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Rapture…What If…?

Once-in-a while, my writer’s cognition takes me into the realm of imagining what would happen if…

Now, I am aware of the bromide of precaution: “’If’ is for children.” Nonetheless, “what if?” is the conduit through which the imaginations of nonfiction writers as well as fictionists have been transported throughout history.

With full recognition and acknowledgment of this precautionary heads-up, I want to think a bit on “what if” regarding a prophetic matter most of us are deeply concerned about.

We are, after all, “children of God,” so, if “what if” is for children,” I feel secure in proposing this “what if” to you.

As you see, the title is “Rapture…What If…?”

While I know this will be read mostly by children of God, I write it with the hope that readers in this category also know they are royal ambassadors of the court of the heavenlies. Therefore, I hope you will share the thoughts herein offered within your spheres of influence as people charged to carry out the Great Commission.

Writing about this “what if” is so important to produce and disseminate at this time because history might well be nearing the prophetic moment that instantaneously dooms millions—particularly in America—because all in this nation will have heard the Gospel. Beyond that stupendous event, some will have no chance to be saved from damnation. They will be lost for all eternity.

Most every signal of the colossal, world-rending change that is on the very brink of striking the inhabitants of the planet is flashing brilliant red. Within the past few days, I’ve received a number of emails listing many such ominous signals bombarding this generation. These are almost identical and come from a number of websites, without any of these sites giving attribution to the original source.

The best I can tell, they originate with Michael Snyder, a blogger with whom I’m sure many are familiar (http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/10-plagues-that-are-hitting-our-planet-simultaneously).

(I must note here that Mr. Snyder does not accept that the Bible teaches a pre-Tribulation Rapture.) The following is a very brief list of some of these signals.

1) Locust swarms as large as cities are destroying entire agricultural crops within thirty seconds of alighting.

2) Rampaging weather events are taking place, such as what’s going on in Australia. After fires that killed a half-billion animals and many people, rain deluged the area in record amounts. Winds in excess of two hundred miles per hour created dust storms that blotted out the sun. Jackson, Mississippi, received record rainfall and flooding.

3): Major earthquakes are occurring around the globe and increasing in magnitude. Those who keep up with them report that there are too many to record individually at times.

4) Volcanoes are erupting simultaneously around the world. The gargantuan Mount Merapi in Indonesia, for example, sent lava and ashes more than two thousand meters in the air and forced people to stay clear of its zone of devastation.

5) The coronavirus is potentially one of the most devastating diseases the world has experienced. It threatens entire national economies as well as the health of citizenry.

6) African swine fever has wiped out much of the pork sources, which threatens food supplies around the world.

7): The H1N1 swine flu kills people rather than the animals, and has already taken the lives of more people than the coronavirus in China.

8): The H5N1 bird flu, which killed many a few years ago, is said to be recurring and threatens to cause even more deaths than before.

9) The H5N8 bird flu is thought to be more virulent than even H5N1 bird flu. It is appearing all over the world, and experts are surprised by it popping up in Germany recently.

My long-time friend and colleague, Dr. Joseph Chambers of Paw Creek Ministries, has weighed in on how near to the Rapture today’s flashing-red-light issues and events must surely place this generation.

I’m thrilled at the many signs of Christ’s soon return. The Rapture is evident, but so are the many great events of the end connected to the Rapture and His return to reign on the earth. Let’s look at the times in Scripture where the writers are using the term, “last days.” This very term mean, “the last of the last.” This is where we certainly have arrived.

Let’s talk about:

  1. The days of Revelation: Hebrews 1:1–6

  2. The Day of Great Wealth: James 5:3

  3. The Day of Great Wickedness: 2 Timothy 3:1–8

  4. Time of Many Scoffers: 1 Peter 3:3

  5. The Time of Technological Inventions: Nahum 2:3–6

  6. The Time of Great Awakening: Acts 2 17–21

  7. Infectious Diseases: Matthew 24:6–7

So, with the explosion of prophetic indicators converging at this time, the thought I intend to present in this commentary revolves around “what if” the people of the earth are now about to be catastrophically jolted by the most calamitous event of all time. Specifically, the likely scenarios of post-Rapture America are most troubling to consider. For the moment, I want us to think on one of the situations that would develop in the United States if the Rapture of the Church should take place at this present hour: What if the Rapture happens right in the middle of this presidential election year?

As the days leading up to November 3, 2020, pass, the nation becomes more divided than ever in the view of America’s future. Should we continue to go the way of socialism? Should we allow the people into the public treasury, thus buying votes for the give-away society and culture that Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez propose and that the Democrat Party and mainstream media seems to want? Or should the United States embrace getting back to the way the Founding Fathers intended—the Constitutional republic they framed that caused Benjamin Franklin to quip, “We have given you a republic…if you can keep it.”

By every estimate, it looks as if the president will win the election by, at a minimum, a near landslide. The opposition is so crazed in their abject hatred for the man who occupies the Oval Office that they have gone off track and are headed for a crash. That’s the way even James Carville, the Clinton-era Democrat guru who gave us the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid,” has described his own party’s current condition.

But “What if…?”

What if, just before the day of the election, the Rapture occurs—catastrophically affecting those who are left behind?

More than half of the president’s voter base would be gone in that instant. What a thing to consider!

There would be no doubt about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election if that scenario played out. The disappearance of most of Trump’s supporters would be a dream come true for the “resisters”—the “let’s-change-America” masses. It would be an absolute nightmare for those who support bringing America back to the constitutional republic Ben Franklin and the Founding Fathers envisioned.

But, the political consequences would be small potatoes compared to the consequences for the individual souls left behind to face the horrors soon to come in America and upon the entire world.

And, this is the message I intend to deliver. As I mentioned above, I hope you will convey the message as a real possibility that might come to pass; it is your job as a royal ambassador.

As an ambassador for Jesus Christ, according to all the signals, you are about to be called home. So, it is incumbent on you to proclaim the message while you remain on this fallen planet.

Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God. (2 Corinthians 5:20)


  1. Pamela Elliott says:

    Terry – WOW – I have also had that very same thought??? That the Rapture may occur before the election? I do feel in my spirit that something is going to happen this year 2020 that will change everything? Something very big!!! I also have been praying for our President that God will keep him safe because I have felt that with the way the Leftists “HATE HIM SO MUCH” that someone would try to take his life. These are such dark days – “BUT GOD” is still on the Throne and He is STILL IN CONTROL!!!! Thank you Jesus for Our Blessed Hope🙏🏻 THE KING IS COMING👑👑👑

    • Kristopher says:

      While I am a huge Trump supporter, maybe the actions of some ‘Antifa’ or terrorist uses a sharp object (referring to the first beast having a mortal wound) to try and take him out. I am not of the ones who believe Trump is a believer, so should the Rapture take place he would be left behind. Who else in this world would Israel trust and have the support of building the third temple? While the elections may be affected, maybe Trump makes changes to his approach of being President without believers in the oval office praying for his daily actions?! People missed the Messiah when he was right in front of him, maybe we could be just as blind to the antichrist being right in front of us. Devils advocate

      • Pamela Elliott says:

        I am also a huge supporter of Trump and I agree that he is not a “born again” Christian but he does believe in God? I have never thought of the idea you posed as Trump being the Antichrist? I am not looking for the Antichrist – my focus is only on Jesus Christ but there is one out there that did get my attention – the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz. In following Amir Tsarfati, he believes the Antichrist will come out of Europe? Sebastian Kurz is currently 33 yrs. old, not married (he has been dating this one woman for many years) and his nickname (Wunderwuzzi) means “one who walks on water”? He is very handsome, charismatic and very well liked? It is believed that the Antichrist will be someone who is very charming, someone who doesn’t like women, and someone who everyone will like? Trump doesn’t fit that criteria? I do like the idea you posed. It is a very interesting subject no doubt. Be Blessed – Awaiting His Return👑👑👑

      • RuthL says:

        I support Trump, but he is so far from the description of the AC in the Bible that it becomes impossible to imagine. The AC is a unifying character whom people turn to for all answers and finally worship. His wisdom and attractiveness are irresistible. Trump is so hated by half our population–not to mention the rest of the world.

  2. beccylkramer says:

    The Rapture is going to cause complete and total chaos. If it occurred prior to the election our country would overnight become completely ineffective as a world power. Think of the implications for Israel? Nothing holding Gog and Magog from doing their thing. Your “what if” thought is an interesting, plausible senerio.
    I just keep thinking about what it is going to be like when “in a twinkling of an eye” we are gone! My imagination goes wild thinking about it. Come Lord Jesus!

  3. Ruth L says:

    Were the Rapture to happen before the election, I think all elections everywhere might be called off. I believe there might be a quick rise of the AntiChrist and global government put forth as the only answer to all the chaos. Much like what Ken Peters foresaw…all communication interrupted for 2-3 weeks, then only one message coming forth continually on all TVs, computers, and phones: the AntiChrist selling everyone his lie about the Rapture with his assurances that he can fix everything when the whole world gets behind his global plan.

    The U.S. might be in limbo as Israel currently is.

  4. Ruth L says:

    This is a tweet from a few hours ago by Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel. Perhaps he read Terry James’ email before he posted it.

    Amir Tsarfati @BeholdIsrael

    A thought that just crossed my mind: If you wake up in the morning and Bernie Sanders is your President – good chances that you’ve been left behind and the rapture took place.

  5. Kristopher says:

    This article made me think of when would the Feast of Trumpets be since a lot of what we should be watching is Israel as the prophetic time clock. In 2020 I read the Feast of Trumpets would September 20. ‘At the last trump’ and ‘no one knows the day or the hour’ refer to this Feast. With that said, this gives some footing to this notion the election coming up could be affected by believers being Raptured just prior to the election.

  6. Dawn says:

    I just listened to a message by Jan Markell about the 10 categories showing the End is near and she does believe in the PreTrib Rapture.

    1.Spirit of Antichrist alive and well. Anarchy, civil unrest, netflix series “Messiah AntiChrist”
    2. God Rejection. strong delusion, depravity, hatred of God, deletion of God from congressional hearings.
    3. Rise of New World Religion. Environmentalism, Climate, Pope calling to unify all religions and governments.
    4.Rise of wickedness, days of Noah, voodoo dolls in retail stores, witches casting spells on President, Avon has Baphomet on cover of catalog, Children’s Book of Demons
    5. Mocking and Scoffing of the truth, “Jan Markell’s End Time Hysteria Conference”, Chuck Todd, Joy Behar, mock Mike Pence’s faith and Tim Tebow’s.
    6.Opposition to Jews and Christians.Anti-Semitism in politics,Pro-Palestinians in US calling for killing of Jews and Christians, Jews against Zionism, Pope calls Christians a scourge, Replacement theology.
    7. Middle East Conflict. the Mahdi or 12th Imam, Putin the new King of Middle East.
    8. Global Government efforts. Only 3 leaders stand against globalism – Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Benjamin Netanyahu, treaties and agreements.
    9. The Church. Lurching to the left to Laodicea, New Apostolic Refromation, Bring Heaven to Earth, Evangelism equated with white supremacy.
    10. Rise of Surveillance Society. Google knows everywhere we go, China surveillance world-wide.

    The Lion of Judah is watching and He is coming! Soon and very soon…

  7. Olivia Miller says:

    I have been praying for the president and his White House staff and the Vice President. I have this fear, though I know that God is in control, that either leading up to the election or after it, there will be an attack on them. Please pray everyone for their protection. And pray for the Holy Spirit to open the minds and hearts of those we witness to: to hear His voice re: the Gospel.

  8. Renee Lewis says:

    Good morning, Mr James. Oh, how I love to read your posts! You give so much clarity to the scriptures, and I so appreciate them. I am so concerned about my loved ones, and I just do not know how to share these things with them that they will not think I have lost my mind. Please share some thoughts on that if you can. Also, if children have not reached the age of accountability, will they be raptured with believers? Once again, many thanks from a faithful reader, Renee Lewis

    • Terry James says:

      Rene, thanks for your kind and encouraging words.

      My suggestion: Start a conversation about some of the evil, crazy things going on in the nation and world. That’s not hard to do, considering the headlines. Even the Coronavirus is fodder for that kind of conversation starter.

      Then ask “Do you ever wonder why things are getting crazier and crazier?” Tell them of the RR website, which provides many analyses by writers you trust. Point them to the New Articles section. –Or point to them to this blog and the articles presented here. Tell them that they can get information that will help them to understand things going on.

      Then, if their visits to these sites produce curiosity, perhaps it will open them up to your giving them truth about the One who has the answers to life’s problems and to the destiny of their eternal souls.

      Regarding children and Rapture. I am convinced with all that is within my understanding according to God’s Word. Children –ALL children—who have not yet reached the age of accountability, will go to Christ when He calls in the Rapture.

  9. Ed Wood says:

    The possibility of the Rapture occurring at a time concurrent with the upcoming election is a very interesting one that I never considered. Whenever it does happen, its effects will be profound, to say the least. When it does, I anticipate the imposition of martial law in most of the world’s nations (those already being ruled by despots are pretty much there already) because I figure the situation will be totally chaotic.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if this presents the very scenario which Satan uses to ultimately place the Antichrist on the throne. National sovereignty won’t mean much any more under his one-world order. I suspect this will happen very rapidly, a few months at the most. Things may actually look great in the beginning of his rule and the human race may think it is on the verge of a utopian age. In fact, it will literally be the beginning of hell on earth.

    The saddest part of all of this is that God left us the Bible which has given us more than ample warning – and so few of our species has bothered to heed it.

  10. JoniSteele says:

    Let’s put another wrinkle on this. What if Trump is raptured?

  11. Pete says:

    Terry, this is great. Please keep writing. It’s good to be among thinking Christians as we all seem to sense the LORD is coming soon. Let me share one thing I’ve been thinking about. Our LORD was born to earth about 4 BC and HE started HIS ministry at appx 30 years old. Two thousand years later would take us to 2027 AD. Peter said in 3:8 to keep one think in mind, that one thousand years is a day to HIM. Who and why would HE say that?
    That message is for us – now – a clue as to HIS return. Now subtract 2300 days for the final tribulation (appx 6.3 years) and it brings us to some time in 2020. There’s some “wiggle” room in here but not that much. Thanks for this blog. Pete

    • Pete says:

      Some math major I am – lol. Minus year zero but saved by the bell as the consensus appears to be 3 BC. Terry, please keep your blogs going – will donate if asked. LORD bless you and all saints waiting for our Savior.

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