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 The A B C Questions

We are moving into stranger and stranger times, I sense from consideration of recent developments. Chief among those developments involves the most obvious–the election of the presidential candidate thought to have no chance at all in the 2016 election. Yet here he is, embarked upon Making America Great Again–as his presidential campaign slogan would have it.

This being the case, I would ask that you indulge me just a bit, as I would like to construct a scenario or two based as much in biblically prophetic truth as in fictional cogitation.

That America has been forced toward movement into the globalist mold over the past several decades is without question in my view. This was the case during the eight years of the Obama administration. The nation’s sovereignty has been in process of usurpation by the new world order builders through a series of quasi-legitimate executive orders.

It is more than obvious, to me at least, that the United States was moving along an seemingly unalterable course dictated by the globalists’ agenda. The 2016 presidential election didn’t just slow that movement; it halted it in its tracks. President Donald J. Trump is an avowed anti-globalist. He views America not as the hegemonic superpower that must be brought down to third-world status, its wealth redistributed in order to create some insanely conceived socialistic Utopia, but as beneficent leader of a world of autonomous nations.

My idea isn’t to sing the praises of this president. He is merely a man who has been thrust into the end-times picture for God’s own great purpose. My thinking here is to explore and examine a bit the possibilities that purpose might include.

Thus we come to the title of this commentary: “The A B C Questions.”

I watch with great interest the uptick in the world’s fiscal markets as the wizards of finance contemplate changes taking place in our country. The records being set in the stock markets, etc., move in synchronization with the strangeness of Trump’s election. The whole matter, to my way of thinking, generates questions involving Bible prophecy potentiality.

My questions and ruminations follow.

Question A

AMERICA–Is this nation, rather than being on the brink of imploding economically as most prophecy students thought before the presidential election of 2016, now about to enter a time of, perhaps, unprecedented financial boom?

Most who have been responsible for making profit within the private sector knew and lamented that regulations coming out of the Obama administration were deadly to business development. Mr. Obama, himself, boasted that he had “a pen and a phone”–meaning that he could and would bypass Congress to accomplish what he wanted done. This he did prolifically. His use of his pen and phone was particularly ruinous to the free enterprise system in this nation.

Increased taxation, added to the regulatory edicts, resulted in horrendous job losses because of business down-sizings and closings. The nation seemed poised to go much deeper into the economic abyss. The election of Donald J. Trump, a highly successful business mogul, suddenly turned things around with rolling back taxes and regulations and introducing a plethora of innovations.

The financial markets by and large have bought the promises, and the uptick in the stratospheric of economic anticipation shows it.

All of this just doesn’t fit the thinking of observers of Bible prophecy. Most seem to look for America to succumb to the forces of globalism. And, as stated before, the nation was certainly headed in that direction prior to the 2016 election.

So, it is reasonable to ask whether the United States of America might be headed into an even greater economic boom instead of descending into depression as feared just over two and ahalf years ago. This conjecture brings forth another most interesting question.

Question B

BABYLON–Could we now be witness to the beginnings of the creation of the prophetic entity termed “Babylon the Great”?

Revelation chapter 18 presents a stunning portrait of the greatest human commercial entity of all of history. This nation and city is prophesied to dominate all the earth with its commerce and debaucheries. Here’s what is said of this city-state called “Babylon the Great”:

For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. (Revelation 18:3)

This Babylonian system will be destroyed in one hour, God’s Word tells us. It will be a much-deserved judgment. All the world will mourn this destruction.

And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see he smoke of her burning, Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more. (Revelation 18:9-11)

Here you will, I hope, indulge my postulations a bit. If this generation is at the very end of he Age of Grace (Church Age) as most who are well-versed in Bible prophecy from the pre-Trib view believe, there is but one entity on the stage of history that could possibly be seen as doing business in such a mighty way as described in this prophecy.

For there to develop from the ground up such a commercial power, it would take decades, not just seven, or even twenty years. America, if there was a massive ginning up of enterprise, could possibly reach such heights of interaction with the rest of the world in a matter of a year or two. There is simply no nation on the planet that has ever been so materially blessed as the USA. There is no other city on planet earth that has the commercial outreach and influence as New York City.

Seeing as how the timeline seems to be a major factor in this prophecy–this destruction of Babylon the Great taking place within the seven-year Tribulation–we can legitimately ask, I think: Is America to develop into that judgment-bound entity?

Perhaps we might get a clue if the optimistic outlook of the current stock market elites plays out as they, at least at this moment, anticipate.

Question C

CHRISTIANITY —Is Christianity about to experience a Great Awakening like in times past?

I have been hearing for years now preachers and others saying that there will be a great revival before the Rapture. Some of those who don’t hold that there is a Rapture coming also say there will be another Great Awakening, as in times past.

I’ve never held that belief, I must say. However, the strange turn of events–with the anti-God forces of the left and the globalists’ ravenous attempts to gobble up the United States being suddenly halted–or so it seems–one has to question” why?”.

Could we be about to experience a final outpouring of God’s great mercy in the form of the true church carrying out the Great Commission in a Holy Spirit directed outburst of supernatural witness?

I have heard Dr. Charles Stanley and other great preachers I trust exhorting God’s children to pray for such an outpouring of Holy Spirit revival. Stanley says he’s talking about revival meaning Christians turning their repentance and faithful obedience back to God, rather than meaning many souls being saved. Salvation of souls would result from God’s Family being “revived.” Part of that revival would be being faithful to carrying out the Great Commission.

Whatsoever the things going on in this late hour of the age, God is up to something big, Dr. Stanley says. I agree. Let us Watch and work while these times come to a close.

“What I say unto one, I say unto all. Watch” (Mark 13: 37)


  1. Ted Bates says:

    Dear Terry
    I share your thoughts. While I am very pleased with President Donald J Trump, I know he is a human,being and thus vulnerable and frail. Last night as I was praying I realized that I am only a heartbeat away from eternity and realizing how precarious human life is I feel the need to place my hope back in the Lord’s hands. Jesus said that no one can snatch His sheep out of His hands. However it would take very little to enter World War ICU. I do not want to place,my hope in our president. Yes I am pleased with him but I do not think any human being is sufficient to be president.
    Also I agree that our nation resembles economic Babylon. I think there may be 2 Babylons in Revelation 17 and 18, economic Babylon and spiritual Babylon. The Catholic church seems to fit the religious Babylon but if something happened to America that would crush,the world economy. We are the big consumer.
    Also I hope there is a Christian revival. But Christianity is falling into apostasy. But I pray that God will revive the faithful righteous to repent and I know that repentance must start first at my doorstep. Finally I really how much we need to pray and rend our hearts before the Lord and cry out to Him. Terry bless you.

  2. Ed Wood says:

    I think the life of Jesus in his First Advent shows us what we should be doing right now. Despite knowing how his life on Earth was going to end, he persisted in his mission to bring people over to God and away from the devil. His public ministry lasted only three years, but his words have become timeless and the number of souls he saved far exceeded those he converted in his three short years of public ministry.

    Who knows how far-reaching our own witness may be?

  3. Christy Benoist says:

    Dear Brother in Jesus, Terry, I normally am in harmony with your well “versed” 😉 views. In the case of America being Babylon the great, however, I’m skeptical. In Revelation it tells us she killed the prophets and also the apostles would be avenged of her..am I right? If that’s the case then we couldn’t be the mystery to be revealed. Just my perspective though…I’d be anxious to read your response to this view. I’ve thought about this so many times in my studies. May our Heavenly Father truely bless you. In Jesus, Christy. Maranatha

    • Terry James says:

      You are correct that this nation –America—has not killed the prophets and apostles –that is, not yet.

      However, this entity known as Babylon the Great and Mystery Babylon will do much of its nefarious dealings –like murdering the saints, etc., during the Tribulation itself. That era is yet future, as you will agree.

      This entity will grow tremendously more demonic when the Holy Spirit removes as Restrainer of evil (2 Thessalonians chapter 2).

      At the same time, I don’t say dogmatically that this nation is definitely that future entity. –Only that maybe it could be. No other national entity has ever reached the level of power in commerce –and evil—as this one will achieve. At present there is no other such national entity that could come anywhere near this level of symbolically fornicating with the kings of the earth, etc. It would, it seems to me, take decades for an entity such as present day Babylon to ever come close to such development.

      • Christy Benoist says:

        Dear Brother Terry, Thank you very much for this. I am…as are you…watching so very closely to all these things unfolding in America, (& globally!), & it IS extremely shocking to witness the rapid pace in which “all these things” are manifesting in the converging manner we are closely monitoring. Indeed wickedness is in a true metastasized state!!! It’s almost unbelievable to me how quickly our nation has transformed into a hellish place..which would’ve been so MUCH worse by now had the Dear Lord not intervened in the last election!! Thank you, Terry for your faithfulness and diligent study and hard work to keep the body informed and on the ready! In Jesus, Christy

  4. Christy Benoist says:

    Terry..P.S… please Reference Revelation 18:20 & 24. Thank you. Christy

  5. Outstanding article! I am concerned about America right now because of the loony left “fab four” that seem to be sucking all of the oxygen out of the world! I am certain that the Lord, who neither slumbers nor sleeps, is in complete control and I pray that there is a coming back of those who have left Him. I would also submit that the Bible tells us of a great falling away of the saints before the Rapture, so it is a bit confusing. Prayer is of the utmost importance right now, not just for America, or the world, but for ourselves, our families, and our brothers and sisters in the Lord, that we remain strong and faithful to the One Who owns our hearts. Amen. Love the article Terry. God bless you.

  6. SRB says:

    America is not Babylon and no God is not going to bless us. We kill babies and drugs are legal and rampant. Our government is corrupted to the core. There are homeless people everywhere and the illegals are pouring in like water. The only thing we are being blessed with is our President Trump who is our leader for Israel’s sake. I believe he is also in office to reveal all the corruption so people will know…They would have been warned. He is having an incredibly hard time every day that he works for us… there is so much opposition. Not to mention all the filth on T.V. and in the movies. I believe America will fall after the Rapture. You’re talking clear in Revelation 17,18. That would be far into the Tribulation. I think there are enough Christians in our country now that the Rapture would weaken her significantly. We are in the midst of the great apostacy of the Church….the falling away. Drag queens in church? That is not a revival to me. I think there could be individual revivals of Christians but not an overwhelming amount. It does not say that in our Bible.

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