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Pre-Tribulation Pondering

Listening to the “experts” thinking aloud on what this election means is exercise in frustration, if not futility. The talking heads across the cable and broadcast spectrum attribute Donald Trump’s win to everything from the late FBI turn of events to news media’s biased poll-taking and misreading of exit polling. These throw in that those in charge of the losing campaign just didn’t understand the people of middle America. They didn’t see the people’s pent-up rage against the Washington establishment–the D.C. insiders.

All of these elements no doubt contributed to this election–as many of the pundits put it–eventuating in a totally unexpected outcome. But, it is the never-mentioned aspect of this election dynamic that is frustrating to me as a Christian. It is this that produces a sense of futility.

No one in media is talking about the 81% – 84% (depending upon the figure you accept) of “evangelicals” who turned out in this election. Christian participation just isn’t figured in at the highest levels of broadcast and cable punditry.

This means, to me, that the experts believe this election had nothing to do with our being fed up with the social debauchery and degradation that has been taking place, particularly over the past almost eight years. The homosexual, transsexual, same-sex marriage agenda, with mandated same-sex, multiple-occupancy public restrooms, had no influence on the voting this election year, the experts are saying with their silence. We, the voters–who are Christians and came out in numbers that have not been seen in many elections–apparently weren’t (according to the pundits) making a statement that we are fed up with our White House being bathed in rainbow colors emblematic of the homosexual lobby. We aren’t sick and tired of having the homosexual rainbow flag flown atop that same American presidential edifice, is the message of the pundits’ silence.

This electoral landslide against the candidate and party that have crammed down America’s throat all of this hellishness–mostly through presidential, executive order-fiat–had nothing to do with the social issues, I guess we are to take away from this silence.

That we are disgusted with small bakery owners being publicly humiliated and fined for refusing to bake same-sex wedding cakes obviously isn’t considered worth mentioning in the analysis of this election results. The absolute horrors and atrocities that we learned about involving Planned Parenthood and the selling of human baby body parts didn’t, in the thinking of the post-election, political analysts, figure in our collective voting statement.

It was all about terrorism, wallet issues, and building back America’s defense, while determining to “drain the swamp.”

These were all important issues in my own thinking, as in the thinking of many other Christians, while election day approached. But, in addition to stopping a further tearing down of America’s founding structure, I wanted–and continue to want–a government that will stop the anti-godliness, down the road of which the administration of the last eight years has deliberately moved this nation.

As expressed previously in these commentaries, it was God’s people praying the prayer of 2 Chronicles 7:14 that turned this election so dramatically. This is the answer the pundits are seeking when they ask incessantly about what happened that the news media types missed. How could this election have turned out so differently than expected right up until 9 p.m. EST Tuesday, November 8?

The fact is that the throne room of Heaven was deluged day and night with God’s people imploring Him for mercy–asking that He hear from Heaven and answer our prayers. This, of course required repentance–not of America’s population, but of God’s people. It is more than obvious that He did hear and answered in a spectacular way. God cannot lie, and He promised He would answer such prayer–uttered under biblically prerequisite conditions.

Now, the question is: Will we who are called by His name continue to pray and to follow up on those prerequisite conditions? How we respond will determine how our nation–and our lives–fare over the coming days, months, and, perhaps, years.

We have proof that our Lord answers prayers in a spectacular way. The pundits will never see it, but we who did and are doing the praying certainly understand.

We can further understand God’s influence in this election by the truly Christian people He has placed among the soon-incoming power elite.

So, in this pre-Tribulation time, we have a window of opportunity to honor our Lord’s merciful answer in giving us a leadership that promises a return to founding principles. Along with that merciful action, it is also obvious that we have been given a course-correction, a return to the moral pathway–out of the depravity foisted on us in recent years.

We don’t have to wonder about how to honor His mercy and kindness in having answered our prayers. His number-one priority has always been and will always be the salvation of souls. We are expected to honor His decision to give America a reprieve–I have no doubt–in order to, first and foremost, lift Jesus Christ so that the Holy Spirit draws all to Christ for salvation.

Just beneath that all-important mission for God’s people in America is to let the pastors of our churches know that the true, Christ-believing bodies of worship should be devoted to teaching and preaching truth. That is, we are now, more than ever, to be the Philadelphian church and not the Laodicean church (read Revelation chapter 3).

There is no doubt that we see this gracious, merciful, moving of God’s hand in America. However, there are also signals that are growing stronger by the day that we are in times at the very end of the age.

Jesus forewarned in the Olivet Discourse that there would be great ethnic strife. We have been seeing it manifested in American cities. The seas and waves of humanity are “roaring” in America and in Europe. This election has intensified that roaring, I believe.

People who refuse to accept the election results are exemplifying the apostle Paul’s perilous times characteristic “incontinent”–or, “out of control.” Jesus said societal conditions will be exactly like now when He intervenes catastrophically into the affairs of mankind. That will happen with the Rapture.

With the United States now seeming to be headed back toward the America we once knew and loved, with the promises of the new administration, we can enjoy our moment of gratefulness this Thanksgiving season.

However, this time of national renewal is also likely to be a time like described by Jesus–a time that will bring His next catastrophic intervention into the affairs of mankind. That time might just be upon us.

“Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.” (Matthew 24: 44)


  1. lyndon weggery says:

    Well put Terry. Trump’s election will provide a much needed temporary respite to the enviable “end time” march of evil. But only for a season before the rapture takes the body of Christ out of the picture. We have a golden opportunity to evangelize one last time.

  2. Susan says:

    Hi Terry: Do you think the Rapture has been delayed with Trump’s election? What do you make of Clinton’s attempt to reverse the election through the recount of the 3 rust belt states? Do you think that the “peace and safety” sighs of relief from us on the Right is a sign that the Rapture could happen very quickly? Thank you!

    • Terry James says:

      The Rapture has been, since eternity past, a specific event for a set time that only God Knows. He knew that time long before the earth and mankind came into existence. That time of Rapture cannot be changed by circumstance. We know this because Jesus told us that the Father knew this at the time Jesus gave the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24).

      Regarding the vote recount, this, in my opinion, is just a ruse to bilk millions of dollars from angry, disappointed leftists who didn’t get their way in this election.

      About the “peace and safety” question –no, I don’t think believers “sighs” is the cries for peace and safety the prophetic scriptures indicate. I believe this call for peace and safety is out of fear that nuclear war might be initiated if things get too heated up –especially in the Middle East.

  3. Eric says:

    It doesn’t matter what people in this country think. After 8 years of Obama and his propaganda arm, broadcasting and making movies, it’s pretty obvious that “we the people” don’t matter. Thank God we have Jesus and the bible. It truly is a light in a very dark world.

  4. J Eidem says:

    I absolutely love every article you write. God has giving you a wonderful gift and I am a recipient of it. Thank you very much for all of your encouragement end in sight it has been such a blessing to me and to the people I forward it on to. God bless you.

  5. Cynda Tanner says:

    I voted for Trump and was relieved when he won. If he actually follows through on his promises, America could see an upturn at least for a period of time. I am somewhat concerned, though, about Trump anxious to make a peace deal on behalf of Israel, promising to move the Capitol to Jerusalem, and now reading where the Jewish Sandrine (or some Jewish group?) Wants him and Putin to help build their third temple. I understand that Russia is to invade Israel according to Ezekiel 38. And it is the Antichrist that makes a peace deal with Israel and allows them to build their temple. Are we getting a reprieve from God with the election of Trump or could we possibly be getting set up for deception?

    • Terry James says:

      Be assured that God is in complete control at all times. He has chosen Donald Trump for His own good reasons. We just trust that whatsoever those purposes, the Lord of Heaven –and those of us who are called by His Holy Name, will ultimately prevail.

      He has Promised us that we are already victorious in Christ.

    • Byron says:

      Cynda/Terry James, God love & bless you both!
      Cynda’s question got me thinking of Israel becoming a Nation back in His land & the Rothsheild’s taking credit (for the funding) & Israel’s God had nothing to do w/it. Well, we do know better, the Lord just chose to use they’re (Roth’s) ill gotten gains to fund much of it – hee he. Theirs another verse ‘Duet 4:30’ (along w/many more) proves that the Lord has never stopped loving them & the Church (Jew & Gentile alike, one new man) has no business by claiming promises that were meant for (I chosen Israelite for the reason’s/Tel Aviv & Judea to the so. you know what I mean bro Jame’s!) the Israelites!
      *in no way am i a anti Semite but I understand how our Adversary is spinning this – my question (to the spin Bobs) why aren’t you questioning that Commune in Roam that’ll house the Harlot? Most people believe that Humpty Dumpty fell of the wall & all the king’s horses & all his men couldn’t put Humpty together again! What many don’t understand (not talking about us here) is that Humpty actually morphed into something a bit clever! Ouch, I’ve noticed many of our Catholic brethren who understands that it is “Christ alone” are very concerned for the papacy in Roam by saying even atheist go to Heaven! Well curl my toe nail’s, if that’s the case then Why did the GodHead pay such a horrendous price to Redeem little O man?!
      Thank You Jesus – as the Seraphim, we’ll be (at least) thinking Holy Holy Holy & Thank You Thank You Thank You Jesus along w/our eternal praising to our Blessed Savior!
      One other thing, if we been duped again (don’t think so?!) by this upcoming Administration (those he pick’s, some may choose to betray?) it only means a few thing’s, like it’s the Lord who pick’s king’s for favor or not and to retool this nation to be a super power as in Revelation chapter 12?
      We know that CERN (LHC) has ramp’d up it’s power from 13 tera electron volts to 100 tera electron volts – there is the Saturn connection & the Revelation ch 20 (Given Key to Bottomless pit) connection – And this sickening pizza-gate (etc) & spirit cooking!
      Listen folk’s, it’s a sin to walk in fear – we know the Lord Jesus will shout & meet Him in the air/sky – we should not be ignorant of the scheme’s of the devil! GREATER is He that’s in us than he that’s in the world.
      there’s more i’d want to say but won’t. I just know it’s not by accident that the Lord chose each & everyone of us to be part of His Body during these exciting times! I’ve noticed throughout the years when the adversary would try to get me to doubt my Faith. There’s been times (little season’s) that i have (to an extent) But, He never leaves us out there long before He reel’s us back in, yes, the Anchor hold’s! Whether we’re here for a time longer or not, we’re a bit weary(?) & for sure, we’re all Homesick!

      God bless you
      brother Terry!
      (the Lord knows
      my heart here)
      Through out the
      years you’ve been
      steadfast & very
      inspirational to us
      all – have a feeling
      if the Lord don’t call
      us Home soon some
      of us won’t be of the
      group that won’t see
      death! I (like you all)
      would love to hear that
      Shout !

      *another thing, it might
      be possible w/the agree –
      ment the House made
      concerning Syria?! It’s
      all in His hands!

      sorry about being
      so winded.



  6. William Tell says:

    Terry, what do you think of this?

    Trump was put in place, to hasten the rise of the Antichrist. Trump, being an isolationist will worry our traditional allies along with his affinity to Putin.

    Leading to:
    – Super power EU
    – Power consolidation of China in the East
    – Russia rampaging in the middle east unchecked (gog and magog)
    – US in chaos. Pence (my hero) will be displacing officials in Washington with Christians. Imagine what happens during rapture…US with no government (Trump might be or not around after rapture). If rapture happened right now, I think the US government will stay pretty much intact.

    • Terry James says:

      It would make for a good novel, I think. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, it is said. We have certainly seen a strange turn of events for the past 8 years. And the last months leading to the election of Donald Trump are strangest of all.

      Your scenarios are as plausible as any.

  7. Christine Brewer says:

    I’m excited!! I believe Jesus is coming very soon!!

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