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Restrainer Working Overtime

Over the past year, I have received email castigating me for writing on politics and matters surrounding government and things of the world. The main irritation with me seems to come from those who believe I’m paying too much attention to this world and not thinking enough on the spiritual. That is, I should, in their opinion, drop supporting one political position or the other and just dwell on strictly biblical/spiritual issues–no politics or support for politicians. That I should support and dwell on only what God’s Word has to say about the end times is foundational to these critics’ primary exhortation.

Problem is, the two are not mutually exclusive to my way of thinking. Politics and the machinations of politicians these days are, in my estimation, linked to Bible prophecy in ways I cannot ignore. To do so would be to neglect the watchman commission I believe I’ve been given.

It is thus with this admission to you that I begin yet another rant–as my critics would have it–on what is going on in the political world as connected to the spiritual. I make no apologies that I come down on one side of the issue that I wish to address. Actually, the “rant” involves a number of issues under the wider problem of the evil that pervades our nation’s capitol and other power centers here and abroad.

Satan has always worked, and continues to do so, in the power centers of the world. His record of success can’t be denied for the most part. Every man-made government that has ever existed has harbored evil at every level. The fallen one has brought every empire to destruction in one way or the other through his seduction and deception. The masses of people under the various regimes throughout history have suffered by the billions. They have died by the multiplied millions.

Purists among the scholars who observe the rise and fall of great nations and empires would, if they are biblical in their analysis, say God brings those entities down. But, it is Satan who has led them–and continues to do so–to their demise as they get farther and farther away from God in comportment.

In getting back to my dwelling on present political realities and the media and politicians who have created this incendiary atmosphere of hatred for America’s current president, I would like to offer the following.

As stated above, Lucifer the fallen one has managed through corruption, seduction, and every other way of his evil methodologies to bring down great nations and even empires. Anyone who has the good sensibility to admit the in-our-faces truth of things going on in opposition to President Donald Trump can testify to the hatred at its center. Washington, D.C., is the greatest power center, perhaps, of all of history. The evil doings there are staggering.

I find myself agreeing with the president’s words when he said recently that no president has been subjected to the degree of hateful treatment to which he has been subjected. Not even Richard Nixon had media so blatantly arrayed against him during the time of Watergate. It is an assault of unprecedented virulence we are witnessing. It is going to get much worse, and I’ve pointed out before why that is the case.

Satan’s plan to install a one-world order has been disrupted. He is as determined as ever to put his man–the son of perdition–into power. The American electorate voted the anti-globalist Mr. Trump into office, and the end-times war began in earnest.

The minions, both demonic and human, are looking for any crime and anything else that might rise to the level of impeachable offense so that they can carry out another Watergatetype coup-d’état. Short of that, they obviously intend to keep the vitriol flowing, even if there is no offense to be found. They have proven capable of creating charges–lies, out of whole cloth.

Trump’s election has brought on the observable manifestation of a specific end-times signal. The RestrainerI am convinced, can almost visibly be seen going about His office of holding back the evil onslaught.

The Restrainer and His work in this Age of Grace  (Church Age) are explained by my good friend, Ron Graham, in an excellent article posted a couple of years ago. Ron, before he died in 2013, partially wrote the following, and his wife, Nathele, completed it in 2015. The article is in relationship to prophecy Paul the apostle gave in 2 Thessalonians, chapter 2.

“For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way” (2 Thessalonians 2:7).

The Greek word translated into English for “letteth” is katechō and the definition of this Greek word is somewhat different than the definition of our English word “let,” which means “to allow or permit.” The Greek word is actually just the opposite; it means “to restrain, to hold back, detain, retain.” What we must ask ourselves is “Who is the ‘He’ that Paul is referring to in this verse?”

First of all we find the apostle referring to the “who now letteth” as a “He” and secondly that this “He” is currently holding back a flood of wickedness which is straining at the bit to be loosed. Who could be so powerful to be able to hold back worldwide wickedness but the Holy Spirit? (“Restrainer,” by Ron and Nathele Graham, raptureready.com, 2015)

One, if spiritually attuned to the current political climate, senses the constant surge of anger and hatred trying to excise the president from office. This will not happen so long as God the Holy Spirit says otherwise. Christians must pray as diligently as when praying before the 2016 election that the Restrainer continues to hold back the evil that is intended to bring about the installation of human history’s final dictator.

(And, yes…I’ve gotten the notes that say those writing them think Donald Trump could be that man–a thing his actions thus far refute in my view.)

Soon, Christ will call His Church to Himself. The Restrainer will at the same time remove from acting on the consciences of mankind. Meanwhile–thankfully–He is working overtime.


  1. Hope says:

    Reblogged this on 1 Way 2 Yahweh.

  2. Claire Kusiak says:

    Oh, please don’t ever stop writing about the things that you do. We need to hear all of it. So, please never mind what people say. God has given you a voice and a platform to teach us what’s right. You are loved and appreciated, and God will bless you for it. YSIC, claire Kusiak

    Sent from my iPad


    • Unfortunately, many a person of faith gets too mired in the game of politics resulting in blurred vision when it comes to anything Biblical. Yes, we should keep on top of current events. However, delving too deeply in the mud (that politics has become) can work very much against us. Not everyone can keep an objective outlook when human emotions get involved.

  3. Be encouraged dear Terry. Let the blazing fury of Satan be counted among the most visible signs of the glorious end time prophecies. If we are not careful the scoffers will be seen as a mere irritation. “They” are actually listed among the prominent signs to look for. It was the raging mob that God the Father allowed to bring about the final “hour” of His Son’s death and our redemption. The gnashing teeth of our critics are all too often seated regularly within the comfortable confines of the padded pew beneath a spire bejeweled with a cross.

    The vehement scowls of religious opposition greeted Jesus every day of his
    earthly pilgrimage.

    The roaring lion will soon be reduced to a whimper … and then finally … glorious eternal peace and quiet. It will be worth it all!

  4. Lenora Strickland says:

    Yes, God sets up rulers and takes down rulers. Trump was elected against such impossible odds, it was clearly God’s will. He will fight these impossible odds until God takes him down. I continue to pray that God will sustain and protect him and his family. Jeff Sessions is fighting the same impossible odds and I pray for him and his family, God’s protection and wisdom and encouragement for both these men whom God has raised up for us in these last days. They have thrown up a barrier that has slowed the NWO down. According to Bible Prophecy, the NWO will eventually prevail, meanwhile we are to resist and be about the Lord’s business. Keep up the good work. Laus Deo

  5. Wanda McClendon says:

    I agree with Claire. I am getting nothing like this from my church and we need to have dedicated men and women to help us. Likeminded people are what keeps me encouraged; after Jesus and the promises of the bible of course.

  6. Ole Birkland says:

    Yes, prophesy and politics have become inseparable. Thank you, Terry, for speaking truth in a world battered by lies. Satan knows his time is short and has shifted his evil plans into high gear. But God is ultimately in control and will keep those who believe and trust in Him from Satan’s clutches until He comes to take us home.

  7. Ron McClure says:

    I personally believe God has put Trump into place to divide. Trump, in my opinion, is the wedge within this world that separates righteousness and unrighteousness. I also believe as a Christian we need to understand that God is right in the center of all that is going on around us and that is why He says, “when we see these things we are to look up for our time draweth neigh.” If we refuse to pay attention to, acknowledge and understand what God has told us to be watching for how can we really be ready. In the months before my wife and I were to be married all I could think of was looking forward to that day. My complete life, my thoughts, excitement and planning was centered on that day. It brought great joy into my life as to the anticipation of that moment. Well, we have a day coming soon when we will be going to the greatest wedding of all time and frankly I am looking for every piece of evidence God will give me as that time approaches. There is a wedding and wedding supper coming and I can’t wait…

  8. Greg says:

    Excellent article ! And Ron McClure that is an excellent reply. Bring on The Wedding !!

  9. Cal Williams says:

    Terry, you are doing a great work that helps many of us make sense of this crazy world we live in. We used to live within a Christian framework at one time in the West but that has ceased some time ago, now, to quote Psalm 12, “the godly are no more” and “The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.” Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

  10. Anton Kruger says:


  11. lyndon weggery says:

    Good comments Terry.I personally believe we have been given more grace time before the Rapture to alert our fellow Christians as to the lateness of the hour and so that they can be ready.Personal relationship with God “in Christ” is now the Number One Priority not Churchianity.

  12. greatgrany5 says:

    Terry, I know how you feel but remember that we are CALLED to be a witness and testify to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to me, that means being a buffer to protect, pray and stand in the gap for all those who are Placed in Positions of Authority and Leadership. We all recognized that Donald Trump did not win this elected position because of his outstanding oratory abilities nor his charming ways.

    God heard our calls of repentance as we knelt to pray 2 Chronicles 7’s message “If my people, who are called by MY Name, shall humble theirselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” I know I was praying and repenting for all of my shallow behavior and attitudes as regards God’s call on my life.

    The cleansing and healing of our land cannot be taken for granted and nothing will be done unless we address it just like any adult knows. Children can come in all shapes, colors, sizes and age. Maturity doesn’t just happen, it takes guidance and leadership and a lot of well-spoken words at the appropriate time. Speak on Terry and know that we have your name posted with our Heavenly Father right along with POTUS and all of his staff and cabinet.

  13. kat says:

    I agree with everything you said. Amen and Amen. It’s a spiritual warfare that’s going on and Satan knows his time is short . But God wins in the end ! Praise God ! And thank you Terry. God bless
    A sister-n- Christ

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