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Scanning a Fearful Future XI

“Scanning a Fearful Future Part X” (the conclusion of the series) was completed early in 2011. We’ve revisited that series of articles on two additional occasions, I believe.

Likewise, we posted this article—a follow up to that series—in September of 2022. I am convicted so strongly of the relevance of thoughts it contains that I must again put it before our readers. Again, I’m convinced that now, in April 2023, it’s time again to look ahead—“scan”— the ever-deepening march of humanity toward the consummation of this Genesis 6-like age.

Many prophecy watchers won’t agree with my take on the matters I present here because it’s not scripturally provable. But I don’t claim it is; admittedly, the thoughts I put forward are conjecture rather than necessarily Holy Spirit-prompted.

I do believe, however, that my thinking is legitimately evidence-based, considering my long-time Bible-centered observation and dissection of these wicked times.

My only reluctance in dealing with these matters stems from the frequently expressed realization that my thinking—like that of many of my colleagues—is too often—Amero-centric. That is, we too often consider our nation to be at the center of everything when we look at prophetic progression.

With all that as a preface, I nonetheless must once again say I see America as perhaps key to the wrap-up of the Church Age (Age of Grace).

Is America in Bible prophecy? That, of course, is among the questions often asked. Always, my answer is: No—not by name.

Is America the Babylon prophesied in Revelation chapter 18? My answer to that has evolved over much study to be “perhaps.” But, again, it can’t be proved to be that condemned city/system of evil that has afflicted all the world with sin. However, America is, almost undoubtedly, a part of that commercial and cultural system.

My belief that America fits within the final system of wickedness is confirmed with each news report. As stated on several occasions, considering the use and abuse of the most vulnerable among humanity is evidence of how far from the heart of God humankind has “progressed.”

The fact that such upside-down thinking and conduct are said to be “progressive” proves how culture in America has the “reprobate mind” of Romans 1:28. Those who claim to be “progressive” are in fact moving in the direction opposite of Heaven’s command to the human race. This mindset is inflicting on the very young the evil that can be churned only through minds attuned to the god of this world.

As stated before, history attests that every major civilization on record has come to its inglorious end while engaging in child sacrifice and unspeakable abuses by the adult generations during those times of collapse and demise.

Time and time again we’ve looked at abortion in America today and have concluded that murder in the mothers’ wombs is, in the majority of cases, used as contraception to cover for sexual misconduct and/or irresponsibility. The practice can be likened to sacrifice upon the altar of convenience—like the pagans, and even Israel, once sacrificed infants upon the white-hot, stone hands of Moloch.

And now parents are dressing children as young as age four as transvestites and parading them in honor of LBTQ… etc., etc., rainbow, Genesis 6-like activities.

We have reports of all that went on with the Jeffrey Epstein island evil involving under-aged girls, and even of pedophilia among younger children who were abused in horrendous ways by well-known people. Yet the national media has swept all such reports under the proverbial rug of forgetfulness. And America has been at the direct center of all this anti-God activity. The most blessed nation in history—in terms of material blessings and perhaps second (only to Israel) in spiritual blessings—has become perhaps the most debauched, lascivious, licentious nation ever.

This brings me to the crux of this subject.

As some know, I believe Jesus prophesied the time of Rapture. I don’t mean, of course, that He told us the day or hour, as He Himself said only the Father knows that. But I’m more convinced than ever that He gave conditions precisely as they’ll be when He calls believers into His presence.

“For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

And here is where I know I’ll receive some degree of resistance regarding my Amero-centric perspective on Jesus’ words of Luke 17:29–30.

“Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.” (Luke 17: 28-30)

Here Jesus likened the time He will next intervene into the affairs of humankind to the days when Lot lived and worked in Sodom. The very day Lot went out of that wicked city (out of which the angels led Lot and his family), judgment from God fell and totally destroyed both Sodom and its sister city, Gomorrah.

In this Luke passage, Jesus was referring to that moment–the Rapture. As we’ve looked at many times, He couldn’t be referring to the very end of the Tribulation, when as many as three-fourths of the earth’s population will have died during the seven years of God’s judgment and wrath. At that time—the time of His Second Coming (Revelation 19: 11)—it won’t be business as usual, as given in this prophecy. The few rebels left on the planet will be hiding in caves from God’s King who is coming through the scrolled-back blackness on the bright clouds of glory.

Now, to bring it down to our present closing hours of this age, I propose that the Lord might have had in mind a particular people and nation as He described how things will be at the moment of the Rapture.

Here goes my Amero-centricism again.

America today is the greatest nation in all of recorded world history in terms of spectacular advancements and achievements. It is the apex nation in this regard. No other has come close—that we know of…

We hear constantly that all the world is about to collapse in financial catastrophe, and even perhaps explode in nuclear war. These predictions have been around for years. Yet the world is buying, selling, marrying, planting, building—all the things Jesus prophesied for the time when, like in Lot’s time, God’s people will be removed from the earth.

While Europe is quickly dissolving in energy-crisis mode and the financial systems of the world seem about to collapse, Americans are still, like the folks of Sodom, living in ways Jesus described: we’re buying, selling, building, etc.

I maintain the Lord might well have had in mind this very nation we call America as the model for the future time of the removal of God’s people.

Our nation fits as the super-achieving, productive society and culture of Christ’s analogy. And, certainly, at the same time, our society and culture align with the wickedness of Lot’s day.

Scanning a fearful future, to the Christian, is really to be scanning a fantastic future! All of this points to the blessed hope of Titus 2:13: Believers are on the very cusp of coming into the joint heirship with the Son of God we are promised.

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” (1 Corinthians 2: 9)

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!  


  1. robinlinaz says:

    It’s hard to fault your commentary Terry. I believe, as you do, that we are on the precipice of eternity; encouraging for us as Believers in Jesus, and so truly terrifying for all who are not redeemed. We ALL have friends, family and various loved ones who are the latter, not the former. This creates a complicated mix of joy and dread.

    There is no explanation, other than to humbly acknowledge the Lord’s Sovereign Power, to explain the fact that the world (and our nation) have not already devolved into Noah/Lot type chaos and judgment. The reason is obviously that God is longsuffering beyond all human imagining so that more will not perish if they will come to Him in saving faith.

    If Lot’s righteous soul was vexed, how much more so is ours?! It is not a contest, but Lot surely didn’t have the internet, social media, 24/7 debauchery and wickedness streaming into his home and on his work implements. Ours is the most populous time in human history so the wickedness today is more rampant and widespread than ever before.

    We are close to the Rapture. I pray it is this year, this month, this week, this day. But we know God’s timing is perfect and in hindsight we will (soon) marvel at the day He chose to take us home. It will fit perfectly into His plan for humanity.

    • Tyler says:

      Your comment on Terry’s article is so on-line with how I feel. I almost feel sick to my stomach as to what is happening around the world and even more so in our nation. What people are able to do to others is awful. Ultra-Wealthy taking it up-on themselves to cull the population. It is so unbelievable that we are in Gods time/prophecy as it happens. I asked, He who know all things, as to why I am so downtrodden yet should be excited (as the Rapture has got to be close). I want to be safe basking in His glow & protection. Immediately I thought of “it will taste sweet as honey yet be bitter in you stomach.
      – This creates a complicated mix of joy and dread. absolutely!
      – If Lot’s righteous soul was vexed, how much more so is ours? I like and agree with this!
      – We are close to the Rapture. I pray it is this year, this month, this week, this day: Me too brother. It will be this year, I’m convinced of it. I was hoping it was this past week but am leaning towards Pentecost now! The only feast with Jews & Gentiles both preparing for the covering of SIN and full of SINNERS i.e. loaves of bread with and without Leaven.

      • robinlinaz says:

        I’m praying for Pentecost or before, as well, but when it happens we will see that it is perfect.

        A close friend of mine called this morning to tell me her 57-year-old son, who was also a friend of mine, died yesterday…unexpectedly of course. She found him on the bathroom floor and he had died in the night. There is so much death and sadness, and it is growing daily. Such evil, such suffering, such destruction and lawlessness. And the Restrainer is still here in us, holding back what is coming. No one in their right mind should want to stay here any longer.

        May it be soon. (BTW I am a sister, not a brother LOL).

  2. Ed Wood says:

    Being “America-centric” is not a problem for me simply because the U.S. has been the most powerful and influential nation on Earth for at least a century. Even now in its decline, it is still a major element on the world stage, so what happens here affects everyone else on the planet.

    That includes our moral, economic, political, and military decay, with the last three determined by the first. We now see the same things that got Geoffrey Epstein locked up not so long ago not only being tolerated but praised. Kids are being subjected to perversion and filth not only on the media, social platforms, and schools, but by the apostate church as well.

    For example, a congregational church in the next town over from mine had a “drag bingo” event to fund some youth activities. I responded with this letter supporting someone else who objected, both his and mine amazingly did get published:
    “Letter to The Source
    February 4, 2023
    Kudos to R (name changed for privacy) of Madison in his recent letter critical of the outrageous and totally anti-biblical drag bingo fundraiser conducted by the First Congregational Church of Madison. Any church which does not act in according to what the Bible teaches is nothing more than a social club. Unfortunately, most of the mainstream churches these days have now adopted the secular world’s fallen standards, rather than calling them to the higher ones derived from Scripture.
    Adding insult to injury was the questionable editorial decision of The Source to display a
    picture of this disgraceful falling away from those Bible-based standards by the FCC on
    the front page of its February 2, 2023 edition.”

    I think this is the line in the sand that God has drawn that once crossed, guarantees his directly stepping onto history to remedy because none other is left – as it was in the days of Noah and Lot.

    That :upward call” can’t come soon enough for me.

    • robinlinaz says:

      Amen Ed!

      A large “Christian” prosperity church near my home held multiple haunted/horror themed houses over 3 nights last Halloween. I called and complained and then sent an email when they wouldn’t reply. Clearly for them it is all about fundraising under the guise of drawing in the wayward to Christ. There is almost no line separating the church and the world, as awful as it is for us, I can’t imagine how the Holy Spirit endures it. He won’t for much longer, His cup of righteous wrath must be overflowing.

      Most “churches” today are anything but houses of worship, Laodicean at best. The newest Barna study shows only 4% of professing Christians (in the USA) hold a truly Biblical worldview. Four percent!!!

      Come Lord Jesus!

      • Ed Wood says:

        Thanks for sharing your experience and kind words, Robin.

        I was actually surprised that they published two letters critical of this sick event by a so-called “church,” based on societal trends. I was also surprised not to get some negative feedback, because I was definitely ready for it. My attitude has always been, “Bring it on!” because I’m not about to roll over.

        I am not surprised at the Barna study. I think that this gives us a good indication of just how relatively few people will be taken in the Rapture. Even so, if we generally applied this 4% to the 8 billion world population, it still comes out to around 320 million. If you figure these are concentrated in what were once “Christian nations” like the U.S. and Europe used to be and those still strongly Christian African nations today, the effect of the instant disappearance will be immense globally.

        It’ll be the perfect storm for the Antichrist to move in and take over, just as evil dictators of the past exploited upheavals in their own nations to come to power, such as Hitler did in Germany and Khomeini in Iran in the last century.

        Keep looking up and God bless!

  3. Judy Moore says:

    Even so COME, LORD JESUS!

    • robinlinaz says:

      Ed, you are so right about the man of sin and the perfect setup.

      It’s astonishing to me how few have eyes to see. I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the “Pastors” in this fallen world and Jesus will too.

      While I agree there will almost certainly be 300-400 million Christians removed, at least that many more children will be taken as well. Won’t THAT will be an unprecedented and shattering judgment against the world and its horrible abuse of our children?! (As a rule, even secularists believe they love their children.)

      As you’ve observed, this earth is no longer fit for children! Parents taking their kids to transgender story hour, pastors and priests claiming Jesus is gay, and embracing LGBQT+ leaders in the church, the smut in Disney, kid’s school books, promoted on TV and in video games, to name just few of the spreading abominations. It comforts me that Jesus will soon free all the innocent minds and souls now being corrupted in this evil world.

      I am sickened and oddly encouraged all at once, our Lord is surely at the door.

      And yes Judy, Maranatha!

      • Carolyn Judith Moore says:

        Well, said, Robin! Thank you!

      • Ed Wood says:

        You know, Robin, I totally forgot about all the kids also being taken before their age of accountability adding to the total. Thanks for reminding me. This, too, will be a big shock to those parents left behind and another reason to be looking for an “Answer Man,” i.e. the man of sin.
        For those of us believers, it’ll be w wonderful day, for those left, it’ll be the first of their worst.

  4. Dave Michaelson says:

    The USA doesn’t have the market on pedophilia, abortion and the LBGTQ agenda! In all deference to Terry, Ed, and others, while I agree with their premise, America has, as I’ve said here before been the greatest exporter of the Gospel of Jesus Christ since the 1st century apostles. Agreed, America seems like it fits the bill in how Revelation describes Mystery Babylon, with all its fornication in a society full of itself! Dripping in worldly desires, and permeating society with all its ungodly delights, there are still a large number of people, granted mainly boomers, Gen X(to some degree) and a fast leaving us WWII generation who holds fast to the promise of God’s Word! America may not be mentioned specifically in prophecy because of the very reason God already saw from the Beginning of Creation there would be a Final World Empire(America) that would preach the Gospel to the world before the End of the Age of Grace comes. Why will God destroy America necessarily before its time, which is now according to many readers here? It may very happen, I’m only a Believer not a prognosticator of future events. Some feel as I do now we may have a while for more people to get Saved. So there’s more evangelizing to do before that day of departure comes– just saying– not dogmatic here about the timing of yet future events! Surely it will happen before the end of this decade–right–well maybe, at least I think so based on what the Bible says about the fulfilllment of that Generation.The generation that sees the Fig Tree(Israel) blossom shall not pass before the Son of Man cometh! When’s the last WWII person going to be gone from here? Not that much longer–10-15 years maybe at most!

    • Ed Wood says:

      Hi, Dave.

      I think it is possible that we won’t see America’s death throes, but we can see it wouldn’t take much to have its “plugged pulled” and the Rapture may very well be the event that does it. I also don’t think it is Babylon – I go with a literal interpretation that the Antichrist will rebuild the actual city and move his H.Q. there at some point. Logistically, it is perfectly situated to control a vast amount of the world’s energy supplies. The idolatry and world rule it will have will very much parallel that of what ancient Babylon had in its day, though it was on a much smaller scale.

      So, I agree that America will not be destroyed before its time and it may very well be that the presence of believers in it is the reason. After all, the Flood didn’t come until Noah and his family were safely aboard the Ark; Sodom and Gomorrah weren’t destroyed until Lot and his family were safely out of town. I think this is a good example of how it will be for the U.S. It’ll be another aspect of fulfilling Jesus’ words about the last days being like that of both Noah and Lot along with “business as usual” and rampant evil for both; widespread acceptance of perversion for the latter as well.

      When that last believer is made, I think that’ll be when the Rapture will occur, so evangelizing is definitely something that will continue until that last moment.

  5. Carolyn Judith Moore says:

    Dave, I am of that generation. I was a youth during WWII. My father was an air raid warden. He walked the streets of our community at night to make sure all lights were out and shades drawn to prevent enemies in the skies from seeing us. It was an air raid drill. Fortunately, no enemy planes flew over our world then. But our citizenry kept busy supplying our military and watching out for our country.

    Today’s America isn’t the same America I grew up in. Not at all, in any way. So much has been lost due to the activities of foolish people who don’t know and haven’t seen what we have seen. During WWII, we were fighting two major world wars at the same time: Europe/Germany and Japan.

    God has been merciful and good to our country over the years. But today’s American society no longer clings to our founding principles, nor does it honor the God of our Fathers, generally speaking. We have become a self-serving people and have forsaken God’s commandments. We as a society, generally speaking, have adopted an “in-your-face” attitude toward God.

    I’ve lived long enough to see these things for myself. It makes me very sad to watch.

    How can we expect, or even hope, that God will protect us from our enemies when we stick our middle finger in His face?

    You’re right about the 10-15 years max. when the last WWII person will have passed on. I don’t want to be here when the judgment of a righteous Creator falls on my homeland.

    “To whom much is given, much shall be required.”

    • robinlinaz says:

      Carolyn I agree with all you’ve said, you must be about my mom’s age. She is longing for the Lord’s return and believes the Rapture is soon, but either way, she is ready to meet Jesus. As am I, and you, others here, and so many who have been given the incredible gift of salvation.

      As awful as things are, and as generous as God has been to our nation…using us for the purpose of spreading the gospel around the world…His prophetic time clock is near its end.

      Not predicting an hour or day, but it is quite appropriate to proclaim we are late in the season of His return. If more people understood this, more would repent and come to saving faith! Jesus Himself said He is the Spirit of Prophecy and the world desperately needs to know how close to His return we are.

      I shall see you in the clouds!

    • Ed Wood says:

      Absolutely right, Carolyn. I was born in 1952 and saw America’s beginning slide into the abyss in 1963 when the Supreme Court tossed God out of our schools. Of course, I didn’t realize this connection at that time, but looking back with adult eyes, it became unmistakably clear to me. A few months later, JFK was assassinated and, even at my young age, I sensed that America would never be the same – and it never was.

      Though the rest of 1960’s were an ugly time, they pale in comparison to what’s happened to us since the turn of the millennium. The post-Covid years have put the downward spiral of America and the free world into warp drive.

      It’s like a bad dystopian movie, only it has become a grim reality unimaginable not so long ago.

    • Dave Michaelson says:

      Hi Ed, you make good points as always, and the Rapture, as you say could well be the game-changer! I’ve heard an online pastor I follow say, ” when that last gentile comes to Christ-or Jew for that matter-then that Trumpet will sound!”. Since God is all-knowing that’s why Jesus Himself doesn’t even know the exact hour or day since only the Father knows. I’m sure you’ve heard pastors or theologians predict America might be ‘gutted’ to explain why America isn’t mentioned specifically in Scripture! Meaning since so many Christians have either prominent roles in government(not very likely now I would say), or have positions of authority over anything to do with our military, they are all gone! America is rendered virtually impotent, and not coming to the aid of Israel during the Tribulation! All very plausible ideas too I think!

      • Ed Wood says:

        Yes, Dave, I go along with those pastors that say the disappearance of Christians who occupy key roles will be a big part in America becoming incapacitated post-rapture. the U.S. won’t be able to help itself, never mind anyone else, including Israel. The current administration is giving that nation a hard time and I don’t think it would back that nation up even now.

        Our credibility has diminished ever since such fiascos as Vietnam and the Iranian hostage crisis and I doubt anyone really takes Biden & Company seriously. Certainly Russia and China don’t because I can’t imagine either of them pulling the kinds of actions they are now if Donald Trump was still in office.

        We are on a path to irrelevance already, something that the Rapture will totally complete.

    • D says:

      Hi Carolyn, I agree today’s America doesn’t resemble the one I grew up in. I’ll be 69 in a month. When I think of this generation having to be so concerned about the safety of their children in our schools, and of all places this should be where a parent shouldn’t ever think of any harm coming to them! It wasn’t when we went to school was it? In 2016, I had the opportunity of leaving a hand written prayer at the western wall in Jerusalem(online), and so I did, as I do every night when I pray to our Lord! Yet, we continue to see the slaughter of our children ever since Columbine, maybe even before! I would say God has indeed lifted His protection in this regard(our schools) since we kicked Him out of our schools 60 years ago!

  6. Ted Bates says:

    The economy of our nation has placed us as materialistic as well as hedonistic and humanistic (humanism as wrapped up in self) aligns with Revelation 18, it is hard for me to rule out America for the Rev. 18 city to be destroyed. While Rev. 18 is called a city, the fact that all the merchants and sailors are at such an end of themselves, points to more than just a city. The United States is the chief consumer for the world’s goods. If we suddenly disappear that’s going to bring down the whole world. And yes we are now a Roman’s 1 people, it is a reasonable possibility that we fulfill that prophecy. Except that I thought Rev. 18 happens late in the 7 year tribulation, and we understand scripture to promise a pretribulation rapture which confuses the timing. Still it is more than reasonable to suspect the United States to be mystery Babylon.

  7. Suzanne Mather says:

    The powers that be are setting their sights on 2030.
    That should be a clue!
    Satan knows it is close, and he knows the Church will be gone!
    Everyday now, we should be intently listening for the Trumpet to sound!

    • robinlinaz says:

      Amen Suzanne, there are many, many, many scripturally sound and prophetic reasons to hope 2030 is the year and unbeknownst to them, why Satan chose it for his Great Reset. He doesn’t realize that when Jesus ushers in the Millennial Kingdom, that is the true GREAT RESET, hallelujah! God always uses Satan’s worst intentions for His greatest glory and our greatest good.

  8. Carolyn Judith Moore says:

    I love reading all your comments because I don’t have a “church” anymore, nor could I get out to services if I did. Thank you each and all for entering into this discussion and sharing your insights. That powerful God in Heaven is our beloved Father, and Jesus is our precious Brother. His mercy is indescribable, His love is forever. He will never walk out on us! He will never desert us or leave us Fatherless. We are children of the KING! Even while we walk this earth in tattered clothes, He has a robe and crown on hold for us when we arrive Home.

    My “Daddy” is all powerful. Nothing will stop or slow His marvelous plan to save an undeserving remnant for His Kingdom. Truly, “…Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven…” Let it be so, Lord.

    • Ed Wood says:

      I bailed on organized religion back in 2009 because there was no place left to go that hadn’t slid into apostasy. Rapture Ready and this site are provide a wonderful way to stay connected with people who don’t compromise on what the Bible teaches and I’ve learned a lot over the years from it. Thanks to ALL of you!

      See you soon face to face in the clouds!

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