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Sounding of Sirens

When that funny, irritating noise coming from your TV set goes off, what is your reaction? I’m talking about that grating   OINK!…OINK!…OINK! sound that disrupts whatever program you are watching or happen to have the television on while you do other things.

The noise is followed by an announcement: This is a test. This is only a test. If this had been an actual emergency… Well, you know what I’m talking about.

When that goes off, what is your reaction? I must admit that my first, instantaneous, thought is still: Could it be a nuclear attack?

This automatic reaction comes, I have little doubt, from the time of “duck and cover!”–the warning/instruction that dominated my days as a kid. We were told to get under our desks if at school, should the sirens sound announcing nuclear attack. We were told to jump off our bikes and try to get under something, get flat into a ditch, or  hide behind anything available if we were out and about.

I’ve mentioned before in this column that when I was a sophomore in high school, the rumor had it that atomic war with the Soviets would happen on a certain Friday. It was cause of angst for some, but not all paid any attention to the rumor–or to the warnings to “duck and cover,” for that matter. I guess I’ve always been a bit geopolitically sensitive…

So it was that I tried to imagine what the people of Hawaii must have experienced when their devices and televisions announced there were incoming nuclear missiles. The announcement said this wasn’t a test–everyone should seek immediate shelter.

There was crying and gnashing of teeth, if I might use biblical language. People got under mattresses with their families or boarded themselves in garages. One grandfather herded his grandchildren into a sewer manhole. It was a time of anxiety far beyond anything I experienced as a child or have experienced since.

We think of how, if it had been an actual nuke headed to the beautiful islands of Hawaii, there would be no beauty remaining following the impact. It is almost unimaginable as to what that part of the islands would have looked like. But, it isn’t beyond our imaginations, because we have the films of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs to graphically remind us of the results of such weaponry. We have the films of the Bikini tests in the 1950s that demonstrated the horrific destructiveness of nuclear devices far more powerful than the bombs used on Japan to end the war.

Thankfully, the feared attack on Hawaii was a false alarm. The  people between the mattresses, in their garages, and in the manholes could emerge to consider how things could have ended so differently. We can hope that the accidental siren alert will serve as a wake-up call to everyone of just how short a time (less than twelve minutes from time of the alert) such devastation can come upon us.

There is devastation coming that has a much, much shorter time of arrival than 10-12 minutes upon a totally unsuspecting people. There will be no alert to forewarn those under this incoming destruction. That is, no OINK!…OINK!…OINK! will disrupt TV programs or announce on various devices what is about to occur.

However, the siren is blaring, warning that the catastrophic impact is about to take place. The siren has been sounding for some time. As a matter of fact, this column and a number of others have been sounding the siren alarm.

The devastation will far surpass what that nuclear-tipped missile would have caused, had it been an actual attack. The sirens of Bible prophecy have been sounding–especially in these end of days the secularists call the end times. The devastation, following this imminent, catastrophic event, will result in as much as three-fourths of people on earth perishing over a period of seven years.

Those upon whom this calamity is about to fall are oblivious to the sirens of warning. It’s sad to say that many who should know about the coming time of destruction and should be issuing the warning refuse to do so. Not only that, they refuse to believe the impending disaster is a prophetic fact. They even make fun of the notion.

I’m referring, of course, to the preachers who claim to name the name of Jesus Christ, but who don’t believe He is returning in a catastrophic way to planet earth.

These, if they have any opinion or care one way or the other, believe Christ will return and take over from the Church. The Church, they believe, will have made worthy His Kingdom, over which He will then reign.

Only, that’s not what the Bible says. That Revelation 19:11 return is to a war-torn planet where most of its inhabitants have died in the violence and wrath of seven years of Tribulation.   

Many of these type theologians will tell you they don’t believe the book of Revelation even belongs in the canon of Scripture. There is, they will say, no Rapture–no time of great trouble ruled over by somebody known as Antichrist. That stuff is all to somehow be taken in a spiritual way, not literally.

Jesus will indeed come back to rule and reign over a planet that is much like it was in the time of Eden before the fall of man. But, He–not the theologians who think they will prepare the way for Heaven on earth–will do the restoration. When Christ calls all believers to Himself at the Rapture, that very moment devastation will begin to fall. It will be just like in the time of Lot, when he was removed from Sodom. (Read Jesus’ words in Luke 17:26-30).

So, the siren of Bible prophecy goes unsounded, unheard by the vast majority of humanity. But, that siren is sounding more loudly every day in the Christ-sensitive ears of those spiritually attuned. That’s why we present these commentaries. We want to sound the siren a devastating time is coming–and it could come at any moment.

One siren-signal is most prominent. Israel is being forced by Satan’s globalist minions to give in to demands to divide God’s land further. The Lord is on the cusp of taking the Church Home with Him. He will then again begin dealing with His beloved Israel. It will be a time of His wrath, while He purges those who are rebellious earth-dwellers and rescues for Himself a people to populate the millennial earth.

The sirens are sounding!


  1. Julie Ramsour says:

    Yes Terry, the sirens are sounding and getting louder and louder. It won’t be long before the church will be raptured. We must continue telling others about the LORD as time is short. Thank you for your articles. I look forward to reading everyone of them. Maranatha!

  2. Hope says:

    Reblogged this on 1 Way 2 Yahweh.

  3. kat says:

    Amen ! I pray every day for some of my dear family that are lost , as well as others. All the signs are here and yes, Jesus could come at any moment. The clock is ticking….. I can’t wait to see my Lord and Savior. Thanks Brother Terry. God bless you and God bless Hope for sharing this.

    A sister-n-Christ

  4. Bruce says:

    Thanks for this article Terry James, the time is truly at HAND, I do my best not to get caught up in the Deceptive News and other deceptive motives that are plaqueing this Temporary world that we live in, it’s sad because so many people are not TAKING HEED to the SIGNS of these End Time Events that are increasing Daily..
    I do my best to encouge others to SEEK the LORD Now while he may be FOUND.

    borhter in christ

  5. Kim says:

    The sound I’m longing to hear is the trumpets blaring and the voice of the One I love saying, “Come up here.”

  6. Paul Gillette says:

    Absolutely correct.

  7. Phyllis says:

    I work with several people who dismiss the warnings saying all these things have been happening for years. Even my husband will not listen to me saying I should preach salvation and leave the rest to God. I feel I am talking to myself, very few people agree with me on the warning around us! I am disturbed and sadden by this.

  8. Drgold says:

    Thanks Terry James for your timely warning- Sounding of Sirens. Barely 50% of the islanders received the warning, and only 25% took it seriously! But one day, it will be a reality!


  9. Jackie says:

    In August 2021 I woke to the sound of a song within me. I the first time i did not respond but woke up from my sleep on the second time. I hear, : Day and Night, Night and Day Nations Arise!! I immediately began to pray. As i was praying i heard a notification. I thought the Lord woke up a friend to intercede w/ me. When i looked at my phone is was Intercessors of America, praying for Afghanistan! Days later again as i was asleep i heard Nations Arise, Nations Arise!! I immediately understood what i had to do. A week later a sat straight up and screamed, “Sound the Alarm!!” i cried and prayed it out! In 2022 I fell asleep on my couch and was awaken by the sound of what i thought was the house alarm. When i sat up i realize what i heard was not the sound of the house alarm but the sound of a Siren! A church member said she heard, ” “ He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches there is a sound coming and not everyone will hear it.” WAKE UP HUMANITY WAKE UP CHURCH! GET READY PRAY FOR DISCERNMENT ASK FOR THE ANOINTING OF THE SONS OF ISSACHAR TO UNDERSTAND THE TIMES AND SEASONS and to know what to do.

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