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End-of-Days Scenarios – Part 7

People have vanished all over the world in less time than it takes for light to enter the eye and strike the retina. The chaos is worldwide, but nowhere so profound as within the United States of America. Just a matter of time, however, will prove that the ramifications are geopolitically staggering –for one nation in particular, in addition to America.

The American government, at every level, soon analyzes that every child below–most likely—the teen-age years are gone. Every pregnant woman who was with child, and who remains, has suffered the loss of the baby in her womb. But some other things are discovered that are even more troubling to the officials, the politicos of the nation at every level.

Government is totally disrupted, and the powers-that-be quickly recognize that not even Martial Law is going to be able to reestablish the revenue basis for carrying on government as usual. A huge part of the tax base–a fatally proportionate one–is no longer here to provide the funds to carry on government as usual! Much of the workforce, particularly the most vital, skilled force that was the heart and soul of American industry and fidelity to the good work ethic, disappeared in that stupefying moment.

Carnage alone, caused by the many accidents and other disappearance-engendered problems, will require massive manpower and, in many cases, extraordinary skills to begin restoring order. These people are gone in great numbers.

Europe, on the other hand–while dumbfounded, even extremely worried, over the vanishings—seems to have suffered little infrastructure damage. Economy, well structured by the European Union Parliament, has only minimum glitches in keeping things running. Now, it is bidden by the upper echelon of the American government that is left to advise and assist in helping with things –especially with reestablishing America’s economic base on sound footing.

America’s particularly bad circumstances do not go without notice by others within the nation-states of the world. Russia and China take special notice. They assess how America’s military complex has been affected.

Islamics who want their religion to rule the world are delighted. The great Satan has gotten its deserved punishment from Allah. Although Islamic children, too, have disappeared, the adults who remain in great numbers are still available to make war–and love, in order to replenish the children. The terrorist Islamic organizations are delighted, and immediately see jihad against their enemies –most particularly against the Jews of the world –and Israel.

Israel’s governmental leaders come to two stunning realizations: 1) Their only ally, with the greatest thermonuclear deterrent in the world, is in chaos. The U.S. government officials who remain are doing all within their power just to make deals with the EU in order to –somehow—regain their own power. There is no time, or even facility, to see to Israel’s protection. And, 2) The greatest supporters of Israel and the Jews, in terms of people who supported Israel’s right to exist –their best friends on the planet—are no longer on the planet!

While America’s top leaders who are still around are coming to understand there must be a complete rearrangement of economy and monetary matters, Israel is getting reports of plans for attack by the Arabs, Persians, and other Islamics, who understand what has happened as an opportunity provided them by Allah–an opportunity to once and for all eradicate the hated Jew and the impostor state of Israel.

The Jewish leadership is intact, and the Jews –even those of the Labor Party and the most liberal—know the tiny nation stands alone. Even Mid-East oil exigencies are for the moment off the table for the powers of the west, the industrial nations that must reorganize, not send their troops on ventures into the sands of the Middle East.

What Israel determines to do, it must do quickly. Very quickly. The Israeli leadership realizes one thing beyond all others. They know their blood-vowed enemies will do everything within their power to wipe them –including the Labor Party and other liberal Jews—off Planet Earth. But, there is “the Samson Option,” even the liberal Jews agree. The tiny state that is now in the cross-hairs of practically every Arab state still has perhaps the 3rd or 4th most lethal nuclear weapons force in the world. The Islamic fanatics –the entire world—must be shown that their vow “Never again!” is as strongly in the collective determination of the Jew as in the years immediately following Hitler’s Holocaust.

Next week, God willing, we will unfold the scenario further, with the thought toward setting geopolitical things up for the rise of earth’s last and most terrible tyrant.


  1. 2crazyblessed says:

    This was another insightful article, Terry. I am torn, as I’m sure we all are- being totally anxious for heaven, and yet terribly afraid for the unsaved in our lives.

    • Terry James says:

      It’s only natural –or maybe I should say supernatural– to want to go Home where there is comfort and joy for all of Eternity as opposed to enduring this sin-caused chaos. But, it’s out of our hands. Our Father has us here and now for His own Reasons, and therefore we do our best to carry out His Mission He has Assigned. This is how we should view this life, no matter how uncomfortable it gets. Easier said than done, I know. But, He will see us through to Final Victory.

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