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America’s Diminishing Role

One of the prime points of Bible prophecy, at least from the pre-Trib view, is that America isn’t mentioned in it by name or even in cursory reference. (That’s unless, of course, one sees the reference to the “young lions” in Ezekiel 38:13 as meaning the United States as offspring of “the Merchants of Tarshish,” referring to England.)

This is made even more intriguing when we consider all that we believe is going on in setting the stage for the soon fulfillment of prophecy.

We believe most, if not all, of Paul’s “perilous times” (2 Timothy 3) forewarning is now taking place everywhere we look in our nation—i.e., people are “lovers of themselves,” “without natural affection (abortion and homosexuality)”; they are “fierce” (think “BLM” and “Antifa”), and they’re “traitors” (in reference to the Deep State and others subverting the Constitution), etc.

All these things are, as I like to term them, “America-centric,” in their composition. America seems to be at the center of all the earlier-mentioned stage-setting.

Then we have this president stunning the world, really, with a peace arrangement that no one but perhaps he and a few others saw coming. It’s a stage-setting reality that is indeed profound.

To convince so many within the Arab world to come along with the plan Mr. Trump, Kushner, and the others of the administration have put together is just nothing short of phenomenal. It’s phenomenal when we think about the absolute volatility of the Israel haters within the Arab world, which is so heavily influenced by the chief terrorist regime, Iran (ancient Persia).

So America is at the center of most all primary activity as far as the current ebb and flow of issues and events. That makes it more than a curiosity, really, why God chose not to make this apex nation of history (so far as worldly achievement is concerned) the main focus of prophetic national disposition. Yet America is overtly omitted by name in biblical prophecy.

Why did I title this commentary: “America’s Diminishing Role”?

Again we come to what I see as the strangest presidency in our history. Certainly this is true, it’s reasonable to conclude, because we’re so near the end of this age (Age of Grace/Church Age). The prophetic Word tells us it will be so as the time of Christ’s return nears. Looking around, we’re not disappointed. Things are getting stranger and stranger.

One of the ironies, if that’s what we may call the strangeness, is that this president exerts the most powerful influence on the issue of Middle East peace as any leader ever. At the same time, he’s determined to pull out of that region to an extent that no other leader has attempted since much earlier days when isolationism ruled within American diplomatic spheres of influence. For example, he has announced troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and other areas, much to the chagrin of those in the defense department who are supposed to serve at his pleasure.

Trump doing so, as a matter of fact, constitutes one of the reasons the so-called Deep State opposes his every move. They like to determine such things and have always been able to do so with the cooperation or the acquiescence of those occupying the White House. It’s all part of the power wielded by the military-industrial complex President Dwight Eisenhower forewarned about.

America’s influence in the world, then, despite it being front and center in most every prophetic signal of the approaching Tribulation, is diminishing. The very president put in place by God to serve at this crucial time is an “America-First” chief executive, yet he also is withdrawing the nation from the most focal area of Bible prophecy—even while formulating a peace initiative that might lead to the very covenant Daniel prophesied.

The following news excerpt highlights this dichotomy within Mr. Trump’s presidential action.

Turkey and Iran are engaging in new operations in Africa… It is important to understand that this is in the context of the US generally reducing its global role and comes around 60 years after European colonialism was rolled back…

An article at The National in the UAE in May revealed that Iran has begun to play a role with military proxy groups in the Central African Republic (CAR). The article revealed that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Quds Force has played a role in cultivating “terrorist cells.” It has operated, funded, trained and directed proxy groups. Its role and influence in Africa is still far from mapped and known but the article implies it has recruited figures in the CAR and elsewhere. Iran has also been active in Nigeria and also in South Africa and Hezbollah has been active in West Africa…

An article at Al-Ain also asserts that Turkey and Qatar are now working to exert influence in Africa. The article asserts that Qatar has been trying to do influence peddling in Tunisia and that Qatar’s Defense Minister Khalid al-Attiyah has been coordinating with Turkey’s defense minister in discussions about Libya and Tunisia. They want to establish a “joint military training center” in Libya. (Seth J. Frantzman, “Turkey and Iran Are Engaging in New Operations in Africa,” Rapture Ready News, September 18, 2020)

With the key Ezekiel 38–39 players blatantly moving to fill the vacuum developing in the region because of America’s withdrawal—Iran (ancient Persia) and Turkey (much of what comprised ancient Togarmah)—it becomes quite clear that America, although prophetically scheduled to diminish, is nonetheless most prominent in this pre-Rapture era. It will, it’s therefore logical to conclude, take a dramatic set of circumstances to remove the nation so influential in the world power arrangement.


  1. Ed Wood says:

    I believe that what would totally finish off our influence in the world at warp speed would be the election of Joe Biden to the presidency and a Senate run by Chuck Schumer if the Republicans lose too many seats, and the House of representatives under Nancy Pelosi if the Democrats continue to be in a majority there. That would put a party which has essentially been hijacked by the Far Left in total control of our government.

    I don’t see these “appeasers” standing up for biblical standards of morality and common sense here at home or opposing radical elements across the world, especially in the Middle East. Not to mention it’ll be a dream come true for the globalists.

    Most importantly, I can’t imagine God’s favor continuing on a country which would no doubt act even more contrary to his word than it does now if the above scenario plays out.

  2. Pamela Elliott says:

    Terry I totally agree with your perspective on this topic. It almost seems that President Trump knows Bible prophecy? I doubt that he does – but it does make you wonder??? I still believe that the most anticipated event in human history for the true believers in Jesus Christ is the coming very soon Rapture for His Bride. I think the Rapture that will trigger America’s demise from power. This country is already in chaos but that event will destroy everything. God Bless you Terry.

    • Glenn B says:

      Agree with your comments Ms. Pamela. Trump may not listen but I have no doubt that Pompeo (a “born again evangelical Christian”) has mentioned what the Bible points out is ahead. I would also think that Pastor Robert Jeffres (Dallas) has spoken to Trump about the future forecast.

  3. yellowyarrow says:

    Very interesting perspective. I was wondering about those peace deals and how they might relate to prophecy. I don’t have time to completely follow world news nor what goes on in the US
    I am British and live in the UK and wonder what part Britain may or may not have to play in the sceanrios unfolding.
    Certainly, much of what happens in America seems to spill over into the UK….to our detriment in many ways I fear.

    • Julia Pomeroy says:

      I was born in Southport and raised in Cheshire some 77 years ago and only left the UK some eight years ago. I became a Christian 45 years ago and never, in my wildest dreams, have I ever expected the UK to be mentioned in any way. Why on earth should it? The centre of God’s heart is Jerusalem and everything emanates from there like ripples in a pond but those ripples do not reach the UK. Again, why should they. The only way God is interested in nations, apart from the nation of Israel, is in how they treat Israel and the UK has treated Israel abominably for the last hundred years. Notice it is now the UNITED Kingdom (which is a misnomer if ever there was one) and it is no longer GREAT. I used to be proud of my country, then I grew up! Never forget when America sneezes Britain catches a cold! Neither America nor Britain are relevant to Bible prophecy.

  4. Ron Minick says:

    Keep up the good work

  5. Julia Pomeroy says:

    It has always been a source of quiet amusement that the citizens of the great US of A are put out that the country is not in the Bible, despite the fact that it was not the US of A until about 1700 years after the death of Jesus – just a small point! As far as I am concerned the ‘young lions’ and the ‘merchants of Tarshish’ and their connection with the UK and America is incredibly tenuous at best. Israel, particularly Jerusalem is definitely the centre of the world as far as God is concerned. There are many other enormous countries which are not mentioned in the Bible but, it seems, only Americans are put out because their country is not mentioned in the Bible. Rather egocentric don’t you think?

    • Ed Wood says:

      Hello Julia.

      Well, I’m one American who isn’t offended because the U.S. doesn’t seem to show up in Bible Prophecy. I rather take it to mean we just won’t be relevant any more as the last years of history unfold.

      In fact, I look at it as something as a warning, especially as we see the increasing decay of those very principles (based on the premise that God did, in fact, exist) that made us great. We may decline to be relevant even before the Rapture because of this, however, if not, then certainly afterward as believers are removed from the scene.

      I think it very much goes back to God’s promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that those who bless Israel will themselves be blessed – and vice versa. When believers suddenly are no more, Israel will lose lose its staunchest allies in America, namely Bible-believing Christians. I think this country will then totally turn its back on Israel and maybe even join in with its enemies – and suffer the consequences as a result.

      By the way, the Bible actually does suggest things that didn’t exist at the time its writings were composed. Time and space are no limit to God, right? One great example is found in Revelation 11:3-12 regarding the two witnesses which appear sometime during the Tribulation. Note that everyone sees what happens to them in real time (11:8-11:12). This could only occur during a time of instantaneous global communication systems – something unimaginable 1900 years ago!

      Remarkable, isn’t it?

      • Glenn B. says:

        I agree Brother Wood. Without a doubt, America has been blessed almost beyond imagination and has been the greatest country ever conceived. I believe it’s because of our support of Israel and because our founding fathers based our constitution on Judeo/Christian values.(despite what liberals would have us believe; liberals are liars BTW). Consequently, I have always felt that the following verse was particularly applicable to America. Luke 12:48 states, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” I admit to almost idolizing America as most patriots do and forgetting that it’s God that made us great and not because an any inherent quality of American citizens. To me, someone who hates their country is the equivalent to children who hate their parents (rebellious and hateful of all authority). I think most Americans who love their country may have idolized it also. God has convicted me that only He and He alone should be idolized.
        America is currently squandering this blessing by kicking God to the curb. It should be a reminder to all believers that our “peace and security” can ONLY be provided for by the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ.

      • Pamela Elliott says:

        Glenn B. – AMEN – I believe God used this COVID-19 to strip us of ALL of the idols of this world (sports, entertainment, etc.) and allow us to focus more on Him. We are to have no other gods before Him. I am a huge follower of Bible prophecy and I believe our time left here is very short so we must get as many to Jesus as we can. I will vote for Trump but I don’t believe he is the “BE ALL” that most people think he will be. Jesus is the only one who can turn this ship around. I don’t put my trust in any man – only God. Be Blessed!!

      • Glenn B says:

        Amen sister Pamela. I believe God thru the Holy Spirit is working to make all of his believers let go of this world (we are pilgrims here) and to long to be with our Lord. That’s certainly what’s happened to me.
        Thank you for your excellent comment sister Pamela.
        Maranatha Lord Jesus.

  6. joshua says:

    U.S. collapse will be soon and sudden because it will happen with our Rapture, [as well as that of Rosh-Russia and Iran-Persia, Togarmah-Turkey by GOD’s direct intervention], even if President Trump wins by a landslide.

    We can witness that the Restraining Power of the SPIRIT is already withdrawing fast from the national arena and the world so that both fully embrace the Lie [Antichrist’s Solutions to all crisis/Climate Panic/Abortion/Homossexual
    pervasive Culture]:

    «They have chosen their own ways,
    and they delight in their abominations;
    so I also will choose harsh treatment for them
    and will bring on them what they dread.
    For when I called, no one answered,
    when I spoke, no one listened.
    They did evil in my sight
    and chose what displeases me.”» Isaiah 66:3-4

  7. Paula says:

    I believe when the rapture happens America will get hit with a EMP or get nuked. But I know world war 3 is inevitable.

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