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Terry’s Interview with Jan Markell – Understanding the Times

The Blessed Hope or Left Behind


  1. Susan says:

    Hi Terry: Just finished listening to your interview with Jan Markel which was excellent. Am about half way through your book which is very informative. I will write a review for Amazon when I’ve finished it. I have a question for you: I’m wondering what you think of how the election might play out. If Clinton wins, there is no doubt in my mind that things will move even faster towards the Tribulation – that’s a no brainier. But if Trump wins, what do you think that will portend in regard to Bible prophesy? My thought is that we may have a temporary reprieve….what do you think it will mean if he wins?

    Thank you: Susan

    • Terry James says:

      Thanks for taking time to write a review for Rapture Ready…Or Not. I very much appreciate your effort.

      Like most everyone else, I have no idea who will win in this strange, presidential election season. Under more normal circumstances I would say that after 8 years of such upside-down decision making, the political party in power would surely lose by not just a landslide, but by an avalanche.

      These are not normal political times, however. These are supernatural end times.

      Should Trump win, I believe things would turn slightly in a different direction for a time, but the overwhelming forces (Satanically driven) would eventually turn everything back toward a globalist-directed destiny. Bible prophecy is the reason I think this.

      My mind can’t help but ponder a “what if.” What if Mr. Trump wins and the Rapture occurs right before the inauguration? Much of the political base for his election would be gone. Something to cogitate on a bit, and keep looking up.

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