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Terry James with Rob Schilling on The Schilling Show

Should We Stay or Should We Go;

Terry James on the End Times and the Antichrist


  1. Linda Conner says:

    Terry James is one I always go to for Bibical info relative to today in this world and Heaven.

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  2. Ed Wood says:

    It bears repeating: Get the “Lawless” and “Antichrist” books because they complement each other in tying together everything we are seeing happening in America and around the world today. None of the seemingly unrelated events that are happening are doing so in a vacuum. These excellent books will show you exactly that.

    This is information you must have to make sense of it all, where it is leading, and not to be taken in by the wholesale deception that is increasing by the day.

    If you haven’t ordered them yet, do it NOW!

    Time is short!

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