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 Growing Globalist Monstrosity

An email from a long-time visitor/friend to raptureready.com sparked this commentary. His concerns as he laid out in that email, I’m convinced, fester in the thoughts of many who read this column and others that often deal with Bible prophecy overlaid by the issues and events of these volatile times.

My dilemma in presenting his concerns is that I find it difficult to select only portions in order to keep the total number of words as few as possible. So much of what he presents is what I believe is in the minds of so many these days. Admittedly, some of it certainly dwells within the deepest crevasses of my own thoughts.

The emailer writes the following, in part:

I believed that God put [President] Donald [Trump] in there to be effective for at least four years.

But with the Democrat sweep of almost everything in the Virginia state elections (where I live) last November, the Roy Moore disaster in Alabama and now the failure in a Republican district in PA, I am troubled that the Democrats will take back one or both houses in November. There is so much insanity and deception going on in our country … that I wonder if our Heavenly Father does not want me to be focused on this anymore.

The President is hated by most of Washington, including many Republicans, and I see and hear it every day as I work there. The Washington Post is the bible to so many of the people here. I’m really distraught now after all these setbacks since Donald’s election. The Lord has not been answering my prayers. I’m sure there are many in the country who are like-minded with me and spend a great deal of their prayer time focusing on these elections. And I’m sure they’re as disappointed in these results as I am. And maybe wondering what to do now like I am.

I heard J Vernon McGee say we are not to be focused on cleaning up the town or creating good government. I don’t really like to hear that as I think that is part of our mission to be salt and light. But maybe I’m putting too much emphasis on it. And God is telling me to let it go or back off on it with all of these dismal results.

I’m left to wonder why God put Donald in there if he only gave him two years to accomplish anything. He accomplished a lot for sure including the American embassy move to Jerusalem. I didn’t want Donald and the Republican Party to just hold Satan at his line of progression where he was stopped in Nov 2016. I want them to roll back a lot of Satan’s progress and restore some of what we’ve lost before his time ends and the next Obama and that party inevitably take control again.

I know this is just a brief respite from the scourge of evil that has overtaken us, and I am ever thankful for that. But I was hoping it would last for at least four years and even eight years, if the Lord tarries and He is willing to let Donald continue into a second term. Now it seems like it will only last two years. I’m starting to wonder why God even bothered if this was all we were going to get!

So please give me your thoughts on how much emphasis I should place on this in my prayer life. Why is God allowing evil to take back over again so quickly? How are you approaching this area since Donald was elected?

Again, my apologies for using so much quoted material this week, but you can see, I think, the raw emotion in the emailer’s words is best left as is in order to get across his concerns. They are representative of many such concerns I’ve received as of late.

I preface this by first addressing one statement this dear brother writes. He says, “God has not been answering my prayers.”

Let me say that I believe from the perspective of a great number of years of living that God answers the prayers of His children. I hold to the statement that He sometimes answers “yes,” He sometimes answers “no,” and He sometimes answers “wait.” But He always answers the prayers of His children.

God answered the prayers of His children who prayed fervently leading up to election day 2016. He gave His people the results they prayed for, most of you reading this will agree. At the same time, the answered prayers of His people were in keeping with His foreknowledge of history as it continues to unfold–i.e., neither His prophetic foreknowledge nor human volition has been violated in any of these strange, often perplexing, developments.

God’s prophetic plan for the ages continues to roll out unabated, unaffected in any way whatsoever by Satan and His minions–neither demonic nor human. What we are witnessing is Daniel, chapter 2, playing out on a daily basis through hourly headlines. The pace is observably accelerating in prophetic stage-setting–particularly in that involving Nebuchadnezzar’s dream-image.

The summation in answer to the concerns wrapped up in our emailer’s words seems to be God saying ”Wait.” The Lord is perhaps saying to keep praying and watching the His Mighty Hand at work while end-times prophecy continues to unscroll–not unlike when Moses told the Israelites to watch the Mighty Power of God while Moses held the rod stretched in the direction of the Red Sea.

Globalist “Progression” Predicted

Our emailer writes, “I didn’t want Donald and the Republican Party to just hold Satan at his line of progression where he was stopped in Nov 2016. I want them to roll back a lot of Satan’s progress and restore some of what we’ve lost before his time ends and the next Obama and that party inevitably take control again.”

Now I want to say respectfully to our friend that neither President Trump nor the Republican Party is going to–or even can–“hold” Satan’s “progression.” Globalism’s progress is a foregone conclusion. It is predicted in a number of places in God’s prophetic Word. One such place is in the aforementioned Daniel  2.

Daniel the prophet gave Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar the answer to his dream of the gigantic image of a man. The image was composed of four metals and indicated five successive world kingdoms. The feet and toes of the man-image represented the final world humanistic kingdom. That kingdom, Daniel prophesied, would be a revival of the fourth kingdom, which, in history, turned out to be the Roman Empire.

The revived form of this fourth empire would, according to Daniel 7 and John 13, be a composite beast-kingdom (a combination of all world kingdoms that preceded it). It would be more evil and world-rending than any that went before or would come after. Jesus even said that this kingdom will produce the worst conditions for Israel and for all of humanity that has ever been in world history (Matthew 24: 1).

This is the kingdom we have been watching develop, particularly over the last decade. It was on a very fast track to reach the moment Daniel prophesied, when it will dominate most all people on planet earth.

Like I am convinced–and like our emailer-friend believes–the election of this president slowed that progression significantly. But, remember, it was God’s intervention, not ours, that did the slowing. The results have been demonic enragement on a global scale, the likes of which have never been experienced. The spiritual warfare described by Paul in  Ephesians 6 starkly manifested for all who have spiritually attuned eyes to see and ears to hear.

There is a growing anxiety among such Christian observers that it is but a matter of time before the temporary roadblock God put in the way of the globalists’ progress will be removed. This is also something prophetically scheduled to happen. The platform for launching the most terrible regime of all history is still being constructed. Antichrist is waiting in the shadows for his time to step into the global spotlight.

But, the roadblock the Lord so obviously placed in the path of the globalists building Antichrist’s power base will NOT be removed until God says so.

The reason it is in place is so the Holy Spirit can speak to the hearts of those who are lost–those who haven’t accepted Jesus Christ for the slvation of their souls.

So, what are we to do now, as our emailer asks? We are to pray and witness while there is time to do so. This is the primary reason we are here on this planet. We are to lift the name of Christ so the world will be drawn by the Holy Spirit to His saving grace.

If we concentrate on doing our job–our primary job–our worries about the politics of today and what might happen will fade. After all, we are not appointed to God’s wrath (Revelation 3:10), which is the future time ruled by Antichrist. We are to look for Jesus, our “blessed hope (Titus 2:13).

When the time of the Gentiles is completed, God’s next phase for fulfillment of His prophetic plan will be put into effect. The last person to accept Christ during this dispensation, the Church Age (Age of Grace) will be received into God’s family. Jesus will call all living believers into His presence, along with all believers of the Church Age. The cares of this judgment-bound world will be left behind.

While we see the globalist monstrosity–the so-called new world order–continuing to rage toward its fulfillment as the power base of the Beast of Revelation 13, let us remember for Whom we are watching (Luke 21:28).


  1. lyndon weggery says:

    well said Terry.I believe God is tarrying because of Romans 11:25 and 2 Peter 3:9.

  2. GWA says:

    OH BOY! I am going to throw something out there and I have had this “thought” or feeling (?) for a long time. Before I say anything let me say this: I VOTED FOR DONALD TRUMP because the other choice would have been catastrophic. That being said I have always wondered……WHAT IF Donald Trump is a “Trojan horse”? What IF he is a NWO puppet and is doing what appears to be “good things” and working behind the scenes to actually speed up this one world system? I am so hoping I am WRONG about this but I just can’t shake it. My best friend is a HUGE Trumpster and I love her to death and I have said from day one I am taking a wait and see approach to this man. I am still watching and waiting to see what he does next. In the end I know who is totally in control of it all and that’s God Almighty and I believe He raised this man up at this time for the work He wants done. God will use the just and the unjust. Which side of history will Mr. Trump fall into? Time will tell. Even so come Lord Jesus! God Bless and MARANATHA.

  3. todd136 says:

    Well put! Great marching orders for us! Thanks for your timely insight.

  4. greatgrany5 says:

    As I read the gentleman’s inquiry to you, it seemed to be saying much of what I have had to struggle with regarding Donald J. Trump. I know that all of this is in God’s mighty hands and HE has answered our prayers and petitions in a mighty way, BUT seems to keep popping in at every twist and turn of the war on all who believe in Jesus Christ.

    You did an amazing job of answering and presenting and no need to apologize for anything you posted.

  5. Judy says:

    Trust in the Lord with all my heart and accept the controlling guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  6. Ruth L says:

    I voted for Trump and am happy about many of the changes he is making, but I do think many Christians have put too much trust in him instead of the Lord. I kept saying that no man is going to stop the forward march of the NWO. At at times I waffle between thinking DJT is a blessing and thinking he could be the AntiChrist. After all, deception is the hallmark of the end times. We could all be deceived into thinking he can change our course, when he is actually advancing the enemy’s. His pro-Israel stance is very important to me. But at times I think Israel is treating him like a god. A temple coin with his image (Caesar?) and a train station at the Western Wall named after him!! What? One thing I do know, it was God’s doing that he is President because in the natural, he didn’t have a chance. Not with the Soros voting machines, etc. But however it turns out, God is advancing HIS plan! That makes me happy and hopeful. Prophecy is being fulfilled. Jesus is coming. Come Lord Jesus!

  7. Ed Wood says:

    The Bible makes it clear that life on Earth will get a lot worse before it gets better in many places, perhaps no more so that in the Book of Revelation which is very much an expansion of Daniel’s prophetic visions of the empires that would come and go across the planet right up until the end.

    I certainly understand the e-mailer’s frustration with the continuing paralysis in Donald Trump’s administration due to forces without, and, unfortunately, within. This is sadly being abetted by his own tendency to look before he leaps, to not have all the facts before coming out with a statement or policy proposal. But, as you said, Terry, we should not be looking toward a man for the answers to whatever problems there are in this world, but to God alone.

    The truth of the matter is that one day God WILL fix everything that is wrong not only with our civilization, but everything that has been falling apart due to Satan’s actions since our fall from the paradise of Eden. The truth also is that it will not be an easy journey and I think it is important that we keep that in mind. Admittedly, it’s tough to watch!

    But we can take great comfort in that those of us who believe will be taken out of here before the worst of it, those last seven years of history play out and that one day God’s grand plan will for us is be better than we can ever imagine!

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