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Sanctioning Sodom

Significant proof of advanced end-times prophetic progression recently leaped to the forefront of communications coming from some within the Roman Catholic Church.

I have mentioned before that I receive on a regular basis a newsletter from These Last Days Ministries, a Catholic group. It is especially interesting to me because those presenting the news and commentary do so from a viewpoint remarkably like that of us who hold to the pre-Trib view of Bible prophecy.

To put it mildly, they are no fan of the current pope. As a matter of fact, they have even communicated several times that they see him as a candidate for the false prophet, the second beast of Revelation chapter 13. With Pope Francis’ latest action, he brings to the forefront, for those willing to see, that he is deserving of such accusation. His action is Antichrist—anti-biblical—at its very core.

The pontiff is a supporter of abortion. He recently publicly gave President Biden and, in effect, the entirety of the Democrat Party, a blanket pass on the killing of babies in the womb—a matter long seen as great sin by the Roman Catholic Church.

We have written before this pope’s predisposition to support things that portend Antichrist’s arrival.

He has said on more than several occasions that there are ways to God, Heaven, and salvation of the soul other than through belief in Jesus Christ alone. He has backed up those political minions in high places within the Catholic Church, giving them a pass on the murder of millions of babies through abortion. He has embraced at every opportunity the climate-change madness and the worship of Mother Earth and the Gaia mantra that we must all come together to save the planet.

He joins the totally reprobate purveyors of insanity who demand that all must either submit to an experimental, highly questionable injection or be excluded from the formerly normal activities of the compliant human community.

Now Pope Francis has moved into the area of anti-God activity that Jesus, Himself, indicated will mark the moments leading up to His intervention into human history. The pope has sanctioned homosexuality in no uncertain terms and those in the Catholic Church who know this is anti-God at its black heart are pushing back.

The word “sanction,” like so many English words, has more than one meaning. It can mean a prohibition against or a punishment for defying or violating a regulated matter (for example, when the US sanctions Iran for not abiding by agreements on atomic weapons development). But the use of the word in the sense that it means to approve or accept an action or conduct is how this pope has “sanctioned” homosexuality, despite God calling it “abomination.”

And this is the gist of the newsletter I recently received from the Catholic group that I mentioned earlier.    

Following is an excerpt that explains their displeasure with this pope’s action.

Francis has written to pro-LGBT New Ways Ministry, praising and thanking the group and its founders, despite its long-standing opposition to Church teaching on matters of sexual morality and consequent censorship by Church authorities.

On December 8, the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) revealed that Pope Francis wrote two letters to the group’s executive director, Francis Deeryard, on May 3 and June 17. The NCR stated that the letters were on official “Vatican stationary,” and written in Spanish.

The first letter, dated May 3, was in response to an April 21 letter DeBernardo had written to the Pope, explaining the nature of the pro-homosexual New Ways Ministry (NWM). The organization claims it “educates and advocates for justice and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Catholics, and reconciliation within the larger church and civil communities.”

According to NCR, Francis wrote of a discernible “attitude of shepherd closeness” in NWM, saying that DeBernardo’s letter had “helped me a lot to know the full story you tell me…”…

The second letter from the Pope to DeBernardo – a long-time advocate of homosexuality, and a 29-year veteran with New Ways Ministry – again praised the NWM head while also honoring NWM’s co-founder Sr. Jeannine Gramick.

“Thank you for your neighborly work…[your] heart, open to your neighbor,” wrote the Pope, before praising Gramick, who has a long history of dissenting from Catholic teaching on homosexuality and abortion…

“The Holy Father’s warm letter to New Ways Ministry is not only another step in his outreach to LGBTQ people, but the beginning of a kind of rehabilitation for New Ways, and for Sister Jeannine [NWM’s co-founder Sr. Jeannine Gramick] as well, in recognition of their important ministry in our church.” (“Francis Praises Dissident Pro-LGBT ‘Catholic’ Group Previously Condemned by the Church,” by Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews, December 9, 2021)

We are now well into times “as it was in the days of Lot” in the wicked city of Sodomas the Lord Jesus forewarned (Luke 17:26–30). Homosexuality and all forms of sexual perversions marked that time. The “falling away” of 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 is manifest starkly for all who can discern the lateness of the prophetic hour.

It’s time to “watch” (Mark 13: 37), but it is even more imperative that believers witness as never before to bring lost souls to Christ before the shout is heard from above, “Come up here!”

“And when you see all these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your head, for your redemption is drawing near.” (Luke 21: 28)




  1. Ed Wood says:

    I watched my former denomination, the Episcopal Church, give its approval to homosexual behavior in 2003 when it approved of the ordination of an active homosexual, Gene Robinson, as diocesan bishop of New Hampshire. Now, twenty years later, the Roman Catholic leader is doing the same sort of thing.

    I watched the struggle in those days first-hand within my own parish and diocese between those who stood by the Bible’s position that homosexual behavior was a perversion of God’s intent for the human race and those who decided that the “doctrines of men,” which ignored this teaching, superseded it. I stayed in that TEC parish until 2007 when it was obvious I was wasting my time.

    Long story short: The proponents of Biblical teaching “lost” in terms of bringing the Episcopal Church back to the biblical standard and the revisionists “won.” I put the terms in quotes for obvious reasons. When God makes his judgment on each group, we’ll see who the losers and winners actually are.

    Following my departure, I went to a new Anglican Church which had formed that was associated with the Anglican Church in Nigeria, whose doctrine was Bible-centered. Unfortunately, over the months, it became clear that its rector did not adhere to many other Bible teachings, as evidenced by his subtle, but unmistakable, antisemitism and his not-so-subtle statements about the epistles as being mere “commentary” and even the content of the Gospels as questionable because “there wasn’t a secretary there taking notes!” There were more, but I suspect you get the idea.

    Now this is purely subjective, but I began to get the sense of an almost cult-like influence this man had on his congregation. Objectively, it was clear that he didn’t like being challenged and this came to a head between him and me at one of his bible studies – and my last day in that church! We had a final (and loud!) verbal confrontation over my assertion that the Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-8) as being the affirmation of of what Jesus had told his disciples in Matthew 16:28) which appears in the Bible immediately before. The minister had insisted this was never fulfilled and didn’t like me disagreeing with him.

    After many earlier disagreements, which were becoming more disagreeable each time, I was just fed up and my last words to him were, “I not wasting any more time with someone who refuses to listen!”

    Now I have a Sunday Communion service each week right here at home with my 90+ year-old mother and we get more out of that than we had in organized religion for a very long time and during the week I come to this site and Rapture Ready where I can interact with other people who refuse to compromise when it comes to what the Bible teaches.

    I’m sure many others who have come here have had similar experiences – and if it hasn’t happened yet, don’t be surprised “when,” more likely than just “if,” it does.

    You’ll find that these sites are great places to learn and you’ll soon realize that you are not as isolated as the today’s so-called church and the world would have you think!

  2. Excellent Thank ;you.

  3. huberrw6559 says:

    Yes, some such as Terry, and others, are helping be attuned to the signs of the closeness of the hour. And it is God’s provision to bring together believers that are ready and wanting our Lord’s return,it’s best not to go to a church that is not healthy. He has brought so many resources and times of Divine appointments to show we are not alone!

  4. Harvey Rosieur says:

    We do not criticise other religions for their behaviour, so why bother with the Catholics? They are not Christian , although they masquerade as such. The separation should be made clear. Why do we bolster our numbers by counting them in. This is hypocrisy and bad witness to the world which does not know any better. The trouble is, I don’t think a lot of ‘Christians’ know any better. The Catholics are no different from Mormons, J.W.s or any cult. A miss is as good as a mile..

  5. Brenda Miller says:

    JESUS is coming soon. The body of CHRIST needs each other. Let’s keep each other in prayer.

  6. John Clark says:

    It should be obvious to anyone who follows Bible prophecy that current events and depraved thinking (Romans 1) are coming together just as predicted. The thing is that many Christians do not have a clue as to what the Bible says about prophecy. And most people are not following the news sources that are reporting current events that are fulfilling prophecy.

  7. Sarah says:

    I am heartbroken over what the pope is doing! My only consolation is that each one of these precious babies are in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ! Lord Jesus, we are longing for You to come and take us to be with You forever!

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