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The Global Warming Gestapo

Pope Francis might not be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as some conspiracy-minded prophecy pundits might have it. That this pope is a climate -change cop in papal paraphernalia, however, is less easy to deny, if the pontiff’s barnstorming through our nation last week is examined in light of his preaching to us on the evils of America’s world-endangering carbon footprint.

I think there should be little doubt that this was a primary purpose of his coming here. Climate change is so low on the worry-meter of the vast majority of Americans–and of citizens of other nations as well–that something had to be done to rev up interest in global warming (or “climate change,” as it is now termed), because people are sick of hearing the specious term “global warming.” Additionally, with the hoaxers claiming  that global warming is a threat to the world now disgraced by revelation of their cooked-up, false data, another tact must be taken to gen up fear that the planet will soon be destroyed without action by what I term the global-warming Gestapo.

What better way to gen-up the numbers of climate-change believers than to have the “Vicar of Christ” conducting secular-type masses all over America–the wealthiest nation that global gulagists have pronounced the most guilty on the Big Blue Marble (now the dingy, greenhouse gas-colored ball of haze)?

And pronounce our guilt this pope has done, even while maintaining the gentle, papal smile and soft-spoken homiletic voice. The United Nations used the pope’s visit to America to kick off its Sustainable Development Summit as keynote speaker. He spent much of that secular mass pointing out that the U.S. is the guiltiest of all nations of polluting the planet, thus must lead the way in making amends.

While preaching to the U.N., America, and Israel-hating choir about America’s culpability in the damage to earth’s environment, the pope reflected on statements he has made as chief climate-change cop. Statements like the following:

  • “God will judge you whether you cared for Earth.”
  • “It is man who has slapped nature in the face.”
  • “People occasionally forgive, but nature never does.”
  • “The climate is a common good, belonging to all and meant for all.”
  • “Doomsday predictions can no longer be met with irony or disdain.”
  • “Climate change is a global problem with grave implications. It represents one of the principle challenges facing humanity in our day.”
  • “Leaving an inhabitable planet to future generations is first and foremost up to us.”
  • “Never have we so hurt and mistreat our common home as we have in the last 200 years.”
  • “If we destroy creation, it will destroy us.”
  • “The earth is protesting the wrong that we are doing to her.”
  • “An international climate change treaty is a grave, ethical and moral responsibility.”
  • “Human rights are not only violated by terrorism, repression or assassination, but also by unfair economic structures that creates huge inequalities.”
  • “Money has to serve, not to rule.” (My thanks to Geri Ungurean for finding these quotes.)

On the surface, as with most all deception, the sophistry sounds common-sensible and the right course of action. However, there is harbored within the high-sounding phraseology deeply evil, prophetic stage-setting.

With the current pope seemingly totally co-opted by the global-warming Gestapo, it is interesting to consider the mounting Mother Earth worship system beginning to bring forth condemnation of unbelievers in the climate change diatribe. Just as in most leftist causes, the mainstream media takes the side diametrically opposed to the wishes of the people the leftists wish to force into their socialistic construct. And, that structure will bring the entire world of earth-dwellers under the Antichrist system at some future point, according to God’s prophetic Word.

The False Prophet–the second beast of Revelation chapter 13–will be in charge of bringing this global religious system of enslavement to fruition.

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” (Rev. 13: 16-17)

Mother Earth worship, I’m convinced, is the rallying cry around which the one-world-order builders wish us all to gather–thus chose this pope to begin changing our minds about global warming. We must be made to fear our world is being destroyed–which it is–by unrepented-of sin of the human population, not by some mythical carbon footprint caused by so-called greenhouse gases.

We get a sense of this mind-changing effort in considering what the global Gestapo’s propagandists are up to. The Associated Press (AP) has become one of the first of the mainstream media to begin the marginalization of those who speak against global warming or climate change as a scientifically established fact. The things they are doing in the area of becoming thought police for the global warming Gestapo are truly mind-boggling.

The AP will no longer use “skeptics” to describe people who don’t believe in climate change

Those who refuse to acknowledge that climate change is caused by human activity will no longer be called “skeptics” by the Associated Press, after the newswire service decided the term was too scientifically rigorous.

The AP explained their decision in a blog post:

Scientists who consider themselves real skeptics—who debunk mysticism, ESP and other pseudoscience, such as those who are part of the Center for Skeptical Inquiry—complain that non-scientists who reject mainstream climate science have usurped the phrase skeptic. They say they aren’t skeptics because “proper skepticism promotes scientific inquiry, critical investigation and the use of reason in examining controversial and extraordinary claims.” That group prefers the phrase “climate change deniers” for those who reject accepted global warming data and theory. But those who reject climate science say the phrase denier has the pejorative ring of Holocaust denier so The Associated Press prefers climate change doubter or someone who rejects mainstream science…

But some environmentalists were displeased with the AP’s decision to opt for the term “climate change doubter” instead of outright “denier”.

Ronald Lindsay, president and CEO of the Center for Inquiry, said in a statement:

Referring to deniers as “doubters” still imbues those who reject scientific fact with an intellectual legitimacy they have not earned. The general public, we fear, will still not get a clear picture of which public figures are basing their positions on reality, and which are not.

The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim asked his Twitter followers for alternative suggestions to “doubters” and was offered the following: Armageddon advocates, Canadian land speculators, climate itsallrightists, death cult members, drought enthusiasts, and grandchildren haters. (Http://qz.com/511723/the-ap-will-no-longer-use-skeptics-to-)

Should we be concerned about the environment–and should we desire to keep it as clean as possible, within reason? Of course. We are instructed by God Himself to be good stewards of the earth. However, we are not to make the planet out to be a goddess that demands our worship. Paul the apostle clearly points out the folly of those who have done so in the past (Read Romans chapter 1).

I prefer to remain among the “deniers” rather than follow the dictates of the global-warming Gestapo. I believe I’m in the best of company in so doing. The Architect of the Universe promises the following: “While the earth remained, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease” (Genesis 8: 22).




  1. Lyndon Weggery says:

    Terry -your attitude (to say the least) is disappointing towards the overwhelming scientific evidence that is warning us about the Planet heating up to unacceptable levels due to high emissions of CO2 etc. Ask any South Pacific island nation (Tuvalu,Kiribatis) and they will tell you it is happening right now.

  2. Just Thinking says:

    ugh! right off the bat, a global warming enthusiast. deep sigh I have quite a few links to articles (by scientists) you tubes (by scientists) that clearly discuss the aerosol spraying that is going on worldwide. Some of the contents of the aerosol is coal ash, which I guess explains the very dark gray clouds. Then there is aluminum, titanium, barium, lithium, and germs, insects, and good old Agent Orange… just to name a few. The 1% (super wealthy) are the ones pulling the strings and using tax monies to spray the entire planet. They say the bottom of the ocean is just covered with dead sea life. Our bird population has declined drastically. We had only a few small butterflies, which may actually be moths. I put no chemicals on my lawn; however, it is dark green and grows way too fast. We are praying for the dullards. We ask the Lord to give them eyes to see and ears to hear.

  3. Ann Odom says:

    Unbelievable that people believe in “climate change.” Well, we do have climate change that’s called Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter! I heard the president of the Sierra Club, being questioned by Sen. Ted Cruz about a statement he’d made. Sen. Cruz informed him that data obtained by satellites over the past 18 YEARS has shown little, if any warming of the Earth or atmosphere. This man still continued to spout that 95% of scientists have determined that climate change is occurring. He never did give Sen. Cruz an answer. That’s not what I’ve read and heard, about 95% of scientists believing in this invented disaster. The information given several years ago was revealed to be a falsehood. And, so many of these people, who are believers in “climate change,” AKA Global Warming, are and have been receiving huge amounts of our tax payer dollars for their so-called research. If the oceans are going to rise so much, how come Al Gore purchased a $9 million dollar home on the California coast????? BTW, he made all that money by selling carbon offsets in the company that he started. Just gonna have to pray that these people have their eyes opened.

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