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“Come, Lord Jesus”

This phrase, imploring that Jesus intervene in a less-than-pleasant moment of the life of a believer, used to be spoken in a sort of light-hearted way—i.e., the person saying this used the words to express their frustration with the way something was going they would rather not face.

One heard, “Come, Lord Jesus,” once in a while, but for the most part, it was issued with a grimace, then a smile, indicating that things weren’t really so grim as to want the Lord to rescue them. At least that is my observation, thinking back over the years.

I guess some would accuse that this was, when used in such a light vein, a way of using the Lord’s name in vain–something the Bible indicates is forbidden. Perhaps I should view it that way, but just never did, believing that His coming at any moment would be a glorious thing, not something to wish for that should be criticized as sinful. At any rate, shouldn’t we want the Lord to come back? We’re told in Scriptures like Luke 21:28, Mark 13:37, and Titus 2:13 to be looking for, watching for, the Lord coming for us.

Worry and conjecture over whether such light usage of the phrase, ”Come, Lord Jesus” is wrong no longer applies, because now there is no doubt about its usage. The appeal for Jesus to intervene in our lives is genuine in every respect.

If I put into this commentary every case lately in which I’ve received an email that uses the phrase, “Come, Lord Jesus,” in different ways, the article would be lengthy indeed. These days, Christians, I’ve found, are genuine in asking the Lord to rescue us out of this spiritually darkening—dare I say, insane—world.

American Christians have been for years, for the most part, spoiled to things going along pretty well without challenge to their belief in Christ. There has been very little persecution compared to that suffered by believers of other nations—China, for example. Those believers might not recognize much difference in the level of troubles they’re suffering because of their faith. Things might be getting worse, but their plight hasn’t changed significantly in terms of contrast.

By that, I mean that we here in America have seen things go from relatively smooth, with little challenge and no persecution to speak of, to tremendous changes and growing persecution for our belief in Christ as the only way to salvation.

We’ve seen the country’s attitudes change from America being called a Christian nation to having a president say we are not a Christian nation. We’ve watched a pastor of a president asking God to damn America, using the term in a way that takes the Lord’s name in vain in an obvious, overt expression.

We’ve endured the corruption of everything we thought secure, the US Constitution and its framers—the founding fathers—made out to be, through rewritten history, among the most evil documents and most evil men in human history.

We’ve witnessed our nation fight to win freedom from slavery for African Americans, with one party being at the helm of government that won the war and freed the slaves. The other party, who mostly advocated holding slaves, who lost that Civil War, now calls the political party that freed slaves guilty of racism.

The lies from the father of lies run rampant, even mocking God’s prescription for living righteously. For example, the homosexual lobby, although a small percentage of the citizenry, dominates the mainstream media narrative in proclaiming it is as righteous a lifestyle as any.

That same culture and media now makes out God to be a liar by saying male and female don’t have to be what they came into the world to be. A boy can be a girl, or vice-versa. It is a choice, not a biological fact of birth, as directed by God.

And, the same media and culture proclaims it is not only okay, but preferable, to murder children while in the womb or even after birth in some cases, as a matter of a woman’s right to choose whether her baby lives or dies.

So, in America, the contrast is stark. We have seen the evil cesspool of wickedness infect our culture and society in most every way possible, unthinkable only a few decades ago. That is why we say, and legitimately so, “Come, Lord Jesus!”

And it all means that the Lord Jesus must surely be about to step out onto the clouds of glory and say, “Come up here!”

And when you see all these things begin to come to pass, then look up and lift up your head; for your redemption draweth nigh. (Luke 21 28)

He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22: 20)


  1. GWA says:

    How many of us would have “pulled the plug” on this long ago? Our God is so loving and full of mercy He waits for all to come to a saving knowledge through His Son, Jesus Christ. I so want to get out of here but God waited for me and I am so happy He will wait for that last soul. Only He and He alone knows the day/time/hour so……we do our best to occupy and redeem the time. Another wonderful reminder Brother Terry! God bless you and may God keep us all in His mighty care!

    • Cindy Appel says:

      You took the words out of my mouth! So glad he waited for me too…I was so lost! Amen and God bless us all.

  2. Ed Wood says:

    Perhaps the threat to believers here in America is worse than the overt persecution some people face in other nations. I don’t say this to minimize the plight of the latter at all. In fact, their faith generally rises and surpasses the persecution. They just dig in their heels, refuse to submit, and grow stronger.

    I see it quite the opposite here in the States. Because it has been relatively easy to be a Christian here, faith often ends up being tepid, or lukewarm, as we read about the Laodicean church in Revelation. When a challenge does come, it wins out.

    I saw this happen as the Episcopal church descended into apostasy. It gave the nod to homosexual behavior and the “many paths to God” error just for starters. I watched people who knew these things were wrong refuse to make a stand for fear making themselves unpopular with fellow parishioners, friends, or family members.

    We’ve all watched such people also sit back and let a small, but vocal groups, like the homosexual community and BLM crew hijack the trajectory of our society to the detriment of the majority, some of these processes going on for decades while the “good people” let it happen by their inaction. Just proves Edmund Burke was right on target with this observation centuries ago.

    So, I am not surprised to see where we are in America today. What does surprise me is how fast it happened.

    • ianpomeroy says:

      I am not in the least surprised as my wife and I have been entreating folk to read the Word of God and stand by it for 40 + years. We have made many mistakes along the way, However God’s Word never has. We have been ignored, vilified and rejected. Just as Jesus Christ of Nazareth said that we would.

      There is no doubt that many once ”Christians” groups are now embracing so many false ideas and basically ”anything goes” except the Gospel message ”Repent and accept Jesus Christ died for you”

      My cry is for ”them” to repent” before it is too late and work hard with Jude 22. However we are also applying Titus 2 v 13. Maranatha Lord Jesus.

      • Ed Wood says:

        I’d say most of organized religion is certainly following the “doctrines of devils,” as Paul put it so well.

        It has gotten away with it because its members are so incredibly Bible-illiterate and I think laziness is the big factor why this is so. “Comfortable Christians” tend to be “Complacent Christians.”

        If the Revelation accounts of the churches apply not only to the specific ones of John’s time, but present a picture of the church’s evolution, which I do think is the case, then the last-stage, lukewarm
        Neo-Laodicean church has arrived in force and the true one, represented by the Philadelphian church, is composed of those who still take the Bible at its word. It is this one that will disappear altogether when the Rapture comes to pass.

        I think this will be very, very soon, thank God!

      • Harvey says:

        Ian, You misunderstand me. I am Rapture ‘ready’. ‘Dying for it’, but I know it will not occur until the Lord is willing. He is not hasty in His judgement . I think there are a lot of people who would expect to be taken who would not be if He came now. They’ think’ they are Christians but are deceiving them selves. When the final outpouring of the Spirit occurs their eyes will be truly ‘opened’ .
        There are many who are ‘so ready’ that they want to be caught up now and never mind those who miss out . ‘It serves them right’ they must think. They have had their chance. I am glad God waited for me. He is not willing that any should perish and He knows those who are His. Just because they have not ‘listened ‘to us is not final and we must be better than that.

      • Harvey says:

        I agree with Eds comments about what some (perhaps many) ‘Christians’ believe and the apparent complacency. It is, I believe, for just such reasons, that God is giving many a chance to “pull their socks up”. We are truly like sheep, but they will be given the opportunity and the help they need to get real with God. I am appalled at the apparent lack of sincerity in the faith of many. We cannot necessarily do anything about it, but God can.
        I spent a wonderful time with the Holy Spirit yesterday afternoon, (I am long retired and my time is my own) which left me in such a state that I could hardly sleep last night for the overflowing sense of praise that I was still experiencing. I felt completely inadequate to express what I felt towards the Lord. Every superlative seemed quite banal. My wish would be that every Christian should know the unsurpassed worth of knowing God. Only a fool could say in his heart ‘There is no God’.
        “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” (John 10:27)

  3. Harvey says:

    In times when things get a bit rough , I say to myself and to the Lord, jokingly, “Beam me up Scotty”, knowing that I am not really ready for the Rapture to come just yet and neither is He. I am mindful of unsaved family , friends and people all over this country and in every country. Many Christians seem to be willing to sacrifice them for the sake of their own well-being. I am not and I do not believe the Lord is willing to either. Thus is His promise to pour out His Spirit on all flesh in the Last days. He said to me once, “If it seems slow, wait for it. It will surely happen”. I know am earning the ire of others for repeating this. They are willing to sacrifice others for their own well-being, or so it seems .If they are not willing to pray for this , I say to them “Wait quietly, and you will see what the Lord will do. It is not good for Christians to tear at each other in useless argument .

    When I was a young boy we used to cross playing fields at night , in the dark. A short cut instead of following the lighted streets as our parents had told us to do. On the far side was an area of trees before the boundary wall , a rock wall which we had to climb up, to the lighted road above. As we approached it we would break into a run because we could only climb up one at a time. If I was last I would be jumping up and down on the spot, fearing that “icy hands” would grab me . That someone was waiting in the trees to harm us. It never happened, but the fear never diminished. This experience comes to mind now.

    Our country of N.Z.is experiencing all the things which you speak of, on a smaller scale. We used to say they could never happen hear. Last night alone we heard reports of repeated murders, apparently without motive(?) a private church school had raped hundreds of boys (not an exaggeration) with the knowledge of the Board, over decades, our Socialist Prime Minister (an unmarried mother) condemned the decision to over- turn Roe v Wade, more road deaths and the further rising influence of Maori, completely disproportionate to their minority or ability. These seeds were planted a long time ago and are all signs of the times.

    The Lord was watching over us, then and now. “Fear not” says The Lord, “For I am with you”.

  4. ianpomeroy says:

    Ohh Harvey this is not the moment for flippancy ”I say to myself and to the Lord, jokingly, “Beam me up Scotty”, knowing that I am not really ready for the Rapture to come just yet and neither is He.” This is not a joking matter as millions are following the puppet master and have sold out to him in preparation for an eternity without Jesus Christ. Many have refused Him and do not care about their destiny.

    It is incredibly clear that God has set His timetable and He will not tell any what that is BUT we can see the incredible signs of the nearness of the Tribulation. We do not have any time to lose, we must be about our Father’s business before it happens.

    If you are not ready for the Rapture then your Salvation is not assured!
    We are ready ONLY if we have Repented and accepted the free gift of Eternal Life from God the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We can do nothing else to be ready. HOWEVER after that we need to read and inwardly digest the Holy Bible and learn from cover to cover all that God wishes to reveal to us.

    Once having done that and been discipled we can be ready to Follow the entreaty from Jude 22.
    Maranatha Come Lord Jesus Come.

  5. Truth. Amen and Amen.

  6. Gene Dahler says:

    Terry, really liked your commentary. Is it okay if I copy it and redistribute it to my ministry followers?

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