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Prince of Persia Quite Busy

Those of us who examine world issues and events of our time from a pre-trib eschatological viewpoint consistently pronounced that the uprisings that began years ago in the Middle East would result in an expansion of Islamist control over the region. Mainstream news pundits of the secular ilk proclaimed it a great day for democracy’s spreading among the tyrant-laden nations of the Middle East. Mainstream religionists, at the same time–including, sadly, many of the neo-evangelical sort such as Saddleback’s Rick Warren— declared it a new day for all faiths to come together in peace and understanding. The Arab Spring, as it is now known, was to bring in a kind of Mideast utopia, it was gleefully expected by the uprising’s cheerleaders.

Soon Egypt’s president-dictator, Hosni Mubarak, was forced out as the nations surrounding Israel on three sides fell one by one into the hands of peoples that are under the control of…well…that’s another matter into which we will have to have a look. No matter what news network or outlet, the talk was at the time centered on something peaceful and good coming out of the so-called Arab Spring. The movement was a supposedly righteous rebellion to oust dictators that would bring the installation of democracy to most if not all of the nations in the region that has been the most volatile on earth since Israel was reborn in 1948.

But a funny thing happened on the way to all of that promised freedom to choose.

We have watched and reported on the unrest that began those years ago, including the disastrous Egyptian election that resulted. Since December 18, 2010, there have been revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt; a civil war in Libya; civil uprisings in Bahrain, Syria, and Yemen. Major protests were launched in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, and Oman, as well as on the borders of Israel. There were protests in Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Western Sahara.

Moammar Gadhafi of Libya has met his fate, and Bashar al-Assad perhaps faces the same in Syria, as the Islamist uprisings build toward a fever pitch in that tyrant’s kingdom. It is interesting that Satan has trouble controlling his own diabolist minions within the Mideast madness, even as some rebellious leaders infesting Christianity fight against the good the God of heaven wants to get done during this dispensation. Of course, this shouldn’t surprise. The fomenter of both incendiary actions is one and the same.

In the case of things going on in the Israel-hating nations that surround the tiny Jewish state, the fingerprints are obvious. The same satanic general that instigated and carried out warfare in high places during the prophet Daniel’s time has been turned loose today to stir the boiling Middle East cauldron. His most visible involvement is evidenced within the Islamist fury that rages under the guise of democracy on the move. The most overt evidence of the immediate danger this general poses is the nuclear threat Iran presents against Israel.

The whole region is being prepared –the stage set– for the Gog-Magog attack against God’s chosen people. It has been both amazing and, in a way, somewhat gratifying to see Russia being drawn into the Syrian/ISIS/Syrian rebel conflict. I say it is “gratifying,” because God’s prophetic Word is coming alive day by day in all of these doings. We are privileged to be here, at this time in history, to see His Truth unveiling. Plus, it all means the Rapture must indeed be near.

Jesus said in His days of Noah, days of Lot prophecy of Matthew 24: 36-42 and Luke 17: 26-30 that things will be going along in a relative business-as-usual manner when He next catastrophically Intervenes into human History.

When the Gog-Magog attack occurs, it will be world-rending in many ways. It won’t be business as usual as Jesus said will be the case when He comes for His Church.

Therefore, we can believe with confidence that the Rapture is near, if we are witnessing the build-up for that Gog-Magog assault. And, there isn’t any doubt in this observer’s thinking that we are witnessing that build-up.

Some believe that the attack might occur almost simultaneously with Christ calling His Church in the Rapture, and I think this is very possible, if not likely.

One thing sure, the prince of Persia (Daniel 10:20) is on the loose in these last of the last days.


  1. Glenda Wallace says:

    Hello again Bro. Terry. This is Glenda Wallace from Fort Smith. I came up to meet you at the prophecy conference. Again I was hoping you would be there. You are one of my favorite persons. I really think we are about to leave this planet. Did you listen to a show Gary Steadman made last year on the pentecost phophcey. It looks like it could very well fit for this year. I’m hoping anyway. I’m getting so excited about seeing Jesus soon. I hope God counts me worthy to stand before the Son of Man and escape the hour of trial. I’ve been asking that for the last couple of years. Talk to you later. Your friend Glenda

  2. David says:

    Even so ,come Lord Jesus, Come! It’s interesting to note that there doesn’t seem to be many that know and understand with a spiritual understanding the season we currently enjoy. But the few that do are united in this understanding. We more than feel it coming but confidently understand the reality of the eternal truth that is being fulfilled this very day. .what an amazing time! somewhat frustrating however that we few whom seem to be watching the hand of our God move in such a spectacular way live and work around people that don’t seem to have a clue or they sense somethings up but would rather pretend all is business as usual. Very interesting times.I wish all could know and see without fear but with awe and amazement and joy! Well they will soon enough! Gods grace and peace to all who love Him…

  3. STLloyd says:

    Reblogged this on Serve Him in the Waiting and commented:
    Come Lord Jesus!

  4. How irresponsible to tell Christians that they are about to leave, wow!! What are they going to do when they have to face the antichrist, the man of sin, the great falling away will occur first, that is why Jesus warned us ahead of time!! Even the elect will be deceived!!!

    • Terry James says:

      You shouldn’t call the Lord of all creation “irresponsible.”

      Jesus is the One who said that He will keep His own of the Church age out of the very time of Tribulation. Read it for yourself –Revelation 3: 10.

    • David says:

      Dearest Christine, your chronology is amiss. In the book of revelation chapter 6 comes after chapter 5 and 5 after chapter 4, always has and always will…read it again and rest dear one in Him.. also years ago I was told that if you ask for understanding our Lord is faithful and willing to give understanding. those who don’t ask don’t have.. try it precious and see what HE will do…Gods grace and peace to you and your house, love Daivd

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