banking system. It is all to prepare for the institution of the 666 regime of economic control—over which Antichrist will be master.

In religion, the trajectory cannot be missed. Satan’s propaganda machine, the worldwide news and entertainment media, have been complicit in convincing that all religions of the world are portals to achieving godhood. Only true Christianity is equated to a hate-centered system of religion. It is called bigoted and narrow-minded to the exclusion of all of humanity who don’t adhere to Christ as the only way to salvation.

But now a man, the Roman Catholic Pope Francis, the so-called Vicar of Christhas declared on many occasions that there are many ways to God, not just the way given in the Bible. As pontiff and acknowledged by most religious observers as head of all Christendom, this pope’s apostate view validates for the world that Christ as the only way to salvation is a lie. This, too, is a bomb-burst notice against the black skies of end-times evil that the platform for Antichrist is almost complete in its construction.

Antichrist in view?

All seems set for Antichrist to take the stage for the wind-up of human history leading to Christ’s return. Should we expect that that entity be on the scene today?

I will say here that I don’t know, but that it’s not only possible, but probable that he is somewhere on planet earth today and that he could be thrust into his blasphemous limelight at any moment. That moment would be when the Rapture happens in the twinkling of an eye (1 Corinthians 15:52).

Some believe strongly that that man is in view. As a matter of fact, those who hold to this belief say both the first and second beasts of Revelation 13 might be even now consulting with each other.

I’m not saying that I accept this. I’m just saying that there are many who do see that pair as already making themselves known in today’s headlines. A news item frames the scene some see as Antichrist and the False Prophet to come making their presence known.

FROM VATICAN NEWS: Pope Francis and France’s President Emmanuel Macron spoke by phone on Sunday, according to a press release from the President’s Office at Élysée Palace. The call, which was requested by the Pope, marks the fifth time the two world leaders have spoken since Macron’s election in 2017.

Their conversation reportedly lasted around 40 minutes, and came after President Macron sent the Pope a message on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of his election to the papacy.

The last time they spoke was October 30th of last year, after the attacks on the Cathedral of Nice, which killed 3 people.

Iraq visit “a turning point”

The Élysée press office said that during their Sunday conversation the two spoke at length about Pope Francis’ recent Apostolic Journey to Iraq. Macron said the visit marked “a true turning point” for the Middle Eastern region. The pair also dwelt on their “thoughts and concerns” about several crises affecting various parts of the globe…

According to the Élysée press statement, President Macron also spoke to the Pope about the “challenges of a post-Covid world”. Pope Francis published a book with British journalist Austen Ivereigh on the subject, in which he said humanity has been given the opportunity to build a better world after the pandemic.  (“Pope Francis speaks to French President Emmanuel Macron by phone, discussing his recent visit to Iraq and the challenges of a post-Covid world,” by Vatican News staff writer, Vatican News, Rapture Ready News March 25, 2021)

Again, I don’t know—nor does anyone else—who Antichrist and his False Prophet will be. This pair does, however, make for intriguing speculation. In the final analysis, we have only God’s Word in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 to tell us about the timing of Antichrist’s coming onto the world scene as that “man of sin.”

If you’re a true believer in Jesus Christ—that He is the only way to salvation—not one who believes the way this pope promotes, you will never know for sure who this “son of perdition” is—at least not this side of your heavenly home.

For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he [God the Holy Spirit resident within true believers, the Church] who now [restrains evil]will [restrain,] until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked [Antichrist] be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders. (2 Thessalonians 2:7–9)

He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22:20)

Father of Fake News

Realizing not all who read this commentary will agree, I preface my thoughts with the obvious. Yours truly is ideologically (politically and socially speaking) quite conservative. Many can’t, or won’t, agree with my thinking here—nor will most who think in liberal (so-called progressive) terms even care to read what I have to say here. Nonetheless, what we have witnessed and written about over the past months and years is part of the factual historical record, and is, therefore, fair fodder for examination.
Former President Donald Trump labeled mainstream news media “fake news,”as we heard day after day of his administration. As it turned out, everything they accused him of did, in fact, for the most part, turn out to be totally fake. Two impeachment attempts were proven full of distortions and prevarications that to this day have never been corrected by any of the mainstream news outlets—at least, none I’ve read or heard.
As a matter of fact, some of the lies are being reprised to fit the evil the minions wish to perpetrate in order to establish their desired global order.
The Russia collusion hoax, the alleged illegal dealings with the Ukrainian government, and myriad other such falsehoods all proved to be without any supporting evidence whatsoever.
Those from politics, government, and the so-called deep state, who opposed and hated Donald Trump, when called before congressional committees, said under oath that they found no evidence of what they accused him of doing. However, when they went before news cameras and microphones throughout mainstream news outlets, they claimed furiously that there was overwhelming evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing. This they did while not under oath. They knew that their friends in the mainstream news wouldn’t hold them accountable for truth-telling. That was the true collusion over the past five years while Trump was lambasted from every angle.  
Now, this is in no way to say that one party is totally innocent of lying to us and the other is totally guilty of lying to us. There is enough truth about the lying to go around in regard to applying that accusation to all governmental and political entities in this nation and around the world.
However, there can be little doubt that the deliberate deception being foisted within the last decade by those who would rule over us rather than serve us has ramped up exponentially. And, this is prophetically in line with Jesus’ own words in foretelling that there will be great deception as the time of His Second Coming nears. The Apostle Paul forewarned that evil men and seducers would get worse and worse, didn’t he? Deception and lies are synonymous, aren’t they?
One judge seems to be almost a lone voice in pointing out the danger of this deception and lies that permeate every facet of life in America—particularly regarding the media-political colluding going on. Here are some excerpts of what is reported in that regard.

A federal judge this week said that the Democrat Party is close to controlling the press as he detailed what he described as shocking bias against Republicans.

D.C. Circuit Court Judge Laurence Silberman outlined his opposition to the Supreme Court’s key decision in 1964 in New York Times v. Sullivan, which has since protected many media outlets from lawsuits.

Silberman, a Reagan appointee, wrote that the ruling is “a threat to American Democracy” and must be overturned.

“The increased power of the press is so dangerous today because we are very close to one-party control of these institutions. Our court was once concerned about the institutional consolidation of the press leading to a ‘bland and homogenous’ marketplace of ideas. It turns out that ideological consolidation of the press (helped along by economic consolidation) is the far greater threat,” he continued.…

Two of the three most influential papers (at least historically), The New York Times and The Washington Post, are virtually Democratic Party broadsheets. And the news section of The Wall Street Journal leans in the same direction. The orientation of these three papers is followed by the Associated Press and most large papers across the country (such as the Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, and Boston Globe).

Nearly all television—network and cable—is a Democratic Party trumpet. Even the government-supported National Public Radio follows along,” he added.…“It should be borne in mind that the first step taken by any potential authoritarian or dictatorial regime is to gain control of communications, particularly the delivery of news. It is fair to conclude, therefore, that one-party control of the press and media is a threat to a viable democracy. It may even give rise to countervailing extremism,” Silberman concluded. (Tyler Durdan and Zachary Stieber, “A Threat to American Democracy,” Zero Hedge, March 20, 2021)

It continues to be demonstrated that we’re given daily doses of fake news by a colluding mainstream news-political power center. The danger in this all-out inculcation to convince us to accept the lies and distortions goes far beyond what Judge Silverman proposes. It is a profound spiritual danger far beyond a mere political or cultural, societal, danger.
The nation and world are being conditioned to accept the suggestions, edicts, and commands of the greatest liar of all times, for when he steps onto the stage of history, Antichrist will regurgitate the words of Satan, whom Jesus called the “father of lies.”
The Lord, in rebuking those who would not recognize the truth He spoke to them, said:
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he spiked a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. (John 8:44)
Satan is the father of fake news. He puts forth distortions and lies diametrically opposite of God, who cannot lie (Hebrews 6:17).
The overtly observable truth that these darkening times are filled with satanic inculcation involving deception is proof that the time of Christ’s call to the Church must indeed be near.

Prime Reason to Be Looking Up!

The most-used reason pre-Trib adherents use for not setting a date for the Rapture is based upon Jesus’ words:

But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is. (Mark 13:32–33)   

Many seminary students, and even their professors, argue that this declaration by the Lord in the Olivet Discourse isn’t referring to the Rapture of the Church, but to the Second Advent of Revelation 19:11. I completely dismiss that as making no sense whatsoever.

Careful study of prophecy clearly presents the case that the day of Christ’s return in power and great glory can be determined by the number of days given from the occurrence of certain events in the future. For example, Daniel is given such a time frame:

And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. (Daniel 12:11)

There are, of course, all the arguments involved in the extra days given in the verse following that time frame.

Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. (Daniel 12:12)

This involves Jesus dealing with cleansing the earth and removing rebels from the planet. So that’s another topic for another time. Suffice it to say that we are told by the angel, through the prophet Daniel, that there are a specific number of days (1290)—after a certain event—left before the Second Advent (Revelation 19:11).

Jesus told us of the Antichrist going into the temple and declaring himself to be God. The angel told Daniel—and us—this at that earlier time in biblical history. So we know the precise number of days for the Second Advent as 1290 from that “abomination of desolation.”

Jesus, by saying in the Olivet Discourse that no one knows the day and hour of His coming except the Father, was referring to the earlier time He would next intervene into the affairs of mankind. That time will be the Rapture of His Bride, the Church. No one but God the Father knows that “twinkling of an eye” moment prophesied by Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:51–55 and 1 Thessalonians 4:13–8.

So to repeat, the pre-Trib adherents’ most-used reason for not setting a date for the Rapture is:

But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is. (Mark 13:32–33)

This predominately involves the Church. Looking up as we who constitute the Church see that electrifying moment coming—as commanded by Jesus in Luke 21:28—is crucial to being comforted at this darkening time of evil. It is a primary matter to consider as we think on signals that the great event called the Rapture might be close to snatching us from this growingly dangerous earthly orb.

We’ve looked in these commentaries numerous times at the signals pointing to Christ’s coming in the Second Advent. We always point out that if the signals we see are for the time when He breaks through the black clouds of Armageddon, we know that we can expect the Rapture to be even at the door—even sooner—because that event will take place at least seven years before Christ’s foot touches down on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

We’ve also pointed out that Jesus told His disciples that the first signal of His Second Coming will be great deception. That has been the topic of many of our articles for many months, of course. Daniel, the prophet, and John, the close disciple of Jesus and the writer of Revelation, were given glimpses of earth’s last evil empire: the Antichrist and his regime of tyranny. We have looked at this signal of Christ’s coming—the globalist agenda and all involved in its Ephesians 6:12 wickedness—over the months and years many times. Our commentaries have covered developments in regard to religious apostasy—including a pope who denies Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation—an eventuation that has now overwhelmed this generation. We have looked at how our day—filled with every sort of sexual perversion and debauchery—is almost precisely in line with times as they were in the days of Lot in Sodom. Jesus said the days will be filled with violence and evil, exactly like the days of Noah as laid out in Genesis 6.

But now, we want to look at what I believe is perhaps the prime signal of the moment to look at when we consider just how near we must be to Christ calling us to Himself.

This has at its center the hatred of Satan for the ChurchThe Church—again, all born-again believers—is indwelt by God, the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus sent back to believers at the time of Pentecost (Acts 2). The Holy Spirit, resident within each believer, thus within the Church, is the Restrainer of evil. He, through the Church (and through all other means the Lord uses) restrains Satan’s completion of his wicked intentions as outlined in the struggle told in Ephesians chapter 6, especially Ephesians 6:12.

We are told in 2 Thessalonians 2 that the devil and his man of sin, the son of perdition, Antichrist, can’t come to power until the Restrainer is taken out of the way. Therefore, Satan wants to destroy the Church.

This isn’t possible, because Jesus said that the “gates of hell” (meaning Satan and all his minions and their evil activity) can’t prevail against the saints of the Church Age (Matthew 16:18). The Antichrist will overcome the saints of the Tribulation (Revelation 13:7), but he cannot prevail against the Church Jesus promised to keep from the very time of God’s wrath (Revelation 3:10).

The signal that is coming more and more into view at this end-times moment is Satan’s attempt to damage and even destroy the Church. If he can do this, he can make God a liar and can avoid his own prophesied punishment in the Lake of Fire.

It isn’t difficult to see that he and his minions, both supernatural and human (governments, etc.) are seeming to make headway in prevailing against God’s people. But this will never happen. Satan will not destroy the true Church.

The fact is, however, that the assault gets stronger and stronger—through COVID-19 shutdowns of gatherings of believers and outright governmental actions intended to eliminate expression of belief in Jesus Christ. There seems no way, humanly speaking, to stop the encroachment on true Christianity.

An example of things happening in this regard is made apparent in the following.

A Canadian pastor will remain in police custody for several more months following his arrest on Feb.16 for holding in-person worship services. Authorities won’t release him unless he consents to run his church the way they tell him to.

Pastor James Coates with GraceLife Church of Edmonton was arrested and taken to the Edmonton Remand Centre for allegedly violating COVID-19 restrictions by not enforcing mask-wearing, social distancing, and for gathering beyond the 15 percent capacity limits for indoor worshipping, the Edmonton Journal reports.

The Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Peter Michalyshyn ruled Friday that Coates shall remain at the correctional facility for not signing a release form indicating that he would abide by specific health orders.

In a statement, Coates said the health orders “directly contravene the authority of the local church, and the supreme authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.”…

“I’m doing what I’m doing in obedience to Christ. I am quite content to let the Lord Jesus Christ himself decide whether or not this is persecution,” Coates said. “He promises that those who are persecuted for his namesake will be blessed. He’s the one that blesses and I’m content to leave that in His court.” (Andria Morris, “Canadian Pastor Refuses to Bow Before Gov’t, Will Stay Imprisoned Until May Trial for Holding Church Services,” CBN News, RR News, March 13, 2021)

With all of the seeming insanity going on in every direction we look in society and in culture, the time must almost certainly be short. There doubtless is coming loss of religious freedom for true Christians in America, as there has been for our Christian brothers and sisters even in our nearest neighboring country, Canada.

But the promise from the very Creator of all that is says that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against my church.” Jesus Christ, who is God, cannot lie. Here is one of the most comforting promises from our Bridegroom, our Lord:

Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. (Revelation 3:10)

I think perhaps in addition to watching Israel for developments, knowing that the Church is under ever-increasing assault is the prime indicator to consider in regard to just how near we are to the time when Christ calls to us: “Come up here!” (Revelation 4:1).

The Next Crisis?

This title indeed encompasses a huge question, seeing how the most previous crisis—COVID-19—slammed the planet out of nowhere. The next crisis could be most anything. It could be the Rapture of the Church. That is the hope of all who name the name of Jesus Christ, of course.

That would not be a crisis for us. But it sure would be for the world!

However, in this article I’m thinking more in terms of a crisis of prophetic import that we can see gestating in today’s news. The fact that it possibly involves nuclear weaponry makes it indeed a crisis of potential world-affecting dimension.

We begin by thinking on how former President Donald Trump spoke frequently, as did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on how Iran would never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.

Trump, as we remember, took away the “nuclear deal” the Obama administration had made with the Iranian Ayatollahs. That greatly slowed Iranian progress toward development of such weaponry. But it didn’t stop it, as Russia, China, and even North Korea are thought to continue contributing to Iran’s quest to obtain a nuclear arsenal.

One of the first actions the new administration took after January 20, 2021, was to enter into reactivating the “nuclear deal”—to the great consternation, of course, of Netanyahu and IDF leadership. The Israeli prime minister has expressed yet again his unyielding contention that the Israel-hating Iranian leadership will never achieve nuclear status. The following news excerpt explains.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US Vice President Kamala Harris in a late-night phone call on Thursday that he will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons…

Netanyahu in turn said that the US and Israel will continue to strengthen intelligence and security cooperation. He added that he is committed to preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons intended to destroy Israel.

Harris and Netanyahu agreed on the importance of the close cooperation between the two countries on regional security issues, which includes Iran’s nuclear program, according to the Vice President’s Office. (“Netanyahu tells Kamala Harris he won’t let Iran obtain nuclear weapons,” Jerusalem Post, March 4, 2021)

With the Biden administration thought to be largely run by Obama administration officials, it’s difficult to believe that the new administration won’t subvert any and all efforts of Israel’s actions to halt the nuclear development efforts in Iran’s underground mountainous facilities.

In all fairness to now VP Kamala Harris, she, surprisingly, consistently refused as a US senator to join in harsh criticism or condemnation of Israel for the most part. She and Benjamin Netanyahu, at least in the cursory contact they have made, seemed to have been in agreement on such things as dealing with hostilities in the Middle East and with actions against the COVID-19 so-called pandemic. Still, it is highly unlikely their seemingly cordial agreement in these matters will hold once the globalist momentum reaches full throttle.

Israel, according to the prophet Zechariah, is in for total condemnation in the future from all nations of earth.

And, at the moment, Iran seems to be the catalyst that could galvanize the world’s ire against the Jewish state.

As stated above, Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly made clear that Iran will never be allowed to achieve the ability to produce nuclear weapons. Now that his colleague in the US presidency, Donald Trump, is no longer in the White House, his determination seems to have doubled down to assure that Iran as a nuclear state never happens.

Netanyahu is backed even by those politically at odds with him, as reflected in the news excerpt that follows.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Thursday said the Israel Defense Forces is continuously updating its plans for a prospective military strike on Iranian nuclear sites.

Gantz, in an interview with Fox News, said the military plans would not be finalized until right before such a strike was set to be carried out.

“Until then, we will continue to build them [the plans], to improve them… to the highest professional level possible,” he said. (“Gantz: IDF updating military plans for potential strike on Iran nuclear sites,” Times of Israel, RR News, March 5, 2021)

We have written a number of times regarding the prophecy of Elam found in Jeremiah 49:34–39.

My friend Bill Salus, a highly studied prophecy writer on foretellings involving the region in question, gives fascinating insights into the developing crisis. Bill says the prophecy in Jeremiah 49:34–39 might be dealing with this very issue. Jeremiah says that Iran experiences a disaster, which, from the details of the prophecy, appears to be the result of a nuclear catastrophe. Salus unveils this prophecy in his book entitled, Nuclear Showdown in Iran, Revealing the Ancient Prophecy of Elam.

See Trailer:


I highly recommend this as reading, if interested in what certainly looks to be stage-setting for the fulfillment of a catastrophe on the brink of taking place within the mountains of Iran.

Again, Israel is the number-one signal to watch to determine the lateness of the prophetic hour. The developing crisis is a reminder to, as our Lord commands, keep looking up in anticipation of His sudden coming for all who believe in His death, burial, and resurrection for their salvation (Luke 21:28).

Minion Invasion: Fact or Fiction?

This week’s column admittedly is, in part, to promote my third book of The Second Coming Chronicles series. Gary Ritter, an award-winning novelist, and I have joined to produce the third of the series. Its title is The Minion Protocols and it follows The Rapture Dialogues and The Nephilim Imperatives.

The first of the novels was the fictional—although based in solid Bible prophecy—presentation of part of Jesus’ foretelling of these very days in which I believe we are living.

Our Lord prophesied that when He is next revealed in a spectacular way, a catastrophic way, society and culture will be like they were during the days of Noah.

Here is what Jesus Christ said:

But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. (Matthew 24:37–44) 

Despite the insistence of many seminaries and their graduates that this is not a Rapture prophecy, I believe it’s obvious that it is. There are Greek terms involved that also indicate it’s a Rapture prophecy.

That argument aside, the important thing to consider here is that the Creator of all matter that exists says that when He next catastrophically intervenes into human history, things will be—in society and culture—like they were in the days of Noah before the Flood that destroyed most all flesh on earth. We look back to the book of Genesis to see what things were like back in that antediluvian world.

This is the record of that epoch of earth I want us to consider for the moment.

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. (Genesis 6:1–5)

Again, a look at the Greek in regard to the term “sons of God” here can prove to those willing to lay aside prejudices against angelic sexual intervention in the human procreation process that these “sons of God” indeed sired nonhuman offspring—Nephilim, as my second novel of the series terms them. From the Nephilim, I believe, came the legends, gods, and demigods of Greek and other literature. These creatures were also, I believe, the possessors of the archeologically unearthed, gigantic, human-like skeletons and bones that science today, and even clergy, want to deny and/or keep under wraps from the curiosity of humanity.

These folks, for reasons known only to themselves, have managed to convince much of the world’s populations that such artifacts of paleontology don’t exist, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I, personally, suspect that it is to prevent truth of the biblical account of Creation and human origin from coming to light.

Jesus said in His Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24 that deception will be a primary sign of his Second Coming. As a matter of fact, it was the first sign He gave when His disciples asked Him what would signal His return and the end of the age.

The fact that dark forces of science and government have managed to prevent light from being shed in that regard smacks, I believe, of supernatural obfuscation from the dark dimension this novel series is meant to expose.

Certainly we have gone over and over the deception that has been foisted by the dark human geopolitical forces of the past number of years. And the efforts to lie and promote that deceit have been so creatively accomplished that we can only conclude that the master planner is “the father of lies,” Lucifer.

Our novel, The Minion Protocols: Dark Powers, goes behind the scenes of all that has gone on in the American political and governmental machinations of late. Although the story is fictional, we hope it gives a glimpse of how the dark powers that invaded the earth and were denounced by God as evil in their activities and intentions are almost certainly now setting the stage for the Tribulation era and the emergence of the Antichrist regime, precisely as God’s prophetic Word predicted millennia ago. All this evil and dark deception is fact, not fiction.

We believe that one quick glance around your personal world at any given moment gives you the strange but certain sensation that there is a growing, collective madness that Paul described as a “reprobate mind” (Romans 1: 28).

To that extent, we say without reservation that the Minion invasion is reality at this very moment.

But we who know the Lord for salvation can take great comfort from our Lord’s own words about all that is darkening our presence circumstance.

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. (Luke 21:28)

The links to order the third book of the series and the entire series are below.

Here is the link for The Minion Protocols:


And here is the link for the complete box set (all three novels) of The Second Coming Chronicles:


Harlot System in View

My much-missed friend, the late Dave Hunt, received considerable heat for pointing out the evils found within Catholicism. In his book, The Woman Rides the Beast, he pointed out, by name, some very famous Christian evangelists, ministers, and church leaders for their cozying up to Pope John Paul and the Catholic Church of that period. He gave all biblical reasons that the Catholic Church and true biblical Christianity were not compatible.

When Dave agreed to write a chapter for one of our books, controversy arose over his inclusion of his criticism of these Christian leaders in his chapter. Even a friend of Dave’s, one of my best friends and a Christian brothers, now also deceased, called me and asked: “Should Dave’s chapter be included, with his strong criticism of…and…for saying good things about the pope?”

My question to this friend–one of the most wonderful preachers and teachers of God’s Word and of Bible prophecy—was: “Well, is Dave telling the truth in his chapter about the Catholic Church and its false teaching?”

Our friend’s answer was, “Well…yes.” I then said, “So why shouldn’t we print Dave’s truthful telling about the mistakes of the Christian evangelist, minister, and church leaders cozying up to the pope and the Catholic Church?”

So, Dave Hunt’s chapter doing just that was published in our book, precisely as Dave wrote it.

I’m sure both of my great friends, now in Heaven, are closer friends than ever–along with the now-deceased men Dave was pointing out as in error by giving a degree of credence to the Catholic Church’s false teaching.

Dave Hunt’s book was harsh in its condemnation, to be sure. But God’s Word is even more condemning of that coming system of wickedness, which Dave and our friend who questioned the inclusion of Dave’s chapter agreed almost certainly will have Catholicism at its heart. As a matter of fact, even much of the Catholic clergy are beginning to conclude that this current pope manifests characteristics portrayed by the Bible’s depiction of the coming false prophet.

“Harlot” –rendered “whore” in the King James Version of the Bible–is a term that denotes a woman who prostitutes herself sexually. In Bible prophecy, the term is applied symbolically, to a system of religion that rejects true doctrine from God’s Word and gives itself totally to a false system of worship.

Just as the true Church (all born-again believers of the Church Age, the dispensation of grace) is known as the Bride of Christ, the harlot, as depicted in Revelation, chapter 17, can be likened to being  the mistress of Antichrist. She is of her father, the Devil:

And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration. (Revelation 17:1-6)

This harlot church system will, many prophecy students and teachers believe, be made up of an eclectic mix of religions in the time following the Rapture of the true Church. The religious system, called “Mystery Babylon,” will work in concert with the Antichrist regime to enslave the world in every realm of life.

According to Christian apologist Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries, the current pope presents a profoundly corrupted gospel, not the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gendron, who was formerly a devout Catholic for thirty years, says that he, like many Catholics, never read the Bible for himself to any great extent, depending instead on Catholic teaching by those who inculcated him in the Catholic dogma. It was only when he started looking into Scripture for himself that he was freed from the grip within which the church held his eternal soul. He is now a man on Holy Spirit fire for getting out the true Gospel and particularly to those entrapped within false systems of religious worship.

The apostasy we see developing and burgeoning within society and culture today is a powerful signal of how quickly the Church Age must be nearing its end. When Christ calls the true Church to Himself, the false church–the harlot church—will come together, led by the false prophet who many believe could be a pope. Again, even many Catholic leaders believe this to be the case.

I’ve heard Mike Gendron speak on a number of occasions, and always have found his presentations inspiring and instructive about the evil of false worship systems. However, upon listening recently to Mike and Jan Markell on her remarkable radio program, aired over nine hundred stations each week, I was even more drawn to the truth of the evil the world faces with the ongoing developments.

With Pope Francis saying bluntly and on several occasions that even atheists will go to Heaven, we can be confident that apostasy is blatantly in our faces today. I strongly urge you to listen to Jan’s Discerning the Times radio program. I’ve provided a link below.



Israel in End-Times Spotlight

While the globalists, world media, and the American political deep state wind up another unsuccessful effort to bring down one man, the spotlight of Bible prophecy focuses on exactly where it should be at this late hour of the age.

Israel shines brightly as the number-one signal of where this generation is on God’s prophetic timeline.

We begin to understand that this is true by considering that Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, faces much of the same sort of globalist deep-state hatred and attempted destruction as former President Donald Trump. In this way, the student of Bible prophecy who looks at things from the pre-Trib view again comprehends the Heaven-directed linkage between His chosen nation and our own very special republic founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

Both men, intensively in the world’s spotlight for the past number of years, seem an almost joined-at-the-hip representation of this God-directed connection.

America was instrumental in Israel again springing to national existence on May 14, 1948, as we know. This, despite great objections from the American State Department. Looking at the history, we can see the hand of the Almighty as He moved in the lives of President Harry Truman and his one-time haberdashery partner, a Jewish man named Eddie Jacobson.

Jacobson prevailed upon his friend, then president, to intervene on behalf of the drive to give the Jews a homeland in ancient Israel’s geographical location. This Truman did, overriding objections by his secretary of state and all other naysayers’ objections. It is obvious, even to skeptics, that America has been immensely blessed through championing modern Israel’s right to exist.

Just as when Barack Obama became president and showed disrespect and even disdain for Netanyahu and Israel, the new president, Joe Biden, has opted to put America’s relationship with the Jewish state in question. As a matter of fact, his treatment is seen by many as rude at best and disdainful at worst. The following gives a glimpse of the current president’s attitude.

President Joe Biden is the first American leader in 40 years not to contact Israel’s leaders as one of his first actions in the White House, setting up what could be four years of chilly relations between America and its top Middle East ally.

Biden has already phoned multiple world leaders, including Russian president Vladimir Putin and Chinese president Xi Jinping, but during his 23 days in office has yet to speak with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu—making Biden the first president in modern history to punt on bolstering U.S.-Israel relations during his initial days in office. Every president going back to at least Ronald Reagan in 1981 made contact with their Israeli counterpart within a week of assuming office, according to a review of news reports.

Congressional foreign policy leaders slammed Biden’s Netanyahu snub, prompting a flurry of questions for White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who has declined to disclose when or if Biden will call the Israeli leader. Psaki also said on Friday the White House would not list Israel as a U.S. ally when asked about the relationship during her daily press briefing. (“Biden Makes History: First President in 40 Years to Punt on Contacting Israel – White House doesn’t list Israel as American ally,” Washington Free Beacon, February 14, 2021)

The report gives facts about Israel’s ties to America. For example, modern presidents going back to Reagan have almost on the day of assuming office made calls or gotten in contact with Israel. Almost without exception, the messages have included that the US would stand firmly with Israel and its right to nationhood. Biden’s obviously intentional disrespect for Netanyahu and for Israel comes at a time when Israel faces increasing terrorist threats and a bellicose Iran that threatens to produce and use nuclear arms within the very near future.

The report also informs that Biden “also has hired several individuals with a background in anti-Israel activism, including Maher Biter, a top White House National Security Council official who spent his youth organizing boycotts of the Jewish state. The State Department’s Iran envoy, Robert Malley, also has been a vocal critic of Israel.”

When thinking on the growing anti-Semitism across the world and the fact that Iran seems on the brink of becoming a nuclear power, the observer of prophetic stage-setting for soon fulfillment can’t miss the signposts. Israel is indeed in the spotlight of God’s omniscience. His chosen nation is moving swiftly and exactly into the position prophesied by Zechariah millennia ago. In his prophecy is a dire warning for all in authority as heads of nations–including the president of the United States.

And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. (Zechariah 12: 3)


What Manner?

The student of Bible prophecy from the pre-Trib perspective can spiritually sense it. This generation is bumping up against the extreme edge of the end of the age.

Although the Apostle Peter was given Holy Spirit foreknowledge of the time I believe we are now a part of, he had no way of knowing the expansive time frame that was involved in his prophecy.

He wrote in one intensively compact burst of inspiration the entire scope of history yet future from the time of his writing. It came out as the following:

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless. (2 Peter 3:9–14)

That sweeping vista of the future is stunning when we stop to contemplate it, study it, and dissect it!

The great apostle, emerging out of the shores of the Galilee and other fishing holes of the time as a simple fisherman, was given by the Holy Spirit the spectacular vista. It was a stupendous vision of earth’s timeline that will conclude with God’s entire creation being completely dissolved, then remade into the perfection He first produced.

Peter begins by addressing, it seems, the question so many of us who watch current evil machinations are asking today: “How long, oh Lord?” Why is God taking so much time to deal with the wickedness that is causing all of humanity to spiral downward so rapidly?

God had Peter write those words because He isn’t willing for a single person to perish—that is, perish eternally, with their soul being lost forever, apart from God.

When we look at that single line Peter was directed to write, we can get a look into our God’s wonderful character—His matchless love for each individual ever to be allowed into the world in the human birth process.

He is having Peter tell us that this is the reason He seems slow to anger, slow to punish with judgment and wrath. We can, as believers who hold to Luke 21:28, Titus 2:13, and other such scriptural encouragements, look to Peter’s words  to get some degree of understanding of why He lets things become increasingly wicked.

What we are really saying—I guess I should say, “what yours truly is really saying”—when posing the question is: “Why doesn’t the Lord act against this evil as I think he should?” Or “Why doesn’t the Lord hurry up and call us to be with Him in the Rapture?”

The next thing that pops into the gray matter, then, is: “Do you really not care that so many will have to face the evil of Antichrist and the Tribulation following that thief-in-the-night moment?” It’s a humbling prodding by the Holy Spirit. We should try our best to think as our Lord does. After all, He indwells us and has given us the ability to do so.

He further gives Peter the words to pass along in the form of a question:

What manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God?

Part of looking for the soon coming of our Lord should be, I am convicted, to have compassion for those about whom we often feel quite the opposite. Godliness, you see, is not being willing for anyone to perish, but wanting all to come to repentance.

This is a truth from the heart and mind of God that I truly will have to get serious about as we proceed into that dark future Mr. Biden has forewarned. It won’t be easy; there is much uneasiness as we consider prophetic developments. But the Holy Spirit has given Peter the words from which we must not turn away.

Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless.

This is the manner in which we should be—“in all holy conversation and godliness, Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God”—which, incidentally, comes as a thief in the night!

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