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Tim LaHaye Memorial Information

For those in California who may be interested and able to attend:

Celebration of Life service for Tim LaHaye
Aug. 12, at 10:00 am
Shadow Mountain Community Church
2100 Greenfield Dr.
El Cajon, Ca 92021

Cards can be mailed to:
Beverly LaHaye
c/o Tim LaHaye Ministries
PO BOX 21796
El Cajon, CA 92021

In lieu of flowers the family requests donations be sent to:
San Diego Christian College
200 Riverview Pkwy.
Santee, CA 92071


  1. Susan says:

    Hi Terry: How is Jim Fletcher doing? Will they be able to save his eye?

    Thank you, Susan

    • Terry James says:


      They are reconstructing the eye itself, which was badly damaged, as well as the many bones surrounding the eye. They just don’t know at this point if he will regain use of the eye.

      Thanks for your concern

  2. Susan says:

    Thank you, Terry. I’ve been very concerned about him.

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