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Do You Choose Liberty Or Tyranny? By Mark Levin

For most of us there are few if any opportunities to demonstrate our devotion to this great nation. Those among us who join the military or law enforcement to protect us from foes foreign and domestic are small in number. Yet we have the power to determine our own fate, and the fate of our nation by the simple act of voting. And in a precious few days, we, the people, will decide for ourselves, our progeny, and for the rest of time if America will remain a vibrant and free Constitutional Republic the likes of which the world has never known or whether America will become just another nation in decline, going the way of Athens or Rome, but in a shorter time.

This election will decide — WE will decide — if we wish to live in freedom or tyranny, in sunlight or darkness, in prosperity or poverty. The choice could not be starker, and the choice is ours. We must ask ourselves, what will our children and grandchildren think of us? How will history judge us? What would our ancestors say of us if we so casually, and without duress, turn aside mankind’s greatest achievement and vote for a thousand years of decline, gloom, and doom?

Each successive generation must commit to ensuring that the next generation lives free. We must reflect on the selflessness with which Americans have sacrificed and died on battlefields throughout the world and in our own revolutionary and civil wars so that we might appreciate what we have inherited, a country in which we live and flourish and a civil and open society.

As I explained in Liberty And Tyranny too often liberty’s permeance makes its manifestations elusive or invisible to those born into it. Even if liberty is acknowledged, it is often taken for granted and its permanence assumed. Under these conditions, the Statist’s agenda, that is the Democratic Party’s diabolical plans can be alluring.

It is not recognized as an increasingly corrosive threat to liberty, but rather coexisting with it. But all liberty-loving citizens should know better, and be alarmed by the ascent of tyranny, not only in the Democrat Party but throughout the culture. Nor should we be confused or taken by the various nomenclatures designed by the Democrat Party to deceive us into believing that their movement is some kind of a Peoples’ Movement, such as Democratic Socialism. Like all such movements, they ultimately rely on the iron fist to control the people, not serve them.

As I have noted before, the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, Joe Biden, has perfected the politics of deceit and manipulation, veils his pursuits in moral indignation, intoning in high dudgeon the injustices and inequities of liberty and life itself for which only he and his party can provide justice and bring a righteous resolution. And when the resolution proves elusive, as it has during his forty-seven-year political career, he demands ever more political authority to wring out the imperfections in mankind’s existence. Hence his 110-page Marxist manifesto.

Unconstrained by constitutional prohibitions, what is left but Biden’s own moral compass which has already led him astray? He is never circumspect about his own shortcomings. Failure is not a product of his beliefs but merely want of power and resources. Thus are born endless rationalizations for seizing ever-more governmental authority. So the Democrat Party’s intention to destroy the Supreme Court by packing it with kindred ideologues, the expansion of the US Senate to create a super-majority one-party Democrat rule, the elimination of the filibuster rule to crush any opposition to the Democrat Party’s lawmaking agenda, and the elimination of the Electoral College in order to prevent millions of Americans outside of the big cities and most populated states from participating in the electoral and governing system, thereby ensuring Democrat Party dominance for decades. In short, the fundamental transformation of America from a Constitutional Republic to a Democrat Party leviathan.

We must never accede to the terms of our economic and political surrender and servitude. We must never abandon our children and grandchildren to a dark and bleak future. We must never accept a fate that is alien to the legacy we have inherited from our ancestors. We must never accept social engineering from politicians and bureaucrats who treat us like lab rats, rather than self-sufficient human beings. For those who choose tyranny over liberty and vote for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, they do not speak for the tens of millions of us who revere the principles undergirding our society and appreciate the fruits of our economic system. Nor do they get to dictate the terms of our existence as they contort the Constitution and the Law to accommodate their political ends. We must not be compliant to their demands and designs. We must vote. Vote for President Trump and the Republicans and rally our families, friends, and coworkers and neighbors to vote for President Trump and the Republicans. And we must — like our forefathers who founded this magnificent country — become active in our own survival.

If you agree with these words, please consider making copies of this essay, written in the early hours of this morning, and consider sharing it with family, friends, coworkers and neighbors.


  1. Ed Wood says:

    Excellent and timely commentary, Terry. I am just hoping there are enough of us left who realize that the Democrats have been taken over by the far left and where they will lead us if given the chance. Now, it is true that God is in charge of who rules what, but it is also true to note he more often than not uses who and what is already available.

    For example, he used the Babylonians to respond to Israel’s wayward ways 2500 years ago. I am equally certain he used America and its allies to stop the tyranny of Adolf Hitler in the last century.

    Perhaps he will use US to stop Biden and his neo-socialist supporters.

    The only way that can happen is if we decide to become to make ourselves available toward that end.

    • Terry James says:

      Note: This essay was written by Mark Levin. I have updated the title to show that attribution. Dana

      • Ed Wood says:

        Thanks, Dana, for this information. It certainly is a great article.

        By the way, I think you do a GREAT job on this website, so don’t worry about not having the attribution for this commentary at first.

        My attitude is, the only people around that don’t make mistakes are people that don’t do anything. The only way I minimize my own errors is by not doing much myself!

      • Terry James says:

        Thank you so much, Ed!!

  2. Rayl Andre says:

    I liked this commentary. I liked it even when conservative writer Mark Levin wrote it on 10/13/2020. Ed Wood left a comment attributing it to Terry James. Please explain why the article wasn’t credited to Mr. Levin. There is no name provided and the author only says it was written in the early hours of 10/14/2020. Please explain how this website is conducted and what and how writers or bloggers are utilized. We need to be able to rely on the authorship of the articles.

    • Terry James says:


      Thank you for the heads up on the confusion about the author. That is my fault and I have made the proper attribution in the edited title. When I posted it, and it was emailed to our blog followers, Mark Levin was credited as the author which goes in a specific field when I post. I regret not also having his name in the title for when people visit the blog on their own, and don’t receive the post via email. My mistake. We are big fans of Mark Levin, and would never try to take credit for his work. In fact it was Mark himself who asked that this essay be shared far and wide. We were honoring that request.


      • Ray Andre' says:

        Thanks for the explanation Dana. I am new to the website and I sent out copies of this article to many friends. One told me it sounded like Mark Levin and after googling it, I found out it was Mark’s. Ray A’

      • Terry James says:

        You’re welcome Ray. And thanks for calling my attention to the oversight! I had attributed it to Mr. Levin on our “I.E., in Other Words” page here: https://terryjamesprophecyline.com/i-e-issues-and-events-in-others-words/, and also in the email that went out to the blog followers. I forgot to add it to the title on the Prophecy Line page, but that has been updated. Please send my apologies to your friends! Take care, Dana.

  3. Julia Pomeroy says:

    “. . . and vote for a thousand years of decline, gloom, and doom?” The world will not experience a thousand years of decline, gloom and doom even if Biden does get in – perhaps a decade, not much longer and then we WILL have a thousand years of Jesus reigning over us all – how glorious will that be, in the meantime He will be coming very, very soon to remove His Bride and then will come a time that has never, ever been experienced before and will make our wildest nightmares seem like picnics!

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