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Prophetic Times When Life Imitates Art

My good friend Dr. Tim LaHaye used to quip that his and Jerry Jenkins’ best-selling novel series Left Behind gave his critics room to accuse that his pre-Trib view of Bible prophecy was all fiction.

I guess that, to my critics who have considered the several novels I’ve written, it’s proof that my take on Bible prophecy is entirely fictional as well.

That being the case, the minute-by-minute unfolding of issues and events is illustrating that developing reality is stranger than fiction, as they say. As a matter of fact, the observation that life imitates art is becoming the norm in looking at Bible prophecy rather than a saying that applies to fodder for novelists.

A couple of things are growing to blockbuster size. These matters have been all but totally ignored by mainstream news media, but are now growing in such enormity that they have moved beyond being laughed off as merely rumors spread by conspiracy kooks.

The way you can tell that there is substance to the formerly laughed-at “conspiracy” matters is that the mainstream anchor-types start harping on them, trying to sway the voting public.

Such is the case on the matter of QAnon, or Q, which has until the “Town Hall” broadcast by NBC the other night been ridiculed by the elite media as the insane ravings of conspiracy lunatics.

When Savannah Guthrie, the NBC Today Show cohost, laid into President Trump about QAnon, she kept at him in almost a vicious way about whether he would disavow it. It was clear that this means this covert entity called “Q” is becoming major in the eyes of the elitists in media who want to bend the minds of voters in this presidential election. It has become a serious enough matter that they want us to believe the president commands a secret cabal that is dangerously right-wing in the same sense they consider white supremacy.

I’ve written before about this covert entity, formerly laughed at by the media types and scorned as conspiracy nuttiness.

Much of what I know about this entity, as I said about the mainstream narrative these days, defies logical discernment. Does he—for it is thought to be an individual within the immediate circles that surround the president, and I presume it is a man, if he indeed exists within that circle—truly have knowledge of the intrigues he reports?

“Q” or “QAnon” is the name given a supposed insider within the White House ranks who issues reports about what is in actuality going on with regard to this president and the so-called deep state. The deep state is a term most recognize. It refers to those within government—particularly within the top ranks of clandestine services such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc., that are part of the Washington, DC “swamp,” as Mr. Trump termed it during his campaign to win the presidency. These, along with many DC.-establishment types, have been doing all within their power to destroy Trump’s presidency and even the man himself, family-wise and business-wise.

The aforementioned mainstream media joins this cabal in the attempted destruction.

At the heart of this drive to oust this president at any cost is the pile upon pile of lies that continues to spew from the “swamp” and are magnified and carried throughout mainstream media. You might have noticed how there has been a steady stream of such lies meant to destroy the president—a different lie almost every week (for almost four years now).

QAnon is disseminating through alternative news sources that there is a reckoning coming for the deep state and those complicit in opposing the president and doing great harm to the American Republic. “He” indicates that something big is on the way that will expose and even bring to justice much of the deep state at every level. It will soon be made clear for all to see the corruption at the very top of US government, and where the true collusion festers…

So Savannah Guthrie’s grilling of the president, obviously aimed at forcing him to admit his association with QAnon or else disavow that entity, makes clear that the man or organization has, as the media used to say, gravitas in the scheme of things. It almost certainly is a matter that troubles them and their desire to rid America of Trump at any cost.

The whole thing could constitute wonderful fiction with realistic pathos, intrigue, danger, and all the rest that inhabits the novelists’ world. But, it appears forever more to be truth, not fiction, that is bubbling to the surface of these prophetic times.

Adding to this life-imitating-art scenario is the matter of an even more profoundly strange tale that seems to be taking on the look of reality bubbling to the surface. The following excerpt frames the matter.

On Sunday, October 11th, 2020, documents, and tapes along with audio were delivered to a U.S. Congressman along with several conventional media outlets demonstrating that President Obama, Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conspired and developed a sophisticated cover-up in the matter of Seal Team 6 and the purported killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Furthermore, the $1.2 billon Obama sent to Iran was part of a blackmail effort by Iran to Obama to keep the secret that Osama Bin Laden was killed, when he was not! Furthermore…a sophisticated cover-up ensued to protect Obama, Biden, Clinton including involvement by the John McCain Foundation and the Clinton Foundation.

Further participants include, but are not limited to: Leon Panetta, John Brennan, and the architect Hillary Clinton. These documents have supposedly been verified by several intelligence professionals along with a former high ranking U.S. General. The documents have been released to President Trump. (Video: Evidence Suggests Obama, Biden, Hillary Conspired With Iran – Clinton Gave Order to EXECUTE Seal Team 6 ⋆, Conservative Firing Line, RR News, Oct. 17, 2020)

Even Reformed theologians in many cases call the book of Revelation fiction, in that they say it shouldn’t have been in the canon of Scripture. They say it is just too far out there. It is mostly the figment of the writer’s imagination.

God’s Word, however, is absolute truth. Is it too far-fetched to believe that stories like the above—which don’t come anywhere near reaching the bizarre levels of the fantastic future reports from Revelation—could have fundamental elements of truth?

Stay tuned, I guess is the right thing to say here.




  1. Thank you, Mr. Terry.

  2. Ed Wood says:

    I certainly agree that QAnon is right about a “deep state” trying to push out President Trump and ruin our country, but someone who works out at the gym where I go is a Q supporter and told me earlier this year that they also believe that JFK Jr. is still alive and would run for vice-president along with Mr. Trump. They also say North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un is really some kind of CIA or NSA operative.

    My advice is: Watch out for these people because to me it looks like they’re trying to exploit any crisis they can just like the far-left.

    If you want to really know what’s the meaning behind all that’s going on now and what WILL go on in the days ahead, then the Bible is the only source of information you can depend upon 100% because God never has any motive other than our salvation for all eternity.

    • Rusty Molnar says:

      The JFK jr trail is disinformation from those who want to discredit the ‘Q’ movement…..anyone who has followed/watched for any amount of time would know that

  3. Carol Anne says:

    I strongly, strongly STRONGLY urge you with all the sincerity at my command, to watch Pastor J D Faraq (a frequent guest with Jan Markell, both at her annual coferences and on her radio program) as he discusses QAnon last Sunday in his prophecy update. You really need to hear this. The part about QAnon begins more toward the halfway point. Please do not miss this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u4IQxb1KEE

    • Rusty Molnar says:

      Carol Anne, I watch Pastor JD every week, and saw the update where he gave his opinion on ‘Q’…..IMO it was the worst update that he has had since I have been watching, and it was clear to me that he did not know or understand what ‘Q’ is about……even giving guilt by (the developer of the chart /map mentioned for 1)association, just because someone who is out in left field agrees or supports you does not mean you are linked with them in any way. I have seen other pastors with worse summations on the movement, Brandon Holthaus for one did a horrible job and it seemed like he was just piling on and parroting what others were saying about ‘Q’….Worse yet with Pastor Farag is the seemingly personal bent he had on ‘Q’, just as he seems to have with President Trump….which I do not understand.

  4. Maureen says:

    Thank you Terry for a better analysis of the Q/Qanon controversy for those believers who are unaware of its existence. I have watched the Q alerts page and listen to a couple of people who do their best to decipher that news for a couple of years. I cannot agree with Pastor Farag that there is danger attached to it for believers. As the site itself states, there is Q, and there are Anons. Qanon refers to a site where citizens add their own information to that already disseminated by Q. I personally am grateful to know that there are men and women behind the scenes working to help our President in this most difficult task of exposing criminal acts against the people of this country by our past leaders. It is encouraging to me that so many of them are committed believers in Jesus Christ. I thank God daily for their work, and pray they are unharmed and successful.

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