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When God Promises

Every presidential election in recent times has been talked about as one of the most crucial in America’s history. The 2020 election season has added to it, however, anxiety among voters the likes of which I can’t recall.

Not everyone is so concerned, of course. Those I’m referring to who are so concerned are those who truly see the nation as on a pathway of rapid decline in most every aspect of society and culture. From the issues of the debauching of morality like instituting same-sex marriage and same-sex public toilet facilities…to a whacked-out leftist opposition party that seems to have thrown the U.S. Constitution out the window of common sensibility…to the deliberate creation of an economic morass that has built to the point that the American people have no idea that they are in a portentous economic predicament their circumstances plainly indicate. intensive fear is building.

There is genuine worry within the heartland of America that we have a government that is no longer recognizable as founded. And, the even greater worry is that this condition has been deliberately brought about by leftist elected leaders and deep-state elitists entrenched within government whose primary concerns is feathering their own personal and political power nests.

Certainly, looking across America’s landscape of the present hour, it isn’t easy to find a glimmer of hope to offer those with these concerns. The cajoling of voters for their votes by the politicians and their great, swelling promises of the campaign stump suddenly disappear when they win elections. They join in or revert to their old Washington ways once put into or returned to office. It would be foolhardy to expect that this election will see accomplished a different result.

Tremendous pressures exerted upon newly elected members of Congress to join the insider network or else be marginalized and rendered ineffectual has been made blatantly observable over the last number of mid-term elections in particular. Once the candidates have been within the D.C. Beltway for a certain period of time, they melt into the system. They seem to disconnect from their constituency until time to get out and shore up their support at home.

The politicians’ promises, almost without exception, fade into the canyons of lost memories, the destination for which they are intended all along by the Washington power brokers. Yet to so many amongst the citizenry, the government has come to demand god-like reverence. The largess that the power brokers provide from cradle to grave has replaced reliance upon provision by the true God of Heaven in the mainstream of life in America–this swiftly taking our nation in the opposite direction intended by the founding fathers.

With the exception of President Donald Trump and others who are trying to bring about governmental sanity, each succeeding election proves again and again that the politicians’ promises were never intended to be kept. Yet we the people continue to place trust in those who, in many cases, have been in those positions of power for decades. It’s a form of insanity, I think–reprobate thinking brought on by our sinful ways and activity. Again, the definition of insanity is trying the same thing time after time to solve problems even though it fails every time.

This brought to mind for this commentary the distinctly defined difference–the contrast–between those promises given by the politicians and the promises made by our God in Heaven.

The same politicians who make us promises election after election and quickly forget them once they’ve been voted in office tell Israel that, in effect, God’s promise to that nation is not valid. Yet while the politicians prove election after election that it is their own promises that are not valid, the God of Heaven, through the very nation of Israel, which is at the heart of so much worldwide anger and controversy, has proven beyond any doubt that He keeps His promises.

He has said that Israel, once established in the land, will never be uprooted again. He said it would be made a nation again in a single day. He said that Israel will never stop being His people. He has kept every promise. We can know therefore, beyond any doubt that while the politicians of this nation and world almost never keep even one promise, the God of the Universe never will break a promise.

That God has said to His people Israel regarding Jerusalem, “For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.” (Zechariah 2:8)

The Lord has also promised that because the politicians of this world will “divide my land,” He will bring the whole world into the Valley of Jehoshaphat–to Armageddon (Joel 3:2).

That’s why we watch Israel so closely in the observation of the unfolding of history in view of Bible prophecy. Israel is absolute proof of the veracity of God’s Word. He keeps His promises–and Israel is the proof! To apply this to the fear and trepidation that so many Christians are expressing today about the upcoming election and what lies beyond, I urge that we consider our Great, Promise-Keeping God.

He has told us that we will be completely kept out of the time of the soon-to-come era of horror termed the Tribulation–out of His Judgment and Wrath (Revelation 3: 10). He will take the Bride of Christ –the Church– off this condemned planet when all of the troubling signals begin to come to pass (Luke 21: 28).

When God promises, it is as good as accomplished. This promise, I hope you will sense in your spirit as do I, is about to be kept.


  1. hawk2017 says:


  2. thoughtwrite says:

    Some Christians lack faith and need to re-read their bibles. It is mankind that has corrupted God’s ordained governmental dispensation and covenant. They need to read about that in their bibles, ‘if’ they even have one. I’ll vote for term limits. Career politicians have seemed to cave to a hunger for power and have become corrupt in the process. But of course, this is all a matter of prophecy for the last days as secularists move farther and farther away from the truth, not having a God to compare their inept efforts at forming their version of a heavenly utopia to. A matter of prophecy to prove God’s point that government (the law) will fail. Christians are beckoned to ‘come out from among them’ and He will receive us. We need to be reminded of our separation status from time to time.

  3. dottiejdavis says:

    Doesn’t most of the passage you used describe the remnant of Israel who are saved in the tribulation? ESP I would say regarding fleeing as it were to Petra at the midpoint of the tribulation. We won’t be here to have to flee anywhere for the believers will have already been raptured.

    • Terry James says:

      It is not clear to me what you are asking. However, I will say this: God promises that there will always be a remnant of His chosen people, the Jews. One-third of the nation Israel at the time of Armageddon will be preserved and supernaturally protected. They will flee to a safe place where the Lord will protect them for the second half of the Tribulation. Most students of Bible prophecy from the preTrib perspective believe that place of refuge will be Petra in the Jordanian desert.

      • Dottie says:

        Sorry I was not clear. Rushed and should have explained my comment. First I read your articles often and wholeheartedly agree with you on your point of view including this article. What I saw was a scripture used that I perceived you meant for Christians today to be encouraged by but is clearly for the tribulation saints. No question I suppose other than any other christian would ask and if would really be one there is no answer for. How much worse do things have to get before He raptures us from this fallen planet? Have a good day and thanks for all you do in keeping up on the times we are in.

  4. Excellent commentary regarding the politics of the day. What truly troubles me is the fact that Fox News is now holding the Town Hall Meetings for the Democratic Candidates for President!! Not so much a shock when we realize that the ownership of Fox News has “changed sides”, as it were. It just further proves what the Holy Scriptures tell us that in the last days, what is called evil is good and what is called good is evil. Time is indeed short…we must fervently be about our Father’s business. Amen.

    • SRB says:

      That is exactly what I wanted to say. What is called evil is good now and what is called good is evil. I was just going through the headlines in my conservative emails that I get and one after another is announcing debauchery, terrorism and murder on innocent babies as the order of the day. I look at these women politicians all dressed up in their fancy suits looking all pretty and they are clapping their hands for the murder of late term babies! These women are probably mothers themselves. Transgender athletes…that’s perfectly fine and normal now. The list goes on…. Biden says Americans would be perfectly fine with having their taxes raised even higher. This is insanity! Things are changing and changing fast now. Yes, I feel the Rapture is in the air.

  5. Ed Wood says:

    It is really easy to get discouraged watching how civilization is falling apart all around it. I confess that I am not immune and, at times, i find myself getting very frustrated.

    At these times, i have to remind myself that God is still in charge and that what is happening now is exactly the way the Bible tells us the way things must be at the end of this age. From every indication, we are in the last of those last days.

    It also reminds me that for those of us who believe in the Jesus of Scripture, we won’t be here for the worst of what is to come.

    Nor will we have to put up with what is going on around us much longer.

    Thank God for that!!

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