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Temple Mount Turbulence

With stage-setting for fulfillment of Bible prophecy during this Church Age winding up for the final throes of satanic hatred against Jews, turbulence surrounding Mount Moriah shouldn’t surprise. It comes right on schedule with things shaping up for the Gog-Magog assault foretold to come against Israel. The winds of conflict into which the seeds of Islamist rage have been sewn, nurtured by the likes of the United Nations and the international community, will soon cause the whirlwind of man’s final war to be reaped.

The great military hero, Israel’s General Moshe Dyan, following the June 1967 Six Day War, it is sad to say, prepared the way for seeding the disastrous storm to come. He turned over the Temple Mount to the Jordanian waqf, or Islamic trust, that continues to administer the site. He did so after a thorough victory had been won over a much-greater-in-number combined Arab world army determined then, and determined still, to wipe Israel off the Middle East map. Dyan’s action has given a sense of possession to the Islamist world that should not, in my opinion, have been allowed.

Increased violence in Israel, in east Jerusalem, and in the West Bank has marked recent days. So-called lone-wolf attacks have apparently been ordered on Jews by militant factions within the Palestinian Authority (PA) and other organized terrorist commands. The proclaimed reason for the attacks is the lying charge of Jewish encroachment upon the Temple Mount compound.

The “lone” assassins use knives, screwdrivers, or anything they can get their hands on to stab Jewish people whenever opportunity arises. Israeli authorities have taken subsequent action to deal with the attacks. Not surprisingly, it is the Israeli authorities’ actions to stop the assaults that draw the ire of the world press–not the heinous, unprovoked attacks by the Islamist militants against innocent individuals simply trying to go about their daily lives in peace.

At least 52 Palestinians, half of whom Israel says were assailants, have been shot dead by Israelis in the West Bank and Gaza since Oct. 1. Nine Israelis have been stabbed or shot dead by Palestinians.

In the latest incident, a Palestinian was shot dead on Saturday after he tried to stab an Israeli security guard at a crossing between the West Bank and Israel, Israeli police said. (Reuters, “Kerry lays out steps to ease Israeli-Palestinian strife,” by Arshad Mohammed and Ori Lewis, October 25, 2015) 

Palestinians were prohibited for a time by Israeli police, who have law enforcement authority, from worshiping on the Temple Mount, something Jews are not allowed to do at any time. The temporary prohibiting of worship due to the stepped-up attacks against Jewish civilians brought stone-throwing and other acts of violence by the Arabs.

American Secretary of State John Kerry entered the fray surrounding the rage over al-Aqsa mosque compound, the third holiest site in Islam, which Jews call the Temple Mount, and the Islamist world calls the Noble Sanctuary, or Haram al-Sharif.

Kerry, after talking with PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah in Amman, Jordan, said the Israeli government had agreed to the “excellent suggestion” of King Abdullah that the Temple Mount compound be monitored twenty-four hours a day by intensive video surveillance. He said that Israel had assured that there will be no change in the status quo. I interpret that to mean that things will continue as agreed to by Dyan in 1967 for the most part. If so, the “settlement” assures only another brief lull–possibly–in a conflict that is destined to grow to be earth’s final conflagration.

As examined a number of times before in these commentaries, the Temple Mount matter is the most  contentious on the planet. The reasons for the unsolvable tensions are rooted in the very creation of the creature called man.

When man fell victim to the serpent’s lie in Eden that he would become like God if he disobeyed  the Creator’s prohibition against eating of the forbidden fruit, Mount Moriah–the Temple Mount- became paramount in man’s redemption. Satan (the serpent of the Garden of Eden) knows it is the one place on earth that is truly God’s touchstone to humanity. That is where redemption–Salvation–was to come into play. That is where, in fact, God’s redemption plan was completed when His Son, Jesus Christ, lay down His life as the sacrificial Lamb that takes away the sin of the world.

Lucifer the fallen–Satan–desires beyond all else to take charge of that Temple Mount where sat the Holy of Holies and the Ark of the Covenant. Upon Christ’s death, the veil was torn from top to bottom, ripping apart the curtain between God and mankind. We now have access directly to God’s throne through belief in God’s only begotten Son.

Satan will one day, according to Bible prophecy, have his man called the “prince that shall come”–Antichrist–stand exactly where that Ark once sat on Moriah. He will indwell that man–whom I believe might be a nephilim–and have the beast declare himself to be God.

The turbulence atop Moriah has just begun.



  1. Linda Wood says:

    What is a nephilim?

    • Terry James says:

      Nephilim are the offspring of the “sons of God” and “the daughters of men.” This story is found in Genesis chapter 6.

      The Benai-Elohim (angels) who rebelled with Lucifer when one-third of the angels in Heaven were cast out came to earth and “married” (had sexual unions) with human women. Not all of the fallen Benai-Elohim, but a certain number of them, did this thing, for which they were cast into Tartarus –the abyss or bottomless pit. Those angels are there at present.

      The Nephilim were monstrosities –mutants—about which much of Greek and other mythologies are thought to be written. The Greek gods, for example, are believed to have been the mythological beings that came from actual “giants” –beings that Genesis chapter 6 tells were upon earth in those days.

  2. Ann Odom says:

    I never could figure out why Gen. Dyan would give over control of the Temple Mount to the Jordanians, after gaining control of Jerusalem, after so many thousands of years!

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