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Antichrist Chain of Control


While we peer into the year 2016 and beyond, using, as always, God’s prophetic Word as a template to place over issues and events of the times, there is on the horizon the growing spectre of global gulag. That is, those who would see to it that the rest of us come under a worldwide system of control are on the rise as at no time since the time of the Tower of Babel recorded in Genesis, chapter 11. The nucleus of the emerging system is one-world economy.

The foundation for that economic engine is and has been in place for some time. The only holdup to its full implementation is the determination of national entities to hold on to sovereignty and autonomy. The United States of America is the chief holdup, as has been pointed out many times. This nation must be brought down as it presently consists into a changed order of monumental proportion so that the other nations will follow suit.

This mandate for change, I’m convinced with all that is within me, continues to be the assignment given this president by the powers and principalities of global governance–the New World Order builders. He has done a stellar job in effecting that change. And, the change continues. The year 2016 is on track to be the most profound era of change ever, if there is no push-back against his all-out effort in the remaining year of this administration.

It appears unlikely that there will be push-back from the likes of the inside-the-Beltway opposition political party. There seems to be a kindred spirit between the parties on giving away America’s sovereignty and autonomy. We offer as evidence the latest global trade deal that passed with relative ease during 2015.

That there is powerful spiritual warfare going on for the heart and soul of this once great nation there is little doubt. We have watched the dismantling of the moral strength of American culture and the infusion of every form of anti-God comportment, made legal through executive action and Supreme Court edict. Congress has rolled over at every point, inexplicably unable and/or unwilling to oppose the transformation this president has achieved, seemingly with great ease.

The churches of America–with the exception of a very few–have offered no push-back against the destruction of America. The days when the likes of the Moral Majority–as hated as it was by the media and the political left–acted as a guardian of the nation’s moral fiber, are long gone. To be frank, it is literally true to say that about the only hope we have is a prayer in the matter of saving our nation.

I believe we are witnessing the most significant movement into the prophesied Antichrist governmental model through the swift changes within international  monetary dynamics taking place. One such movement is making its presence felt as private industry melds with world trade rearrangements we have seen take place this year.

I am the first to admit that I  am basically ignorant in the matters of global finance as they are conducted within the highest echelons. But even the neophyte can see developments that portend a tremendous transformation that will be deleterious to sovereign nations. The following news excerpt gives some idea of the changes afoot.

Several major companies from across both the technology and financial industries—including IBM, Intel, and Cisco as well as the London Stock Exchange Group and big-name banks JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and State Street—have joined forces to create an alternative to the blockchain, the global online ledger that underpins the bitcoin digital currency…

Blockchain is essentially a database that runs across a worldwide network of independent machines—a database that’s controlled by no single entity but can still reliably track the exchange of assets, thanks to some nifty mathematics…

The promise of blockchain technology is that it can provide a more secure, more reliable, more transparent, and more automatic way of exchanging money, securities, and other assets. It lets you trade assets as easily as you trade emails today—and you can trade them without putting your trust in any one person or organization. This could eliminate many of the slower technologies and expensive middlemen that clog up today’s markets, says Marley Gray, who oversees blockchain work at Microsoft. (Cade Metz, “Tech and Banking Giants Ditch Bitcoin for Their Own Blockchain,” WIRED, December 17, 2015)

All of this “private” interlinkage seems so benign and geared for progress in making life better for everyone on the planet, does it not? However when one considers the grasp of most every government on earth to nationalize or place private industry under government controls, the spectre grows ominous.

America’s own grasp in this regard was on display with the federal governmental bankruptcy interventions of such corporate giants as AIG, General Motors, and General Electric. The Obama administration, ostensibly to keep major financial institutions backing these corporations from failure, in effect purchased the assets of the failing companies.

The above news item becomes dangerously relevant in prophetic terms when considering this line from that financial news story: “A database that runs across a worldwide network of independent machines—a database that’s controlled by no single entity.” With governments demonstrably proving that they want to control private industry–even to the point of owning those industries, the drive to destroy sovereignty and autonomy of America, the apex nation of the world, is quite telling.

Antichrist is an “entity” who will one day cause all buying and selling to be done through him–under his number and name (Revelation 13:16-18). Call it blockchain or whatsoever, control by history’s most terrible tyrant is on the way.

Take heart. Jesus Christ is also on His way. He will put an end to the tyrannical control. He will first call all believers to meet Him in the air in one, glorious millisecond. Realizing all of the  developments in the drive for global order going on, we can conclude that that moment must be very near indeed.


  1. Well written bro Terry. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Evangelist says:

    Timely and on target !

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