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Comfort One Another…


This is for those who are believers in Christ and who believe what God’s Word says about things to come. Not that I intentionally want to leave out those believers who don’t study God’s prophetic Word, or those who are lost because they haven’t accepted God’s grace offer of salvation through Christ’s sacrifice.

However, without a firm grasp of what the Bible has to say about things to come, and without acceptance of God’s grace gift by those who are spiritually lost, Heaven’s message contained herein cannot assuage the intensifying fear spreading across the globe.

Because of the dire prospects facing the inhabitants of planet earth, many, perhaps most, turn inward and do their best to ignore the darkening foreshadowing that intrudes upon their lives.

That intruding evil includes such things as supposedly the worst pandemic since that of 1918. And the variants of that disease just keep coming, according to the would-be world controllers who want everyone forced to take vaccines that are at best experimental.

Their effects in preventing or making the disease less life-threatening are yet unproven. And the vaccines are not held to the same degree or level of lab testing as others of history. As a matter of fact, some claim they aren’t vaccines at all, but ingestible of unknown materials.

There is credence to this charge, because full disclosure of ingredients is not forthcoming. The vaccine producers are protected against any liability from the proliferating cases of adverse reactions being experienced across the globe.

Because of the COVID paralysis, the nation and world face dire economic prospects. Supply chains for goods are severely disrupted. Deliveries are greatly delayed or not being made at all because of people who refuse to take the vaccines losing their jobs for not complying with governmental and company mandates.

Millions are walking off of their jobs in protest of the threat of loss of personal liberty. Their children are facing diminished education because of the COVID-spawned tyranny.

Education, itself, is in a darkly evolving trajectory. Critical Race Theory and other evil inculcation has caused upheavals across the country, with parents standing up against the cancel culture in schools and the insane rules and restrictions coming from leftist, radical school boards.

Inflation has raised its ugly head to levels near the time of the Carter administration’s “malaise” of the 1970s. This is predicted to get much, much worse as the economy shuts down, fewer products are on the shelves of stores, and inflation explodes.

Energy costs, already increasing day by day, are projected to get much worse in the near future. Gasoline prices at the pumps are entering uncharted territory in rising costs per gallon.

Threats from the “open borders” policy of the Biden administration bodes ill for American life in more ways than can be adequately analyzed. The invasion is being used by those of the leftist mindset to distribute the hordes of illegal aliens in order to, they intend, change the voting of future elections in their favor.

People thus look for hope in direction other than the darkening horizon. But, sadly, most look inward, as stated previously, not in the direction they should look in seeking a brighter prospect for their lives.

Sadly, too, even the pulpits of America are filled by pastors who point congregants to cope with their daily troubles in societal and cultural ways–to the exclusion of prophetic hope.

Teaching to cope is well and good, if done with Christ at the center of the messages on how to best get along in this life on a deteriorating, disintegrating planet. But people in the pews and across the nation and world virtually never are shown the magnificent future that awaits those who truly understand the majesty and promises wrapped up in the name that is above every other.

In that name resides a future of incomprehensible life and prosperity beyond imagination. His is the only name that can comfort the demonically savaged souls of these closing days of the age.

Preachers who are truly messengers of Jesus Christ should be shouting from the elevated platforms of their pulpits. We should be doing the same at every opportunity.

All the things surrounding us that point to planet earth’s most wicked time of destruction are a holy siren of alert. Jesus is about to step onto the clouds of glory and shout, “Come up here!” When we see all these things we have seen–and continue to see—we are to look up and lift up our heads. For He is on the way for His own. This is the ultimate promise from the Creator-God—from Jesus Himself.

What promise! What incomparable comfort!

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words. (1 Thessalonians 4:16–18)


  1. ChristineInCleveland says:

    Very well said, as always. I refuse to live in fear, though threats seem endless everywhere we look…. But we’ve been warned about times of the end, which is to us who serve the Lord a reminder of how close Jesus is to coming for His own. Maranatha!

  2. Dave Aldrich says:

    It’s getting wearier by the minute now, brother Terry. Thanks for the reminder that we who know what’s going on and are looking up have The Hope, The Blessed Hope, awaiting us. Seems that our warning-the-lost time is about done and now we need to stay focused on encouraging the saints.

  3. Rowena Haldane says:

    Thank you Brother Terry and greetings from NZ. The days are getting shorter and shorter as we await our glorious Saviour our Lord Jesus Christ. Many of our family in Christ are in need of much comfort as the darkness approaches, therefore we remain vigilant and praying for these folks and for many more to come to Salvation before the door is closed.

  4. devyshka21 says:

    It is indeed crazy out there, but I have been SO FULL OF THE JOY OF JESUS CHRIST!! I can walk around with a smile on my face because of what Jesus did, is doing, and what He is about to do! As I study the Word of God more and more, and pray to my Heavenly Father, I am so deeply moved by God’s Grace, His Love, and His Promises to each and every one of us! PRAISE GOD for all the promises that await us! PRAISE JESUS for what He has done and I can’t wait to meet Him in the air and shout GLORY GLORY GLORY IS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!! Marantha!

    • mary says:

      AMEN, AMEN AMEN!!!! I am so glad to find someone who also is so FULL OF JOY, my family just does not get me. See you soon in the air.

    • Ed Wood says:

      Reckon I’ll have to wait for my joy once I’m off this rock and headed upward to join Jesus and all the other believers in the clouds!

      • AFHGM says:

        If followers haven’t been grateful for their Salvation and not used to encouraging themselves, they will struggle…sad to say!!! Greater is HE Who is IN us than what’s in this world…my version…lol

        Sent from my iPhone


  5. Ed Wood says:

    Thanks, Terry, for a very uplifting article. Even those of us who believe that the Rapture is the “real deal” and points to an eternal existence far more magnificent than we can possibly imagine, a reminder such as this is very welcome and reassuring.

    Our answers are only to be found by looking up, not down at a disintegrating society on a collapsing world. The problems down here are just too big for any human solution, just as they were during the times of Noah and Lot, just as Jesus indicated they would be before God stepped directly into history yet again (Luke 17:26-33).

    Looking for an earthly answer is a recipe for certain failure, just as Lot’s wife made the mistake of looking back toward her dying city instead of looking ahead.

    So, for us, let’s just keep looking ahead – and up!

    Jesus is coming soon!

  6. robinlinaz says:

    We are truly blessed to know the Lord and be saved. Any words to define that blessing fall infinitely short of the value salvation bestows upon us and what our Triune God has done to reach and rescue us.

    With this blessing comes an earthly challenge: our eyes HAVE been opened and we see clearly what monstrous evil is underway. Most of the secular population would crumble in despair if they understood. Which is why there will be countless souls saved when we saints are raptured and the scales fall from the eyes for the ‘as yet unsaved’ elect.

    We must continue to encourage one another, knowing that all we see by way of the Spirit provides
    irrefutable proof that Jesus is Lord, He is faithful to His church and He is coming for us very soon!


  7. Kelsey Pietsch (Peach) says:

    Well said. People need the “Bad News” to appreciate the “Good News.” We’ve all sinned (acted lawlessly). As such, we all deserve to be separated forever from God in the Lake of Fire. But the Lord Jesus Christ, the God-man, Who never sinned, died for our sins, was buried, and rose again bodily on the third day. Any and all who place their faith and trust in Him exclusively, (apart from their own good works), will be saved eternally. When all the members who will make up the spiritual “Body of Christ” have been saved, and have done some praiseworthy works, the Lord will return for us (John 6:37; 1 Corinthians 4:5). “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord” (1 Corinthians 15:58).

  8. A Clark says:

    Good summary of what’s happening in the world today. The pace is staggering. All of it is bigger than us and what can we do except worship God, live in accordance with His ways, keep our minds set on things above where Christ is seated far above all the spiritual forces of darkness, redouble our efforts to reach the lost with the Gospel and remain in the shadow of the Almighty. May His Kingdom come swiftly.

  9. Brandi says:

    I have heard it all and im sure it will continue, but many are perverting the Word of God. Believing that God will change His mind and everythi g will turn around to normal. When i asked about what scripture they are basing there claim i was given Jonah 3:9,10. In the same sentence they claim that the US is in the Bible. I asked where. In Revelation 13 and Daniel 7. Referring to the eagle and the wings plucked. An article from a specigic “ministry” was also given to me. I read what they had claimed. Scripture had been completely twisted and taken out of context.
    All I can say is, test the spirits. This was def not from the Spirit of God. Very perverse.

    • Ed Wood says:

      You are absolutely correct.

      I think the best way to read the Bible is to do so in context being careful not to “over-interpret” it. After a little practice it isn’t that hard to see which parts are literal, such as we see in the historical books of the Old Testament, the gospels and book of Acts; inspired commentaries, such as the epistles, those which contain symbolism such as the prophetical parts of the Bible and even whole books like Daniel and Revelation; those which are poetical, such as Psalms, Proverbs & Song of Solomon; and those in which a story contains greater truths, as we see in Jesus’ parables.

      Admittedly, though I am 69 years old, I’m still a beginner, so I am continuing to learn how to do this more and more all the time.

  10. Laura says:

    Thank you Terry for the encouraging words, and so good to hear from other born again believers ready for our precious Savior, Jesus’ glorious appearing!! Lord help us reach those who will believe, especially in our own families, while there is still time!

  11. huberrw6559 says:

    Thank you for all the beautiful encouragement! So needed! I stand together with you all in Christ! The King of Kings!

  12. trisha noren says:

    Hello Terry!!!
    Thank you for all your wonderful articles!!!
    As one of my Lams/bookmarks says…
    King Jesus,
    Your followers/John3:3
    Will continue to make
    Y O U k N O W N
    You Rapture Us Home!!! :):):)
    May you and yours have a
    Glorious Celebratory Season!!! ⚓️
    trisha noren
    Melbourne FL

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