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End-of-Days Scenarios – Part 10

The prince –in our end-of-days scenario–has come forth from the people (the Romans) who destroyed the city (Jerusalem) and the sanctuary (the Jewish Temple) just as foretold by Daniel the prophet (Dan. 9:27). He comes guaranteeing a peace that has already been negotiated, and through great, swelling words aggrandizes himself in the eyes of many peoples throughout the world (Dan. 7:20).

Daniel 11:38: “But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.”

The Assyrian beast magnifies himself above all. He has attained godhood in his own inflated opinion of his abilities. He manifests the prideful arrogance of all of the great kings, princes, and tyrants of history in one ego-maniacal, supernaturally empowered man.

The great leader, at the same time –according to Daniel 11: 38—is in league with the “god of forces,” and heaps riches upon a god his fathers would have no part of worshiping. These are a couple of fascinating foretellings about the prince who has come forth. He casts his lot, at least initially, with a couple of interesting “gods.” The first god referenced is a god that invokes aggressive, militant, and deadly action to achieve its way. The prince who has come uses this god and its forces to accomplish great things –for himself, of course.

The second god spoken of indicates a religious system, whose love of the riches of life is at the center of all worship. The former “god” fits the profile of Allah, whose holy book, the Koran, demands that all who do not bow the knee to Islam be dispatched from this life. The latter “god” is further described in Revelation chapter 17. The false religious system that seduces the kings of the earth is both Catholic and Protestant apostate religionists, all rolled cozily together with ecumenical entities from the various religions of the world. Antichrist will, the Scriptures say, turn on both the god of forces and on the god his fathers –Abraham and his predecessors– would not worship. He will –ultimately—abide no worship other than of himself.

While Islam grows more fanatic, and proliferates through birth rate that far outstrips any other militant ethnic people, the great leader from the EU and other western powers combine and turn against the “god of forces.” Islam has gotten too threatening to the technological democracy the latest and greatest Fuhrer wants to institute. Islam will not adjust. These forces –whose god commands them to remain pure in Islam’s draconian ways, recede, and reconnoiter in regions native to their hordes. They join with powerful allies north of their comfort zone. The revived Russian military force is led by a leader who has special mention in end-of-days Bible prophecy.

“Gog,” which means “leader,” looks with lust toward the south and all of the oil-based riches of the Middle East. Economic and other factors make the Russian Gog think an evil thought. The Islamics, unwelcome in their interference with the Assyrian leader of the newly forming one-world plan, hitch their ambitions to the Russian leader’s evil thought to rule the petroleum/gas fields –and to thereby destroy Israel. Destroying Israel is at the heart of Islamic thinking. The Jews must forever be eradicated from the land they proclaim belongs to them.

The great western leader eyes the great eastern leader. The supernaturally saturated prince of Bible prophecy will –in our scenario—know that Gog is about to get his comeuppance. The western leader, directed by the same “god” as the eastern leader, knows what is about to happen. He bides his time.

Israel sits, without means to defend herself. The Jewish nation’s leaders have given their complete trust to the western leader, who has personally guaranteed their peace and safety. But, the great western leader, in spite of his watching the situation develop, isn’t quite confident in his assessment of what Bible prophecy has to say about this moment in human history. He’s not certain developments are necessarily in his favor.

His own kingdom is still under construction. While he won’t move until he fully consolidates his unstoppable power, he watches Gog and the Islamics gather for assault on the Middle East. His time will come. He will move, then, as no other leader in history has ever moved –in all-out aggression.

“But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many” (Dan 11:44).

But, it will be another force that deals with Israel’s great enemy at this particular moment. We will see that next time, God willing.


  1. Julie says:

    Terry, on youtube someone named codesearcher is presenting many table with various ‘axis terms’ like man of sin, behold the days are coming, as in the days of noah, etc. the names and dates that are coming up around these axis terms are quite fascinating

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