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Prophecy Prospectus 2021

This year, one of the most tumultuous of American history, is at a close. While we think on the birth of the Savior at this Christmastime, the looming, dark clouds of 2021 foreshadow days just ahead that appear menacing. I think it good to think aloud at this point about what might lurk in the distance, overlaying that future with the template of God’s prophetic Word. That’s the only prism through which to view matters with any hope of ascertaining insight.

The presidential election of 2020, despite declarations by no matter the accounting system, remains unsettled in the national, political sphere and the spiritual realm. The battle goes on and is centered within Ephesians 6: 12—as is obvious to those who use that biblical prophecy template mentioned above.

I find the following excerpt, taken from what I consider to be a relevant article, to at least begin to summarize things as they’re shaping up for 2021 and beyond.

In terms of the economy and the American social situation, 2020 is definitely one of the ugliest years on record, there’s really no way around it. That said, I get the impression that many in the public are operating under the assumption that we are about to cross over the peak of the mountain and it will be all downhill from here on. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

All eyes have been focused on the pandemic event, and the thinking is that once the pandemic is “over,” the crisis will be over and everything will go back to normal.

But, as the globalists have been telling us since the outbreak began, the world “will never go back to normal again”. It’s not because of the pandemic, mind you, it’s because THEY won’t allow things to go back to normal. The “great reset,” as the World Economic Forum calls it, is meant to go on for many years. And, the globalists intend that every aspect of our lives be changed into something almost unrecognizable. (“If you thought 2020 was bad, watch what happens in 2021,” Brandon Smith, presented by Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, December 12, 2020)

The author says that the reset planned by the globalists—bringing all nations into their desired new order by requiring that all join their one-world economy—won’t work. It is, he believes, destined to fail. What worries him, he says, is that a devastatingly serious or total collapse will cause a major depression. He says that breakdown is well underway. It has been initiated, he says, by international banks and central banks through massive debt creation and inflationary stimulus measures.

The stock market—which, he says, has seen the Dow at a record 30,000 lately—is not the thing to look at with regard to how well the American or world economy is doing.

But I don’t wish to get into the weeds on the economy; it’s not something I’m familiar enough with to delve into here.

However, fringe economists (those other than the well-known pundits on TV) have long surmised that it’s just a matter of time before the economic dam bursts and the economies of nations come crashing down. America will, they believe, suffer the greatest of all implosions.

My own thoughts continue to be the same as expressed in my series of ten articles written at the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, “Scanning a Fearful Future.”

I write in the series that I don’t believe Bible prophecy predicts a huge economic collapse taking place at the moment God next catastrophically intervenes into wicked human conduct upon the earth.

That conclusion is based on Jesus’ words in Matthew 24:36–42 and again in Luke 17:26–30. The Lord plainly prophesies in those passages that it will be business pretty much as usual at the time of the Rapture.

He has to be speaking of the Rapture, because He indicates that people will be buying, selling, planting, marrying—doing all the things of normal activity on earth. If He were describing the time of His Second Advent (Revelation 19:11), things would be so bad that nothing normal would be taking place.

We know that, at the same time, it will be like the days of Lot. The world will be totally debauched, with every sort of evil going on. It will also be like in the days of Noah (Genesis chapter 6): Violence will fill the whole earth.

We, of course, have all of the above taking place right at this moment. The “seas and waves” of Luke 21 are roaring. This refers to the peoples who are in turmoil around the world. Protests, riots—unrest of increasing magnitude—are taking place globally. And pestilence in the form of locusts and other sorts, along with a global pandemic of COVID-19, makes the Luke 21 prophecy by the Lord jump out at the observer of Bible prophecy.

Yet, it is business as usual.

If America collapses economically, the entire world will follow. The global economy is so intricately linked to the dollar and to the American economy that the weight of its fall would cause a fiscal earthquake.

This will happen, I have no doubt. This is the conclusion reached in the series I mention. It will happen when Christ calls the Church—all believers—to Himself in the Rapture.

Jesus said that, like when Lot was taken out of Sodom, that very day, God’s judgment will begin falling. The Rapture will be the beginning of the Lord’s Day. The economies of the world will crash.

So we come to the crux of the article: the “prophetic prospectus” for 2021.

Regardless of electoral results or ramifications, Jesus has indicated that things will be business as usual, while at the same time, societies and cultures will be corrupt, vile, violent, and evil, just like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Globalism will be advancing, it’s easy to believe, as Satan prepares to institute his man of sin. However, God has promised that when the man of sin is on the verge of being revealed to the left-behind world, God the Holy Spirit, indwelling the Church, will restrain the evil Satan wishes to inflict.

That is what we see happening right now, as we’ve watched the wickedness unfold day by day, hour by hour, over the past years, months, and days.

The prophecy prospectus, I strongly suspect, includes more of the same. The battle in the high places of Ephesians 6:12 will continue, with God’s restraining hand doing His work to hold back descent into total evil.

Suddenly, then, in the “twinkling of an eye,” Jesus will shout, “Come up here!”.

To see what happens then—from that moment of Rapture until God fulfills all prophecy—read Revelation, beginning with chapter 4. No matter what’s in store for 2021, the “prophetic prospectus,” if you’re a Christian, is glorious!


  1. Ed Wood says:

    Jesus said :

    Revelation {3:3} Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.

    For those not watching, it’ll be a big surprise. For those who are, they’ll be ready. In fact, I think they are ready right now.

    During “Horror Story 2020,” even the secular world figures something is up and that change is in the air. Believers, such as myself, might have been expecting Jesus to show up in the midst of a crisis time like this. That’s what I always thought, but I’ve changed my mind lately.

    Jesus also characterized the last days would be like those of Noah’s age and Lot’s time. Terry has likewise told us it would be “business as usual.” Well, it finally has sunk in for me what this all might mean.

    As I watch and listen to the news, some people are waxing euphoric over the arrival of Covid vaccines, how they are supposed to be game changers. In the short term, I think they could be. Long term, I’m not so sure. I have serious reservations about the idea of mRNA floating around in my bloodstream reprogramming my cells to produce Covid protein fragments to rev up my immune system system to fight the actual virus if it shows up. (Maybe someone with a medical background, which I lack, could comment on that here.)

    But, I digress!

    I’m imagining a time not too far off where the Covid numbers plummet (whether in actuality or via creative bookkeeping). We’ll see businesses come roaring back, except, of course, all those that have been ruined by the restrictions. The sporting stadiums, concert halls, malls, beaches, and parks will be packed with happy people starved for recreation and human contact. There’ll be big family reunions, too, while in the background the moral decay continues to grow, probably even accelerate in such fertile ground.

    Yep, happy days will be here again and the feelings of imminent peril will fade away in the process.

    I can imagine it might have been a similar party time, though the details were likely quite different, in Noah’s world and Lot’s old neighborhood

    Sounds to me like the perfect scenario for Jesus to suddenly call his own home, to me. If you think the world was upended with Covid, imagine the reaction to millions of people suddenly ceasing to exist.

    Sounds also like the perfect scenario for the Antichrist to emerge as an “Answer Man” that people will be seeking to fix things up again. It happened in Germany in the last century. It will happen again on a worldwide scale ushering in a depth of evil and terror Earth has never seen.

    But before it does, you, I, and every believer who has ever lived will at last be home!

    Keep looking up!

  2. billyswinea3737 says:


  3. Julia Pomeroy says:

    Wow, thank you Terry for bringing our eyes back to our destiny, our future, and our most well beloved Lover, Friend, Lord and Saviour. Beautifully written.

  4. Amen. I am ready to go.

  5. Terry Hart says:

    Brother Terry, I admire the courage you reveal in publishing truths that do not agree with nearly all other pre-trib/mil eschatologists. Out of several dozen prominent prophecy teachers, with whom I’m very familiar, I can think of only one (Dave Hunt) that has taught that Mt 24:36-42 refers to the Rapture. His solid argument was primarily from the Greek, but he also aligned with your point that this description of relative peace would be completely nonsensical at the end of the time of Jacob’s trouble. It is clear to me that the context of this passage, all the way through Mt 25:13 is about the Rapture of the church. Most who teach on this topic are blinded by dogmatic proclamations like “The Olivet Discourse makes no reference to the church.” Or they assume that the entire chapter is in chronological order, even though there is an obvious break in the chronology in verse 32 which refers back in time to the rebirth of the nation of Israel.
    Additionally, I appreciate your unique understanding that the world must be generally prosperous when the Rapture occurs. In 1 Thes 4:13 – 5:4 we see that the Rapture must happen at a time of relative peace, otherwise Jesus’ coming to meet us in the air would not be “as a thief” to a spiritually slumbering world. When will the entire world be shouting “Peace and safety” (5:3)? I believe that this chorus of false peace and security will crescendo at the confirming of the seven-year covenant, at which time the Rapture occurs immediately followed by “sudden destruction” (5:3). Thankfully, we are not among those who join the false peace and safety movement as we watch an increasingly wicked world ripe for judgment.

    • Terry James says:

      Thanks for your words of encouragement. I believe we are in the very time of this prophecy by our Lord. ~Terry James

      • Terry Hart says:

        Agreed! Just in the last few days I’ve begun to shift my thinking toward living with an end game strategy in mind, since I am becoming more confident that there cannot be much time left. I believe that God will give His people greater grace and an increasing sense of urgency when His return is even nearer than now. I am asking the Lord to help me live differently in light of this.

      • billyswinea3737 says:

        I AM READY TO GO!!!

  6. Beverly McDowell says:

    Perhaps this Christmas is one last reminder from the Lord that the Messiah has come.

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