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Second-Greatest Prophetic Signal

Most every Bible prophecy student is fairly certain that the number-one signal of where this generation stands on God’s prophetic timeline is centered within the modern nation of Israel. There can be no ending to this great, eternal drama if God’s chosen nation isn’t a major actor within the scenes to unfold as the play reaches its climax.

The proof of God being the play’s Author is His foreknowledge. He has said that Israel would be a nation again after its final diaspora (dispersion). As a matter of fact, His Word foretold that it would be reborn in a single day–which happened May 14, 1948.

God has put in writing that His people, the Jews, will yet have to go through the most terrible times of history. He laid it all out through the prophet Jeremiah (Jeremiah 30:7), Matthew the apostle (Matthew 24: 21), and John the Revelator (the book of Revelation from chapter 4 to the end.)

He further said Israel would be the greatest of all nations, ultimately. The Millennial Kingdom will have His chosen nation as its apex nation, ruled over by the resurrected King David under the kingship of the Lord of all lords and King of all kings–Jesus Christ—for one thousand years.

So, to the true prophecy student, there is no doubt. Israel is the number-one signal of where things stand when the Tribulation closes in and the triumphant return of Jesus Christ nears.

Now, there are differing opinions on what other signals might be next in line beneath Israel. Here are some of the signals I think we will next be seeing:

  • Increase in wars and rumors of wars
  • Nations in alignment, as given in God’s Word—i.e., the Gog-Magog nations (Russia, Iran, Turkey, etc.)
  • Developments in the geopolitical world, such as the ten-kings developments found in Daniel, Luke, and other places; the EU as a reviving Roman Empire; and Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream image and the ten toes of iron mixed with miry clay
  • Religious apostasy, with the ecumenical movements, an apostate pope, and strange winds of doctrines that continue to assault true Christianity
  • Some are prone to count as signs some geophysical events such as storms, and other strange-weather events, and earthquake activity. I don’t discount these, but don’t see them as major signs at this point.
  • The increase in Antichrist spirit evil with regard to occultic activities such as directing humanity toward Mother Earth worship (climate-change madness) and conjuring through demonic rituals, etc., as the cultures and societies of the world descend toward the abyss
  • And, along this line, the Antichrist spirit and all wickedness attendant to it (In fact, I’ve about concluded this might be the number-two signal, right beneath Israel.) Within this satanic sin-infection of most all of humanity at this late hour of the age, I believe we can spotlight the manifestation of a particular evil. The specific evil that jumps out from the slide under God’s microscope–the Holy Bible—can be discerned, I believe, through reports like the following:

Eleven people have appeared in court accused of taking part in a child sex ring which also allegedly involves witchcraft, serious violence and neglect.

The sex ring mainly centres around two young girls and a boy between 2010 and 2020, all in Glasgow, a court heard.

According to prosecutors, the eleven suspects are said to have got the boy and the older girl to take part in ‘seances (and) use a Ouija board…to call on spirits and demons’ as part of the sex ring.

They also allegedly got the children involved in ‘witchcraft’ leading them to believe that they themselves had ‘metamorphosed into animals’.

The group, of seven men and four women, are also believed to have worn cloaks and devil horns as well as making the young boy stab a [indecipherable] to death.

It is also claimed the children were forced to take part in satanic ‘seances’ and made to kill animals – including dogs – as part of the ring that is thought to have spanned across a decade.

The accusations claim that the three young children were raped at different times while some of the group did ‘clap, cheer and verbally encourage’ and film a ten-year-old girl being sexually assaulted. (“Eleven people in court charged with child sex abuse ring allegedly involving ‘witchcraft’,” Daily Mail Online, Rapture Ready News, August 5, 2022)

As history will attest, most every civilization that has been on earth has perpetrated the worse kind of perverseness and wickedness against children in its final throes of its existence. Even in the case of Israel, we know they made their little ones to pass through the white-hot hands of the idol Moloch. The Greek and Roman Empires each had the grossest forms of pedophilia, even within the top levels of government, in days leading up to their demise.

Today, the murder of millions of babies in their mothers’ wombs makes our time like those days when the idol-god Moloch was used to burn children alive.

All of the other things mentioned above–the signals we have discussed in this forum over the years—now seem to have at this advanced date of the age coalesced. The luciferically-spawned wickedness has brought the world to the point of totally depraved activity against children. Like in the days of Noah, the minds of men are almost always on evil continually. There seems nothing left to be done by Heaven’s governance than to institute God’s judgment and wrath.

So I believe a case can be made that this worldwide movement to inflict Satan’s murderous intentions upon the most helpless among humankind–the children—constitutes the second greatest signal of how near is the Tribulation and God’s Wrath.

That means the Rapture of the Church is even nearer than that seven years of hell on earth. Here is how to escape the judgment and wrath that is coming, perhaps very soon.

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (Romans 10:9–10)


  1. David Michaelson says:

    And these things(prophetic events)will only increase(Tachos-greek)as we approach the Tribulation! While I’ve seen horrendous things done to children in my lifetime-I remember the 60s-70s well. We didn’t have the social media or access to information so quickly so we didn’t necessarily hear about them on a daily basis.I follow several online pastors teachers who say the Rapture is imminent, or any minute as 1 likes to say! We don’t know how many more events prior to the Rapture must 1st take place. For example, who could have for-seen the Abraham Accords, necessary I believe to fulfill the revelation of Sheba-Dedan-Saudis & the Gulf Arab nations only mildly protesting the Gog-Magog invasion of the Golan Heights in Israel. I’m still considering what is the “Trigger” mechanism that says to the Lord-enough is enough, and He Raptures the Church! A Pastor I follow is convinced it’s Covid, and all its requirements by governments world-wide, along with the advent of Block-Chain Technology and Ai. Since prophetic events are analagous to birth-pangs, then it appears we are drawing closer, not further away from the Tribulation thus how much closer must we be to the Rapture?

  2. Ed Wood says:

    I do believe kids being dragged into evil – especially with government approval of bringing perversion right into the classrooms and churches bringing the same wickedness into their buildings could be that second sign.

    I don’t think God will put up with this sort of thing much longer, based on what Jesus said here:

    Matthew {18:3} And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. {18:4} Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. {18:5} And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. {18:6} But whoso shall offend one of these
    little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

  3. Rela says:

    I believe that famines and earthquakes, combined with world war, was the sign that the birth pangs have begun. Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, a Messianic Jewish scholar, says that the sign of the end of the age was WW I and WWII (both of which were instrumental in bringing about the restoration of Israel to her land). He says that “nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom” is an idiom referring to world war. Here’s a Jewish source for that:
    If you shall see kingdoms rising against each other in turn, then give heed and note the footsteps of Messiah. (Bershit Rabbah XLII:4)
    So the beginning of the birth pangs, which last a long time, but get closer together and more intense as the end approaches, started with WWI.
    Matt 24
    “And you will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for those things must take place, BUT that is not yet the end.
    7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pains.”
    I have no idea how close the Rapture is. It could be at any time or 10-20 years away. I kept thinking that it can’t get much worse, but it has gotten much worse, so I don’t really know.

  4. Harvey says:

    All the signs we are witnessing are signs of the Times, which tell us that the Rapture is nearer, because we know what Gods word tells us about the times. However the almost exclusive focus on the Rapture is not entirely helpful. There are other things which must occur before it happens. Every day which passes and every event which takes place tells us that is so but we are being brainwashed into dismissing the time/events which must come in the meantime. I desire the Rapture as much as anyone but our course is not finished yet. An athlete who stops running or swimming before the finish line does not finish the race and may as well have not started. Perhaps that is not a good analogy because we can still be assured of our being taken up when the Rapture does occur, but do you get my point? I know I am a lone voice in what I say but no-one seems to bother to ask the Lord if I am right, or wrong. I am confident about what I say and someone should surely take pity on me if I am in error?
    It is like travelling on the bus. You do not get off when you are two stops away from your destination! That would be stupid. I am saying I believe we are that close but it is not yet! Joel Ch. 2 tells us that in the last days God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh. It has not happened yet! Do you ignore it your desperation to reach your final goal? We are that close to a wonderful event which will be, I believe, the most meaningful and exciting experience we have ever known!
    Our prayers for the unsaved- loved ones, family, friends, others, will be answered. Don’t you care?
    I am sure of this because God has revealed it to me clearly , repeatedly, but you do not have to believe me, because you do not know me and many of you may have chosen to believe the traditions of men and thus rendered the word of God as being of no effect. You choose not to believe Gods word! I say it is that serious. God does speak to us today , whenever He chooses . His word is quite plain but you have chosen not to hear Him. Please. Put me to the test! Ask God if what I say is not true, but do not simply follow the opinions of others.

    • A Clark says:

      I don’t think anyone of us who wait expectantly on the Lord’s return for us has stopped doing the mission. In fact is motivation to pull out all the stops and share the gospel with anyone who will listen. We long for the Lord’s appearing which keeps our minds and hearts set on the things in heaven and not the things on earth. I don’t think it’s a focus on the rapture so much as trying to understand the signs of the time as we are supposed to do. This builds faith and motivation to reach out to others as you’ve said. In the past year I’ve done bolder things than I’ve ever done to try and reach family and in sure others here in this forum have a well. So it is helpful to try and understand the signs of the time. This is not at the expense of the gospel but is actually supportive of it. It’s all good.

    • Ed Wood says:

      I think most of us who believe in the Rapture and that it is close are not doing so to the exclusion of everything else. Rather, I agree with A. Clark entirely that it motivates us to continue to educate ourselves in God’s Word and also to educate others as well whenever the opportunity presents itself.

      I think most of us do take seriously the words, “Occupy till I come,” in the parable found in Luke 19:13-27.

      On the matter of Joel’s words:

      Pentecost (Acts 2) demonstrated on a small scale what I think continues to a limited degree even now, but I don’t believe Scripture supports a large-scale revival coming before the Rapture. If anything, things will continue to get worse down here and evil will become more pervasive. Current events definitely support that premise.

      I believe that the outpouring will become universal during the Millennium when God will write his laws on people’s hearts. Yet, even then, there will be those who reject it, hence those who will participate in the final rebellion and join Satan when is turned loose after his 1000-year imprisonment.

      Now, I certainly do not rule out the possibility of some kind of last-minute pre-Rapture move of the Spirit in the form of a “heads-up” to believers just before it happens. Moses was warned decades before the Flood. Lot, just before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Nevertheless, the evidence is that most of the world will remain in unbelief and subject to the the Tribulation.

  5. Harvey says:

    I am not getting at anyone who is still carrying out the great commission. Obviously! My objection is and always has been those who teach the false ‘doctrine ‘ of the imminence of the Rapture. Even after 2000 years! It is not in the Bible nor implied. I have, and all readers of these columns must surely have, seen the same responses from those who sound as if they will ‘ just die’ if the rapture does not come soon enough. It will come when the Lord is ready, as I have said before. We do not know exactly when. It will not be tonight or tomorrow or next week!! I listened to one of the Pastors on video that was published by Olive Tree Ministries, who with open disdain, said that anyone (such as myself) was seriously holding up the Rapture. That was plain and stupid arrogance. As if anyone could hold up the Lords purposes. What He knew and planned from the beginning! I love the truth and pastors who speak otherwise will be held to account for every careless word (just as we all are). It was just playing on the weakness of faith in many who hang on every word of their pastor.
    People use and abuse scripture to justify their opinions, and many change their opinions. These are the last days, incidentally, and do not include the Millennium. The outpouring of God’s Spirit must, and will, occur before the Tribulation. Many also seem to be victims of bad teaching. (That is why the Lord said ‘Let not many of you be teachers.) I am simply saying what the Lord showed me I would personally witness, which accords with what Joel said would happen. Having learned to hear the ‘voice’ of God am I going to simply throw away several hours of vision because someone who happens to have a platform says otherwise, contrary to God’s written word?
    Incidentally, as I have mentioned before, there seemed to be an emphasis during this Revival on SEPARATION. It is apparent that many who currently would call themselves Christian are not and a number of people whose hearts are perhaps somewhat inclined, or open to God but have not made a firm decision. Gods Grace towards us is such that minds will be finally made up before the Rapture. He is not going to weed out the ‘catch’ afterwards and throw out those who are not genuine. He is not willing that any be lost but will give everyone a last chance, even as He will for those who make up their minds during the Mid-Trib period. He is a God of Love and not as legalistic as we sometimes suppose Him to be. He wants us to ‘Get real’ with Him.

    • Ed Wood says:

      May be a question of semantics regarding “imminence” that is bothering you, Harvey.
      Though it often implies “soon,” and, based on what we see going on in the world today, I’d say that’s now applicable in a way it never has been before, I think it also implies it will occur at anytime and that no specific sign or condition is required.

      By way of contrast, most prophecy scholars believe that the Antichrist can only come after the true church is removed via the Rapture and that seven years must pass following the confirmation of the “covenant with many” by that “king of fierce countenance.”

      So, by this reasoning, we can say that the Tribulation is not imminent but the Rapture is.

      You are totally correct in that the Rapture will happen when God decides it is time. Prophecy regarding coming events is truly history in advance of which God is totally aware and in control always.

      • Harvey says:

        ED, The Rapture scriptures were written almost 2000 years ago. Common sense tells us that it could not be imminent in the light of the passage of time which has passed and every day that passes proves that you are incorrect that ‘no specific sign or condition is required . Joel’s prophecy was written before the Bible was completed. It has not been fulfilled yet but so many are willing to twist the plain understanding of what was written to justify their own views. So many reject the Bible because it is rendered ‘void’ by the treatment which it gets by those who prefer their own traditions..as Jesus warned . So many times we hear pastors say ” He could come to night”. He cannot until all is accomplished according to His plan which we do not seem to be very aware of. Who is practicing semantics? It is not me .I long for it to happen but the promised out pouring will not be over in a day, or will it? I long for the Rapture and the Lord knows our yearnings and He will not delay it unnecessarily. but what He has in store is for our good, not for evil.

      • Ed Wood says:

        Harvey, you obviously have made up your own mind (again) to the exclusion of anything anyone else has to say.

      • Harvey says:

        Ed, It seems you get personal when you have nothing else to say. That is a tactic used by bad sportsmen. ‘If you can’t get the ball, get the man’ Of course my mind is made up, but I am always open to reason. I love the truth. However, I do know Gods voice and I believe Him . It could hardly be any different to what He says . If you know His voice, you will understand, surely. Is it a problem that I say I know His voice? ” My sheep hear my voice.,..” (John 10:27)

      • Ed Wood says:

        Well, Harvey, maybe you really ARE the only one God communicates with out of all the rest of us poor, misguided sinners down here. If that’s so, I reckon the Rapture will also be a solo flight while the rest of us go through the Tribulation!

        Gonna be kind of lonely in heaven for you though, don’t you think?

      • Harvey says:

        Ed, You don’t mean what you say and we both know it. Perhaps when the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit occurs you will find what you have missed, and will join all of us who hold on to that precious and Blessed Hope. God knows our needs and His promise of the Revival is an illustration of His love and grace towards us all.

      • Ed Wood says:

        Harvey, I think Terry’s intent for this website was to make it place where we could all learn and support each other. The present dialogue between us is counterproductive toward that end and I regret that I let myself be dragged into it this long

        I’m done with it.

      • Terry James says:

        Good handling of this matter, Ed! –Terry

      • Ed Wood says:

        Thank you, Terry.

        I believe you, your work, website, and those who visit here deserve not to have a discourse which is disrespectful and distracting. I certainly don’t want to be a party to that!

        Lesson learned on my part!

    • Dave says:

      Well, a little late to the game but I thought I would throw this out there to see responses: true or false, the tribulation is God’s wrath poured out?
      If true, we, the saved, the church, the bride of Christ is not appointed to wrath.
      If false, then what is poured out? If it is wrath then what is the response to 1 Thessalonians 5:9 — we are not appointed to wrath?

      • Ed Wood says:

        My own opinion, Dave, is as follows:

        Answer to question 1 = True
        Answer to question 2 = True

        I do believe that the Tribulation is indeed the time God’s wrath will be poured out in its fullness and that believers, i.e. the church, will not be here to experience it because we will be removed in the Rapture.

        This is based on these two precedents:
        God held off on the Flood until Noah and his family were safely aboard the ark.
        The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah did not occur until the angels escorted Lot and his family out of town.

        Just before the latter was to happen, Abraham correctly said:

        {18:25} That be far from thee to do after this manner, to slay the righteous with the wicked: and that the righteous should be as the wicked, that be far from thee: Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?

        The Judge of all the Earth will ALWAYS do right!

      • Dave says:

        Thanks Ed! Glad to see we are aligned! Israel is a nation again… The time is close at hand.
        Looking forward to meeting you on the wedding day!

      • Ed Wood says:

        Thank you, Dave. I’m greatly looking forward to meeting you in person – and I, too, think it will be very soon!

  6. […] His book, THE RETURN OF THE GODS, is no exception. As a matter of fact, after listening to that program and hearing Jonathan’s dissection of what is going on, it validated in my spirit what I sensed I was given to write a few days earlier. The article I wrote for my personal blog, Terryjamesprophecyline.com, is “The Second Greatest Prophetic Signal”. […]

  7. ianpomeroy says:

    Hi Terry I do so thank you for these blogs and as always you are spot on.
    I am horrified at the evil attacks taking place on children in the UK. The issue is more egregious since this has been taking place for the last 50 years at least and the authorities in the UK constantly duck the truth.

    As for some folks understanding of the Rapture and their understanding of the Tribulation I am puzzled.
    Terry has clearly identified the truth about this and the matter is not modified by strange claims relating to ”God told me in a vision” etc. We surely must follow what scripture reveals and when doing this we must have a clear understanding of this from both the Old & New Testament. There are many great teachers, some from may years ago, that have clearly identified the truth. Clarence Larkin, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Mark Hitchcock, Jeff Kinley, Billy Crone, Amir Tsafarti, Gary Stearman and of course Terry James to name just a few.

    The Rapture is imminent and that identifies that nothing tells us when it will happen, there is no Prophetic event identifying when. However Jesus told us that we shall know the signs and the seasons. Therefore we pay close attention to what Scripture has said about many dramatic events and we know from the re-establishing of Israel as a nation we have had one of the most significant signposts. We also know that God has not destined His Bride, His Church to go through the seven year Tribulation and Jesus identified that He shall come for her before that happens.

    Now being very careful to follow the prophesied events of that Tribulation we do know that the stage is virtually set for that to begin thus we who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour [as covered in the book of John and elsewhere] shall soon be out of here. Until that happens we shall be directing all that we can to His Gospel whilst also looking up for the blessed Hope. Jude 22 and Titus 2 v 13.

    • Ed Wood says:

      I totally agree with you on all the points you’ve made, Ian. As I’ve tried to point out in another place, “imminent” doesn’t always have to mean “a short span of time.” It can also mean “happening at any time” or “without warning.” I’d say that the Rapture certainly qualifies as such an event based on the latter two.

      What we do know are the signs that will be present as this age closes and it seems pretty obvious that for the first time in history, they are all converging, becoming more and focused every passing day. So, perhaps that “short span of time” is also becoming applicable for us right now, come to think of it.

      As you put so well in your comment, the stage is indeed set and it is just a matter of the actors walking on and the curtain going up!

  8. […] His book, THE RETURN OF THE GODS, is no exception. As a matter of fact, after listening to that program and hearing Jonathan’s dissection of what is going on, it validated in my spirit what I sensed I was given to write a few days earlier. The article I wrote for my personal blog, Terryjamesprophecyline.com, is “The Second Greatest Prophetic Signal”. […]

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