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“Perilous Times” Headlines

No prophetic indicator more precisely relevant to our time can be determined than what we have seen develop within recent weeks and days to my way of analysis.

Specifically, I would like us to examine in this brief commentary things in our headlines of late─that I believe parallel Paul’s perilous times forewarning found in the following portion of 2 Timothy, chapter 3:

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be…traitors, heady, highminded…” (2 Timothy 3:1a, 2a; 4a).

First, we should get these words down in terms of the definitions given in the Greek language, in which the New Testament was written. I invite you to check out the Greek in the Strong’s Greek Lexicon, or another source to get the exact Greek word. I deal here only with the definition of each of these words that I believe so fit our day in regard to being end times:

Traitors: A betrayer─in the sense of giving forward into another’s [the enemy’s] hands. Heady: 1): to fall forward, headlong, sloping, precipitously 2): precipitate, rash, reckless (Example: Acts 19:36. Paul advises to never act rashly.)

Highminded: 1): to make proud, puff up with pride, render insolent, to be puffed up with haughtiness or pride 2): to blind with pride or conceit, to render foolish or stupid

These characteristics have in recent days, in my opinion, been on display in glaring, unmistakable fashion for anyone who is willing to honestly acknowledge America’s slide into reprobate thinking, as Paul forewarned:

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient” (Romans 1:28).

One particular young man has been at the center of this end of the age display of God’s prophetic truth since 2013. Paul’s perilous times characteristics have been manifesting before our eyes on an hourly basis. Edward Snowden is stuck in Moscow, awaiting word on possibly being given sanctuary. Of course, we all know his story by now. He divulged massive amounts of National Security Agency (NSA) information regarding the snooping agency’s intelligence gathering.

Most troubling, apparently, to the powers that be in Washington has been the revealing of the methodologies the NSA uses to collect the data and use it–even against American citizens. The 30-year old contractor, who reportedly doesn’t have a college degree, was in position to collect information on the capabilities of, arguably, America’s most secretive clandestine service.

Everyone in power, from the Obama Administration to senators and representatives, and mainstream media pundit-types  were at the time calling him a traitor and demanding that he be immediately extradited to the U.S. Snowden claims he divulged the information–and would divulge a lot more─because the NSA and other clandestine services are spying on individual American citizens and collecting dossiers in a way that violates the Constitution. For example, the Fourth Amendment.

Snowden went to China and to Russia with the information─America’s traditionally most powerful, antagonistic opponents─so the word “traitor” is a term that is appropriate, it can be argued. –Thus, although the betrayal might be viewed as well as being carried out against a corrupt, intrusive government, not as against the American people.

Regardless of his motive–and only the Lord and Mr. Snowden know for certain what that is—he has opened himself up to appear to have selfishly performed a traitorous act by placing himself in a position to be debriefed on these sensitive documents by America’s most dangerous foes, in terms of geopolitical intrigue.

Now, I would like to look at an even more worrisome matter in all of this — the betrayal or traitorous activities by those in the high places of government who are so heady and highminded─to use Paul’s Holy Spirit-inspired Words. Those In the NSA, the IRS, and other such agencies who have wantonly and recklessly disregarded the Constitution the founding fathers gave this nation have violated, and continue to violate, apparently, the very spirit of what has made this unprecedented experiment in human liberty unique in all the ages of human history. That they do their dastardly, enslaving activity under the guise of “national security” makes the crime worse.

They have, and continue to betray the trust a people must have in its leaders in order to carry on with civil and productive society and culture. Make no mistake─there are those principalities and powers in the high places─both human and supernatural─who want you to be the servants of the ruling class, rather than those whom are served, as the founding fathers wrote into that most noble document. Here is what Benjamin Franklin had to say about a national, salaried bureaucracy:

Sir, there are two passions which have a powerful influence in the affairs of men…ambition and avarice-the love of power and the love of money… What kind are the men that will strive for this profitable preeminence, through all the bustle of cabal, the heat of contention, the infinite mutual abuse of parties, tearing to pieces the best of characters? It will not be the wise and moderate, the lovers of peace and good order, the men fittest for the trust. It will be the bold and the violent, the men of strong passions and indefatigable activity in their selfish pursuits. These will thrust themselves into your government and be your rulers…

Franklin said further:

There will always be a party for giving more to the rulers, that the rulers may be able, in return, to give more to them…The more the people are discontented with the oppression of taxes, the greater need the prince has of money to distribute among his partisans, and pay the troops that are to suppress all resistance, and enable him to plunder at pleasure .There is scarce a king in a hundred who would not, if he could, follow the example of Pharaoh-get first all the people’s money, then all their lands, and then make them and their children servants for ever…I am apprehensive, therefore─perhaps too apprehensive─that the government of the States may, in future times end in a monarchy…and a king wills the sooner be set over us. (My thanks to Bill Federer’s American Minute, June 28, 2013 –From Ben Franklin’s speech on June 28, 1787 Constitutional Convention, at 81 years of age.)

The traitorous, heady and highminded are among us. We have come to a time very near that of a Constitutional crisis. These times in which we live look to be the perilous times that Paul said, will be prevalent at the moment Christ calls His church to be with Him forever.



  1. Nora says:

    Thinking about the nearness of the rapture, I’m wondering if this prophetic Middle-Eastern war (including the destruction of Damascus) which seems to be really-really close on our horizon, I wonder if this war could implode the already fragile economy of the world and the “days of business as usual” will be over soon because of that… However, it could turn out so that the Lord will continue to hold the world’s economy together and the Church will be still there in the aftermath of this war. I know that most Christians who hold the pre-trib rapture position (just like me) think that the latest possible time for the rapture is around the time of the Ezekiel 38/39 war. (I’m not speaking against the rapture’s imminency, I’m just naming the last possible time for it in the time interval between now and the start of the 70th week.) The “Gog-Magog attack of Israel” is still way down on the road in my opinion but I’ve been wondering what if the Lord will take us home soon, perhaps after this big regional conflict and prophetic war (that is around the corner) erupted in the Middle-East. Of course it is nothing more than “wondering” and mostly wishing, not predicting. (Sorry for my English!)

  2. Beth Johnson says:

    The nations mentioned in the Ezekial 38/39 Gog Magog destruction is not way down the road (in my opinion). The hook in the jaw are the massive natural gas and oil fields that Russia needs desperately. The alliance is already assembling in the exact configuration predicted north of Israel’s border with Syria. It could happen quickly. I too long for His appearing and I believe it literally can happen at any moment. Blessings Nora, Beth J

    • Nora says:

      Thank you for your kind words Beth! I wouldn’t mind if prophetic events unfold that quickly in the not too distant future and maybe it will be so! Christians (having the pre-trib rapture view) debate how these pre-70th week prophetic events will happen. According to many, Israel needs time to get accustomed to her new status with her bigger (yet future) borders, also the prophecy against Damascus mentions that Northern-Israel will suffer significant loss too in that coming war. It seems plausible that a time interval (maybe a few years long) will be needed till Israel gets comfortable in her new status and gets even more prosperous thanks to the gas pipe line to Europe which creation Israel agreed on with Italy, Greece and Cyprus. Then they’ll have enough (false) security and will be in the lull when the “Gog-Magog nations” attack them. I’m not saying that the possible chain of events I described is “written in stone” and that’s exactly how things will turn out but a certain amount of time is very possible between the destruction of Damascus (plus the regional war it could trigger) and the Gog-Magog war. Nonetheless, I’d like to be wrong about this! Maybe prophetic events will unfold with a much greater speed, we could only wait and see.

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