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Notice of invitation from prophecy-teaching church

We get questions about where to find churches that believe and teach the preTrib view of Bible prophecy as Truth from God’s Word.

Here is an invitation from Pastor Mark Hall, a long-time friend.

Those who live in Middle Tennessee and are hungry to hear Bible prophecy, are welcome to attend at my church to hear a new Bible prophecy series beginning January 8, called “The Watchman on the Wall.”

The topics will include why the church must be prepared for the rapture, and why we must live godly lives until He comes. I will be covering the New World Order, Israel, and the signs of our times, the four horsemen, and the signs that reveal that the tribulation is moving toward us.

The name of our church is Ransom church located north of Shelbyville, TN on highway 231 North. Our church service starts at 10:00 am.

You can email Mark Hall at the following:


For GPS purposes input the following address:

3401 Highway 231 North

Shelbyville, TN. 37160

We prayerfully hope you will come be a part of our services.


  1. Chris Madder says:

    Tragically, I seriously doubt you will ever hear from any bible-believing pastor in Cyprus.

  2. Chris Madder says:

    PS However, I have a friend in Tennessee so I will be forwarding your blog to her.

  3. judys8709yahoocom says:


    We are desperate to find a church in the Birmingham, AL area. Any recommendations?

    Our thanks!



  4. A Clark says:

    So glad to see recommendations for a local church. They are out there, even if it’s a home church.

    • Ed Wood says:

      This is exactly how the first churches started.

      It is all coming full-circle and perhaps this is just another sign of these times and the wrapping-up up this age..

      • A Clark says:

        Yep, I think there should be a deliberate transition to home churches while we can. The big facility centric model may not be survivable much longer. Just an opinion but I agree with you…

      • Ed Wood says:

        During the Tribulation, those who come to believe post-Rapture will have to go underground to avoid being executed, so home churches will be the only option. I suspect that these also may form a black market of sorts – only it will not have the negative connotations these have now – so Christians will be able to get the things they need to survive. Even so, according to Revelation, millions will be apprehended and martyred.

        The only mega-churches will be state-sponsored ones set up to worship the Antichrist. What we are seeing today indicates that most of the mainstream churches today will gladly go with that program.

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