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Thinking on Gog-Magog

Regions directly north of Jerusalem are being stirred to turmoil by the whirlwinds of prophetic destiny. Therefore it is the responsibility of watchmen on the wall to closely examine all things powerfully affecting that area so concentric to Bible prophecy yet to be fulfilled.

The specific prophecy, of course, involves that given about the Gog-Magog battle in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. We have been watching the stage setting for some time. Russia, which we believe to be Rosh, Iran (the greatest part of which is almost certainly Persia), and Turkey, which we believe to be a reference to most of what was ancient Togarmah, have been coalescing to Israel’s north for quite some time. This alone can be seen as nothing short of astonishing. Now, with the whole region directly to Israel’s north lighting up with what looks to be prophetic pyrotechnics, the spiritually attuned discerner’s observational powers should be fully turned on and in focus.

We have some from the Christian media community making declarations of what developments mean.

Pat Robertson said the following on his 700 Club show: “I am absolutely appalled that the United States is going to betray those Democratic forces in northern Syria, that we possibly are going to allow the Turkish to come in against the Kurds.” In typical “word of knowledge” power he claims to have, he offered further: “The President of the United States is in danger of losing the mandate of Heaven if he permits this to happen.”

While I can’t and don’t wish to be able to claim such “word of knowledge” ability to pontificate, I’m concerned, but not necessarily against, the president’s decision. I certainly don’t believe his decision to withdraw America from the immediate region of hostilities will doom Mr. Trump to a loss in the 2020 presidential election.

It might just be that the move is by the very hand of God. We can know for sure that America withdrawing in such a manner has in no way slipped up on the Creator of all things. This has not escaped His omniscience.

Turkey invading northern Syria to get at rebels of the region is a serious matter. The Kurdish people are in danger. Many among them are Christians, and that is one reason for many concerns among we who pray for our brothers and sisters there. But so should we pray for all who face death and destruction in this or any military incursion. So, I, like you, don’t view all this lightly.

I do, however, consider these matters from a particularly focused perspective. Things taking place in that biblically important part of the world at this late hour in this quickly fleeting Age of Grace must be critically important. In view of all other converging signs we are discerningany such apparent stage-setting should light up the eschatological radar screens. 

It is proper to consider, I think, whether this president’s decision to remove American involvement from that specific area is God-ordained. I don’t mean that Mr. Trump might be aware of it possibly being a directive from on high. That in no way is part of this bit of prophetic pondering on my part.

We know that America is not mentioned by name in Ezekiel’s Gog-Magog prophecy, just as the nation isn’t mentioned in any prophecy by name. Here is what we do know God’s prophetic Word says about the nations observing that attack from the sidelines –the attackers we believe to be led by Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil? (Ezekiel 38:13)

My scenario-pondering is wrapped up in the following. I claim no “word of knowledge.”

With America removed from that region of interminable conflict, the other nations that presently comprise NATO and all other countries of combatant-loaning sorts might not be willing to intervene against the assault. Most consider Israel as the problem in the world. Think about the UN being almost totally against Israel on every issue.

If America isn’t there at the time of the Gog-Magog assault, these nations will almost without question not seek to oppose the coalition, led by a powerful Russia.

The removal of America at this time from this theater of future war is most interesting to contemplate. God tells in this prophecy that He, alone, will save His chosen nation. There will be no doubt about who does the rescue.

America’s military might won’t do so. That’s for sure.


  1. Dawn says:

    When I pray for President Donald Trump and for our nation and for Israel and for Netanyahu, I try to be very aware of prophetic implications. I do not know the whole mind of God but He knows mine. He knows my loves, my concerns and where my prayers come from. I pray to be praying within His Will and then I voice my prayers. I have wondered myself if God is removing USA from Israel’s defense in subtle ways. We know we are living in the End of Times based upon the Convergence of other signs/indicators.
    I continue to pray for God to keep His Hands on Donald Trump’s shoulders and His Words in Donald Trump’s ears. I pray for God’s blessings on all that his hands find to do in God’s name. I pray for protection for him and for his family and I pray they are protected from all the negative attacks against them and for peace and courage in the face of this opposition. I pray the President completes the Mission our Father has set for him to accomplish.

  2. Christy Benoist says:

    YES & AMEN Terry!!! I wholeheartedly concur! It certainly seems to fit the foretold Magog plan. Great article on this. MARANATHA In Jesus, Christy

  3. Joshua Henry Hightower says:

    Terry, I agree with you wholeheartedly. But I do take exception with your presumed negative view of the gift of a word of knowledge. I do believe these gifts from God are still operational today, but abused or maybe over used and become common.

  4. John Clark says:

    A “word of knowledge” is no substitute for simply knowing what the Bible teaches and recognizing current events fulfilling prophecy. It sounds to me like he is not seeing the big picture as it relates to prophecy.

    • Ruth L says:

      Terry, when I was a new Christian and had not yet had anyone tell me about gifts of the Spirit–or no gifts–I had an experience that I wonder what you might think of. I was at the beach in Florida where I lived and I heard a clear INTERNAL, audible voice say these exact words: “See the man way down the beach in white trunks? He’s going to stop and talk to you. Tell him about Me.” The man came down the beach and he did stop to talk to me. He was much older than I, and I normally would have not talked to him, especially on the beach. I told him about Jesus and salvation–and continued to talk to him about the Lord. Within a month, he was saved.
      Another example–years later I was praying in tongues on the way to visit a friend about an hour away. It was April. Again, I heard the internal audible voice say, “Your mother will be a believer by Christmas.” I had the strong feeling that the Lord was telling me what I had been praying about. Though I wrote the word down, I forgot about it later. Then on Dec. 9th of that year, my mother called me from a distant state where she lived to tell me she had been saved by Jesus. This was, as promised, two weeks before Christmas.
      These kinds of words are nothing unusual–I have over 70 of them written down in a journal (that is, written before they happened). And in quite a few cases, I told a friend before the word came to pass.
      I really don’t believe that Satan would tell me to talk to someone about Jesus (whom I would not normally talk to).
      Several years ago I had a dream that I was studying Jewish Studies at Moody Bible Institute. After prayer, I decided the Lord wanted me to attend a special one-semester program in Jewish Studies at Moody. It meant taking a leave of absence from my job at Intuit. I applied and was accepted, but still wasn’t sure I should leave my job. Rather risky at my age. I was scheduled to attend a Christian conference in two weeks, and I asked the Lord, “If you really want me to go to Moody, please have someone on the platform at the conference mention D.L Moody or Moody Bible Institute.” I went to the conference by myself and knew no one there. I had not mentioned my prayer to anyone. On the 2nd night of the conference, the speaker said at the end of his message, “I feel I’m supposed to mention D. L. Moody or Moody Institute. For some reason that will mean something special to someone here.” I went to Moody and did the special program.
      These are just a few examples. The Lord does really give us direction–and it isn’t adding to scripture.
      Just my two cents.

      • John Clark says:

        Ruth, I didn’t say anywhere in my comment that there is no revelation other than the Scriptures. All I said was that revelation outside of Scripture should never become a “substitute” for knowing what the Bible teaches. Remember, also that my comment was in the context of the statement by Pat Robertson. He has the gift of “Word of Knowledge.” However, along with that “Word of Knowledge” he seemed to not take into account what the Bible teaches about End Time events.

      • Terry James says:

        Thanks for sharing. It’s certainly not given to me the ability or authority to say whether God audibly interjects His instructions, directions, etc., into anyone else’s life. I can only say that I have never heard God’ spoken to me, personally, in that way.

        The Bible does tell us that God’s still, small voice can be heard, and by that I take it the Holy Spirit speaks to our minds. I have heard these called “impressions” from the Holy spirit.

        I believe I have been spoken to in this manner, and still am spoken to in this manner on occasion.

      • Ruth L says:

        Yes, exactly. The Holy Spirit often gives impressions to give believers direction. Probably more often than an explicit sentence in the mind. As before the Loma Prieta quake in 1989, I put out a duffel bag with change of clothes and toiletries for about a week before the quake because of an impression from the Lord that a big quake was coming. The Lord had not spoken an explicit sentence to my mind as in a word of knowledge (although I did have explicit words for a few other large quakes when I lived in CA). Since I moved to the Midwest, I haven’t gotten any of those.

      • John Clark says:

        I know of several times when people have had strong impressions to do something or a sense of urgency. I had what some call a “holy discontent” a few years ago about not wanting to keep my faith within the walls of the church. That led to having a speaking ministry for five years at my local rescue mission.

      • Ruth L says:

        Praise the Lord! I have often wondered how pastors and teachers who say they don’t believe the Lord speaks to us today got called to their ministries.

  5. Ed Wood says:

    Despite Mr. Trump’s tendency to not think things through before making a decision, I find that more often than not on the major issues facing America, he is right on target. We need secure borders, trade on an even playing field with other nations, and, certainly, support for Israel. All of these issues were either ignored or just plain exacerbated by the actions of past administrations, both Democratic and Republican.

    Unfortunately, I can’t see this doing the U.S. any good. This decision to precipitously pull out of Syria and abandon our Kurdish allies in the fight against ISIS. By doing so, we have alienated the Kurds, adding them to our list of enemies in the region (something we can ill-afford), given our allies around the world reason to doubt our support, and provided a vacuum that Russia AND Turkey are already moving in to fill.


    Highly unlikely.

    I expect to see this trend on all levels to continue as the end of history as we know it gets closer on all fronts. For example, can anyone remember a time when extreme weather has made it to the evening news almost on a daily basis lately? Or seen such protracted turmoil in the halls of government in Washington D.C.?

    I don’t think these events happening at the same time are coincidental, either.

    For believers, can moving day be far away?

  6. Ruth L says:

    John, somehow I hit the wrong Reply button…sorry. My reply I thought was going to Terry. I get what you were saying and agree with it.

  7. Ruth L says:

    Terry, I would just like to let you know where I fall theologically. I consider myself a Fundamentalist, particularly as described by Dr. Andy Woods of Sugar Land Bible Church. You probably know he doesn’t believe the gifts of the Spirit are operational today. But I agree with him on nearly all of his theological positions. (Although I don’t believe that apostasia in II Thess. 2 is a physical departure. I don’t know how strongly he holds to that.)
    I have spent hundreds of hours researching the Emergent Church, NAR, Dominionism, Contemplative prayer, New Age & New Spirituality, etc. The reason for this study being my former pastor’s slide into apostasy, necessitating my departure from that church. Years ago I naively thought that, except for mainline churches, Christians pretty much believed the same doctrines. My pastor’s apostasy 10 or more years ago woke me up.

    And I’ve spent over 25 years studying Bible prophecy (I am premillennial, pre-trib). So I’m a fundamentalist pentecostal, I guess you could say.

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