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Despisers of Good

There is something going on that I believe can no longer be considered anomaly. It smacks ominously of forewarning found within the apostle Paul’s perilous times prophecy of 2 Timothy 3: “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be…despisers of those that are good” (2Timothy 3:1-2a, 6f)

Although the signs have been on the cultural and societal horizon for years, the manifestation of Paul’s forewarning became clearer during the school shooting in Littleton, Colorado, April 20, 1999. It was the first time in such a nationwide way that hatred for Jesus Christ raised its monstrous head, producing martyrdom for the cause of Christ in America.

On Rachel Scott, 17-year-old Columbine student:

Three weeks before the shooting she had witnessed to the shooters Eric and Dylan. Eric and Dylan were the odd pair out and students mostly stayed away from them. But Rachel tried to talk to them and encouraged them to leave their hateful feelings and turn to Jesus. But they hated her the more and even made homemade videotapes mocking her Christian faith.

On the day of the shooting, Rachel was outside the school building having her lunch. Eric and Dylan entered the school campus and first shot Rachel. They shot her in the leg twice and shot her again in the back. They left but returned seconds later. On noticing that she was still alive, Eric walked over to Rachel and grabbed her by the hair, lifted up her head and asked her “Do you still believe in your God?” Her response was unflinching and unwavering “You know I Do”, and that provoked Eric and he responded “Then go be with Him,” and shot her in the head. (FreeHeartDay.com. RACHEL JOY SCOTT – HER STORY MUST BE TOLD. By Sachin. April 20, 2013. http://www.freeheartday.com/rachel-joy-scott-her-story-must-be-told)

That singular, direct act of murder because a Christian wouldn’t deny her Lord might be considered no more than an aberration. The slaughter of Christians within the church of mostly black congregants in South Carolina a couple of months ago could, perhaps, be chalked up as merely an insane man coincidentally choosing a group of believers in Christ in his rage to kill. But, the deadly attack on the college in Oregon this past week should take all growing hatred for those who claim Christ as Lord out of the realm of anomaly and coincidence.

With this most recent shooting, it should, in my view, be considered undeniable that we have witnessed a key prophetic indicator. It is as if God’s finger is pointing directly to the fact that these are the perilous times to which Paul’s foretelling referred.

A gunman singled out Christians, telling them they would see God in “one second,” during a rampage at an Oregon college Thursday that left at least nine innocent people dead and several more wounded, survivors and authorities said.

“[He started] asking people one by one what their religion was. ‘Are you a Christian?’ he would ask them, and if you’re a Christian, stand up. And they would stand up and he said, ‘Good, because you’re a Christian, you are going to see God in just about one second.’ And then he shot and killed them,” Stacy Boylen, whose daughter was wounded at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., told CNN. (NYPost.com. Oregon gunman singled out Christians during rampage, By Chris Perez, Danika Fears and Natalie Musumeci. October 1, 2015. http://nypost.com/2015/10/01/oregon-gunman-singled-out-christians-during-rampage/ )

The term “despisers of those that are good” is more than obvious in its application to this news story in thinking on the apostle Paul’s perilous-times prophecy. This young, demented man despised Christians by his own admission through his words and actions. But, the word “despiser” takes on a much more condemning meaning for the evil day in which we live when considering the treatment of the horrendous event.

In almost all mainstream accounts of this story, the reports never mention that the shooter asked the specific question “Are you Christian?” and never do they include the statement that because they are Christians they will die in one minute. In nearly every case, the reports only indicate that the shooter asked what religion the victims were.

This is blatant bias in trying to keep the public from recognizing that Christians were specifically chosen to be murdered. This is, in my opinion, the mainstream press showing its own collective disdain for Jesus Christ–for Christians. They, by omission, demonstrate they are despisers of those who are good.

Why do I say that those who were murdered in cold blood were “good”? Let’s examine the declaration.

Jesus, when called by a man “good master,” asked the man why he had called Him “good.” Jesus told the man there was only one that was good, and that was God. (Read Matthew 19:17.) Jesus wasn’t scolding the man; rather, He was pointing out that all of man is fallen, but that God was without sin. God was the only good. Jesus was and is God. He said as recorded in another passage, “Before Abraham was, I Am.” Jesus was saying that He is God. He is the only good there is.

To further dissect the perilous-times prophecy in question, we next consider why we can legitimately point out that the shooter in the Oregon massacre of Christians in particular was a “despiser of those that are good.” Why the media’s deliberate refusal to mention that Christians were deliberately targeted seems to indicate that they, too, are “despisers of those that are good.”

Jesus, time and time again, declared that those who believe in Him for salvation because of His death on the cross for them are “in” Him–that is, in Jesus Christ. The believer is one with Jesus just as Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, is one with the Heavenly Father. (Read John chapter 17, and this becomes absolutely clear.)

This all means that the true believer in Jesus Christ is in God’s family for eternity. They will be in Heaven forever after this life. The only reason God the Father sees any human being as “good” is through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. When the shooter murdered the Christians, he showed that he “despised” those who were good in the holy eyes of God.

Not only the American news conglomerate, but many in the stratosphere of this nation’s political domain have demonstrated beyond much doubt that they are “despisers of those that are good.” The attitude of Mr. Obama and the tenor of the president’s time in that office demonstrate disdain for Christianity, as far as I’m concerned.

At the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama reminded attendees that violence rooted in religion isn’t exclusive to Islam, but has been carried out by Christians as well…

“Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ,” Obama said. “In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.” (Breitbart.com. OBAMA AT NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST: “PEOPLE COMMITTED TERRIBLE DEEDS IN THE NAME OF CHRIST,” By: Charlie Spiering. Feb 5, 2015. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/02/05/obama-at-national-prayer-breakfast-people-committed-terrible-deeds-in-the-name-of-christ/)

This has been his consistent treatment of the subject of Christianity. He continually praises the godly attributes of Islam, but hasn’t lifted a presidential finger to help stop the genocide against Christians in the places where ISIS (ISIL, as he puts it) are butchering even women and children, including infants. I remember vividly the National Democratic Convention leading up to the 2012 presidential elections. In three separate voice votes, delegates were asked whether they supported the inclusion of God and the recognition of Jerusalem in their party’s guiding policy document. Three separate times, loud shouts of “no” all but drowned out the chairman’s gavel. Chairman Villaraigosa ultimately just declared that the “ayes” had it. –This, despite the fact that there was nowhere near the two-thirds “ayes” voice vote sounded in the hall. As God and Jerusalem were inserted back into the Democratic platform, the hall erupted in boos. Absolute proof that despisers of good were there in abundance.

Recent Supreme Court decisions and other court actions against principles from God’s Word, even going so far as to put Christians in jail and strap others with fines that cause loss of livelihoods, makes it clear that we are in perilous times. We are in the satanic process of being surrounded by despisers of those who are good.


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