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Critical and Powerful Message to America from Jonathan Cahn

The message by Messianic Christian pastor Jonathan Cahn is one that seems written by the hand of God.
It offers perhaps a final admonition to all of America, but especially to Christian pastors and all true believers in Jesus Christ.
It is a most powerful warning to Anti-God forces in the nation and the world.
Please listen carefully.


  1. Ed Wood says:

    Very powerful message. Unfortunately, it seems more likely that it will be ignored by those in positions of leadership in America today as those who had similar authority in ancient Israel ignored not only the Old Testament prophets, but the words of God himself 2000 years ago.

    The one-world order which the Bible tells us will come at the end of this age can only happen when there are no longer any powerful nations to oppose it and the accelerating downward moral trajectory of every democracy on Earth clearly shows that this time is upon us.

    Instead, I think we believers should change our focus to that “heavenly country” (Hebrews 11:16) which is New Jerusalem (Revelation, chapters 21 & 22) where we will live for eternity rather than any decaying nation we may happen to reside in right now but yet continue to resist the deepening evil and grow the remnant in the short time that is left.

  2. Julia Pomeroy says:

    I have not watched this yet I just had to say it does my heart good to see that you and ministries such as Prophecy Watchers have no problem promoting Jonathan Cahn. There are so many born-again Christians who say the most vile things against him and I am appalled and deeeply embarrassed.

  3. Julia Pomeroy says:

    That was incredibly powerful but, why, oh why, do so many believe they have to have background music (which, invariably intrudes into the ‘foreground)? That message was so powerful and eloquent that truly silence was the only appropriate background, thus rendering it even more sombre.
    Mr Cahn put into perfect words that which my beloved and I have been thinking.

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