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 Satan’s Sleight of Hand

Listening to the many conservative voices as I do each week, my thought is most often “they get it—almost.” Sometimes they come closer to getting it than at other times. Some come closer to getting it than others.

Rush Limbaugh, for example, comes closer to “getting it” than most anyone else. But even he falls short of what is truly going on with regard to what is assaulting this nation and world.

And, just like salvation itself, if you miss it by an inch, you miss it by the proverbial mile, because at the root of the problems involved in both the case of salvation and the assault taking place is the same critical element. It is a profound cause that acts as a blinding agent to all else that flows from that root cause.

It is this element that gives Lucifer the deluding, deceiving ability to produce the sleight of hand that blinds most to what’s really going on.

Rush, for example, recognizes correctly that at least half of America has, apparently, gone insane. He talks for hours each day about how the educators have for decades now molded the minds of America’s youth through the public school system from K through grad school. They have rewritten—retaught—history by inculcating the “skulls full of mush,” as he puts it, with the lie that America was founded by evil, white slaveholders. And, he says in part, this inculcation, in cahoots with other deception, is why we have arrived at the point where there are more white people among the protesters and rioters than black people. He says, and the facts are there to prove it, that the current protests in the major cities where they are taking place are led in many cases by young, white, women who come from ”privileged”  backgrounds.

These, he says, are full of guilt from their deluding inculcation. They are as enraged over perceived wrongs by the founding fathers and Civil War history as the African-Americans for whom they protest and riot, thus the bowing of the knees before even the anarchists.

We’re witnessing a cultural revolution not unlike the one of China a couple of decades ago, Rush declares. The turmoil and foment are all part of the long-sought determination by the Marxist educators and others to grab the biggest prize in the geopolitical grab bag of goodies.

If they can get America to agree that largesse stored in its vaults and printing presses should be given to those seeking reparations for slavery and to be used for other giveaways, they can create the welfare class that depends totally upon their governance. A permanent underclass will make globalism the wave of the future, once America falls to the utopian ideal long claimed to be wrapped up in communistic intent.

The following article somewhat presents this almost-got-it, sleight-of-hand expression of thought.

The coronavirus was a heck of a cover for the Federal Reserve’s failings, and the riots laid even more cover for what’s to come. While the masses focus on what’s happening on the surface, the real criminals laugh at our ignorance from their metaphorical ivory towers.

As we fight amongst ourselves and try to figure out which violence is more acceptable, looting or police brutality, the ruling class is tightening the chains of our enslavement. With the help of the mainstream media, we are distracted from the core of the problem while dividing ourselves as the masters command…

You cannot trust CNN. You cannot trust lamestream, fakestream media. We know that they have an agenda. We know that they cherry-pick facts. And we know they lay down heavy deception. They are there to distract, deceive, and divide the masses. And what’s really going on in this country, remember, make no mistake; the Federal Reserve is laying cover for their operation to get rid of the dollar and move us all into a one-world digital reserve currency. And once we get rid of physical currency, guys, that is the granddaddy of them all as far as a surveillance state. Because they will be able to detect every single purchase by every single person every moment of the day. (Tyler Durden, “It All Comes Back To The Fed: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats,” Zero Hedge)

The above story goes on to recommend precious metals as a hedge against what is coming in terms of economic disaster. It is a man-made answer, they believe, to a man-made catastrophe to come.

And that’s where Satan’s sleight-of-hand delusion comes into play. Like in the game of thimblerig (now called the shell game) in which a pea is placed under a thimble and three thimbles are shuffled, and the gambler guesses which the pea is under to make his wager, the devil distracts our eyes and minds to other areas in our surroundings. He thus makes even the most astute observers among us miss what he is really doing.

He is, in fact, setting the stage for bringing in his man of sin, the Antichrist.

Tom Horn and I have written a book we call Antichrist and The Final Solution. It details, through Bible prophecy overlaid by history and current events, exactly where all of this sleight-of-hand is moving this world of rebelliousness. More about this book in the coming weeks. It is a fascinating look into our strange time upon this fallen planet.

This isn’t meant to be a commercial, but in researching, studying and writing on the sleight-of-hand going on, it becomes clear that those who are still of sound mind and not of the reprobate mind of Romans 1:28 just don’t see the true, root cause that will soon bring America and the world totally into the devil’s orbit.

These don’t see the problem as rooted in sin. They don’t comprehend that it is the spiritual battle laid out by Paul the apostle in Ephesians 6: 12.

These believe that what is needed is more legislation to take away liberal ideology from within society and culture that will do the trick—that will change the minds of the voters in order to restore America, and the world at large, to sanity.

But it is the spiritual hearts of mankind that must be changed. The battle is rooted in spiritual wickedness, not merely in ideological, polemical disputations.

The resolution to Satan’s evil isn’t legislation, but a Person – the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only solution that can save the individual, the nation, or the world.


  1. beccylkramer says:

    I believe 110% what you just said absolutely true. It all boils down to the sinful human heart. What a good article, Terry. I will be purchasing your book for sure!!

  2. Annie says:

    For some of us in the body of Christ, the Spirit of God raises a strong witness against listening to Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and the conservative Fox News talking heads. For what we have experienced first-hand has been what God wrote to us as wisdom …. walk with the wise …. make no friendship with an angry man, lest you learn his ways …. if you perceive foolishness in the mouth of a man, then go from his presence. What we have experienced in our friendships, in our local assemblies ….????? The reactions of Christians are without restraint, without the spirit of God’s gentleness, meekness of wisdom …. and out of the mouths words are spouted in a common tone …. just like the talking head that these brethren spend three-plus hours a day taking in, drinking of the spirit that is talking through these ungodly, or should I say unChristlike, communicators.

    I know that we are not to put our heads in the sand and hide from all that is going on around us. We are told to watch and to pray … but watch WHAT? Pray WHAT? In the Spirit, we are exhorted to pray for ALL the saints. For the saints have been given the mind of Christ … and quite honestly … does anyone who reads here and is edified by others in the body of Christ who spend their hours in such pursuits … do any of us here really believe Jesus would spend His time keeping up with all that is going on and then publishing it to everyone He comes in contact with?

    Just something to ponder about, submissively pray about, and surrender our eyes, ears and minds (every thought is to be brought captive to CHRIST JESUS’ obedience). Methinks that on the day in which our Lord Jesus Christ is honored in our receiving rewards for what He worked in us both to WILL and to DO? Methinks the greatest rewards will be heaped upon those who were never known to us in any public service. I truly believe the insignificant will be exalted to the place of recognition for their hidden service, their tears and weeping over their families, their neighbors, those with whom they worked and interacted with in their communities, the state of the at-large church today, and — of course — those God has raised into leadership to complete His work through them in bringing about the end of human government and the placing of all government upon Christ Jesus’ shoulders.

    I have found a greater peace and a deepening of my relationship with God, who saved me out of depravity in January 1979 and has kept me saved and delivered and is YET delivering me to the uttermost — I have found a greater peace and joy in the Lord as I’ve turned aside from listening to any ungodly sinner spout his news reports. I’ve been enabled to find what I’ve needed to know WHEN GOD has wanted me to know it … and, brother Terry — God has used your labors to further me in the faith once delivered to the saints. I long for the day when Jesus comes and takes us each to the room in our Father’s house that He has prepared for each of us. I LONG to be in company with only like-minded, whole-hearted, godly-seeded believers who will worship our Lord in true holiness, in purity of spirit and in TRUTH!

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus. And continue your sanctifying work in each of your children so that we mind the things YOU mind, are bowing down to do the will of God as Your Spirit teaches us, and then being anointed by Your Spirit to sow, to water and to bring the increase, the bringing in of the sheaves into Your storehouse. For truly … the fields are white unto HARVEST and the laborers are indeed so few. Far more are glued to their radios and watching internet and TV broadcasts than opening the pages of our Bibles, asking the Lord to open our ears to hear Him speak to us, and then give us grace to do what the Lord requires of us. But those of us who indeed have been graced to hear and to heed? We are finding the least breath of a murmuring and complaining spirit is exposed so that we can run to the Mercy Seat and keep ourselves in the love of God. For we do not want to miss anything in Our Promised Land because at the last we gave in to the spirit of this world and spoke unadvisedly with our lips. Selah.

    • Donald Knapp says:

      Annie: Your comments are right on cue. As a graduate of the Dallas Theological Seminary (1965), you support for Terry James (and others, I assume such as Dr. Andy Woods) is to be lauded. The Lord will reward you for keeping in His Word, and like the Bereans, examining the Scriptures daily whether those things are so. (Don K)

      • Annie says:

        I have also recently noted the chasm that is opened over the interpretation shared by Dr Andy Woods, Dr Thomas ice, and many other Bible translations which were published prior to the authorized KJV version in 1611.

        A pastor in Hawaii who my husband has learned much from regarding current news and Bible prophecy, he has agreed with Dr Andy Woods
        Sharing of Paul’s word to the Thessalonians, concerning the great falling away or great apostasy as many versions translate it.

        I really have not understood the attacks against this pastor as in simplicity, he is stating that Paul was telling the Thessalonians that they couldn’t now be in the tribulation, because he had told them previously what would have to take place prior to the tribulation, namely the departure of the Saints, the departure of the church.

        I believe we all as pre-tribulation Rapture believers believe that conclusion. So I haven’t understood why there has been such an uproar at this pastor from Hawaii strongly, very strongly stating his personal revelation of the meaning of apostasy, apostasia in Greek.
        This brother has by revelation of the spirit come to the steadfast solid, and unmovable conclusion that Paul repeated his prior teaching to the Thessalonians, reiterating that they couldn’t be in the tribulation period because he told them the Rapture had to take place before the tribulation. Not departure from the Faith once delivered to the Saints, but departure from the World by The Rapture of the church, we Saints and those who have gone before us leaving the Earth.

        Some saints who also were being edified and strengthened in their understanding of the pre-tribulation Rapture by listening to the brother from Hawaii, some of these now are saying that he’s deceived and has departed. And some refuse to even listen to him any longer.

        I’ve consider this to only further illumine the attacks of the enemy to bring division into the body of Christ, here at the very last hour before our Lord returns. For if we have ought in our heart against any one, if we speak unadvisedly with our lips against a brother or sister publicly, we are falling into the snare of the Fowler.

        So, I’m taking heed to my own spirit and seem to be playing the trumpet too many others. Shirley if we bite and devour one another, we will be consumed one of another. And the prayers of the Holy Spirit through us will not Prevail. But thanks be to God who has promised that Satan will not Prevail against the church.

  3. Ed Wood says:

    I think we are at the “individual” point. Certainly, I would never presume to second-guess God, but it seems to me that the direction America is heading, and, indeed, the rest of the free world, is 180 degrees away from repentance. We are in a situation where only a relative few have not “bowed unto Baal.” (1 Kings 19:13-18)

    As such, it seems that the only ones who will be saved now are members of the faithful remnant who are left across the planet. Even Israel will suffer great losses before Jesus returns to keep it from being destroyed completely, again, only a remnant will be saved there.

    Soon, we will have a new country to call home (Hebrews 11:16).

  4. Thank you for your timeline.

  5. chip creech says:

    I believe the Rapture is next in the Lords time line, and did our Lord not say
    he has blinded the jews for a while, until the full number of gentiles have
    come in. Of course Jews and Gentiles will be taken in the Rapture, I think
    that will be a great awakening for all those not taken, and the Lord who
    has said he will not lose even one of those the father has given him, will
    show an abundance of mercy and patience in guiding the remaining
    Jews to repentance, truth and eternity.

  6. Judy Stone says:

    Anither excellent article, Jan. Thank you for always keeping we the believers on the edge of knowledge. We need this information so desperately these days. We, our Bible study, are keeping you in prayer for your health and stamina. Bless your work!

  7. Christy Benoist says:

    AMEN!!! Thank you Terry. We must keep our hearts & minds on the bottom line..the main thing..if you will. Deception is as rampid as it’s perfect companions, Chaos, violence, confusion & wickedness! What is the “main thing”? Terry nailed it..JESUS! Humble, true repentance unto salvation through our Savour who died for us & rose again. He paid a HUGE price for a debt He didn’t owe..WE owed it. He paid it in full. Take His free pardon. Now THAT’S LOVE!

  8. AM Brouwer says:

    God help us and keep our eyes on His truth—and not the temporal—this country—this world. Maranatha

  9. Bob Jones says:

    Absolutely! Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” The root problem we are witnessing in today’s world is a heart problem! God bless you brother! In Christ – Bob Jones – 2 Timothy 3:1-5 – Romans 1:18-32 –

  10. Shirley Huesman says:

    Some pastors and laymen say that a great awakening will take place before the Rapture. I can’t find this in the Bible. Terry, what are your thoughts on this?

    • Terry James says:

      I can’t find it in the Bible either. What we are seeing is exactly what the Apostle Paul said would happen as the time of Christ’s return nears.

      “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” (2 Timothy 2: 13)

      We see this prophecy playing out during every news cycle today.

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