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Tribulation Population Presenting

Upon reading the words, we wonder where such people come from. Even the most virulent among the earth’s populations surely could not be so anti-God as to be so rebellious–not after having gone through such excruciating punishment in God’s call to repentance for that extended period.

And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory. And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain, And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds. (Revelation 16: 8-11)

We witness on an hour-by-hour basis governments of the world shaping in ways predicted by God’s prophetic Word for the last days of this dispensation. Although some leaders are absolute tyrants, like those who are in charge of Russia, China, North Korea, etc., many leaders, particularly those in the Western Hemisphere, believe they are working for the good of their people. This, despite the fact that they are, in some cases, following the evil philosophy of Karl Marx and other wicked people of the past.

There are some signs appearing that people, especially in America, are beginning to awaken just a bit to the evil being perpetrated, particularly upon our very youngest children. Yet there continues to be much tolerance in terms of unsavory and oppressive societal and cultural atmospherics.

Teachers at the most primary levels are teaching the insanity that involves gender redirection. (Boys can be girls, and girls can be boys if they so choose. They don’t have to be of the sex God directed). Homosexual lifestyle is lauded and propagated as preferable in many ways to heterosexuality.

The American educational system, both private and public, is largely at the heart of the problem. Teachers from kindergarten through the highest levels of academia have themselves been inculcated to the ways spawned by satanic influence. We now endure the results of that in quite disturbing ways. Some are teaching sexual activity to 5 year old’s.  Almost without exception, as a general rule, professors hold to anti-God views and teach that Christianity and biblical education are simply stories at best and farcical fantasy in the worst cases.

And that is the nucleus of the matter I wish to address here. It might go a long way toward answering the question posed above: We wonder where such people come from.

We can’t imagine a people being so rebellious and so angry that they will hide themselves in the caves of earth and shake their fists in the face of the God they know has the power and intention to have them repent or perish. Those people are today presenting themselves for all to see. Those, such as the ones presented in the following excerpt, seem to be of the mindset of those described in Revelation 16 above.

The article has salacious language, not that of the writer, but reported by her. I have, of course, kept that out of this piece. It is quite eye-opening how young adults within much of higher education are being shaped as those whom God’s Word calls earth dwellers.

A series of jokes and banners published and hung at Hamilton College recently has upset some observers who argue anti-Christian sentiments fester at the small, New York-based private liberal arts institution.

Most recently, a student satire publication called the Duel Observer published a mock article on campus newsstands during Holy Week that replaced Jesus Christ’s blood with his [word omitted] then joked “it will still give us everlasting life.”

The satire piece ends with a description of an explosion that destroys the “Rosary Club,” the name of a real student group on campus.

On Tuesday, student athletes also hung a banner (pictured) in the dining hall advertising an upcoming tennis match that used for inspiration the Last Supper mural by Leonardo da Vinci. [The mural displayed the opposing team and coach and had salacious words mocking the last supper and the opposing players.]

The Hamilton College student who provided the images to The College Fix is Devin Mendelson, 22, a senior at the school who founded the Rosary Club last November.

Mendelson said his club has upset some of his peers and campus leaders because of its strong defense of the unborn and traditional marriage. Administrators suspended his club’s email account for nearly three weeks in March, he said…

Robert Paquette, president of the Alexander Hamilton Institute, said in an interview with The College Fix that the various items Mendelson highlighted are “disturbing to say the least.”

“Never would this kind of imagery be tolerated if it were directed at Muslims, gays, transgenders, or feminists.”

Paquette said what Mendelson and his club has faced is troubling.

“This young man on campus is trying to start a Rosary Club and this has brought out the woke activists in abundance,” he said. “They have become gross and insulting, and they appear to want to defeat the young man’s purpose, and the administration does not seem to be doing much about it.”

Paquette taught history at Hamilton for almost 40 years, but quit in 2018 to work at the Hamilton Institute fulltime.

“I’d had enough with the leftward lurch of Hamilton College,” he said.

Paquette also knows what it’s like to be roasted by the Duel Observer. He provided The College Fix with an issue from 2013 in which students mocked the former professor for defending intellectual diversity. (“Ahead of Easter, students mock Jesus, Student athletes at Hamilton College also display profane mock-up of Last Supper in dining hall,”  Jennifer Kabbany – Fix editor,  College Fix, Rapture Ready News April 16, 2022)

I’m not lauding here the Catholic system; however, it is saddening and tragic to know that this sort of mocking God and His desire to see all men, women, and children come to Him in repentance is a prevalent activity among the nation’s colleges and universities. Obviously, according to prophetic Scripture, there will be those whose hearts have become so callous, so wickedly rebellious, that they can do no other than shake their fist in the face of the only person through whom they can be saved from eternity apart from their Creator.

But there is yet time before those terrible years of Tribulation begin. In this pre-Rapture time we call the Age of Grace, there is still time to repent and have the rebellious heart changed into belief that trusts in the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Here, again, is how one can avoid being a part of the Tribulation population destined for God’s judgment and wrath.

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (Romans 10:9–10)


  1. Sandra Zollman says:

    We must go back a couple of generations to parents that didn’t teach their little darlings about God. Instead weak parents gave said darlings everything they wanted (80’s) and then taught them how wonderful they are, they can do anything, they are special and mommy and daddy will never let them take responsibility for anything bad they do (90’s). Parents no longer teach morals, responsibility or respect let alone the knowledge of God and the bible. We have several generations of the most narcissistic nasty people that have ever been produced and we still tell them how great they are!

  2. Ed Wood says:

    As I read this commentary, Jesus’ words came to mind:

    Matthew {5:10} Blessed [are] they which are persecuted for righteousness sake:for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. {5:11} Blessed are ye, when [men] shall revile you, and persecute [you,] and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. {5:12} Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great [is] your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which
    were before you.

    As did these from Paul:

    2 Timothy {4:2} Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. {4:3} For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; {4:4} And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. {4:5} But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work
    of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.

  3. Harvey says:

    Sadly, Christianity is hard to recognise because its adherents are so weak . Anyone can call themselves a Christian and the world can’t tell the difference. Neither can most Christians .They persist in counting Catholics among their numbers so what else can the world think, and there are several larger groups who masquerade as Christians, such as Mormons, J.W.s, etc. who add to the confusion. Satan, of course, targets Christianity as the others are not a threat to his cause. Who has persecuted the Christians more than the Catholics in times past?(I am not against the Catholics, or anyone else for that matter, as individuals, but they don’t know they are being deceived. They are the product of tradition and superstition and that is stronger than many Christians represent. There are too many factions, within the wider ‘church’, to know which is the ‘genuine article’ and of course they don’t cut peoples throats or resort to violence like many other religions do.
    There are genuine , born again Christians of course, but I suspect that the number is much smaller than we would believe. However this will change. We are not just waiting for the Rapture. I believe the best has yet to come, when God pours out His Spirit on all flesh as He has promised. Many souls will be added to His Kingdom , there will be healings and deliverence from unclean spirits; a separation of the ‘ wheat from the chaff ‘ and it will be no surprise who is not caught up in the Rapture. God loves us all but there will be no mistaking the genuine article. It will not be left to vague hope or pretense. It is time to get real with God and He will get real with you.

    • Ed Wood says:

      I certainly agree about the weakness and error of all to many nominal Christians today. Jesus’ words to the Laodicean church were not only meant for the one of John’s era, but for what most of “Christendom” has become today – lukewarm and totally repulsive to him. Instead of holding up a standard for society, it has emulated its worst qualities.

      Where I don’t agree is that there will be a “last of the last days” major revival. The words of Joel (chapter 2, vrs. 28-29) regarding the outpouring of the spirit were fulfilled in Acts, chapter 2. Peter says exactly that.

      On the other hand, Jesus, Paul, Peter, and others, have clearly indicated that things will just get worse, people more depraved, and, as we see in the Laodicea reference from Revelation 3, even the church gets more and more corrupt.

      This does not say that the Holy Spirit still isn’t providing revival, miracles, but not on a grand scale. If he was, wouldn’t the world be getting better, rather than worse? Would the church be getting stronger, rather than weaker? I see just the opposite on all counts.

      That the Holy Spirit is still at work, even in the increasingly evil world, is certain. We know that that he is holding back the advent of the Antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2:7) and, I believe, keeping things from being a lot worse than they already are. That’ll change, post-Rapture.

      I would really like to think there will be some last minute wide scale revival coming but I just don’t see things headed in that direction nor any indication from the Bible that this will be the case.

      The best is yet to come (for present believers and those who will come to believe), but doesn’t look like it’ll be down here, nor should we expect it to be.

      Earth isn’t our final destination. We’re just passing through on our way to our real home.

      • Harvey says:

        Ed, I do not want to enter into an argument , but you are only expressing opinion, based on what you perceive or presently understand. Things change and we often interpret events wrongly because we only see the present. God knows the end from the beginning of course. I know it may be hard for you to accept that what I have heard and seen is from God, because it has not been shown to you, but you must surely acknowledge that God does speak today. Scripture tells us this quite plainly. Why me? He has an individual purpose for each of us. This too is explained by the Apostle Paul in Chapter 12 of 1 Corinthians. After many hours of revelation , am I expected to say that is only my opinion? It is much more than that.
        The main purpose of the Revival is separation. What do you suppose that is? God is not just leaving us all to our own understanding but will reveal our weaknesses and bring about genuine repentance and empowerment for the task which lies ahead of us. Once more,” He is not willing that any should perish” although, sadly, many will. God, in His Grace ,is giving every living soul a final opportunity before the Rapture. There will be many more saved during the Tribulation, as you know, but what a cost. It horrifies me that any of my loved ones should have to face that decision.
        I only mention Joel because I know that many will not accept that I have heard from God, because of what they have wrongly been taught, or simply because they have formed a different opinion. This troubles me , not on my own behalf , but again reveals the sick state of the disobedient church. It has God’s word to correct it and the Holy Spirit for those who will receive Him. (In a forum such as this I do not know who I am addressing or what ‘camp’ they are in.
        I too, thought that Joel’s prophecy had been fulfilled as Peter seemed to express. However I test everything against the Word of God and realised that he obviously was not referring to the complete fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy , but justifying what had happened to them at Pentecost. ‘All flesh ‘ means ‘all’ and not simply a room full of people and God’s word to me had to agree with the Bible. I had thought not to say any more on this subject but I did not want the casual reader to be mislead by what was being said. I know the world is getting worse and that this will continue. I thought that went without saying. Scripture tells us it is so and reasonable intelligence will agree with that conclusion. God is acting for the sake of those who will be saved. By the way, we are coming back to earth shortly, of course, to rule with Christ here.

      • Ed Wood says:

        Sorry, Harvey, but I have to go along with the preponderance of the evidence. I have based my “opinion” on the scriptural evidence I presented in my previous comment and, to my mind, it is more convincing to me than the visions and interpretation of just one person.

        Of course, I could be wrong, but please consider the possibility that you could be as well.

      • Chris Madder says:

        That had me laughing, It sounds as though you actually have a good head screwed on your shoulders, which has not lost sight of ‘common sense’. Many years ago, when I used to work with my hero as far as Christianity is concerned – Selwyn Hughes (‘Every Day with Jesus’ was one of his publications) – (I am English) he taught about the ages of man and the one which stuck in my mind was ‘man’ reaches an age when he enters into ‘confirmed foolishness’ and I have a dreadful feeling that is Harvey’s problem. He is from New Zealand and is about 82 years old – I am not that far behind him! The problem with anybody who enters into that realm, is that it is nigh on impossible to extricate them out of it. I have watched so many ‘elderly’ do that, hence why I, and my beloved, ensure we keep our brains active and stick, like glue, to the written Word of God which is all we need to walk in this sin-sick world, whilst being so aware we will not be walking on this earth for much longer, thank God.
        By the way do you post comments on other blogs, I ask because I am sure I have seen your name elsewhere?

      • Harvey says:

        I don’t believe what I am reading , so I will not respond further

      • Ed Wood says:

        Hello again, Chris, and thanks once more for the kind words.

        I’ll hit 70 in a few months and I also like to keep my mind active. Short-term memory isn’t quite what it used to be, but not really too bad.

        As for stubbornness, well, that I have, too, but comes a time that even I have to wise up!

        For example, I left my former Episcopal parish (United States) in 2007 after four years of trying to get it to stand against the false doctrines being pushed by its leadership in 2003. Among it was the acceptance of actively homosexuality as evidenced by it giving a pass to the ordination of Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire. Three years later, Katherine Schori got elected as presiding bishop. One of her gems was referring to “Mother Jesus” in a sermon. When I finally saw my efforts were being wasted, I bailed.

        On the positive side, I dove into Scripture ever deeper during those turbulent years and got used to defending what I believed it was teaching on many subjects. I think it gave me a better ability to separate the wheat from the chaff, though I am the first to admit that I certainly not infallible.

        The big problem, as I see it, is when someone begins to think that they are!

        God bless you and kin!


  4. Chris Madder says:

    @ Ed Wood – let it go, ‘Harvey’ just doesn’t let up, he is the only person who is always right, he will insist that his dreams/visions were definitely of God and He is definitely the fount of all knowledge. The fact that God only ever gives dreams or visions to those in countries who have not even heard of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, such as Iran, is neither here nor there. Just as the fact the rest of us have the Bible, whereby God can talk to us, is neither here nor there, he hears from God and we should take note! I know that does not sound kind but, believe me, you are better off just letting the man get on with it and ignoring him, if only for your bloood pressure’s sake! Naturally you could also pray for him to come into all truth and not just his own personal version of truth.

    • Ed Wood says:

      Hi, Chris.

      Thanks for your input. I just sent a reply back to his latest response before I read your comment. Yes, Harvey certainly is persistent but, then again, I am, too!

      Anything that is not in accord with Scripture is not from God, period, no matter how attractive or desirable it may appear to be.

      I’m actually glad this subject came up so people can decide for themselves which position has the greater merit.

      (By the way, my meds do a pretty good job controlling my blood pressure, so I should be okay!)

  5. Chris Madder says:

    PS I have just read Harvey’s “opinions” – I had forgotten how arrogant he can be! As though any of us are part of the ‘chosen few’ who are given revelations not given to all men – sounds suspiciously like gnosticism doesn’t it?

  6. Ed Wood says:

    Oh, I forgot to answer your question, Chris: If memory serves, I can’t recall posting anywhere else but here! (So much for my short-term, hmm???)

  7. Ed Wood says:

    Yes, indeed, it certainly does. It’s the old “secret knowledge” ploy.

    By the way, if memory is correct, I don’t recall sending comments to any other blogs.

    • Chris Madder says:

      As you have now answered my question twice I guess you must be correct about your short-term memory! By the way, you were born in 1952 – I remember Princess Elizabeth becoming queen that year in February! But then at least my long term memory is okay! Now to remember who I am!

      • Ed Wood says:

        Wasn’t sure my first reply went through, so I sent a second – and i recall doing it. This time I’ll just blame my internet contraption (whew!).

        As far as remembering who I am ,that’s one of the reasons I keep my wallet with my driver’s license nearby – it has my picture and name on it, just in case!

      • Chris Madder says:

        Then what do I have to remind me, I don’t drive!

      • Ed Wood says:

        Not to worry. You can bet the government knows who and where you are.

        I’ll bet if you didn’t pay your taxes for a while, they’d be GLAD to remind you!

      • Chris Madder says:

        I doubt the government of the counry where I live, which is not the country of my birth, does not even know I exist. As for paying taxes, the pension I receive is too minute to be taxed! Since I chose to stay at home to bring up my children I have never paid tax. Never earned enough no matter where I have lived, but we are straying off the point a bit so we had better finish, don’t you think? See you in there or in the air – as they say!

      • Ed Wood says:

        I’ve greatly enjoyed the conversation.
        I’m looking forward to meeting you in person, in the air, very soon!

      • Chris Madder says:

        Kai ergo (Greek), moi aussi (French), ik ook (Dutch), me too (?)! See you there or in the air.
        Praise God for His glorious truth and for all He speaks to us in His Word. Jesus is indeed the only Prophet we need, He is our Prophet, Priest and King as we are told in the first chapter of the book of Hebrews what need we for these NAR false apostles and prophets, how on earth do they think they can even begin to compete with Jesus Christ of Nazareth?

      • Ed Wood says:

        I think it is not an accident that the first thing Jesus warned of were false prophets in the Olivet Discourse. The reason they are so popular is that they scratch people’s “itching ears” by telling them what they want to hear instead of the truth.
        I’ll stick with the “real thing!”

      • chris madder says:

        Kai ergo, ik ook, moi aussi, me too! Sorry, just showing off I guess, it’s a terrible thing when people get old, they do the strangest things!

      • Harvey says:

        I said I would not respond to the nonsense that was being written by Chris Madder, and seemingly supported by Ed.Wood, but I have tripped over his ‘rants’ again on revisiting the column to read later contributions. Against my better judgement , I feel that it is worth commenting for the sake of other readers, lest they be taken in by his remarks .I am concerned that no-one has challenged his offensiveness which is quite un-Christian, or his statements concerning what Christians may expect, or not to receive from the Lord.
        Firs, all Christians should know that “My sheep hear my voice”. I wonder then, whose sheep he is who never never hears. Don’t we all need that and indeed crave more?
        I know that there are still opponents to Charismatic teaching, as in 1 Corinthians, Chapter12 and elsewhere in Scripture, but they are not excused for ‘quenching the Holy Spirit’, as the Bible tells us. To quench the Holy Spirit is unpardonable. Those are referred to as the ‘frozen chosen’ , who prefer the traditions of men to the Word of God. Jesus warned of this in Mark7:7 and elsewhere. Their ears are blocked to the truth. If they persist in denying the truth they may be given over by God to that which they prefer.
        Every Spirit- filled Christian should seek the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. They cannot effectively minister without them.’ Earnestly desire the higher gifts’ , we are exhorted and ‘especially that you might prophesy’ How can we do that without hearing. Of course God is not limited to using words, although He does on occasions, but it may be thoughts, words (audible or silent ), visions , dreams , etc. He even used a donkey in the old testament. Did your mother never speak to you without words, – a look , touch , a smile, a smack? God is not limited and as for evidence you could not exist in Christian circles without hearing of others who have heard from God? Are they not to believe Him, having made certain of their hearing. Arrogance ? Of course not. They are grateful , although others often resent their hearing , or the warning if it is such if they are not teachable, or hell-bent in their disobedience. Having learnt to hear God’s voice can they not say they have heard and believe that which they have heard. To be otherwise is disobedience.
        Please, read your Bibles and believe it. The Holy Spirt will teach you, if He is truly in you. If not, you can rectify that by repentance and confession like the rest of us. The church is at its present low state because people who know better have remained silent, for fear of such attacks as those of Chris , who is pretending to be something he is not. Silence is taken as agreement

      • Chris Madder says:

        I am not a man, nevere have been a man, never will be a man.

      • Ed Wood says:

        I know people who did strange things when they were young. Of course, that doesn’t apply to ME!

      • Ed Wood says:

        This is addressed to Harvey.

        I don’t know if it is your intent, but you convey the impression just because most of us don’t have “visions” that we have less of God’s favor and therefore less insight.

        Chris Madder took issue with this attitude and, for the record, I agree with him.

        I think it’s important to realize that in this life we only “see through a glass darkly” and that NONE of us has all the answers – and we’ll never get any or see through that glass any clearer if we keep our minds and eyes shut.

      • Chris Madder says:

        I am not a man, never have been a man and never will be a man, however I really appreciate your comment, especially as I am reduced to tears at the things ‘Harvey’ has said about me and I am at a loss as to how this diatribe of his is, in any way, a testimony to the glory of Jesus Christ of Nazareth – the One Whom I love even more than I love my husband of 50+ years. In fact I am thoroughly shocked that any disciple of Jesus Christ of Nazareth would speak to somebody like this even if they believe that ‘somebody’ is not a Christian. Surely, if I am not a Christian, it behoves others to speak to me in the way that Jesus spoke to those who were not yet believers but were, also, not ‘religious hypocrites and bigots’? But then maybe I am wrong and it is perefctly acceptable to question a person’s salvation although I do not recall reading about it anywhere in the Word of God which I have been reading, from cover to cover, on a regular basis for 40+ years.
        In the end whoever is ‘right’ or whoever is ‘wrong’ God hsa to have been greatly grieved and I am seeking His forgiveness if I have written anything which has given Him any pain whatsoever.
        PS I am not cross that it is assumed I have to be a man because of my name, so many people forget that ‘Chris’ is not only short for ‘Christopher’ but also ‘Christine’.

      • Ed Wood says:


        Please forgive my error regarding your gender. Since your first name could either apply to a male or female, I mistakenly assumed the former. Looks like I was looking “into the glass darkly” on that one!

        It is unfortunate that some people who consider themselves Christians lack the humility to realize that they don’t have all the answers. Instead of discussing a difference of opinion logically and kindly, they react in a condescending and unpleasant manner.

        I am greatly appreciative of your comments and support I hope these words here offer you the comfort you deserve.

        You made a stand and stood firm for what you believe, despite taking hits for it!

        You have my deep respect and admiration!

      • chris madder says:

        That brought tears to my eys, I am far more used to brickbats than compliments. I am speaking out of dire experiences, you see my husband and I came to faith in Jesus during the charismatic renewal of the 70s and so, for a great deal of our walk with the Lord we have tended to attend charismatic churches which morphed into NAR, in fact we were so in deep we were leading prayer ministry teams as we went to various places in the world with a particular NAR ‘church’. Therefore the phrase “been there, done that, have the T-shirt plus the scars” had to have been written for us! But, as always, the devil overplays his hand and it was in an NAR ‘church’ (long since died thank God) on this island that the Holy Spirit was, at last, able to get through to us. You see we had always taken the Bible with us, wherever we went and we did notice so few did that but, alas, thought little of it. We did not know much about it because not much of it was ever preached BUT once the Holy Spirit finally led is into some Truth which we should have realised years ago, there has been no stopping either of us, we took off like a rocket, learning all we could and we have been so much better off because of it.
        However there is one thing I will say about the NAR ‘church’ we belonged to, they were very loving and very welcoming, something I have rarely, if ever, experienced in any other gathering og God’s people.
        So with reference to the gifts of the Spirit, for instance, we know a great deal about them, those which are real and those which people, either covertly, or overtly, fake! However I know, these days, that God values, far more, the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, in fact Jesus even says we will know those who are His by the fruit in their lives and, of course, one of the gifts He has given us to be able to ‘know’ this, is the discerning of spirits and, for reasons known only to Him, this is the gift the Holy Spirit has been able to use the most in me, even though I ignored Him for years when He was trying to disturb me sufficiently to begin to question what it was I thought I was doing.
        All now is good and I am learning more and more about my most delightful heavenly Father (John 1:11-13 – a scripture very dear to my heart because I was adopted and it was a disaster so it is now good to experience a trimuph).

  8. ianpomeroy says:

    @ Harvey One of your responses was the following.

    ”I said I would not respond to the nonsense that was being written by Chris Madder, and seemingly supported by Ed.Wood, but I have tripped over his ‘rants’ again on revisiting the column to read later contributions. Against my better judgement , I feel that it is worth commenting for the sake of other readers, lest they be taken in by his remarks ”

    I do feel that you should ”have kept your word” You are specifically attacking a fellow Christian when you broke ”your word” It is extremely sad when you do this. It is not worthy of any of us to attack others. This blog is a place for our opinions.

    Having said that;
    It is my opinion that what Terry James has said is quite correct. He has addressed the awful behaviour of those who wish to destroy our world and in particular any Biblical Word view that opposes them. Their behaviour is truly suggesting that they shall being going through the Tribulation period and most likely take the mark of their master and forfeit any possibility of them being redeemed. What awaits them is eternal separation from Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    As the very near future for the born again Christian is to be caught up in the Rapture when Jesus Christ calls us to ”come up here”
    Harvey, IF you have given your life to Jesus Christ through repentance then you will have the shock of your life for we shall go together. Your references to visions and dreams to prove your ”position” is sadly far from the scripture that I read in the Word of God. I simply let you know that I am never selective with that Word and know that each verse hamonises with the chapter in which it is contained, the book of the bible which frames it and naturally all most line up with The Holy Bible. That which does not i leave it on the table as I do with your ”dreams and visions”.

    • Ed Wood says:

      I totally agree with you, Ian. The Bible is the standard and it is only by it can the truth be determined. It is the ultimate authority.

      Paul said it clearly:

      Galatians {1:8} But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto
      you, let him be accursed.

      The reason most of what passes for the church in this world today is in such a sorry shape is because it has substituted its own human-made false doctrines from those that are based on the Bible. I think that should be a warning to us as individuals to “test the spirits” as John advised in his first letter, chapter 4.

      He specifically shows us that if a message denies who Jesus is, we know that it is a false one, but I think this is good advice to apply universally. Is a message or vision is not supported by Scripture, then we shouldn’t accept it.

      Thanks very much for your well-considered comments and for having the courage to present them here.

  9. ianpomeroy says:

    Thank you Ed for your comments. You are a light shining in the darkness.

    • Ed Wood says:

      You are welcome, Ian.

      Thanks also to you for the many times on this site when you have shone your light into our increasingly dark world.

      God bless!


    • Chris Madder says:

      Thank you Ian for your very truthful and kind words, such gentleness and so very, very apropos.

  10. Ed Wood says:

    Hi, Chris.

    I hadn’t heard of NAR churches before so I did took a brief look at them on the web. Sounds kind of cultish to me. The Episcopal Church was also of the mind that it was “perfecting” the world so Jesus could return. Totally wrong, based on what the Bible says. Only Jesus’ return will restore Earth to a near-Eden state, but even then, sin will still exist. Otherwise, how could Satan round up followers for a last-ditch effort against God after he is released at the end of the Millennium? Only the total recreation of the universe which follows will forever fix that.

    For myself, I got my look into God’s reality when I was six years old in Sunday school. We were singing “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and I looked out the window onto a gorgeous, deep blue, spring sky, punctuated by white cumulus clouds floating slowly across it. At that moment, I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the song we were singing was absolutely true.

    Even so, I’ve had many turbulent years, getting pretty deep into alcoholism, generally messing up. God, in his mercy, delivered me from this addiction and I’ve been sober for over 43 years. Still, a billboard ad as to what a Christian should be, I am not. Plenty of character flaws to go around, believe me!

    The John 1:1-16 is a wonderful part the Bible. We learn so much about Jesus just from these few lines. We are told that he is eternal and without him nothing would exist; that we get to spend eternity in heaven only because of him, yet, sadly, the world and most of the people he created to live on it would reject him. Despite this, he gave his perfect life for our very imperfect ones. Overwhelmingly profound, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing your story. I am sure everyone else who reads it will appreciate it as much as I have.

    • Chris Madder says:

      Should you wish to continue this conversation, because I, for one, have some things I would love to share but not in public you can reach me at:
      chrisdotmadderatyahoodotcom – if you follow me? By the way I apologise for my typos.

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