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Orwellians Waging War

Perhaps it is misnomer to call those principalities and powers, both human and otherworldly, “Orwellian.” Certainly, it is unfair to George Orwell, the author of the dystopian novel 1984 to link him in such a way to things taking place in these closing days of the age.  He was determined, even while suffering severely debilitating illness, to forewarn of dark, evil forces capable of enslaving mankind.

“Orwellian,” however, is exactly a term that best encapsulates the technologies and their applications assaulting this generation. Citizens of the United States today are almost as closely watched as the people of Orwell’s fictional dictatorships or the people of present-day Britain. One can’t move around while shopping or for other purposes without being caught on cameras that stare down from a number of vantage points.

It is fascinating to watch documentaries featuring policing agencies as they investigate crimes. They use surveillance cameras to study the forensic evidence, putting together increments of time with various locations to retrace criminals engaged in murders or whatever.

I long ago wrote a novel about how such a society would develop, leading up to the Rapture and beyond. While Jacob’s Trouble 666  might have been considered “far out there” when I wrote it way back there, it probably would seem behind the times to today’s readers. The same with the novelistic endeavors of George Orwell, Aldous Huxley (Brave New World), and others who have written in the dystopian genre prior to the developments we see all around us today.

As it’s said: Life imitates art. The imagination has turned into reality and has gone far beyond. We are witnessing what most surely will eventuate in the Antichrist system of control being implemented in the not-too-distant future.

Recently, a friend sent me an article he thought was the best he had read on what’s happening with regard to surveillance in these last of the last days. I agree that it is an outstanding piece, covering in depth the many aspects of an Orwellian world in the making. I recommend that you read it.

The writer says, in part, the following:

We have arrived, way ahead of schedule, into the dystopian future dreamed up by not only Orwell but also such fiction writers as Aldous Huxley, Margaret Atwood and Philip K. Dick.

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” – George Orwell…

What once seemed futuristic no longer occupies the realm of science fiction.

Incredibly, as the various nascent technologies employed and shared by the government and corporations alike—facial recognition, iris scanners, massive databases, behavior prediction software, and so on—are incorporated into a complex, interwoven cyber network aimed at tracking our movements, predicting our thoughts and controlling our behavior, the dystopian visions of past writers is fast becoming our reality.

Our world is characterized by widespread surveillance, behavior prediction technologies, data mining, fusion centers, driverless cars, voice-controlled homes, facial recognition systems, cybugs and drones, and predictive policing (pre-crime) aimed at capturing would-be criminals before they can do any damage. Surveillance cameras are everywhere. Government agents listen in on our telephone calls and read our emails. Political correctness—a philosophy that discourages diversity—has become a guiding principle of modern society…

We are increasingly ruled by multi-corporations wedded to the police state.

What many fail to realize is that the government is not operating alone. It cannot. The government requires an accomplice. Thus, the increasingly complex security needs of the massive federal government, especially in the areas of defense, surveillance and data management, have been met within the corporate sector, which has shown itself to be a powerful ally that both depends on and feeds the growth of governmental overreach.

In fact, Big Tech wedded to Big Government has become Big Brother, and we are now ruled by the Corporate Elite whose tentacles have spread worldwide. (“The Omnipresent Surveillance State: Orwell’s 1984 Is No Longer Fiction,” John W. Whitehead, via The Rutherford Institute June 10, 2019 https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/the_omnipresent_surveillance_state_orwells_1984_is_no_longer_fiction)

We can say “Amen” to Mr. Whitehead’s assessment, having spent the past two and a half years watching deep-state government types try to bring down a president. They have used technology and clandestine shenanigans in their high places to try to pull off a coup d’état because of election results they could not abide.

Their efforts have not abated, nor will they as we progress toward the presidential election of 2020. As pointed out a number of times, we are in the Ephesians 6:12 battle not only for the U.S. presidency and governmental control, but for the very souls of men, women, and children.

The technological march to electronically enslave all of mankind proceeds at a level forewarned by the prophet Daniel (Daniel 12:4). It will all come to culmination in the marks-and-numbering system of Revelation 13:16-18.

The Orwellians are waging war indeed! It means we are nearing the midnight hour of human history. The Lord is restraining these who are in an insane rage. They will ultimately pay the price for their rebellion.

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. (Psalms 2:2-4)


  1. Kelsey Pietsch (Peach) says:

    I’m thankful that once all those whom the Father has given to the Son have come to Him and been saved (John 6:37; Romans 11:25), and the “Body of Christ” is complete, the Lord will return and make true Christians His “Bride.” Since we don’t know when this will happen, we need to keep on sharing the Good News concerning Christ with others as the Lord opens doors and leads us to them (Revelation 3:7; Romans 8:14). Christ died for our sins…and rose again bodily on the third day. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved (1 Corinthians 15:3, 4; Acts 16:31).

  2. Brett Dovey says:

    Thank you again Terry for a well written article that clearly defines the world in which we live!!

  3. The seasons are lining up, and the signs are becoming clearer that we are no longer in Kansas anymore! It’s funny, talking about Orwell’s “1984”, because we have so many people throwing the word “racist” around at each other, and you just have to laugh at this point because it is the ones that are NOT racist that are being called out as racist, and it just goes round and round! I don’t think anyone even understands what the word means anymore, and that is my point. We use these strong words and toss them around so much that they lose their meaning AND their power.


  5. Steve Davis says:

    Why is it only white person can be a racist. Come on Rapture!!

  6. Chip Creech says:

    For my fathers will is that everyone who looks to the son and believes in him
    shall have eternal life. And I will raise them up at the last day. John 6: 40
    We are well into the end times, so far in 2019 there has been
    22 million abortions! I do not believe the Lord will ignore this behavior long.
    Come quickly Lord.

  7. Ed Wood says:

    It is pretty obvious to those of us who are students of Bible Prophecy to see the writings on the wall – or, more aptly put, perhaps- the signs of these times. The technology to make the last-days prophecies is now here, as Terry’s article points out so well in the article above. i have no doubt it will be instrumental in making the “666 Economy” described in Revelation possible in the final years of history as we know it.

    I believe that some kind of electronic system will be employed to create the mark of the beast that we read about in Revelation. I have a hunch it will be some kind of bidirectional implant allowing a massive central monitoring system not only to observe the “implantees” and their surroundings, but to also control their actions. This may very well explain why those who willingly submit to it are doomed – because they will lose either the desire or the will to reverse their decision.

    There already exists today a process called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation being used to treat depression via powerful magnetic fields applied non-invasively to one’s brain. One can only imagine where this might lead, and how effective it this technology might be be in regulating a subject’s judgment and emotions if applied to some device actually implanted within the body.

    As I see it, nothing new need be invented to make what the Bible predicts for the dystopia of the end of this age become a terrible reality.

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